Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 107 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 107: Ending The Line Of Descendants (Part 2)

Outside Cai Yun Yuan, Gu Yu, Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang were keeping guard a few steps outside the room, while Jing Zhe followed Shen Miao inside. The other maids in the courtyard were doing their own tasks obediently. Ren Wan Yun had gone crazy so naturally the servants did not need to fawn and please her. People all stepped on those who were low and flattered those higher up, moreover Ren Wan Yun was very harsh to her subordinates previously, thus they were more willing to please the gentle and virtuous Wan YiNiang.

Therefore these maids did not even stop Shen Miao, who had the support of the First household, when she walked over.

But not everyone was like this. Ren Wan Yun also had her own confidants after so many years and those were her personal maids, Xiang Lan and Cai Ju. At the moment in the room, Xiang Lan and Cai Yu were glaring at Shen Miao like tigers.

Facing both of their vicious gaze, Shen Miao was not affected by it. Since these two people refused to go out, there was no harm for them to listen.

On the bed, the woman was wrapped in a quilt and sitting at a corner. Her eyes were lax, her hair seemed to have been combed properly before she made a mess out of it, and there were traces of saliva on her clothes. Her lips were slightly trembling as she did not look towards anyone but towards the Heavens, and no one knew what she was talking about.

“Fifth Young Lady, as you can see our Furen’s health has not recovered yet, so your disturbance would only worsen Furen’s condition.” Xiang Lan said.

“I am here today to tell Second Shen one thing.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “One think that Second Shen already know about it. Even though one is sick, but one would still be sensitive to news. Second Older Brother was beheaded this afternoon and his body is lying in a casket, which would soon be buried.”

“Fifth Young Lady, Furen is already sick! She cannot listen to these words!” Cai Ju shouted loudly. Even though Xiang Lan’s and Cai Ju’s expressions were very severe, they did not have the courage to lay a hand on Shen Miao and force her out. Now they knew that Shen Miao was not an easy person to deal with, and since a huge part of how the Second household ended up was due to Shen Miao secretly pushing the waves and adding to the billows. Shen Miao could be almost regarded as the enemy of the Second household, but now not only Shen Miao had deep intentions, there was still Shen Xin and wife supporting her at the back. With that kind of person targeting the Second household, there was no one that dared to fight against her.

Shen Miao ignored the two maids and looked at Ren Wan Yun as she smiled gently, “One think that Second Shen also know that when Second Older Brother was beheaded, there was no one from the residence that went to visit. Second Shu, Third Shu, Third Shen and Old Furen, not any one of them.” She looked at Ren Wan Yun, “I think that if Second Shen was not sick, one would have definitely send Second Older Brother on his last journey. Now on the way to the underworld, Second Older Brother is alone. How pitiful.”

“Fifth Young Lady!” Xiang Lan could not help but shout again.

“What are you afraid of?” Shen Miao’s lips hooked up. “Second Shen is now sick and cannot understand my words. Are you afraid that I will provoke Second Shen?”

“Naturally not.” Xiang Lan hastily denied.

“Then you better stay there obediently and shut up.” Shen Miao raised her eyebrows, “Else I have ways to let you be unable to serve your Furen forever.”

Xiang Lan and Cai Ju were secretly shocked as Shen Miao said those words so confidently, that it made them feel a chilling sensation.

“Before Second Older Brother left, Second Shen had fallen ill so one was unable to see Second Older Brother at all. One think that Second Older Brother must have been very sad in his heart when he came to the end, he was unable to see his parents at all. It is actually quite tragic.”

Ren Wan Yun still focused on the ceiling with a silly look, but her hands at the side slightly bent imperceptibly.

“A few days back Wan YiNiang still came over and looked for me.” Shen Miao smiled, “One think that she is anxious to build a good relationship with me, and hope that in the future I will say a few good words about her in front of Old Furen. One think that the possibility of Second Shu elevating her status to a common wife is high.”

When the words landed, Xiang Lan’s and Cai Ju’s faces paled. Everyone knew that currently Wan YiNiang of the Second household was favoured again. Previously Ren Wan Yun had forced Madam Wan to a difficult life, and now that Madam Wan had gained power and may even be raised as a common wife, could all this be revenge? Now that the relationship with Shen Gui soured and that Old Shen Furen did not even care about, how miserable would Ren Wan Yun’s future be?

“I am naturally not willing.” Shen Miao turned her head to the side and thought, “Second Shen is the main branch of the residence so naturally I will stand by Second Shen’s side. But it seems that Wan YiNiang is not resigned to it. Moreover Seventh Younger Brother is still being raised by Old Furen’s side, but when Seventh Younger Brother grows up a bit more and Wan YiNiang has been raised up to a common wife, since you are still sick, would not Seventh Younger Brother be raised by Wan YiNiang? Tsk. Tsk. Can it be that Wan YiNiang was trying to build a good relationship with me because of this intention?”

“If you dare to devise a plan on my Seventh son, I will make sure you feel that death is better than living!” At the corner, Ren Wan Yun roared out. One did not know for what reason her voice was extremely rough and difficult to hear. And that pair of eyes that had been starting at the heavens since one entered the room, had landed squarely on Shen Miao at an unknown time. They revealed a ferociousness as if it was a wolf.

“How could one devise a plan on Seventh Younger Brother?” Shen Miao gently smiled, “If Second Shen do not believe, I can swear that if one devise a plan on Seventh son then I will be struck by lightning and die horribly.”

