Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 108 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 108: Get Lost (Part 1)

“Medication to end offspring, for men’s use.”

Ren Wan Yun lowered her head and looked at the paper packet that Shen Miao placed on her hands and her body could not help but tremble.

“What kind of a good method is to give all YiNiang the medication? Even if one is not able to give birth to any sons, there will be a second, a third… Second Shen, you will not be able to stop it.” Shen Miao’s words seemed to have a slightly bewitching sound to them as when they landed on one’s ears, it was rather pleasing.

“Why would I believe you? Who knows if arsenic is being placed inside.” Ren Wan Yun said with disdain.

“Since Second Shen do not believe me then let a maid bring a little of it to the physician for a look, or perhaps feed it to some animals. Else it would also be the same if one were to purchase it themselves. I only provide the direction and Second Shen must be willing to look into the detailed matters.”

“Why would I do this.” Ren Wan Yun stared at Shen Miao and said coldly.

“Why?” Shen Miao slightly thought about it, “Most probably is that once Second Shu find out about the infertility, then the Seventh Di Son’s position can be seated stably. Not only that, as Second Shu only legacy, Seventh Younger Brother would be able to take over Second Shu’s mantle. The rarer something is, the greater the value will be.”

Ren Wan Yun laughed, “Do you think that I do not know what kind of intention you have? Shen Miao I really underestimated you. You actually want the Second household to end its lineage.”

“One must not say it like this.” Shen Miao pretended to be surprised, “How can the Second household end its lineage? Is not Seventh Younger Brother around? However can it be that Second Shen is under the impression that it is still possible to have another baby with Second Shu?” She said jokingly, “Even if Second Shen have that ability and capability, one have to see if Second Shu is willing or not.”

“Impudent!” Xiang Lan rebuked angrily.

“You have no sense of shame!” Ren Wan Yun was so angry that her face was flushed red. Shen Miao’s words were clearly ridiculing that she was old and that Shen Gui, a person who was lustful for beauties, would feel disdain for her. But Ren Wan Yun also understood that after so many years Shen Gui was no longer that gentle with her, and her face was no longer appealing to Shen Gui so it was difficult to have another child. “Be it no sense of shame or impudent, at the end this is all for you.” Shen Miao smiled gently, “I have already given Second Shen a road to live, but it all depends on Second Shen’s choice to walk out or block the road.” She stood up and remained still as if she was thinking of something before partially looking back, “Of course Second Shen can also tell Second Shu of the matter since you are all a family. But one would like to remind you that now my Father and Mother have a bad relationship with Old Furen, and all pretences are shed so one is not afraid of the other.”

Ren Wan Yun sat there without speaking as Xiang Lan and Cai Ju stared vigilantly at Shen Miao.

“Words have been said to as such. Will take one’s leave.” Shen Miao smiled as she walked out.

After Shen Miao left, Xiang Lan took a step forward and asked Ren Wan Yun, “Furen will really listen to Fifth Young Lady’s words?”

“Fifth Young Lady do not have any good intentions.” Cai Ju parroted, “She clearly did that to put one against Master.”

“It is to go against Master.” Ren Wan Yun spoke lowly, “But now Master and I are no longer people standing on the same line.”

“Furen means…” Xiang Lan stared with her eyes wide open.

Ren Wan Yun lowered her head and said, “Let me think.”

In the Eastern courtyard, naturally there were people who were concerned with every move at this end, so when Shen Miao and Jing Zhe stepped out of the door, they saw an unfamiliar maid coming over with a smile, “Fifth Young Lady, Wan YiNiang has heard that you have come to the courtyard and want to invite you over for a chat.”

“Another day, there are still things to be done.” Shen Miao did not give any face at all and directly rejected. That maid felt awkward but also helpless, and could only watch as Shen Miao and entourage walked away before turning back to report to Wan YiNiang.

“Is she clearly distinguishing the relationship with us?” Wan YiNiang was somewhat angry but there was more worry. She said to Shen Dong Ling, “Dong Ling, will this Fifth Young Lady get together with Furen and deal with us?”

“How could it be?” Shen Dong Ling shook her head, “It is because of Eldest Sister’s matter that they would not go together.”

“Then why is it that Fifth Young Lady kept turning a blind eye to our goodwill?” Wan YiNiang kept walking back and forth, “Can it be that she looks down on our background…” Speaking till here, her voice had gotten dim, “After all she is a Di Young Lady…”

“YiNiang.” Shen Dong Ling placed the book down and said with some headache, “Where are you thinking to. It might not be because of us that Fifth Younger Sister is not willing to get along. From what I see, Fifth Younger Sister is not warm to the entire Shen residence, and one fear that she does not want to have any relation with anyone from the Second household, so she turn a blind eye to us. Therefore there is no use to express goodwill. It is better not to do such things in the future.”

“But…” Wan YiNiang still wanted to say something.

“There is no buts.” Shen Dong Ling interrupted her words, “We behave ourselves and if there are no mistakes, naturally trouble will not come.”

At the other end, Jing Zhe was asking Shen Miao in a softly voice upon returning back to their room, “Young Lady, will that Second Furen really drug Second Master?”

“Definitively.” Shen Miao looked at her nails and lightly said, “Ren Wan Yun most value children, but now one daughter and one son continuously died, leaving a single child, Shen Yuan Bao. Unfortunately Shen Gui is not a kind hearted person so only by drugging Shen Gui, she can protect Shen Yuan Bo’s position.”

“But what if Second Furen tell Second Master about the matter?” Gu Yu had been worried about this the most.

