Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 100 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 100: Taking Action for Her (Part 1)

Jing Chu Chu and Shen Miao left together but returned alone and it seemed that it did not caught many people’s attention. But in the evening, Shen Miao unprecedentedly came over to the side courtyard of Old Furen’s and personally talked to Jing Chu Chu.

Coincidently Jing Chu Chu was playing with the jewelleries on the table. Among them there was a jade bracelet that was exceptionally eye-catching as the colour was almost transparent and overall the entire piece of jade was in excellent grade. This piece of jade bracelet would at least required hundreds of Liang to purchase and Jing Chu Chu definitely was unable to afford it, furthermore, yesterday when Shen Miao was in Zhen Bao Ge, among the jewellery that was bought for Jing Chu chu, this jade bracelet was not among them.

Shen Miao stared at that jade bracelet from the moment she entered the room, shocking Jing Chu Chu so much that she quickly kept it in the box. Shen Miao gently smiled, “Biao Older Sister’s jade bracelet does not look to be of an ordinary grade.”

Jing Chu Chu asked softly, “Does Fifth Younger Sister know about this bracelet?”

“Had seen a similarly imported goods but the colour of it was not as good as yours. Even so, the initial price it was sold was at five hundred Liang so Biao Older Sister’s piece, one fear that it would require thousands of Liang of silver before one can purchase it.” Shen Miao casually said. Even though this jade bracelet was precious, it was less than two thousand Liang of silver and two thousand Liang of silver can purchase much better jewellery, but in Jing Chu Chu’s exposure, even if she were to exaggerate more, Jing Chu Chu would still believe without a doubt.

“But Biao Older Sister, where does this precious jade bracelet come from?” Shen Miao asked, “Previously one did not see you wear it before.”

“It… It is given from a friend.” Jing Chu Chu softly said.

An understanding appeared in Shen Miao’s eyes. Sun Cai Nan’s ability to coax females was not only depending on putting on airs and using graceful words and flowery speech, he was also willing to drop money. Else the wife of the wealthy Deputy General, Jing Chu Chu in the past life would not be a red apricot tree that leans over the garden wall (aka having an illicit lover aka cheat). Only the first encounter and he had gifted such a big valuable. For Jing Chu Chu who had never seen the world, it was very difficult not to be tempted.

“It seemed that this friend treat Biao Older Sister very good.” Shen Miao said.

Jing Chu Chu face reddened as she looked towards Shen Miao, “What is the matter Fifth Younger Sister here for?”

Shen Miao slowly tidied up her clothes before saying, “Heard that Biao Older Sister was sent back by others?”

“I… I met a good hearted Gentleman.” Jing Chu Chu was somewhat shocked, “He has a good heart and I dare not refuse but we have been abiding etiquette and keeping the distance.”

“Biao Older Sister need not be nervous.” Shen Miao slightly smiled, “Does Biao Older Sister know who is that person?

Jing Chu Chu was surprised for a moment, “Who?”

“It is the only Di son of the Minister of Personnel, Sun Cai Nan.” Shen Miao said.

Jing Chu Chu looked at Shen Miao with surprise in her eyes.

Shen Miao sneered in her heart. Sun Tian Zheng was very strict with Sun Cai Nan so even though Sun Cai Nan keep hooking females, he seldom revealed his identity unless it was to bring those young ladies back to the residence as concubines. Towards Jing Chu Chu, most likely he did not reveal his true identity. Jing Chu Chu most likely assumed that Sun Cai Nan was only a wealthy man’s son but now that she knew about Sun Cai Nan’s real identity, how would Jing Chu Chu, who clambered over the dragon and hanged on to a phoenix, let it go?

“Biao Older Sister should know that the Minister of Personnel is a very high official rank.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “Their residence is not inferior in any respect to ours. The most important thing is that Sun Daren have only one Di son, Gentleman Sun. For such an identity, he actually send Biao Older Sister back to the residence, could it be…” Shen Miao lightly and casually sketched it out, “He like Biao Older Sister a little?”

“Fifth Younger Sister must not say nonsense.” Jing Chu Chu quickly retorted but her cheeks instantly flushed and her eyes were somewhat erratic. Obviously Shen Miao’s words had set off waves in her heart. She softly said, “Gentleman Sun and I are innocent.”

“I did not say that there is something between you.” Shen Miao smiled, “A fair and graceful lady is desired by gentlemen. Biao Older Sister is beautiful thus it is only natural that Gentleman Sun’s heart feel cheerful and committed. But Gentleman Sun is indeed a good person with a magnificent bearing and a wealthy family background. If whoever could be his wife, would be the matriarch of the entire Minister of Personnel’s residence since Sun Daren only has this one Di son.”

Jing Chu Chu pursed her lips and did not speak. Shen Miao stood up and smiled, “I only came over to casually talk. Biao Older Sister should not take it to heart. In this world, one should probably look at fate. If there is such fate then one cannot say for certain how it would be in the future. At that time Biao Older Sister would definitely stay in the Ding capital for the rest of the life.” Finishing speaking she turned around and left.

