Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 107 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 107: Ending The Line Of Descendants (Part 1)

Three days later the case of Shen Yuan mistakenly murdering Sun Cai Nan had closed. Sun Tian Zheng was determined to take revenge for the tragic death of his only child, and made Shen Yuan to be executed at the Wu Gates.

There were countless people running around talking about it, as they wanted to take a look of that talented youth who had a huge prospect, fall to such an end. Some had sympathy for Shen Yuan, some were scolding Jing Chu Chu for being a disastrous beauty, making the entire area lively.

Shen Yuan most likely had never thought that there would be such a day like this for him. He was arrogant and was bent on climbing up the social ladder so that everyone would be able to see his achievements, but now was pointed out by those ‘cheap commoners’, making his heart extremely uncomfortable.

Most of the people threw rotten eggs and vegetables on him, and these dirty things became a foul paste on Shen Yuan’s body. One did not have to think further, it was definitely the Sun family’s people. Shen Yuan knelt on the execution platform and the executioner stood by him. Usually at this time if the criminal had family, they would come to send them off and also feed a full meal and drink to them, but not a single one person from the Shen family came.

Not mentioning Shen Xin who was like fire and water with the rest of the Shen family. Shen Gui was one who seek advantages and avoid harm, Ren Wan Yun had gone crazy and even if Old Shen Furen’s legs were good, one fear that she would not be willing to come. The odd thing was that the usually warm and righteous Third household was not seen today. Most likely they had made the decision between warm and righteous or offending the Sun family.

In the eyes of others, they sighed at the Shen family actions. Winter was smiling gently

Shen Yuan raised his head as sunlight sprinkled over the Ding capital. It was obviously just after the New Year’s Eve and the golden sunlight was as dazzling as during the summer. When noon arrived, the executioner sprayed a mouthful of wine onto the blade and raised the large blade before cutting off the head!

The blade fell!

Cries of alarm burst out from the crowd and the females quickly covered their eyes in fear. That bloody head rolled down the stage and onto the crowd, and the stench of blood dissipated after a short while. On the floor, Shen Yuan’s eyes were wide open as if he was somewhat puzzled, as though he could say anything in the next moment even if the head was separated from the body.

Some people saw this and quietly turned away, concealing themselves in the crowd.

At this moment in the Shen residence, it was in a blanket of dead silence.

The matter was not something that did not happen if one did not mention it. Shen Yuan’s death was still a blow for the Shen family’s vigour. Speaking of which there were not many heirs in the Shen residence, and moreover this was a person who could be able to lift up the Shen residence to the Heavens, but was now dead under the large blade of the executioner. At least the people of the Shen residence were sad.

Shen Wan sat in the room as a servant jogged in and said, “The punishment has been handled out and the execution ground’s people has sent Second Young Master back.”

At the end the Sun family agreed to return Shen Yuan’s corpse back to the Shen family, and this was already the biggest concession. Even though one did not fight with Sun Tian Zheng directly and the handling of Shen Yuan’s matter was carried out along with Sun Tian Zhen’s wishes, everyone knew that the Shen and Sun families’ feud had started and in the future how big this feud would become?

“After returning, there is no need to stop the coffin and quickly bury it within these few days.” Shen Wan sighed as his thoughts got heavy.

“Master is still worried about this matter?” Chen Rou Qiu walked over and gently said, “We were helpless in Shen Yuan’s matter, after all the Sun family are not ordinary people.”

“I just felt that…” Shen Wan shook his head, “Everything is somewhat incorrect. Do you realise it?” Shen Wan said, “Why is the Shen family is so unlucky lately to encounter misfortune in such quick succession.”

“Could it be that there are some unclean things?” Chen Rou Qiu’s heart got anxious.

Shen Wan paused, “What nonsense.”

Chen Rou Qiu quickly said, “I am speaking nonsense, Master must not be surprised.” Her heart was somewhat vexed. Shen Wan hated these kind of strange superstitious things the most, and she only inadvertently said it and feared that Shen Wan would be unhappy. She went along with Shen Wan’s previous words, “Speaking of which, all these events happened on Second Older Brother’s family. First it was Qing-er then now its Yuan boy…” Chen Rou Qiu’s heart was more disturbed as she spoke. Even though she previously felt somewhat jealous of Ren Wan Yun, but after she went crazy, there was no one else in the residence that stood in the same line as her. Lou Xue Yan? Shen Xin and Shen Wan did not crawl out from the same mother’s womb so how could it be sincere?

“It is exactly as such.” Shen Wan said, “Do not know who Second Older Brother has made enemies with. Now seeing it altogether, it seem that this is a plan that was long conspired.”

