Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 90 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 90: Family (Part 2)

Shen Miao looked at her gently, “Everyone in our residence know how much Second Shen doted on Seventh Younger Brother. If because of you, Seventh Younger Brother need to be compensated, why do not you guess if Second Shen is willing to take this risk? In fact, I also look forward to knowing the answer. Not sure if Eldest Sister is able to answer it for me?”

Shen Qing’s body began to tremble violently. She knew clearer than anyone else Shen Yuan Bo’s position in Ren Wan Yun’s heart. Because of Ren Wan Yun’s current age, it was naturally precious to have Shen Yuan Bo. Moreover even though Shen Yuan Bo was naughty, he was likeable to everyone. The most important point was that Shen Yuan Bo was a son.

In this troubled world, it had always been particularly difficult for a female to get ahead and in Ren Wan Yun’s heart, she would always be more biased towards her little son. If she would really need to make a sacrifice, Shen Qing was well aware that she is be the one that would be given up. But even if her heart was filled with fear, Shen Qing was not willing to show her weakness when facing Shen Miao. She looked at Shen Miao and coldly scoffed, “What you want to say? Could be that you were about to say is that no matter which route, I would still die? Shen Miao, do not you forget that I still have the Royal flesh and blood in my abdomen! Since the blood of the child in my abdomen is of the Royal family, no mishap will befall on me!” Finishing this sentence, Shen Qing gently caressed her abdomen and a warm smile appeared on her face. This really made one felt somewhat stunned as of a few days ago, she still beat her own abdomen and wished that this ‘bastard’ was not there.

“Eldest Sister, you really think that he is your life saving amulet?” Shen Miao light fluttering gaze landed on Shen Qing’s lower abdomen and lightly said, “If it was the past, with the value the Emperor’s placed on Prince Yu of First Rank, naturally the child would be saved. But now… One fear that it would become your life taking amulet.”

“What do you mean?” Shen Qing did not understand what Shen Miao was talking about but from Shen Miao’s determined to win gaze, a fear was born in her heart. Her intuition was that Shen Miao had not lied to her but why would the child in her abdomen would be her life taking amulet?

Naturally Shen Qing would not know that some of the rumours had spread into the Palace and into the Emperor’s ears, so some things had quietly changed. If it was the past, in order to preserve the blood of Prince Yu, Emperor Wen Hui would not bury her as accompany that early. But now, since the seed of suspicion had grown, the Emperor had put up a cruel and unrelenting attitude and one fear that he could not wait to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots, sending Shen Qing and the spawn in her abdomen to hell earlier.

Seeing Shen Miao smile without speaking, Shen Qing panicked and snapped, “Shen Miao, I have no animosity and grievance with you, why do you do such harm to me?”

“No animosity and grievance?” It was as if Shen Miao had heard a funny joke. She turned towards Shen Qing, “When you, mother and daughter, schemed against me, was there any thoughts that there was no animosity or grievance?”

“You…” Shen Qing was unable to reconcile with her heart, and her gaze that was looking at Shen Miao was like one who was looking at some terrible person. She said, “You harmed me, you will definitely not die easily! The wheel of fortune is always turning and there would be a day that your First household would also be disowned dogs and trampled by others! You all will not die easily!” Speaking till the end, her voice became sharp as if it was the only way to hide the fear in her heart.

At her verbal abuse, Shen Miao’s expressions did not change at all, she softly said, “The saying of the reversal of the wheel of fortune is not false but to wait for the Heavens to reverse it would be somewhat complicated. In the world there are people that scheme and fortunately their efforts are not wasted as those traps get used one way or another.”

The so called not dying easily that Shen Qing said, she had already tasted it in her previous life. At that time Luo Xue Yan had already passed away, Shen Qiu had drowned and in the First household of the Shen family, Shen Xin and all the servants were jailed. From what the eunuchs of the Cold Palace said, Shen Xin was squatting in the most horrible jail and his shoulder blades were pierced with chains to prevent him from escaping, and was also branded with a ‘convict’ word on his cheek. For a General who kills on the battlefield, this was undoubtedly the thing that was most unacceptable. If one were to say that the physical torture could be endured, then the psychological humiliation was the thing that was most painful to Shen Xin. And at that time, she was locked up in the Cold Palace, watching Fu Ming being pushed down from the position of the Crown Prince and watching Mei Furen being immensely pleased with herself.

Shen Qing was already somewhat confused. She was after all young and had not experienced much and Ren Wan Yun had always doted on her while growing up. Once something out of the ordinary happened, her ability to bear with it would often be very very low. She screamed, “Shen Miao, you are not human! You will not die easily!”

Shen Miao quietly looked at her, “Shen Qing, how is the feeling of seeing each of your hopes smashing into pieces?”

Shen Qing looked at Shen Miao with hatred.

