Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 100 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 100: Taking Action for Her (Part 2)

The change in Rong Jing Tang’s view was naturally not know to anyone but whether the people who knew would speak about it was another matter. From the surface, everything proceeded in a well-organised manner.

On this day when Shen Miao was returning to the Western courtyard from outside, she encountered Shen Yuan.

Ever since the Jing siblings arrived in Shen residence, no one knew what Shen Yuan was busy with, that one did not see him around much. Upon returning to the Ding capital he left early and returned late in the day, making Shen Gui unhappy as he thought that Shen Yuan was purposely avoiding him because of Ren Wan Yun’s matter. He had quarrelled a few times with Shen Yuan and always parted on bad terms. However these quarrels did not affect Shen Yuan as he still did not appear in the residence as before.

At the end they encountered here.

Seeing Shen Miao, Shen Yuan slowed down his steps and said, “Fifth Younger Sister.”

“Second Older Brother.”

“Heard that lately Fifth Younger Sister is rather close with Biao Younger Brother and Biao Younger Sister.” Shen Yuan smiled as he spoke, “Is this coming back from Biao Younger Brother’s?” He unexpectedly mentioned about Jing Guan Sheng as if implying that there was something between Shen Miao and Jing Guan Sheng. Bai Lu’s and Shuang Jiang’s brows furrowed as they found that Shen Yuan’s words were not good to listen.

Shen Miao glanced at Shen Yuan and did not answer his words, “It seem like Second Older Brother just returned from Second Shen’s. One heard that lately Second Shen’s crazy fits has reduced a lot, is it that she would recover soon?” Ren Wan Yun had not appeared for a long time and all big and small matters were handled over to Wan YiNiang to manage. Old Shen Furen, who usually was not satisfied with Wan YiNiang, did not say anything about it so the people of the Shen residence were well aware that it was not possible for Ren Wan Yun to be able to live as grandly as the first half of her life. Moreover, Ren Wan Yun’s maiden family was only a wealthy merchant and no matter how much money they had, there was no power and could not help in anything.

Shen Yuan’s face paused and sized her up before smiling, “Fifth Younger Sister recently look much better, is it that there are any happy event nearer?”

Because of Shen Xin’s and wife’s return, Shen Qiu had been daily paying particularly attention to Shen Miao. Now Shen Miao was no longer that slow and prudent young girl and has now superior manners and looked much better in appearance, at least she would not be ignored anywhere she was placed.

“How would I have any happy event? On the contrary with Second Older Brother’s busy appearance, perhaps a happy event is nearing.” Shen Miao answered.

Hearing that, there was look of what could be considered as happiness that surfaced on Shen Yuan’s face. He said, “Oh? It was seen? One often felt that previous days were troubled with bad luck, but lately Second Older Brother is thinking of ways to disperse them. Now that things are getting smooth, most likely one would feel happy.” He then looked at Shen Miao meaningfully, “But Fifth Younger Sister need not be unduly humble as I see that Fifth Younger Sister’s good news is almost here.”

Shen Miao did not speak so Shen Yuan cupped his hands and said, “One still have some matters and will not talk more with Fifth Younger Sister. Will be taking one’s leave.” Finishing speaking, he strode away.

Bai Lu angrily said, “This Second Young Master is really not polite at all.” Those cynical words he used, everyone could hear the hostility Shen Yuan had with Shen Miao.

Shen Miao’s brows were tightly knitted as she looked at Shen Yuan’s back without speaking.

“Young Lady?” Shuang Jiang asked worriedly.

Shen Miao said, “He is being somewhat strange.” Shen Miao was very clear about Shen Yuan and did not underestimate him. He might look indifferent to the matters in the residence but was in fact the most ruthless one. Now Shen Miao could be sure that Shen Qiu’s ending in the previous life was definitely related to Shen Yuan.

Even though Shen Yuan did not know that Shen Miao had made inversion plans on some matters but the words just times seemed to have leaked some information that Shen Yuan still had plans behind.

“Why not let Guard Mo to follow Second Young Master?” Shuang Jiang proposed.

“Not needed. Mo Qing does not have that ability.” Shen Miao shook her head. There was no need to fear Fu Xiu Yi but one must be careful with the people behind him. She said, “Wait and observe.”

