Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 149 (Part 1)

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Chapter 149 (Part 1)

Princess Ming An died!

Shen Miao was startled. Luo Tan harped on about it, even though it was not clear, Shen Miao was able to understand most of it. There was no doubt that the death of Princess Ming An was on Xie Jing Xing’s hands. As for those two males, Shen Miao could almost immediately thought that they were the Xie brothers. The more she thought about it, she could not help but take in a breath of cold air. One had no choice but to say that Xie Jing Xing was indeed one who was vicious and merciless. If Princess Ming An was harmed ordinarily, there would not be much of a problem, but to put Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers in such an alluring manner, everyone would not focus on the fact of that they were dead, but on the love affair between them.

It was true that perhaps everything was the perpetrator’s doing, but comparing to a cold investigation of the case, this kind of amusing and alluring case was easier for everyone to talk about. No matter what, even if HuangFu Hao or Emperor Wen Hui suppressed it by force or explaining it by person, no one would believe it. Princess Ming An had an appearance of a Princess of a country, but was looked upon like a young lady in a brothel. One fear that when the matter got back to the Qin country, it would also be a joke there.

Xie Jing Xing was indeed one who was not in the least tenderhearted.

As for the Xie brothers, Shen Miao’s heart was slightly heavy. Perhaps HuangFu Hao would be in a rodent rage, but no one was able to prove that the Xie brothers forced Princess Ming An to anything, because the Xie brothers were also dead. HuangFu Hao would not be able to take his anger out on the Marquis of Lin An, as the Marquis had lost two sons in a row and that was very tragic.

Luo Tan saw Shen Miao’s thoughtful look and could not help but ask, “Youngest Biao Sister, have you guessed it? Who do you think the person behind the scenes is, to be this audacious?”

Shen Miao smiled gently, “I am not an expert in investigating cases. If one wants to know the results of it, one can go to Judicial Bureau to see how the case is trialled.”

“Anyways.” Luo Tan was one who says what she thought, “I am not a little bit sympathetic to her at all. That Princess was so bossy and domineering. One heard that she holds a grudge so if she was still alive, one would not know if one day she would be able to find a small mistake of Youngest Biao Sister, so it is better with the current situation. One do not know which hero helped to eliminate a public threat.” Luo Tan rubbed her fists and wiped her palms, seemingly looked like she really wanted to make friends with that person.

Shen Miao took a glance at her and said, “You are very fond of the person who murder and arson.”

Luo Tan said, “We, the Luo family, have always been clear to distinguish our grudges, hate, love and gratitude!” She suddenly paused and said, “Speaking of being clear on grudges and gratitude, previously when you were kidnapped by others, I went to the Great Liang’s Prince Rui for help and he immediately rescued you. Youngest Biao Sister must not forget to thank him when you have time in the future.”

Shen Miao said, “… Many thanks for your concern.”

Luo Tan patted her shoulder and heard Jing Zhe coming in from outside with a smile, “Young Lady Luo, Imperial Physician Gao has come to take your pulse.”

Luo Tan’s face instantly changed and she immediately stood up and said to Shen Miao, “Then Youngest Biao Sister, I will leave first. Think about the matter of Princess Ming An and if there is any conclusion to it, tell me about it as I want to look for that person!” Finishing it was like she had became a mouse who had seen a cat’s tail, and ran off with her skirt picked up.

Shen Miao sighed when she looked at Luo Tan’s back and her eyes gradually became serious.

Xie Jing Xing had made such a big ruckus and naturally he had helped to unleash the resentment. However it was after all, a Princess of a country and involved a number of people. Could it pass by calmly? Shen Miao did not think so.


The matter of Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers becoming ice sculptures quickly spread out throughout the entire Ding capital. The people from the government office quickly chased away the people surrounding the Wan Li Lake and removed the three people. When HuangFu Hao saw Princess Ming An’s body, he flew into a terrible rage that even Emperor Wen Hui was somewhat unable to hold on his own.

With HuangFu Hao’s solemn face, he sneered, “In the land of Your Majesty, my Qin country’s Princess can be this humiliated upon death. One can only be suspicious of what intentions the Ming Qi is harbouring? Perhaps BenWang should report to Imperial Father about the matter promptly, and request for Imperial Father final decision.”

