Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 89 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 89: No Route (Part 2)

“Able and efficient people?” Shen Qiu was puzzled, “Who is that?”

The voice hardly landed when they heard Bai Lu loudly speaking, “Second Young Master, why are you here?”

“You see.” Shen Miao turned back and a smile fleeted in her eyes, “The able and efficient person has come.”

Shen Qiu’s eyes turned and in two or three steps he had reached in front and opened the door and sure enough, Shen Yuan was standing outside. Shen Yuan had always placed importance on one’s appearance but looked a bit haggard today, most likely because he was up the entire night. As compared to the act that was put on a few days ago, the look that he gave to these siblings was unconcealed dark. He said, “Fifth Younger Sister, I have something to say to you alone.”

“My Younger Sister has no words to say to you.” Shen Qiu stood in front of Shen Miao to block and deliberately emphasised on the three words ‘My Younger Sister’.

“There is no harm Eldest Brother.” Shen Miao said, “It happens to be that I also have something to say to Second Older Brother.”

“Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu said anxiously and almost said the words of ‘that thing is not a good person’. Shen Miao patted Shen Qiu’s arm, “Do not worry. If you cannot feel at ease then stand at the doors to guard.”

“Then I will guard at the door.” Shen Qiu quickly said.

The two siblings’ conduct made Shen Yuan’s expression turn green. Previously no matter how much Shen Qiu was uncaring toward him, on the surface he would still be amiable. However this time, it was as if a pin was against an awn. Shen Yuan’s gaze landed on Shen Miao. There were so many matters that would had gone well if things followed according as planned, but it had deviated from the planned route so much that it could not be rounded up. This was all because of Shen Miao.

She was then the biggest variable of the Shen family.

“Fifth Younger Sister follow me in.” Shen Yuan coldly glanced at Shen Qiu, “Eldest Brother, please guard by the door.” Finishing, he took the lead and stepped into the room.

Under everyone’s worried eyes, Shen Miao also walked in.

After the doors were slowly closed, Shen Miao turned back and saw Shen Yuan’s gloomy look, “You did it.”

He had an affirmative tone that he did not even bother sound her out at all. Shen Miao gently smiled, “Which matter is Second Older Brother talking about? The matter of exterminating the entire household of the Prince of First Rank residence or the matter of the spreading rumours.”

“Which one was not done by you?” Shen Yuan sneered, “I actually looked down on you.”

“One fear that Second Older Brother had attached too much importance to me.” Shen Miao did not care, “I do not have such an ability to be able to make such a calamity happen and still be able to retreat without harm.”

“Oh?” Shen Yuan sized her up before speaking, “Now are you living happily?”

“Mouth is on other’s body and I do not care about what others say. Since Second Older Brother insisted upon it, I am also too lazy to explain since you would not believe. Is not Second Older Brother here to denounce one publicly for one’s crimes?”

Shen Yuan endured and tolerated. The young female’s smile was as light as a breeze and her lips curled up to that of a ridicule, and her eyes were as clear as water reflecting him in a sorry condition. He was prideful and conceited but now was suffering from a girl’s action, naturally he was very unhappy in his heart. However since the matter has reached to such a point, it was indeed that he had underestimated the enemy.

“Are you not afraid of implicating the Shen family with your actions? Like this, Eldest Bo’s entire family would not be well too!” Shen Yuan ferocious said.

Hearing those words, it was like Shen Miao had heard a funny joke as at the moment she looked at Shen Yuan full of smiles till until Shen Yuan could not tolerate it, she then blandly said “I did not do anything. In addition, Second Older Brother’s words are just too strange. Even if the matter involved the Shen family, what does it got to do with my First household?” She lightly and casually highlighted.

“My parents and Older Brother are in the Northwest region in the entire year and you cannot expect to say that I, a little young lady, is able to make the decision of the First household. Even if the Shen family is really involved, Second brother, at least the First household can be innocently extracted.”

Shen Yuan on the contrary sucked in a lump of cold air.

It is not that he did not think to that layer but when she said those words, he wanted nothing more than to say that Shen Miao did not understand the matters of the court. No matter how smart and cunning Shen Miao was, that was only in the confines of the inner courtyard since the court was the world of men, and who would want to analyse the situation for Shen Miao who was always in the Shen residence? Shen Gui? Shen Wan? One would laugh their teeth off. But at present with Shen Miao’s sarcastic words, it could clearly indicate that she seemed to understand this situation better than anyone else.

“So you long have plans at the back.” Shen Yuan’s expression changed and he sneered, “It seems that your First household is ready to take action?”

“We never had the leisurely heart to worry about other people’s matter.” Shen Miao remained calm and composed as she looked at him, “But it is Second Shu and Third Shu who had to now give a good explanation. But the most worried should be you, Second Older Brother.” She shook her head and said in a sorry tone, “You just returned back to the capital to take office and to encounter such a matter. This is a living block for Second Older Brother’s future.”