“It is inevitable for Second Older Brother to offend some people in the court.” Chen Rou Qiu said, “But why does it all happen to be this year that these actions took place. It seems that all these started after Fifth Girl woke up from her fall in the water. Afterwards the incidents came one after another…”

“Are you saying that it was done by Little Five?” Shen Wan found it funny, “If Little Five have that kind of ability then the world will be in a mess.” He comfortingly patted Chen Rou Qiu’s hands, “I know these days are hard for you so do not think too much as how would Little Five, a young female, be able to have such abilities? It is more likely when one say it is Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao that taught her, but both of them would definitely not use such a blunt knife to grind. Their methods had all the while been clean…” Shen Wan said, “I will pay attention to the matter. Do not think about it and pay more attention to Yue-er’s marriage. One sees that she has reached the age where one can talk about marriage.”

Once Shen Yue’s marriage was mentioned, Chen Rou Qiu pressed down the suspicions about Shen Miao. Shen Wan was more concerned about heirs than Shen Gui, and for so many years he had not despised Shen Yue for being a daughter and really treated her lovingly. Chen Rou Qiu said, “I will listen to Master.”

In the Western courtyard, clothes were draped over Shen Miao while Jing Zhe was styling her hair as she said, “Second Young Master’s casket was carried back and one heard that it would soon be buried and a funeral would not be set up.”

Other than the Eldest household of the Shen family, the rest were people who love to do things to look good. Just like Old Shen Furen’s birthday’s celebration that was done grandly and known to the general public. So it was indeed very cold for them to manage the funeral of Shen Yuan, the Second household’s Di son, that slipshod. There were some reasons for covering up the scandal but most importantly, there were not many people that dared to offend Sun Tian Zheng for Shen Gui, and if one were to really set a funeral up, not be much people would be coming to send their condolences, but it would provoke others to poke fun instead.

“Second Master has not been in the residence these few days.” Gu Yu also said, “Even upon his return, he would be resting in Wan YiNiang’s courtyard. It is already at such a time and whatever it is, he was his own flesh and blood, how could one be that ruthless.”

Shen Miao smiled, “He is busy during the daytime to win over those estranged officials and as for during the night, if one do not rest at Wan YiNiang’s, could one be sleeping on the same bed with Second Shen?”

One initially wanted to take the opportunity to denounce Shen Gui for being ruthless but Shen Miao unexpectedly used the words ‘sleeping on the same bed’ openly. Gu Yu was somewhat embarrassed and she did not know why was Shen Miao that gutsy now. There were not any improprieties in her actions or etiquettes, but in matters of relationships between male and female, how could she not be embarrassed? Even if it was fake she should still act it out else in the future when one meet males, they would only be surprised by Shen Miao’s valiant attitude, and no one would dare to approach her.

Shen Miao did not pay attention to Gu Yu’s expression and thus did not know that Gu Yu had so many thoughts in her heart. She only said, “What is the status of the inquiry on the Sun family side?”

“The Sun family hid too tightly that the servants also knew very little.” Jing Zhe quickly said, “One only know that Biao Young Lady did not live well. Heard that the first day, the first day…” She could not continue speaking.

“What happened on the first day?” Shen Miao turned her head and looked at Jing Zhe.

Jing Zhe responded vaguely, “Heard that on the first day, Biao Young Lady and the horse in the stable were fed with aphrodisiac medication, to let them… At that time Master Sun still let all the servants gather at the stables to watch it.”

Gu Yu almost choked on her own saliva, “Human and horse?”

Jing Zhe’s face turned red in a moment. Gu Yu still spoke, “Those Sun family’s people are all perverse!” To mix human and horse, how painful would Jing Chu Chu be. Not only the physical pain, one’s utterly unbearable scene would be seen by others, making one felt that dead was better than living.

Seeing that Gu Yu still endlessly questioned, Jing Zhe was somewhat annoyed. She initially thought of not speaking of such filthy things in front of Shen Miao, in case it dirtied Shen Miao’s years, but when she turned her head over, she saw Shen Miao’s calm face. Let alone being shy, there was no shock expression at all and she even said some jaw-dropping words, “Sun Daren is too kind. In fact one can use a bull.”

“Young Lady…” Jing Zhe’s mouth dropped.

Shen Miao looked at her, “There is nothing to fuss about.” In the Inner Palace, this trick was used to dispose of disobedient females but she did not use it. Shen Miao was used to directly order forced suicide as she was not willing to have complications. But one had seen Mei Furen punishing a palace maid, who was a partner of an eunuch, by letting others feed an aphrodisiac medication to a bull and threw that palace maid into the pen to torture her to death.

Therefore Sun Tian Zheng’s methods were not surprising. But she did not know that her actions were truly shocking to the eyes of Jing Zhe and Gu Yu.

After a long while Jing Zhen then managed to find her voice, “Where does Young Lady want to go now?”

“Go to Cai Yun Yuan.”

“What is Young Lady going there for?” Gu Yu wondered, “Second Master is currently not in, so is Young Lady going to look for Wan YiNiang?”

Shen Miao shook her head, “I am looking for Second Shen.”

“Second Furen has gone crazy…” Gu Yu reminded.

“That might not necessarily be.”

Currently in Cai Yun Yuan, it was as if heavens and earth were flipped.