“When I was at the end of the road and the path was exhausted, you came to send me away, so this time, I will send you off.” She said with a gentle smile but there was no smile in her eyes at all, but her pupils were brighter than the stars like black clouds had enveloped in the other person’s body.

In the last lifetime before she died, she saw Shen Qing and Shen Yue standing behind Mei Furen with a sweet smile on their faces. The First household of the Shen family’s end was miserable and the Second’s and Third’s households contribution could not go unnoticed. She retook this arduous lifetime, so that she can pull down the individual poisonous snake fangs that have yet to grow out, then slowly torture them.

Shen Qing did not understand her words and bitterly bit her teeth down as she said, “Shen Miao, you will not have a good death…”

Shen Miao stood up and looked condescending at Shen Qing. Shen Miao’s slightly delicate face in the sinister cell had a kind of dignity and elegance, that one could not look up close and in that majesty, there was also a touch of a dark violent manner, especially the sneer on her lips.

As the edges of the purple dress fluttered in front of the prison cell, that figure gradually disappeared and the last words that Shen Qing heard was…

“Shen Qing, you are the first one.”


In the Eastern courtyard of the Shen residence, the day was of an exceptional silence.

Shen Gui stayed in the room with a dark look on his face. He had enquired the eunuch from the Palace and Shen Qing’s matter was a difficult one to settle.

Most likely there were some problems between Emperor Wen Hui and Prince Yu and this question was more graver than the officials’ guesses. Now that there was no room to advance or retreat, if one were to meddle with Shen Qing’s matter, one fear that Emperor Wen Hui would not be happy and if one did not care about Shen Qing, the rumours would get more intense and when there was trouble, the first one people came looking for was him.

He continued to let out long sighs and short gasps so Wan YiNiang walked to his side to gently massage his shoulders.

Shen Gui was lusty and had many concubines in the residence, but Ren Wan Yun’s discipline was tight and after all this time those concubines had not given birth to any children. Even if they were to be lucky enough to give birth, they would all die early. However this Wan YiNiang gave birth to a daughter, Shen Dong Ling, under Ren Wan Yun’s eyelids and to be able to raise her up, it could be said of her abilities. At the beginning the servants in the residence spread out that if Wan YiNiang had not given birth to a daughter but a son, one fear that she would have the status to fight with Ren Wan Yun.

Wan YiNiang and Old Shen Furen were songstress by birth and Ren Wan Yun despised her, thus Old Shen Furen also felt annoyed by her identity. But Wan YiNiang was indeed famous and in the beginning when she was the pillar of the troupe, she was very charming and seductive that when she was in the role of a vivacious female in the shows, one could not mention how beautiful she was.

Ever since the birth of Shen Dong Ling, Wan YiNiang had been staying in her little courtyard and behaving herself, as if she had disappeared from everyone’s eyes that even the weak and sickly Shen Dong Ling also did not leave the courtyard often, only coming out to meet others during the New Year festivals and was almost forgotten by others. Now that Shen Qing had met with a mishap, Old Shen Furen was unhappy and Ren Wan Yun often quarrelled when she saw Shen Gui, so Wan YiNiang managed to stage a comeback. These days, she had served Shen Gui so comfortably that one felt unspeakable disgust when looking at Ren Wan Yun and daughter.

“Master is still worrying about the matter of Eldest Young Lady.” Wan YiNiang was massaging Shen Gui’s shoulders and at the same time soothing, “Master do not need to overly worry, since Eldest Young Lady had never done such a thing, there would be a day where the truth will come to light.”

“Ai.” Shen Gui sighed, “No matter if she did it or not, this matter is not that simple already. This time Qing-er may even implicate everyone.”

When Wan YiNiang heard this, she spoke deeply worried, “Although it is like that, there should be a black and white reasoning.” She continued, “It does not matter to this Concubine and Third Young Lady as one would just need to follow Master, life and death would not matter. But Second Young Master and Seventh Young Master are still so young, if they are implicated, what can be done?”

Shen Gui’s expression moved and started to feel irritation in his heart. Even though he was selfish to his bones and was also greedy and lustful, he felt a great hope towards the two of his sons. No one knew of the reason why but when it come to his generation in the Shen residence, heirs were not thriving at all. The most proudest thing for Shen Gui was that his household had two sons. Towards daughters, in Shen Gui’s eyes, they were only things that could be exchanged for one’s interest but as for sons, they were treasures to carry on the ancestral line.

Now to compensate his pair of sons for Shen Qing, a daughter, made Shen Gui felt enrage.

“This concubine heard that TaiTai is currently running around for Eldest Young Lady, one pities the parent’s heart. If it was not that this concubine’s power is weak, would really hope to be of help.” Wan YiNiang continued speaking.

“What help!” When Shen Gui heard Wan YiNiang mentioning Ren Wan Yun, he felt annoyed and said, “It is all because of that crazy shrew who taught a daughter without any sense of honour and shame. Now to even implicate everyone, really do not know what can be done!”

