Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 89 (Part 3)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 89: No Route (Part 3)

For such a big event happening in the Ding capital, if Feng Xian Pawnshop did not know about the matter, it would then be strange. One fear that if Bai Xiao Sheng’s ancestors were aware of it, they would jump out of their coffins to admonish them.

In the Lin Jian Pagoda, Hong Ling placed the delicate pastries on the table and set the teacups before silently retreating. Ji Yu Shu picked one piece of a snack and took a bite before spitting it out, “What kind of thing is this? It is horrible to eat.” After saying so, he shyly looked towards Xie Jing Xing, “Third Xie Brother, do lend me your chef for a few days.”

Xie Jing Xing gave him a concise and comprehensive word, “Get lost.”

Gao Yang drank tea as he spoke, “Now that the entire capital is talking about Prince of First Rank residence, you still have the heart to eat snacks. Ji Yu Shu, you are really admirable.”

“No need to admire me.” Ji Yu Shu chicly adjusted his collar, “I have been so outstanding all these while. But what does the Prince residence’s matter got to do with me, why can I not eat snacks?”

“Do not forget, the Chen brothers mentioned before taking action that the news was spread out by the Feng Xian Pawnshop.” Gao Yang reminded, “What assassination and rebellion, your news creation is really not small at all.”

Ji Yu Shu blew up when he heard it, “That person who created the news was Shen Miao, and one did not see her being too agitated to sit or stand or not eat any snacks. I heard that early this morning she even went to the prison to take a look at Shen Qing. See, this is then called heart like a ceramic glaze as one faced on calmly. If I was Shen Qing, I would be have been angry to death.”

Xie Jing Xing smiled and he nipped a snack up to eat. Most probably the taste was not to his liking, he slightly frowned as he put the remaining half down and no longer ate.

“How could you compare them.” Gao Yang said breezily, “One fear that the Fifth Shen Young Lady’s courage is able to pierce the heavens. One need to know that to be able to stab our Third Xie Older Brother and still able to escape unharmed, she is the first one I meet.”

“What?” Ji Yu Shu shouted and looked towards Xie Jing Xing, “Third Older Brother, you actually got stabbed?”

Xie Jing Xing glared at Gao Yang, “Is it that you want to return?”

Gao Yang immediately sat upright and still, “I spoke nonsense just now.”

But it was evident that Ji Yu Shu had found an interesting news and kept pursuing Xie Jing Xing energetically, “How did she stabbed you? With a sword? Third Older Brother, you did not avoid her at all so her moves must have been very fast. And at the end manage to withdraw without harm. Heavens, Third Older Brother, you cannot beat her?”

Xie Jing Xing finally could no longer endure, “Shut up!”

“Her skills are this good and her appearance is also not bad. I suddenly feel that Young Lady Shao Yao could not be compared to her. Ah, Third Older Brother, can you help me to think of a way to win her favour? I find that it is better to bring this kind of young lady back home the soonest.” Ji Yu Shu continued to be obsessed.

“One more sentence and you will go back with Gao Yang.” Xie Jing Xing said in an expressionless face.

Ji Yu Shu finally closed his mouth bitterly.

Gao Yang moved his fan and changed the topic of conversation, “But with such a big move from Shen Miao, why do I feel that the matter of the Prince residence would not end?”

“It will not ended?” Ji Yu Shu said, “The people are all dead, why will not ended? But speaking of which I also felt a bit strange. Without rhyme or reason why did Shen Young Lady need others to spread such rumours around. Is she not afraid of implicating the entire Shen family? Others rush to make their relationship clear so why is she finding trouble for herself?”

“Have you seen a fisherman not continue fishing after a big fish is caught?” Xie jing Xing swept a glance at him and had an interested smile, “It is originally one round against one round. What she planned did not end at the result of the Prince residence.”

At the other side, in Cai Yun Yuan of the Shen family, Shen Yuan seemed to be somewhat dragging his feet back to the room. When Ren Wan Yun saw him, she immediately went up and asked full of hope , “Yuan-er, what is the matter?”

Shen Yuan shook his head, “It is somewhat difficult.”

