Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 91 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 91: The Death of Shen Qing (Part 1)

The night gradually darkened and as winter nights are always exceptionally cold, thus when one walk outside, the Northern wind seemed to blow into one’s bones and each little movement would feel painful.

In the sinister prison, the wind whistled into the small window opening which made the person in the prison shrunk into a ball. She had already wrapped the torn quilt tightly around her body and only her head was revealed. She struggled to get up to close the windows that the wind was blowing into.

But as she was not tall enough even when she stood on tiptoes, in a moment later, she gave up on this intended plan as she was afraid that by using more strength, it would make herself even weaker.

When the warden who was doing his round saw this scene, he only smiled and did not go forward to help. As one stayed in this sinister place for a long period of time, to some extent one would become somewhat distorted, and most likely would feel that seeing the prisoners suffering was also a type of entertainment, at least for now it was.

Shen Qing took a glance at the warden and quickly lowered her head to cover the hatred in her eyes. In the few days after coming to this place, she had suffered what she should have and did not know if Shen Yuan and Shen Gui did arrange anything, as this warden did not treat her any difference from others and even make fun of her suffering. If one were to say if there was any special consideration, it would probably be that her innocence was not destroyed like the other female prisoners. But this might not be credited to the Shen family as she was after all pregnant with Prince Yu of the First Rank’s flesh and blood. Regardless if it originated honourably or not, there were still traces of a royal bloodline.

Shen Qing gently and cautiously stroked her lower abdomen as this was now the only thing she could rely on. She did not know the reason but the words that Shen Miao said in the afternoon made her felt an extreme fear. This was what she had never felt before, not even in the beginning when she was arrested she had such thoughts because she knew that there would be people coming to save her, for her family would not let her suffer in vain.

But every word and sentence of Shen Miao’s analysis for her, crushed her hopes one by one and made Shen Qing clearly see how those she depended on, would be unable to withstand a single blow. This also made Shen Qing doubt if she was able to escape unscathed.

The warden took a glance at her and headed outside when Shen Qing suddenly said, “Big Brother.”

The other person stopped and walked to her. Most likely he was unable to stand the body odour from Shen Qing’s body, he disgustedly waved, “What?”

“These days, have my family come to see me? Or perhaps have messages for me?” She held back her anger. Just a small ranking warden even dared to use such a despising eyes to look at her. If it was the past, one could not wait to fawn her. These curry favouring villains!

The warden laughed, “What is Shen Eldest Young Lady thinking? The case is not settled, who dare to come and see you. Besides, your family, other than that Younger Sister, did not ask any information of you.” When the warden said till here, his tone had some ridicule to it. After all Shen Qing had met with such a matter and even if the crimes were washed off in the future, there would still be numerous rumours, and to bring the Shen family to such a situation one fear that her future days would also be difficult. Presumably the Shen family also intended to give up this daughter, so the warden’s attitude to Shen Qing got increasingly rude.

Shen Qing could not say it clearly if she was disappointment or relaxed but after hesitating a moment she then looked towards the warden, “Big Brother, if my Older Brother come to see me… Please say that my mood is heavy and am unwilling to see anyone and not let him come and see me.” Finishing, she pulled out a bracelet from her wrist and handed it through the metal railings.

When she was in the prison, all the jewellery were almost plundered away. This bracelet was something Ren Wan Yun put it on her hand during the day of marriage and was very precious. Shen Qing had some selfish motives and had not brought it out all this time but thinking that she was forced without any way out, she is then finally bringing this bracelet out.

When the warden saw the bracelet, his eyes brightened and seized the bracelet to carefully look at it in the light. Seeing its good colour, there was a bit of a smile on his face as he said, “Since you say so, I will then help you. But it is a good thing if your Older Brother come to see you, why do you push him out?”

Shen Qing reluctantly laughed and said, “Because I have caused trouble for the residence and felt very apologetic thus unable to face them.”

