Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 108 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 108: Get Lost (Part 2)

These few disturbances in the capital were only gossiped over a cup of tea or after a meal. After discussing and a smile, no one remembered them. Even if they were a topic of idle conversation, after a few days they would be ignored because of other fresher news.

Humans died and lights get extinguished. The world was just that cold.

Bao Xiang Lou was still bustling like in the past, and recently there was a new bunch of Persian dancers that entered, and they were beautiful and brazen. The blue-blooded young men of the capital rushed over like ducks and Bao Xiang Lou’s usually booming business had become overflowing.

Men had a voracious desire for fresh things and enamoured with the new, bored with the old. The new dancers would be popular for a period of time, and the previously popular courtesans were cheerless as cold sparrow’s nest at the door. But among these greedy men, there was one that was different. When he walked to the door, the young lady at the door waved her handkerchief and smiled, “Lord Mo will not be picking Young Lady Liu Ying today?”

Mo Qing placed the money into the young lady’s hands and said, “Same old rules.”

That young lady was half envious and half jealous, “This lord is an affectionate person. It is really Liu Ying’s past life fortune.” Finishing, she went up to call for people.

Everyone rushed over for the new young ladies but Mo Qing was not shaken by thunder and picked Liu Ying. Those who did not know thought that he had real feelings for Liu Ying. Only the two of them, he and Liu Ying, knew if there were feelings or not.

Opposite of Bao Xiang Lou, at the windows of Kuai Huo Lou, there were three persons drinking together. Ji Yu Shu pointed from afar at Mo Qing’s figure as he entered Bao Xiang Lou, “Look, look, look. He went over again!”

“What is there to look.” Gao Yang rolled his eyes at Ji Yu Shu, “Going there once every three days, every trip is a night and leaving once the second day breaks, without staying for an additional moment more. This is something that even you are able to know by heart, so is there a need to be surprised?”

Ji Yu Shu was not to be outdone and stared back at Gao Yang, “Are you a fool? How would Third Xie Older Brother, who just returned, know about matters that we had knowledge of? I am here telling him clearly about it.”

At the other side of them, Xie Jing Xing was leaning against the couch looking lazily at Bao Xiang Lou. It was an unprecedented day for him not to wear purple and was wearing a dark narrow long robe (T/N: Think slim fit robe), making him appear more solemn. However upon closer look, his brows were covered in dust, clearly indicating that he had just returned in a rush.

“Third Xie, how was the matter dealt with? How are those people?” Gao Yang asked.

“All were suicide soldiers and no information could be dug out. All of them were killed.” Xie Jing Xing was preoccupied, “Time is pressing, so the movements here have to be fast.”

“What is the use of moving quickly?” Ji Yu Shu complained, “The stuff was not found.”

“There were some movements from Shen Yuan previously, and he was very close to Fu Xiu Yi. Perhaps there were some leverages in his hands but now he is dead…” Gao Yang pondered, “Fu Xiu Yi should have thought of ways to seize those things from Shen Yuan.”

“I want to take another trip to the Shen residence.” Xie Jing Xing frowned, “It is not possible it cannot be found.”

“Forget it, do not mention about this first.” Ji Yu Shu interrupted their conversation, “Speaking of which, we have been keeping watch here for so long watching that Mo guy running to Bao Xiang Lou so often. What is the meaning of it? Could it be that Shen Young Lady is lenient and warm? Even to provide the money for the subordinate to look for a young lady. This kind of cushy job and such extravagant hand, is even more generous than me, the manager of the Feng Xian Pawnshop.”

“Have you seen one who runs away from a young lady at the break of light?” Gao Yang looked at Ji Yu Shu, “Why is it that when I remember you looking for Young Lady Shao Yao, you will rascally stick yourself in the other’s room and not leave, hating that you are unable to be at her side all day? Which one would not know about amorous feelings and would at least talk a little. For one to leave at such a timing every day, it look rather like the completion of a task.”

“Are your eyes grown on top of your head?” Xie Jing Xing glanced at the two of them, “Did you not see that there is still someone involved?” His eyes swept down and both of them were surprised. As they looked over to where Xie Jing Xing was looking, they saw that that on the opposite side of the street facing Bao Xiang Lou, there stood a green clad male staring at Liu Ying’s little building, lost in thoughts.

“Look rather ordinary.” Ji Yu Shu said, “Looking at his shabby dressing, one can tell that he want to go in to look for young ladies, but does not have money thus could only look on greedily. What is the difference?”

“This person…” Gao Yang scrutinized from a distant, “The silhouette look somewhat familiar like one had seen somewhere before.”

“Pei Lang.” Xie Jing Xing said.

“Who is Pei Lang?” Ji Yu Shu asked.

“A teacher in Guang Wen Tang.”

“I remember.” Gao Yang also said, “Previously one had seen him at the Palace banquet. But why is he here?”