She deliberately said it with such cadence, mostly likely because of hanging out with Shen Xin for the past few days, she had learnt how to anger one to death without a change of emotion. It made Shen Yuan so angry that his fist was balled up tightly.

Shen Miao suddenly turned over and touched her soft fur before gently smiling, “But seeing that everyone’s surname is Shen, I have an idea which can solve the urgent situation.”

“Fifth Younger Sister’s solution, I dare not use.” Shen Yuan stared at her, “Once one is not careful, one’s life would be gone before noticing.”

“Second Older Brother jokes. How could I be that scary? This idea was sincerely thought out for you all. But thinking that Second Older Brother is so smart, one must have thought about it. Even though Shen residence is already implicated, it would be alright as long as the Shen family can come out of it. Second Older also know that rumours are not real. It is just that when they are spread out for too long, it would make one suspicious. So before the rumours would spread more, make it as a passing rumour. As to how to turn it to a passing rumour, one have to let Eldest Sister clarify it.”

Shen Miao looked out of the window and saw that Shen Qiu was anxiously holding a spear, as he squatted under a tree and looked towards this room from afar. She smiled faintly, “I think that the most powerful way to quell disturbances is the price of life.”

“You!” Shen Yuan suddenly raised a fist but stopped at the top of her head. He stared at Shen Miao and said, “At such an age you have a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions. Fifth Younger Sister, you are the first of such person I have seen in my life.”

“Likewise, likewise.” There was a pleased look that flashed in Shen Miao’s eyes as she asked, “You guess if Eldest Sister is willing to volunteer to quell the disturbances for Second Older Brother’s future?” Her smile was warm, “It may be assumed that she would be willing, after all you all are real blood family.” Shen Miao paused before suddenly shaking her head, “Not correct. One think that Eldest Sister would not be willing. Eldest Sister is one who cherish herself so Second Older Brother would need to suffer the loss of the future, but Eldest Sister would need to pay with her life.”

“Shen Miao, you will not be lucky the next time.” Shen Yuan was gnashing his teeth and his tone seemed to want to swallow Shen Miao down. He suddenly understood why in every mention of Shen Miao, Ren Wan Yun would hate so crazily. Because the opponent was an out and out hateful person.

“One do not know if I would be lucky every time.” Shen Miao looked towards him, “But Second Older Brother, you now have no way out.”

With a ‘Hong’ sound, Shen Yuan kicked the doors open and left abruptly without turning back. His actions made Shen Qiu’s heart anxious and he rushed into the room without a second word, and only calmed down after seeing Shen Miao safe and sound. He asked curiously, “What did you say to him? How did he become that angry?”

“Oh. Most likely feeling helpless and self-blame upon seeing his younger sister in jail.” Shen Miao also picked up a cloak and left without turning back. When Shen Qiu saw that, he asked, “Younger Sister want to go out?”

“Eldest Sister is in jail. As a sister, one have to go and take a look.” Shen Miao gently smiled, “After all, one is family.”


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    I’d feel a pang of pity for the enemy once in a while. Then I’d remember how in the past life those enemies… were willing to do so much worse to Shen Miao and her loved ones.

    They left no one in the Shen First Household alive – even killing Shen Miao’s innocent children. (In this life, if Shen Miao did nothing, it would be her dying now).

    Rather than pretend to be moral, I appreciate this Shen Miao who carries her decisions through to the end.

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    She definitely placed him in a position of No Route – between a rock and a hard place! Either lose all your future prospects or let your sister compensate with her life! Pick one! Lol

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    They are all malicious, hmmm runs in the family? 😛

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    • Yeap…. If she stays alive, Shen Yuan’s reputation will be tainted (even though SQ didnt do it, cause they could not prove it). One thing the imperial family is scared of is the wagging tongues of the public and thus they would not promote SY up the corporate ladder

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  11. “We never had the leisurely heart to worry about other people’s matter.” Shen Miao remained calm and composed as she looked at him, “But it is Second Shu and Third Shu who had to now give a good explanation. But the most worried should be you, Second Older Brother.” She shook her head and said in a sorry tone, “You just returned back to the capital to take office and to encounter such a matter. This is a living block for Second Older Brother’s future.”

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    I’m also really curious what Xie Jing Xing found in that place. Emperors Seal or something to that effect is my guess, particularly since he does have some imperial blood (the princess) which vaguely pushes me in the direction of he’s trying to the emperor (also gives him a stronger reason to be the ML, 😛 Since Shen Miao already stated she will get to be empress again).

    Either way, looks like there’s a lot of undercurrents beneath the water and even her past life’s experiences are only giving her a small part of the picture.

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    • 1) Its hard to let go of your previous perception of a person
      2) She has been an idiot for too long its a conditioned reflex for her peers to thik that.
      3) It wasnt that much spread out, and the ones who got to know were like: uhu, you are lying!
      4) Plot armor… well not really but you were thinking that!

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