The warden nodded his head but there was contempt in his gaze. If one was such a self-respected female like that, how would one commit adultery behind the family’s back and even getting pregnant before marriage. Now to say that one was very apologetic and unable to face others, it was really putting on an act. But after taking one’s bracelet, the warden had no reason to refuse so he complied with the matter and left.

After waiting for the warden to leave, Shen Qing then squatted down and helplessly held her shoulders and buried her head into her knees. Nowadays she often did this action as she did not know if what she did was correct or wrong, and also did not know where the road ahead was and could only not look or think, as if when she opened her eyes again, she could return to being the previously unrestrained Shen family Eldest Young Lady.

She sleep drowsily for an unknown period of time, until she heard someone tapping on the metal railing, she then looked up still in a daze.

The swaying lights reflected a familiar face. If it was in the past, seeing this face would make her happy but after Shen Miao spoke those words, Shen Qing was so scared when she saw this face again that she fell onto the ground as she looked panicky at the person in front.

Shen Yuan said, “Is Younger Sister doing well?”

“Second Older Brother, why are you here?” Shen Qing asked as she took a step back quietly.

When Shen Yuan saw her movements, his brows slightly frowned but he did not say anything as he took a key out from his sleeve and opened the cell door. When Shen Qing saw his actions, she was surprised for a moment before happiness appeared on her face and she stood up suddenly, “Second Older Brother, you are here to save me?”

Shen Yuan shook his head, “Temporarily unable to rescue you.” He took out a pack of snacks from his arms and handed it to Shen Qing, “Came over to take a look at you and give you something to eat.”

Shen Qing was somewhat disappointed. Shen Yuan had walked in and seemingly felt that the prison was somewhat dirty as he had some traces of a disgusted expression on. When Shen Qing saw that, she felt somewhat sad. She subconsciously opened the oiled paper bag that Shen Yuan handed over and in the oiled paper bag, the snacks smelled savoury and were still warm. It was her favourite chestnut cake.

“You have suffered these few days.” Shen Yuan said in a rare gentle way, “Knew that you loved eating this the most so one brought it for you to eat to one’s heart’s content.”

Shen Qing’s nose turned sour and her tears almost fell. These days she had been eating stale food and did not even eat till one’s fill. She lived every day in a state of apprehension and now to see the sights of the things she once loved and that Shen Yuan was exactly right beside her, all the grievances that she felt all poured out.

“Do not cry. After eating and after waiting for a few more days, I will rescue you out of here.” Shen Yuan gently consoled.

Shen Qing looked somewhat in a sorry state as she took a piece of cake to her mouth. Taking a glimpse at Shen Yuan’s gentle smile, her hand suddenly trembled as if a bucket of iced water was poured over her head. Incomprehensibly, Shen Miao’s words in the afternoon echoed by her ears.

“He could have good career prospects and have a boundless future but because of you, troubles kept lining up. You really think that he will want to save you?”

The cake was near her mouth but Shen Qing was unable to take a bite at all.

The most precious thing between one’s association with others was trust. If it was like in previous times, Shen Qing would certainly not hesitate to in choosing to trust Shen Yuan. But ever since the matter with Prince Yu, Shen Qing had witnessed the cold bloodedness of the Shen family members. This Second Older Brother was really willing to give up his good career prospects for her and was also willing to take such a big risk to rescue her? If it was Shen Qing herself, one fear that there would be some hesitation. Shen Qing suddenly remembered the jade bracelet that she used on the warden. At that time she said that if Shen Yuan came to see her, he should definitely stop him. But seeing Shen Yuan present here, what was going on? Was it that the warden took her stuff but did not take action or that Shen Yuan simply used other methods to come in.

At this moment Shen Qing suddenly discovered that not one of the wardens that should be patrolling this prison appeared at all. And in the prison cell that she was locked in, there was no other prisoners, which meant that at this moment there was only her and Shen Yuan here. He who was originally the closest and dearest sibling but now made her feel so cold in a sudden moment.