In fact it was just only in a few months, that the entire Shen residence or to be accurate, the Second household of the Shen family, which resided on Cai Yun Yuan, be the one who went through earth-shattering changes.

The previously proud and successful Second Furen had become mad, the magnanimous and bright Eldest Young Lady committed suicide in prison, and was a slut who had an illicit relationship with others. Even the outstanding and proud Second Young Master became a low rank convict in front of the entire city, and died under the big sword of the executioner. Life was like a play and Cai Yun Yuan’s play was a bit too tragic.

The only consolation was that Second Furen, Ren Wan Yun, still had a Di second son, Shen Yuan Bo, but he was raised by Old Shen Furen’s side. If Ren Wan Yun had not gone crazy, by the virtue of Shen Yuan Bo, she could still temporarily sit in the main household position. But it was only temporarily, who knew… If Shen Gui would take in concubines in the future? After all Shen Gui was lustful, thus it was not impossible for him to have other sons.

As compared to Ren Wan Yun’s unlucky fortune, Wan YiNiang who had been deserted for many years, seemed to have ushered to Spring. After lowering herself and being small for so many years, that even the daughter she gave birth was not seen in the day, she did not think that she would receive help from Heavens. Even though Shen Gui view relationships thinly, he treated females well. Wan YiNiang only had to firmly grasp Shen Gui’s heart to regain favour, and with that, Shen Dong Ling’s position would only rise up.

“Dong Ling, in a few days one will let Master arrange a courtyard for you.” Wan YiNiang was doing needlework as she smiled at Shen Dong Ling. Most probably because Shen Yuan was already dead, Shen Yuan Bo was still young and Ren Wan Yun could no longer threaten her. Wan YiNiang’s brows were filled with joy and there were traces of happiness in her voice.

“Arrange what courtyard?” Shen Dong Ling who was reading behind the screen looked up.

“You have been squeezing with me in one courtyard, and other young ladies at your age would already have their own separate courtyard, so you should also move out. This place is after all too crowded.”

“They are Di daughters and I am a Su daughter.” Shen Dong Ling calmly said.

Hearing that Wan YiNiang’s heart ached. Shen Dong Ling’s birth was a fact she could not change, and it was the thing that she was always troubled about. She herself believed that Shen Dong Ling was not inferior to Shen Qing, Shen Yue and Shen Miao, but in the past ten years she could only let Shen Dong Ling live under the radar. Now that the hardship was over, how could one still watch Shen Dong Ling continue to be so cautious.

Wan YiNiang said, “The previous Eldest Young Lady’s courtyard is currently vacant, and you need not have to sleep in her room and instead another. The direction Eldest Young Lady’s courtyard is facing is good, and the landscape is beautiful. It would be a waste to remain empty. Now that Master is treating us well, one felt that this request will be consented.”

“YiNiang, no need.” Shen Dong Ling rejected her recommendation, “It is not a good time to stick out at this moment. One have already endured for over ten years, thus there is no need to be in a hurry. Even though Father treat us well now, YiNiang should know what kind of character he is. When the situation has stabilised then this can be discussed again.”

Wan YiNiang wanted to persuade again when she suddenly saw her personal maid, Lu Hua, running in and speaking hurriedly, “YiNiang, Fifth Young Lady has come to our courtyard!”

“Fifth Young Lady?” Wan YiNiang suddenly stood up, “Why did she look for me?”

Shen Dong Ling also looked towards Lu Hua.

Lu Hua shook her head and said, “She is not here for YiNiang. This servant saw her heading to the room that Second Furen is resting in.”

“Fifth Young Lady is looking for Second Furen!” Wan YiNiang’s voice suddenly became high-pitched, “Why do Fifth Young Lady look for Second Furen? Second Furen has gone crazy!”

“This servant initially wanted to eavesdrop, but the few maids that Fifth Young Lady brought, guarded so tightly. The others were all located far away from the room and were unable to see or listen to anything.” Lu Hua asked, “YiNiang, what can be done now?”

YiNiang paced around the room anxiously and mumbled to herself, “What is going on that Fifth Young Lady visit to Second Furen? But Second Furen and Fifth Young Lady had so much discord previously, so how could Fifth Young Lady be that kind.” She looked at Shen Dong Ling, “Dong Ling, what do you say?”

Shen Dong Ling’s eyes hung down as she pondered for a while before speaking, “Since it cannot be eavesdrop, then do not attempt to inquire and stay within one’s bound. Fifth Young Lady is not a simple person and since it is done, the preparations would be through. No matter what kind of methods we use, one think that nothing would be inquired.”

“Can this be left like this?” Wan YiNiang was somewhat unresigned, “What if she and Second Furen conspire together?”

“Second Furen and Fifth Younger Sister are not people who forget gratitude and animosity with a smile.” Shen Dong Ling said lightly, “Moreover we have never opposed Fifth Younger Sister before, so no matter who Fifth Younger Sister want to scheme against, it would not land on our heads.” She looked towards Wan YiNiang, “We will just wait for a good show.”

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