Emperor Wen Hui pressed his heart. The threatening words of HuangFu Hao made him very unhappy, as he did not seem to take him the Emperor of Ming Qi to mind. However this matter suddenly happened and Emperor Wen Hui did not know how the matter would appear to be as such. The Marquis of Lin An, Xie Ding, followed and knelt down as he cried profusely, “Begging Your Majesty to investigate this matter thoroughly! Give this old official’s sons justice!”

The hundred of officials in the hall of the Golden Throne were somewhat sighing. The residence of Lin An was so splendid initially, and when the Marquis of Lin An was young, he was full of mettle that he could even find an excuse not to listen to Imperial instructions, and at the end could marry the Ming Qi’s noble Princess Yu Qing. But since Princess Yu Qing passed away, the residence of the Marquis of Lin An seemed to have lost its spirits and gradually declined. Xie Jing Xing, Princess Yu Qing’s blood, was a rarely seen young talented character, but was buried by the yellow sand of the battlefield. Emperor Wen Hui initially wanted to deal with the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, but upon seeing that the Marquis of Lin An squandered himself away after Xie Jing Xing’s death, he gradually paid no attention to the residence of the Marquis of Lin An. Now that the remaining two Shu sons of the Marquis of Lin An died this tragically, there was no one to succeed the Marquis of Lin An, and one day would only disappear from the history of the Ming Qi. Recalling the glory of the past and seeing the bleakness of today, everyone could not help but felt grief.

HuangFu Hao glanced at Xie Ding without a trace and a hidden look appeared in his eyes. No matter if the Xie brothers were the victims or not, or if they were placed in that position after death, without a doubt Princess Min An’s innocence and dignity was destroyed because of the Xie brothers. The person behind the scenes was hateful but the Xie family should not be let off. How would the Imperial family of the Qin country be able to bear such humiliation? HuangFu Hao looked at Xie Ding and he made up his mind.

Emperor Wen Hui’s head ached, and he waved his hand to indicate to everyone to be quiet before speaking seriously, “This matter is extremely vile. There is actually someone who dared to commit such a monstrous crime at the feet of the Emperor, ignoring Ming Qi’s law and order. Zhen had already instructed the people of the Judicial Bureau to thoroughly investigate the case, and will definitely catch the people behind the scenes and give everyone an explanation!”

In spite of those words, HuangFu Hao was not satisfied and said after cupping his hands, “Since it was the Princess of the Qin country that suffered this calamity, may Your Majesty agree to let my Qin country’s people to follow the investigations. Else in the future when one returned and is questioned by Imperial Father, BenWang would not be able to explain.”

The meaning behind those words, was that he did not believe that the Ming Qi would really investigate the matter at all.

Emperor Wen Hui resolutely suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “In that case, Zhen grant it.”

After Emperor Wen Hui left, since the hundreds of official in court were unfamiliar with HuangFu Hao, they did not take the initiative to go forward. However the Marquis of Lin An was a big clan of the Ming Qi, and they went up to give comfort for encountering such misfortune.

During the mass consoling, one person walked to HuangFu Hao and warmly said, “May the Crown Prince restrain one’s grief and accept fate.”

This person was Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi.

HuangFu Hao was at the point of extreme anger thus when he saw Fi Xiu Yi, his facial expression did not improve and he cupped his hands before leaving. However he heard Fu Xiu Yi’s voice from behind him, “Regarding the matter of the Princess being murdered, this one have some thoughts. Not sure if the Crown Princes is willing to listen?”

HuangFu Hao was a little startled. Currently the hundred of officials were busy comforting the Marquis of Lin An, and at the same time they just walked towards the corner thus no one saw both of their actions. HuangFu Hao sneered and asked, “Could it be that Prince Ding have some wise opinion?”
“One only felt that there are some odd areas.” Fu Xiu Yi smiled without a care, “If the Crown Prince is interested and free, this one is willing to carefully explore it with the Crown Prince.”

HuangFu Hao turned back and Fu Xiu Yi smiled before turning away to leave. HuangFu Hao stood on the spot for a while before looking over at Xie Ding, who was being surrounded by people and sneered before he strode away.