Wan YiNiang seemed to be scared and suddenly shrink back. The hands that was massaging the shoulders also stopped and only softly said after a pause she said, “Master must not blame TaiTai. After such a big incident had happened, TaiTai must not be feeling good. If anything happen to Eldest Young Lady in the present and she did some unreasonable thing, TaiTai will be very sad.”

Shen Gui impatiently said, “What things can she do…” Suddenly the voice paused and Shen Gui slowly though over, “Unreasonable things?”

Wan YiNiang’s eyes flashed but her voice sounded worried, “Such a thing happened to a little young lady who is now locked up in prison. Eldest Young Lady has been pampered and spoiled since childhood, so it is possible that she is unable to comprehend. It is better to let someone go and persuade her from doing something silly.”

Shen Gui suddenly stood up and looked outside. The sun was about to set and the skies turned dark particularly early in the winter days. He said, “I will go out for a while.”

“It is so late, where is Master going?” Wan YiNiang asked.

“There are things to do. Have dinner by yourself.” Shen Gui strode out.

Until when Shen Gui’s figure was unable to be seen, Wan YiNiang then closed the doors and went to the table to sit down. The dishes for the dinner were a dazzling line-up, in the Eastern courtyard where it was gloomy all the time, her food was however extremely delicate. But who knew that in previous years she ate mouldy bread and stale porridge and was harmed by Ren Wan Yun so badly that even when Shen Dong Ling was sick, there was no money at all. At that time, how must her heart had felt?

The wheel of fortune spins around. Previously it was her that was down in luck and now it was Ren Wan Yun’s and her daughter’s turn to be unlucky. Ren Wan Yun had made Wan YiNiang’s daughter to be so cautious even as a Shu daughter for all these years, and practically did not have any opportunity to leave the courtyard at all. Now that Shen Qing is in prison, the rest of her life would only be more miserable than Shen Dong Ling’s previous years.

“Go and call Third Young Lady out to eat.” She instructed the maid by her side and the maid complied before leaving.

“YiNiang, will Master really take action on Eldest Young Lady?” Another servant asked carefully.

“Of course.” Wan YiNiang was filled with innumerable feelings, “He would definitely do so.” After being husband and wife with Shen Gui for so many years, she was clearer than anyone else on what Shen Gui was actually thinking. Just now she purposely reminded so that Shen Gui will recall some things. If Ren Wan Yun knew that her daughter was finally settled by her own husband, one really did not know how fun it would be.

She scooped a spoonful of soup and slowly tasted it.

At the same time, Shen Yuan who was in Cai Yun Yuan, put on a cloak and walked out of the Shen residence’s doors without speaking to anyone.

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  1. The game has only just begun. Never think that any of you can escape her clutches and especially you Fu sc*m. You dare to make her whole life miserable I hope you die a slow and painful death. Shen Yuan you will be backed in a corner slowly until your demise will come. If that happens I wonder what hidden past will be revealed? I can’t really wait!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. My gosh. The huge difference between a daughter and son really makes me sad. The thought ‘that can be exchanged for one’s interest’ and ‘treasures to carry on the acenstral line’ is really sad.

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    • Him killing her is better in some ways than a public execution, which can definitely happen. However, I’m guessing that Shen Qing is not the kind of person that would accept her fate, especially when she doesn’t know all of the essential information…so she would probably think that Yuan betrayed her to bypass the blocks in his career.

      But maybe he won’t do that, since him murdering his sister can be among the greatest weaknesses in his career. Information (such as when he entered the area Shen Qing was jailed in) can be dug up, and new evidence can be made. The emperor probably won’t investigate too much into the matter, since Shen Yuan probably won’t reach an important position and could be suspected to have feelings of revenge after his sister died. The emperor is a thorough person that rips the weeds and trees at their roots, after all.

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  4. Are both father and son heading out to kill SQ without knowing the other’s plans? That is solid dramatic irony. That was so cool when SM said “Shen Qing, you are the first one.” It really makes me look forward to seeing each of the other villains suffer. I can’t wait for Mei Furen’s turn!

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  5. Poor girl. Beloved brother and terrible gather both wish her to die! But I don’t understand SQ thinks that she has the right to harm SM, why SM doesn’t have the right to defend herself in SQ’s opinion. These people are so selfish and cruel. Thanks for translating!

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  6. Ren Wan Yun really reminds me of Da Furen from Wei Yang, always being a shrew with the concubines. Ah well, it seems we don’t lack any smart people here, even this Wan Yiniang is pretty sharp, rather than random scheming she actually understands the political situation but pretends to be dumb.

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  9. Padre e hijo son lo mismo cuando se trata de algo que implica su trabajo y todos dos van a buscarla para que se suicide por culpa y con eso se termina el caso sin implicar a nadie más


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