“Why not eating?” Shen Yuan asked her.

Shen Qing forcefully smiled and resourcefully said, “I… I am reluctant and want to keep it to eat later.”

“It would not taste good when cold.” Shen Yuan smiled, “After a few days, I will send more to you.”

“No…” Shen Qing declined, “I… I do not want to eat now.”

“Were not you very hungry just now?” Shen Yuan looked towards her, “Why suddenly do you not want to eat?”

Shen Qing waved her hands panicky, “I just do not want to eat as I suddenly feel unwell. Most probably because of the pregnancy, occasionally eating habits become strange.” She placed that piece of cake back in the paper bag and put it aside before saying, “After a while when I am feeling well, I will definitely eat it.”

Shen Yuan silently looked at her actions and his eyes turned dark before he finally laughed and said, “Younger Sister had stayed in prison for a few days and seemed to have become smarter.” His voice was no longer as gentle as previous but was inexplicable cruel. Shen Yuan said, “It seems that you already knew of it. It is a pity as one thought of letting Younger Sister leave comfortably.”

Shen Qing’s body trembled in a moment as she looked towards Shen Yuan, “Second Older Brother, what does your words meant?”

“For Younger Sister to guard against me, I had thought that you already understood my intention. It is alright if one was not willing to eat that snack despite Older Brother’s painstaking effort. But seeing your current pregnant state, Second Older Brother would not be bothered about it with you.”

Shen Yuan said it very calmly, coupled with his slightly refined face, it made one felt a kind of fear. Shen Qing seemed to have realised something and suddenly shook her head frantically but unfortunately before she could make a sound, someone clutched her throat.

A normal cultured and refined looking person would actually have such a great strength? The even more frightening thing was that he actually attacked his own blood Younger Sister, but there was not even a trace of hesitation and compassion, as if one was looking at a passerby.

Shen Qing was compelled to stare wide eyed at the person in front but Shen Yuan lightly smiled and said, “Younger Sister must not blame Second Older Brother for being merciless. Now that you have brought on such a big disaster that would implicate the entire Shen family if one was not careful. Could it be that because of Younger Sister one person, Father, Mother and Yuan Bo also have to lose their lives? Younger Sister, one must not be too selfish in life.”

Shen Qing spared no effort in struggling but she was after all a female and even one who was pregnant. Not to mention that she was tormented to her last gasp, how would she be able to have strength to go up against a man at the prime of his life. She could only struggle and kick futilely that even the straws below her feet were flying everywhere.

“I know Younger Sister is not resigned.” Shen Yuan softly said, “Younger Sister has nothing to do with this matter but now had to pay for it with one’s life. I am your Second Older Brother and will definitely take revenge for you. Second Older Brother pledge to you that Shen family’s First household and Shen Miao would end up with a fate that is a thousand more times more horrifying than yours. So Younger Sister should not resent Second Older Brother. It is only when you die, that the Second household would not be implicated. Only when Second Older Brother’s career is successful then one can help you take revenge. Understand?”

Shen Qing’s body slowly grew limp and her eyes began to gradually lose their spirit as if it was a dead fish that washed up ashore and dried up.

Shen Yuan released his hands and the body underneath his hands fell onto the ground with a ‘pu-tong’ sound. It only took a short time for the lively to become lifeless. This life of Shen Qing had ended in the prison.

Shen Yuan indifferently looked at Shen Qing’s body and after a moment he used a needle to pierce Shen Qing’s fingertip and grabbed her hand to write a string of blooded words on the prison’s stone wall. Immediately following that, he took off Shen Qing’s belt and tied a knot on the railings and put her head through it.

After everything was completed, he then stood up and picked up that oiled paper bag that Shen Qing placed on the ground and said softly to that slightly moving silhouette hanging from the railing.

“Younger Sister, you will not die in vain. Second Older Brother will definitely take revenge for you.”

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