Upon returning to the Western courtyard and just as she stepped into the room, one was able to see Gu Yu and Jing Zhe anxiously waiting in the room. Once they saw Shen Miao return, Gu Yu quickly closed the doors and pulled Shen Miao to the couch to sit down before Jing Zhe softly said, “Young Lady, Rong Jing Tang’s Fu-er has passed the information over.”

“What is it?” Shen Miao asked.

“Old Furen intends to personal take action and arrange it to happen in two days later.” Jin Zhe said angrily, “Old Furen is really too bad. Master and Furen had treated her well but she actually scheme against Young Master. And that Biao Young Lady, one can already tell that she is not a good person but did not know that she was that shameless!”

“Alright.” Gu Yu interrupted her, “Young Lady, what do we do now?”

“Why is it two days later?” Shen Miao asked.

“There is a family banquet two days later and just nice Second Furen’s friends want to come over to pay a visit to Second Furen…” Jing Zhe did not finish speaking but the meaning behind was without a doubt, that Old Shen Furen want to take advantage of the number of people to slander Shen Qiu taking Jing Chu Chu’s innocence, and take account for it in front of everyone. How could Shen Qiu decline it?

The exactly same means as in the past life, with the rebirth, Old Shen Furen’s tactics were still not at all high.

“So be it. Instruct to Fu-er this.” Shen Miao beckoned over and Jing Zhe leaned forward as Shen Miao said a few words by her ears.

“But someone is still required to monitor.” Shen Miao said, “This matter cannot go wrong.”

“This servant understand.” Eagerness flashed in Jing Zhe’s eyes, “This servant will definitely do it well.”

Shen Miao gently smiled, “This is a good matter, do not let other smash the matter up. There would be retribution when one destroy others marriage.” She stretched her hands and reached out for the teacup before lightly tapping it. She looked calm as if she was one who was higher up.


In the night, a few hundred Li (1 Li = 500m) away from the Ding capital in a manor, there sat a person in the main hall.

The people who were standing in the hall were all clad in black and long boots, their uniform appearance along with their imposing manner were shocking. The leader cupped his hands and said, “This subordinate is not good at handling the work. The information was transmitted back. May Master punish.”

“Alright.” The youth who was sitting at the main hall lazily waved his hands. He was wearing a purple robe with gold thread embroidered patterns of dragons on the ends of the robes. Under the lights, those golden dragons seemed to want to fly off from between the purple clouds. He was playing with a female hairpin and had a handsome and charming face (Translator looks up to the skies and shakes head) that even with a devilish smile on his face, he seemed to be a noble gentleman from a great family who came out to play. But if one were to look carefully, in that pair of peach flower shaped eyes, they were deeply filled with wine but was like ice and snow, without a trace of emotions.

“You all cannot conceal it up.” Xie Jing Xing said, “I did not intend to hide it. It is just to strive for more time. Since the information has been transmitted back then time is even tighter now.”

“Master.” The leader of the black clad people frowned, “The matters of the Ding capital has yet to be managed well and now with the pressing time, what does Master intend to do?”

“Do not leave any potential problems. Firstly.” He looked at the side while pondering before casually saying, “Find a time to settle Xie Chang Wu and brother.” Xie Chang Wu and Xie Chang Chao still had half of the same blood flowing in them but from how Xie Jing Xing spoke, there was no trace of hesitation, as if he was dealing with a stranger, like a cat or dog in general.

“Master?” The black clad person was surprised for a moment before asking hesitantly, “For so many years… Why Master?”

“Previously was too lazy to manage but now both of them are going beyond their bounds.” Xie Jing Xing said, “If they are not wiped out, I will not feel relieved when I go.”

“But Marquis Xie had already entered them into officialdom.” The black clad person said, “These days the two brothers keep close to Marquis Xie and one had heard that Marquis Xie had already introduced them to his Official colleagues and told them to look after them. It is not difficult to take action but it would alarm others.”

“Xie Ding that fool!” Xie Jing Xing’s expression got darker and his tone had some fury, “Unable to accomplish anything but more than enough to spoil everything.”

His subordinates were not the slightest surprise when he directly called out the Marquis of Lin An’s name as if this was a natural matter.

The black clad person lightly coughed and said, “It is because Master delayed into entering officialdom and Marquis Xie fear that there would be no successor so he let both of them hold the position first.”

It was not the first or second day of Xie Jing Xing’s stubborn and obstreperous temperament so it seemed that Xie Ding was truly helpless with this, else no matter how biased the Marquis of Lin An was he would not have given up on Xie Ding Xing, and let Xie Chang Yu and brother take over his mantle.