“Teacher?” Ji Yu Shu narrowed his eyes, “A teacher also come to a place of pleasure? This Guang Wen Tang is said to be the academy that all the Ding capital’s nobles want to enter. How could a teacher there, be this morally corrupt?”

“You also wander all day at places of pleasure, how are you not morally corrupt?” Gao Yang questioned Ji Yu Shu.

Ji Yu Shu refuted, “I am not one who teach students!”

“Shut up.” Xie Jin Xing said, “You two did not even discover such a big individual appearing here?”

“I did not recognise him.” Ji Yu Shu said with grievances, “There are so many people coming and going at Bao Xiang Lou and I only paid attention to the abnormal. This gentleman looked normal and how would I know that he was also a teacher.”

Gao Yang looked at Xie Jing Xing, “You find that Pei Lang is a problem? But he is just a poor scholar.”

“Shen Miao never did unnecessary things, thus there must be some intentions behind letting her subordinate look for Liu Ying. Previously I did not understand but now upon seeing him, one understood.” Xie Jing Xing’s gaze landed on Pei Lang.

“You are saying…” Gao Yang thoughts were roaming, “This Shen Miao went in such a big round, in fact to target Pei Lang?”

Xie Jing Xing smiled and there seemed to be a deeper meaning in his gaze, “Did not know why, but one felt that Shen Miao paid extra attention to this Pei Lang. A simple investigation indicated that Pei Lang was only a poor scholar, and this in it is a problem.”

“Is not this simple!” Ji Yu Shu called out, “I know the reason behind.”

Gao Yang and Xie Jing Xing turned around together and stared at him.

Ji Yu Shu cleared his throat and his eyebrows danced as he said, “Its simply very simple! When I see that silhouette, one could tell that the person is especially good looking and in addition with being a teacher, this show that he have profound knowledge. Shen Young Lady is after all a budding beauty opening to the beginning of spring and has a darker heart. Who knew that the teacher had a gilded exterior but is shabby and ruined on the inside, and is a hypocrite gentleman that wander around brothels. In a fit of anger Shen Young Lady simply ordered her own subordinate to buy that lady’s time…”

“Wait.” Gao Yang asked, “Why does Shen Miao buy Liu Ying’s time when she likes Pei Lang?”

Ji Yu Shu thought strenuously for a moment before replying, “Most probably because Pei Lang cannot afford Liu Ying, so Shen Young Lady let her servant buy Liu Ying’s time. Pei Lang cannot be even compared to a servant so he would definitely be very angry. Shen Young Lady want to make Pei Lang die from an excess of anger!” The more Ji Shu Yu spoke, the more excited he became that even his saliva was spitting everywhere. He almost climbed on top of the table, “You all see! How much pain had Pei Lang inflict on Shen Young Lady! A young lady who actually leave no expense on a beauty!”

Gao Yang was supporting his aching forehead, “Ji Yu Shu, is it that you heard some odd play in the brothel?”

“You all go play. I will leave first.” Xie Jing Xing stood up with an expressionless face and glanced at Ji Yu Shu, “If you are too free, the tower prison lacks personnel. So go pack up and head there with Tie Yi.”

Ji Yu Shu immediately quietened down like he was stuck with lightning.

At the other end in the Liu Ying’s building, Mo Qing was sitting at the table drinking tea as usual.

Liu Ying had now completely given up on Mo Qing. Previously she still wanted to conquer the man, but now she did not have any thoughts of conquering and completely had no temperament. She did not even bother to put on makeup and just walked over to pick up the silver piece, that Mo Qing placed on the table, into the box and sat opposite to Mo Qing. She poured herself a cup and said not warmly or coldly, “Thanking Gentleman Mo for rooting for Liu Ying like usual, else Liu Ying would not be able to eat anything in such a poor situation.”

When the new Persian dancers snatched the other young ladies’ regular patrons, only Mo Qing regularly called her out. The young ladies were envious and jealous of Liu Ying so much, but they did not know that in Liu Ying’s eyes, Mo Qing was just an eccentric weird person.

Most likely Mo Qing like to spend money and be dazed in the place of pleasure.

Liu Ying did not intend to talk to Mo Qing. This Mo Qing had come for so many times but had never talked to her a sentence before. If he did not speak to the young lady who welcomed him every time, Liu Ying would think that he was a mute.

But today Mo Qing unprecedentedly spoke to her. Mo Qing said, “It is not me.”

Liu Ying was so surprised that she could only stare at him wide eyed, “Ah?”

“The person who gave you money is not me.” Mo Qing said.

Liu Ying did not understand, “What money?”

“My master want me to come here every three days to look for you, give you money and do nothing.”

This was probably the longest sentence Mo Qing said in Bao Xiang Lou, but when the words were spoken, the gaze from Liu Ying’s eyes suddenly became vigilant and she stood up, “Who is your master?”