Jing Chu Chu sat in the room alone and she unconsciously took that smooth jade bracelet from the box out and stroked the lines on top. She did not expect that Sun Cai Nan was the Minister of Personnel’s son and as to why he did not disclose his identity, most likely it was like how shows were written, he did not wish that someone would get close to him because of his family background. Did this not mean that Sun Cai Nan was sincere? Else why would he give a bracelet valued thousands of Liang out in the first encounter?

In all fairness, Jing Chu Chu after all came from a small family and even though she was sought after by many gentlemen back in SuZhou, those people spending styles seemed minor compared to Sun Cai Nan. When she saw the Ding capital’s bustle, she was even more reluctant to return back to SuZhou, and now Shen Miao’s last sentence moved her heart. If she was able to marry to Sun Cai Nan, she would be able to stay in the capital for the rest of her life.

But… What about Old Shen Furen side?

Outside, Shen Miao had stepped out of the courtyard when she encountered Jing Guan Sheng. When Jing Guan Shen saw her, his eyes brightened as he said with a smile, “Biao Younger Sister is here to see Chu Chu?”

Shen Miao nodded her head.

“Now Biao Younger Sister is getting closer with Chu Chu.” Jing Guan Shen wanted to come forward, but unfortunately Jing Zhe and Gu Yu stepped up as if they were defending against lechers. Jing Guan Sheng was someone who flaunted himself as a cultured scholar and did not approach closer.

“It is no bother since it is all one family.” Shen Miao gently smiled and headed out of the courtyard without looking at Jing Guan Shen at all.

Gu Yu softly asked, “Young Lady is hopping to match make Biao Young Lady with Gentleman Sun?” Shen Miao just now kept talking about Sun Cai Nan’s good points, so when the two maids heard that they found it particularly strange and felt that it was very similar to those matchmakers who come to visit.

“Since when have you seen me being so kind?” Shen Miao said without any expression on her face.

“Then why…” Gu Yu was even more puzzled.

“One have to let Biao Older Sister’s heart up in a whirl.” Shen Miao said with a bland smile, “Old Furen and Biao Older Sister previously had the same goal so both of them were naturally close, but if what they seek is not the same, guess what will happen?”

Jing Zhe suddenly got smart, “Dogfight!” Then she suddenly recovered and panicked, “This servant is not saying that they are dogs. This servant. This servant do not know words…”

“What you said was not wrong.” Shen Miao said, “The interpretation of a dogfight is apt. In addition, on these few days, go to Rong Jing Tang and build a relationship with Fu-er.”

“Fu-er?” Jing Zhe was slightly surprised.

“Old Furen want to marry her to the stewards’ son who is blinded in one eye.” Shen Miao said, “Fu-er is very much unwilling to.”

“Heavens.” Jing Zhe was stunned, “Fu-er had followed Old Furen since young, why…” Even if it was rearing cats or dogs, one would also have some feelings so why would one marry a fine young female to a one-eyed person? Fu-er was efficient in her work and even though she sounded fierce, she was very loyal to Old Shen Furen.

“Old Shen Furen had gotten annual profit from the fields from the steward, so naturally one need to show some appreciation. Since she is not willing to come out with money then she has to come out with people. One can only blame that Fu-er’s fate is not good but was born well.”

“Then Young Lady plan to help Fu-er?” Gu Yu carefully asked but a strange feeling appeared in her heart. Shen Miao was not very concerned about the people in Rong Jing Tang and was not one who had a Buddha’s heart, so it sounds impossible for her to help Fu-er.

“Of course help.” Shen Miao said in a calm and composed manner, “Every single mistake Old Furen made is our opportunity.”

“Young Lady want to bribe Fu-er?” Jing Zhe asked, “But will Fu-er be willing to be bribed? Fu-er has always been the most loyal to Old Furen.”

“If a loyal heart is not reciprocated then the rebound would be even bigger. Only when the dog raised by the side go crazy, then it would be the most painful bite to the owner.” Shen Miao lightly said.


For several days, the calm in the Shen residence arrived and Jing Chu Chu no longer swinged by the Western courtyard, but often brought a few guards from the Shen residence out to shop, saying that she wanted to see the bustle in the Ding capital. Naturally no one stopped her and as for the people in the Western courtyard, they could not wait for Jing Chu Chu to go out every day so that the guards at the Western courtyard could also relax a little.

But what Jing Chu Chu was wearing was getting more expensive day by day. Even though Old Shen Furen gave some money to the Jing siblings, she was after all naturally stingy and would not give too much. Jing Chu Chu dressed up so richly that even Shen Yue felt surprised but when she asked, Jing Chu Chu said that it was bought from the money she brought from home. Even Jing Guan Sheng’s hands loosened and gave more rewards to the servants in the Shen residence.

Everyone said that it was because the Jing siblings had come to the Ding capital and were exposed to the world, thus they now concealed the habits of a small family and become more like the people in the Ding capital.

The more comfortable the Jing siblings lived, the more there would be someone in the residence that was not very comfortable. In Rong Jing Tang, Old Shen Furen looked at Jing Chu Chu in front and her eyes flashed, “Chu Chu, lately how are you living? Is there anything that you are not used to after arriving here?”