The person that was investigating the case of Princess Ming An quickly took action, because the Qin country’s Princess was implicated in the case, everyone in the Judicial Bureau dared not lower their guard. But one did not know why there was no small trace or clue in this case at all. After looking through thoroughly at the various scenes, they only manage to find out the fact that there was an affair between Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers. But this result could not be shown to Emperor Wen Hui. Disregarding the Emperor, one fear that if the Crown Prince of the Qin know about it, he would be furious.

The case seemed to be in a deadlock.

In the Shen mansion, Shen Qiu walked into Shen Miao’s room. Seeing that Shen Miao was casually flipping through a biography bought from outside, he then sit opposite her.

Shen Miao glanced at Shen Qiu and upon seeing that he was stopping what he was about to say, she asked, “With how Eldest Brother is looking at me, does Eldest Brother have anything to say?”

“Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu hesitated, looking as if it was difficult to speak and in a tangle. Shen Miao felt somewhat strange and asked, “Eldest Brother can just directly speak about it, there is no need to have apprehension.”

After Shen Qiu considered it for a while, he then asked, “Younger Sister, the matter of Princess Ming An, is it your doing?”

Shen Miao was slightly surprise as she did not expect that Shen Qiu would actually thought about her. But she quickly smiled, “Why would Eldest Brother think so? Just depending on my abilities, one will not be able to take action on Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers.”

Shen Qiu looked at Shen Miao with a complicated gaze in his eyes. After a moment he sighed, “Younger Sister, previously it was Father, Mother and me who were unable to protect you, and had let you stay with those beasts in human forms. Initially I did not understand what you have experienced but afterwards, one understood. I know that you have knowledge of self-protection but… We are your family.” He said seriously and earnestly, “So matters do not need you to solve them by yourself. Tell me, Father or Mother, even though we will not cover the skies with our hands, we can do our best to protect you.”

Shen Miao’s eyes hanged down, and she quickly sorted out the myriad of emotions her heart had and smiled, “Eldest Brother, your words are correct. Admittedly its true that we are family, it is just that Princess Ming An matter is not of my doing. I do not have such a capability and do not have such courage. Moreover,” She answered the question with a question, “Never mind if it is Princess Ming An, but what kind of connection does the Xie brothers and I have?”

Shen Qiu sighed, “You are still not willing to tell me the truth.”

Shen Miao did not speak. In fact, towards Shen Qiu, Shen Miao was revealing the information about her a little at a time so that if there was a time, when one took the route of no return, at least Shen Qiu would be able to understand why did she do all these things. But in this world, there would not be success in one step in all matters, so she could not open up with everything.

“Never mind. I only wanted to tell you that since I could guess that you are connected to the matter, Father and Mother might not be ignorant to it.” Shen Qiu stared at Shen Miao with a solemn expression, “One have to know that Princess Ming An did not have any conflict with others in the Ming Qi and if there was, it would only be you. If we think like this, the Crown Prince of the Qin country would also think like so. In fact, no matter if this is connected with you or not, there would always be people will put their gaze on you. Younger Sister, you are now in dangerous situation.”

Shen Miao said, “But I have nothing to do with this matter, so no matter how one investigate, it would not lead to me, is it not so?” With regards to what Shen Qiu said, how would Shen Miao not thought of it before? Xie Jing Xing can seal the entire Ding capital’s mouth and not let the people in the Ding capital discover any tiny hints, but how would HuangFu Hao think? Xie Jing Xing could not stop this.

“You really have such confidence?” Shen Qiu asked.

Shen Miao said, “Rest assured Eldest Brother, This matter really has nothing to do with me.”

Shen Qiu then release a little sigh of relief, “These days, do not go out of the residence. The Ding capital is not peaceful and moreover, there are still people who harbour sinister motives. There are additional guards in the residence so it is still safer here.”

Shen Miao nodded her head as Shen Qiu stood up. He still had military matters to attend to and had to rush back. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly thought about something and looked back at Shen Miao to ask, “Youngest Sister, are you acquainted with powerful people?”

Shen Miao’s heart moved, but her appearance remained calm as she shook her head, “No.”

Shen Qiu did not say more and turned around to leave.

In fact, Shen Qiu’s worries were not unfounded.

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