“It will not happen. If Shen Gui know that he was being drugged with medication to end offspring, he would hate Ren Wan Yun to the bone that even if Shen Yuan Bo is his only child, he would still lash out on Shen Yuan Bo. Even if Ren Wan Yun did it for Shen Yuan Bo, she would definitely cover this thing up to death. Perhaps Shen Gui would not discover the truth that he would not be able to have children forever and even if a physician take a look, he would never think that it was Ren Wan Yun that fed it to him.”

“So…” Jing Zhe bit her teeth and seemed to be hesitating before she finally spoke what was in her heart, “Even if Second Furen drug Second Master unknowingly and Second Master truly cannot have anymore heirs, is there still not a Seventh Young master? Currently Seventh Young Master is young but after he grow up and understand about the matter, one fear that he will take revenge for Second Young Master and Eldest Young Lady. To have an enemy raised from young and with Young Lady making such an oath…” Shen Miao said to Ren Wan Yun that she would not have any intention to harm Shen Yuan Bo else Heavens would strike her. Jing Zhe was still somewhat shocked after hearing such a poisonous oath.

“Since the vow was made, I have no intention on dealing with Shen Yuan Bo.” Shen Miao said.

“Although this is the case but Seventh Young Master will definitely view Young Lady as the enemy. Gu Yu reminded, “Having an enemy lying in the dark waiting for an opportunity…”

“One would need to wait for him to grow up first.” Shen Miao smiled. Unfortunately, Shen Yuan Bo did not have the opportunity to grow up.

Just a year later, there was a plague in Ding capital and Shen Yuan Bo would die due to the infection of smallpox. Everyone in the Ding capital panicked but at that time Shen Miao had already married Fu Xiu Yi, and fortunately Shen Xin was fighting a battle in the Northwest region and escaped this calamity. The nobility in the capital was still alright but there was a number of deaths among the commoners. Shen Yuan Bo was unable to escape it.

Shen Miao had always believed that the Heavens principles were clear and transparent, but it was that this karma was not enough. In the previous lifetime, the karma of all the sins that Shen Gui and wife had committed all fell onto Shen Yuan Bo. But the Second household still had Shen Yuan and Shen Qing. In this lifetime, without them if one were to follow down the road of the previous lifetime, Shen Yuan Bo will eventually lose his life because of the plague.

Instead of eradicating to the last one now, it was better to fill their lives with hope. Shen Gui believe that he still had a son, and Ren Wan Yun also thought that Shen Yuan Bo would replace Shen Yuan, and when that day finally comes that Shen Yuan Bo is unable to escape the fate of Heavens, then at that time the desperation of the lack of heirs would break out in the Second household, and swallow them entirely.

The Second household was destined to have no descendants but they were now filled with hope, not knowing that misfortune was already heading their way slowly. One only need to wait till that day where the sickle comes falling, thoroughly harvesting the vitality in its entirety.

The chess path was already prepared, and the pieces were also heading forward step by step in accordance of the route set. Was not this good?

“Young Lady, Mo Qing came by just now.” Bai Lu walked over and said in a predicament, “He said that the banknotes previously given are spent. Is there still a need to go to Bao Xiang Lou?”

Bai Lu was somewhat embarrassed, and also did not understand as where would there be a master that would give their subordinate money to go find young ladies. Moreover this was not squandered normally. How could this be letting the subordinates handling the matter? This was clearly providing money for the subordinate to enjoy, and it was hateful that Mo Qing got such a good task but still put on a look of pain every time, making one suffer a toothache upon seeing the scene.

“Go and pass five hundred liang to him.” Shen Miao said.

Bai Lu revealed a look of pain as she heard Shen Miao giving additional instructions, “Also tell Mo Qing to say those words to Liu Ying.”

The few maids in the room were surprised and looked at Shen Miao with curiosity. After all they did not know what words were the ‘words’ that Shen Miao mentioned.

Bai Lu was about to go out when she suddenly remembered something and said, “Young Lady, previously Zhang Mama from Rong Jing Tang came over, seemingly to inquire about Master and Furen separating from the family.”

Ever since that day where the truth was known from Jing Guan Sheng’s mouth, Luo Xue Yan had a big quarrel with Old Shen Furen and informed Shen Xin of the matter afterwards. Naturally Shen Xin was furious and at that moment headed to Rong Jing Tang to argue. Luo Xue Yan wholeheartedly wanted to separate from the family and Shen Xin was disheartened toward the Shen family due to the matter, and was naturally in favour. Even if he did not want Old General Shen’s estate, he still insisted on a separation. Old Shen Furen knew that Shen Xin’s money and prestige was still required at the moment, and pretended to have a stroke and fainted from the events that day. It really made one laugh and angry.

Now that Zhang Mama came over to inquire, naturally was to cast oblique aspersions and uncover the wind direction of the First household, thinking that Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan only said that in a fit of anger.

“If there is another inquiry then tell her that the intention is set on separating from the family, and one need to bother her to take good care of Old Furen. If Old Furen’s health continue to be unwell then one would invite the family’s elders over to do the division.”

The family elders had no regard for Old Shen Furen’s background. Old General Shen was biased towards Shen Xin when he was alive so naturally the elders would be biased towards Shen Xin. If the elders came over to divide the family, they would not let Old Shen Furen get a good deal.

“This servant understands.” Bai Lu walked out the door with a smile.

Shen Miao sat in front of the table for a while. Today’s road just opened and one need to plan even more, as it was not an easy thing to take revenge and protect the Shen family at the same time.

Everything must always take a step at a time.

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