“Never mind.” Xie Jing Xing knitted his brows, “Postpone the matter on the Marquis of Lin An residence. At the Princess residence side, send people to secretly protect Princess Rong Xin.”

“Master.” The black clad person hesitated, as if he was determined and said callously, “Since in the future it would be as so, it is better to now draw a line to the relationship with Princess Rong Xin…”

“Since when is it your turn to teach me to do things?” Xie Jing Xing lightly swept his eyes towards him and he immediately remained silent and felt a chill covering his entire back. In the next moment, a voice above his head sounded, “The things I do is my business and it is her business if she appreciate it. I have already done the utmost duty.”

The words contained a faint indifference and ruthlessness, coupled with his handsome face, it made one shudder in fear.

He stood up and the edge of his robes were slightly wavering and in the movement of gold light he said, “Do as planned.”

“When in the Ding capital striving for time, one heard that Shen Yuan had already collected almost all of the evidence.” The black clad person spoke, “One fear that once the year reopen, Shen Yuan would be able to completely consolidate the evidence and at that time the Shen family will become the first one to suffer.”

“Very good.” Xie Jing Xing shrugged his shoulders, “If Shen Yuan have any difficulties, help him secretly.”

“But Shen Yuan is Prince Ding’s people.” The black clad person reminded.

“I certainly know that he is Prince Ding’s people.” Xie Jing Xing waved his hands, “I only let the Shen family help us do some blocking.”

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  1. I really do not like the male lead. He has nothing to like or redeem(besides his handsome appearance, if you didn’t know) and is no different from the 9th Prince. I really don’t know why the author goes all ga-ga over him, when he is just a snake like 9th Prince.

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    • How is he not different from Prince Ding? Thanks to SM’s previous experience, we know Ding was ruthless and stabbed even his closest family in the back without hesitation. He used then brought down her family – he’s similar to his own paranoid father, who destroys the powerful families that once supported him, out of fear that they are too powerful and therefore threaten his power.

      XJX does not seem to be scheming against anyone indiscriminately, he may appear to be helping Ding, but that is to further his own cause by allowing the plot against the Shens to be a distraction/smokescreen for his own actions. If you dislike him for being ruthless or scheming, how do you feel about SM? As the reader we have sympathy because we know she is getting revenge against those who were horrible in her previous life, but as you can see from the POV of other people she seems like a monster in her own right. She has mercilessly taken down her former enemies, without regard for the fact that some of them (that eunuch, for example) have yet to transgress in any way. Her end goal is to protect her family, and avenge her lost children. I think it’s probable XJX has comparable goals, including taking out the corrupt imperial Fu family. They do not seem to be good rulers, and that gene pool needs some cleansing anyway. Since we are largely seeing only through SM’s eyes, it is yet unknown what motivations XJX has, nor his background. It’s clear that she pushed him to act earlier than planned.

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      • He’s not the same as prince Ding but he’s not comparable to our FL either. FL is only acting against those who had harmed her and her family in her past life, for the sake of vengeance and self preservation. XJX may have a cause but he’s implicating people who has nothing to do with it – the shen family, just to further his cause. That’s actually quite similar to the imperial family ruthlessly using people then slaughtering them, but in this case he’s killing people without a trace of the knife. Those victims don’t even know how they died. It’s a good thing our FL is here to protect her family this time. Yea she’s not a saint but her motivations are definitely more sympathetic than the ML who the author loves to make all mysterious and ‘hot’. Like the few chapters where they kept describing that mysterious secret enemy ‘they’ like using a name would kill them, *rolls eyes*. Sadly the consequences of making him too mysterious is that readers aren’t able to understand his motivations and he becomes a much more unlikeable character if you don’t have ML rose tinted glasses on.

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    • Well he is handsome. All vicious actions done to the FL can be forgotten. He is by the way ” not a good person”. But he is handsome in case you forget.


  2. My dislike for the ml is turning into hate. it’s rare for me to hate Mls most of the time I’m biased to them although some of them are black-bellied. This one really makes my blood boil, I wanna slap him. grrr.

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  3. The author must be desperate to include a handsome character. So far, all his parts where about him doing secret thing. Also about he dgaf about SM and her family. Like his existance has no point, and the only good thing he has is being handsome

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