Mo Qing shook his head, “Cannot disclose.”

“You!” Liu Ying glared at him.

“Master said that in a few days she (in Chinese it would sounds the same when referring to a she and a he) will come over to look for you.” Mo Qing said, “So temporarily do not accept other customers.”

Liu Ying laughed, “Older Brother, I do not know who your master is and what he wants to do, but I am a Young Lady of Bao Xiang Lou and currently in a slump. I am not the new hot favourite so if I do not accept other customers, what do I eat and drink? Will you support me?!”

Mo Qing did not say anything.

Seeing Mo Qing keeping quiet, Liu Ying gotten more angry and an unknown fire started burning. Other men would now say some appeasing words of “I will support you” even if they were not sincere. Even if it was to bluff others, no one would treat the words said at the place of pleasure seriously. This Mo Qing was different and was simply a stubborn lump who loved to be serious and not willing to say any lies or pleasing words. He wanted to coax when she got angry but when he opened his mouth, Liu Ying had gotten silent. Mo Qing was one of the people in the place of pleasure and he had said himself that he was just following his master’s instructions. Thinking about that, one find that there was no meaning to ask him anything.

Mo Qin saw the changes in Liu Ying’s expressions and was unable to make heads or tails of it. After hesitating, he said a sentence that Shen Miao did not instruct him to say, “My master is a good person. You… Do not need to be afraid.”

Liu Ying was briefly stunned and when she looked at Mo Qing, he lowered his head to drink the tea. Unfathomably Liu Ying’s mood gotten better and she said, “Why should I believe you.”

Mo Qing, “…”


This night was one without stars or moon. Shen Miao was in Luo Xue Yan’s room, accompanying her for a chat before preparing to return back to her own courtyard. On the way back Jing Zhe told Shen Miao what she inquired during the day, “Young Lady, one heard that the Jing family had left for SuZhuo this afternoon and upon leaving, they even swept off every single valuable thing in the side courtyard of Rong Jing Tang. This is truly a bandit conduct. Old Furen was so angry that she almost had a stroke again.”

This ‘had a stroke again’ was said with ridicule. Everyone also knew that when Old Shen Furen was flustered and exasperated she would involuntary have a ‘stroke’. “However it can be said that one had really met one’s match. A shameless one encountering an even more shameless one. Speaking of which, one really admire the thickness of the Jing family, to be able to take away Rong Jing Tang’s stuff. It is a marvel.”

“One did not expect that the Jing family would pompously vow to seek an explanation for Biao Young Lady, but now left back to SuZhou with tails between their legs and even not caring about Biao Young Lady. They obviously knew that Biao Young Lady would not have a good ending in the Sun family, but did not think of any way out. They originally said it so ruthlessly, just to demand more money.” Jing Zhe said.

“Commoners do not fight with officials.” Shen Miao’s lips slightly hooked up, “The Jing family also knew that they have caused a big disaster.”

“All not good people.” Jing Zhe’s lips twitched.

Shen Miao did not express an opinion. The Jing family returned to SuZhou through the nights but how could they be able to return. Sun Tian Zheng was not any soft persimmon. Originally when Shen Qiu had the mishap, Jing Chu Chu escaped but the others from the Jing family were unable to escape at all. Sun Tian Zheng was not a soft handed person, so no one knew what happened on the journey back to SuZhou.

When Shen Miao walked into the courtyard and was just about to push open the doors, she suddenly paused and swept a look at the windows.

“Jing Zhe.” Shen Miao said, “Go and boil some water. I would like to bath so make it hotter.”

Jing Zhe was stunned for a moment before she nodded her head in compliance. Shen Miao pushed the door open and entered. She walked across the outer hall and passed the folding screen before entering her own room and closed the door.

The flame of the oil lantern was slightly flickering, and one could see that there was a person sitting skewed in front of the table. The entire body seemed to be covered with a flowing dark gold colour, lining the entire darkness in the room with glistening light. One of his hands was balled into a fist and the other hand was lazily flipping the book on Shen Miao’s desk. Upon hearing the movement, one casually turn one’s head over, revealing a face with red lips and white teeth.

“Why only return so late?” Xie Jing Xing was somewhat dissatisfied.

“I did not seem to have invited you.” Shen Miao looked at him calmly and said, “Little Marquis Xie.”

“I have waited for you for a long time.” Xie Jing Xing’s eyebrows raised, “Had gone hungry.”

Shen Miao responded, “Get lost.”

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  1. Wah. That last conversation of the chapter. The little marques seems like he was waiting at home for his dear wife to return so that they may eat together.
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  2. “Why only return so late?” Xie Jing Xing was somewhat dissatisfied.

    “I did not seem to have invited you.” Shen Miao looked at him calmly and said, “Little Marquis Xie.”

    “I have waited for you for a long time.” Xie Jing Xing’s eyebrows raised, “Had gone hungry.”

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