“Yuan-er, you must save Qing-er.” Ren Wan Yun’s tears suddenly flew down. As these days she had been washing her face with tears, her eyes were so swollen that they were somewhat scary. Furthermore she did not bother to clean herself up and thus her body was emitting a strange smell. Shen Yuan moved away without a word and Ren Wan Yun grabbed onto his arm, “She is your Younger Sister, you must save her! Qing-er is so pitiful, she is innocent and would have been very scared when she was arrested. We are not by her side and only you, as a brother, can save her!”

As she said that, tears and spits sprayed onto Shen Yuan’s body. Shen Yuan felt anguish in his heart and when he saw Ren Wan Yun’s attitude, the annoyance in his heart increased. He said, “I know.” He then turned to return to the room.

When Ren Wan Yun saw that, she became anxious and held back Shen Yuan, “Yuan-er, how could you return back to the room? Should you not go to the government office to put things in order? Or go and seek the Emperor’s help? You are so intelligent and know quite a lot of people in the court, thus can definitely help your Younger Sister. Is it that you need money? Mother will go get it for you now.”

“Mother.” Shen Yuan fought the irritation in his heart before saying, “At present, I am unable to do any help in the government office. Do not anyhow stir trouble.”

“I stir trouble?” Ren Wan Yun was surprised for a moment before screaming loudly, “I am saving your Younger Sister. There is not a good person in this residence! Your Father does not have a conscience and only know how to mix with that vixen, how would he care about the life and death of us mother and daughter. Now even you do not want to care about your Younger Sister? You also want to learn from your Father? I raised you up with so much effort and this is how you repay me! Shen Yuan, your Father does not have a conscience, you are also one without conscience!” The more Ren Wan Yun spoke, the louder she got. Now she was already somewhat crazy and could not be agitated any more. One did not know which of Shen Yuan’s words provoked her that made her go crazy like a madwoman.

Not only scolding and blaming, Ren Wan Yun even pushed out Shen Yuan. With all her scolding and screaming, where was the appearance of a dignified and wealthy Furen that she previously had, it was like seeing a shrew from a common small family. Shen Yuan suddenly felt tired. Shen Miao’s words kept ringing in his ears over and over again.

He initially had such great future prospects and now upon his return to the capital, he should be soaring like an eagle from the start. He would depend on a just monarch’s support and become a famous Prime Minister in this generation and step everyone under his feet, and everyone’s gaze will be looking up upon him. But now, what was this? His mother has become a shrew and his father was weak and useless, that even the younger sister he had that could help roll the carpet in his career had become a prisoner. All of these became his stumbling blocks.

Even though his blood relatives were important, but was not his future prospects important too? He secretly became Fu Xiu Yi’s people since many years ago, and took office outside so as to plan for a better future upon the return to the capital. Who knew that such a thing would have happened? What Shen Miao said was correct. Rumours were considered rumours and could not be real, but if they were to spread out fiercely and heard by the Heaven’s family, then even if Fu Xiu Yi were to value him heavily, he would not dare to touch him due to fear.

Shen Miao had placed two roads in front of him, one was blood relatives, another was future prospects. But, in some sense, he really had no way out.

Shen Yuan looked at Ren Wan Yun and calmly spoke, “Even if Mother does not care about me, can it be that one can also be reckless with Younger Brother’s life?”

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    Serves you right, SY!
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  4. Aiyo.. When you thought you finally found a thigh to hug so that you can soar like an eagle when in reality you are only but a caterpillar that can be eaten by predators anytime. Delusional people really are still narrow minded when there’s too much scheming and prospects in front of them then suddenly forget that the world they live in is where the strong and smart people rule the weak. Now that you dont have anymore road to take you have to pave a road for yourself and see if you can escape our Empress’ clutches kekekke

    Thanks for the chapter~~~

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    At least, the villains here aren’t the typical all mouth and no brain, bullshit spewer, extremely shameless and lack of basic human intelligence type of people which is a very common trope in these novels. Chen Rou Qiu is scheming but calm and composed, forget Ren Wan Yun, she has gone crazy and given the old hag’s background, it’s natural for her to be that way.

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  15. Have you seen a fisherman not continue fishing after a big fish is caught?” Xie jing Xing swept a glance at him and had an interested smile, “It is originally one round against one round. What she planned did not end at the result of the Prince residence.”

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