“Replying on Old Furen’s fortune, Chu Chu is living very well.” Jing Chu Chu said.

“Since you are living very well then why is the medication package not used till now?” Old Shen Furen’s pair of triangular eyes were staring straight at Jing Chu Chu, and her voice was very heavy that for those who were timid, would have been frightened to tears with her fierceness.

Jing Chu Chu however lowered her head and her voice did not even change, “Old Furen, Chu Chu cannot even get closer to Biao Older Brother and could not find any opportunity at all.”

Old Shen Furen had very early on passed the medication package to Jing Chu Chu so that she could find an opportunity to drug Shen Qiu, but who knew that after so many days the Shen residence was calm and quiet as Jing Chu Chu did not even took action.

“You kept going out and only return to the residence at night. It would be strange if one is able to find an opportunity.” Old Shen Furen could not help but sneer, “Chu Chu, are you willing or not? If you are not willing then let the matter be.”

“It is not that Chu Chu is not willing.” Jing Chu Chu quickly said. These days she had gone out daily to privately meet up with Sun Cai Nan. She pretended not to know Sun Cai Nan’s identity and Sun Cai Nan treated her tenderly and gifted her clothes and jewellery. It was because Sun Cai Nan gave her all these things that made Jing Chu Chu’s heart hesitate. Compared to Shen Qiu who would be going to the bitter cold Northwestern region the entire year, it was definitely more comfortable to marry to Sun Cai Nan. But whether Sun Cai Nan was willing to marry her was another problem. Jing Chu Chu kept on clinging to her innocence because she knew the male’s disease. By letting them see but unable to touch, feel but unable to eat, eat but unable to fill full then one could capture a man’s heart. She indeed made Sun Cai Nan so fascinated with her, but Sun Cai Nan was the Minister of Personnel’s Di son and she was from a small family so even if Sun Cai Nan likes, Shen Tian Zheng would not agree and she was not willing to be Sun Cai Nan’s concubine.

So Jing Chu Chu hesitated. If it was with Shen Qiu, Old Shen Furen could guarantee that she would be Shen Qiu’s official wife, but Sun Cai Nan treated her gently and was generous. The human’s heart was always greedy and would not be able to settle for less, eating from the bowl but looking at the pot. Jing Chu Chu was unable to make the decision thus she did not drug Shen Qiu.

She had not taken action for so long and Old Shen Furen was already anxious so she called her over to ask about it.

“Since you are willing then why the hesitation?” Old Shen Furen asked.

“Chu Chu… Chu Chu want to ensure that it is fool proof before taking action. Moreover the Western courtyard is guarded very tightly thus it is hard for Chu Chu to find an opportunity. If one were to inadvertently alert them then it would be even harder to take action again.”

“Chu Chu, I do like you.” Old Shen Furen slowly said, “But if you continue to be like this, I will be disappointed. With your timidity, one fear that it would be difficult to succeed in the future.”

Jing Chu Chu lowered her head and agreed.

Old Shen Furen looked at her and seemed to be somewhat loathing and said, “You can go out.”

Jing Chu Chu hastened her steps to withdraw.

After Jing Chu Chu had left, with a ‘Pa’ sound Old Shen Furen had smashed the cup in front of her and said angrily, “That thing cannot be seen in public!”

As Zhang Mama instructed the servant to pick up the broken pieces from the floor, she was comforting softly, “Old Furen need not be anxious, most likely Biao Young Lady is really timid and there would be some qualms for a female to do such a thing.”

“How can I not be anxious?” Old Shen Furen was flustered and exasperated, “Yuan-er had already said yesterday that the Eldest one family had been looking at young ladies for Shen Qiu, and if that is really settled then there will not be any possibility to take any action in the future. I initially thought that Jing Chu Chu was ambitious so I lend a helping hand, but who knows that mud could not hold up the wall!”

Zhang Mama helped Old Shen Furen to breath by patting her chest, “Biao Young Lady is young of age. Moreover what Biao Young Lady said has some logic to it. Now Eldest Master’s family is up in guards, and if it is not carried out well it will be like beating the grass and alarming the snake. It would be bad to tear all faces.”

“Then you say what can be done?” Old Shen Furen said in a bad mood, “Now that it is urgent and that girl is not willing to take action, one cannot just look with wide eyed as Shen Qiu marry a noble young lady right?”

“Old Furen,” Zhang Mama deeply pondered, “Biao Young Sister is young and it would be a bit dangerous for her to do it, so why not let us get our people to do it instead?”

“Our people?” Old Shen Furen looked towards her.

“Correct.” Zhang Mama said, “Naturally our people would be able take care of things better than Biao Young Lady. At that time even if any matters goes wrong, one can still push Biao Young Lady out and leave a route to retreat. But thinking about it there would not be any problem as these servants are already familiar with this, and one think that it will be as easy as turning a hand.”

Old Shen Furen’s eyes slightly moved and she was silent for a moment before suddenly speaking, “What you said is also not wrong. Since that girl dare not take action then let other help her. Go and call Fu-er and Xi-er in.”

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