As her voice landed, the eyes of the few people in the room were somewhat surprised. Jing Zhe, who had been quiet, became somewhat anxious. How could Shen Miao swear with such heavy consequences. They had all the while valued the importance of oaths, and Shen Miao said it so calmly that she did not have any opportunity to obstruct.

Ren Wan Yun did not relax her vigilance on Shen Miao as she sneered, “It cannot be that you did everything possible to come here, provoke me with those words and to see if I had gone crazy just to make that kind of vicious oath.” She said, “Shen Miao, I cannot win against you. It is I who had underestimated you. If everything can be repeated, I will definitely harm you before you have grown to such an age, and would definitely not be soft-handed!”

“Second Shen really know how to joke.” Shen Miao said, “Since when have you be soft-handed on me?”

“You have already forced me to such a situation. Qing-er’s and Yuan-er’s incidents are not unrelated to you, if it is not because of Seventh son, I would definitely perish with you.” Ren Wan Yun said with gritted teeth.

“I know that Second Shen would not bear to burn both the jade and a common stone (destroy indiscriminately) because of Seventh Younger Brother, so one knew that Second Shen will not be sick for long.”

“What exactly you want to do?” Ren Wan Yun stared sharply at her, “What other means and methods do you want to use?”

Shen Miao smiled amiably, “Second Shen need not speak so unreasonably. In fact, I am here to give you a way out.”

“A way out?” Ren Wan Yun said tragically, “What kind of way out do I have at such a point?”

“Can it be that Second Shen think that the current situation is the worst?” Shen Miao was surprised, “Second Shen has been intelligent all the while so how could one be this muddled?”

“What do you want to say?” Ren Wan Yun’s face had gotten heavy.

“Simple.” Shen Miao smiled, “Now that Wan YiNiang has coaxed Second Shu till he is shouting for joy, did Second Shen ever thought before that if Wan YiNiang were to bear a son for Second Shu… What will become of Seventh Younger Brother?”

Ren Wan Yun’s body stiffened.

“Second Shen is well aware whether Second Shu value Wan YiNiang or Second Shen, thus one would also know if Second Shu will value the son borne by Wan YiNiang or Seventh Younger Brother. If there was a day where Wan YiNiang is elevated to the status of a common wife, then there will be two Di sons in the Second household. But these two Di sons are not brothers of the same mother. Why do not you guess.” Shen Miao suppressed her voice, “If they would fight with one another?”

As Ren Wan Yun listened, fear and trepidation set in.

“That one will have Wan YiNiang protecting and Seventh Younger Brother have Second Shen protecting. But Second Shen, at that time would you be able to call the shots in the Second household like previously?”

Every word from Shen Miao pierced into her heart and Ren Wan Yun could not help but retort, “That slut was unable to give birth to a son before and will not be able to give birth to one in the future!”

“Second Shen is indeed smart.” Shen Miao sighed, “But this is what I want to say. Could it be that Second Shen thought that in the future other than Wan YiNiang, Second Shu would not have other women?”

She discussed about the elder’s relationships so broad levelled and calm that it stunned everyone. Ren Wan Yu was surprised by Shen Miao’s words. Correct, she knew better than anyone about Shen Gui’s conduct, how would Shen Gui only have one woman? When she was the matriarch of the family, Shen Gui still brought in concubines back to the residence and if she had not fed those vixens medication to end offspring, one fear that the Second household would be overcrowded.

“You see, one can defend one moment but cannot prevent for a lifetime. After guarding against Wan YiNiang, there will still be more YiNiangs. There are unlimited number of women in this world that can give birth, and there are numerous women who want to enter the Second household. Unless Second Shen could still control the inner courtyard like previously, and give the medication to end offspring for all of Second Shu’s women, but do now Second Shen have that ability? Moreover those years ago, Wan YiNiang still managed to give birth to Third Older Sister. In the future, will there be another Wan YiNiang?”

A slightly frenetic look appeared on Ren Wan Yun’s face as each words from Shen Miao stabbed into her soft ribs. What she could rely on, was that she gave birth to sons and if this point disappeared, what the future would be like?

“Second Shen, do you want to see that the family that you struggled to manage and the residence’s money all land not on your sons but in other woman’s son? Second Older Brother was outstanding, and everything of the Second household should have belong to him or to Seventh Younger Brother, but now others went to the next level. Are you willing to sew wedding clothes for others?”

Ren Wan Yun stared at Shen Miao, “What are you trying to say?”

“I will give you a way out.” Shen Miao smiled gently before taking out a packet from her sleeves and placed it in Ren Wan Yun’s hands.

“Medication to end offspring, for men’s use.” She said softly.

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    • In infancy, he’s naturally the lesser evil. The Seventh brother can be taken care of later – but maybe SM won’t have to lay a direct scheme on him to prevent him from being a threat. After all… SM could “accidentally” discover evidence of Da Furen’s ED drug after it tragically did its work to Shen Gui. Perhaps the safer outcome is when Shen Gui “coincidentally” discovers the evidence while Da Furen is still at a disadvantage. The presence of SM’s parents and brother puts her at a significant advantage in the first place, so the timing would not be extremely crucial in this case. Furthermore….Shen Gui would never favor the offspring of the person that made him unable to reproduce – whether that is achieved through ED or the lack of requirements for an embryo to be created, this remains true.

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    • But in the end the one she has made Ren Wan Yun target is Shen Gui and not Wan Yiniang. So she is safe, only used her name to provoke her. Didn’t she say at the end, Wan yiniang wouldn’t be the only one for that guy?

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