Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 89 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 89: No Route (Part 1)

For such a big thing that happened in the Ding capital, the entire city was up abuzz with the topic of the case of the extermination of the entire household of the Prince Yu residence. The rumours grew bigger like a snowball accumulating snow and the more the rumours spread out, the more outrageous they became. There were thousands of positions and hundreds of attitudes with so many different types of conjectures. Some people suspected that the extermination of the entire household of Prince Yu was done by the enemy of the Prince Yu’s Consort who just married in, in a fit of anger, send the entire household to the grave because of a beauty. Such a rumour was very alluring, as if adding a trace of charming colour to the brutal truth.

Such rumours like this were found everywhere and when one heard it, one may not have any thoughts but in the big river of rumours, there was one that was alarming.

The summary of the rumour was that the matter of the extermination of the entire household of Prince Yu residence overnight came from the Shen family. As the reason to why the General’s residence was to do that, the waters were too deep and each officials would think themselves.

Those rumours that were spoken upfront only brought ridicule and sneers to Shen Qing and her family, but these sinister rumours’ only intention was to push the Shen residence out to everyone.

The entire household of Prince Yu was exterminated so thoroughly that even a single animal was not spared, but the newly married bride was left behind. What kind of ability and possibility did the new bride had to make the other person spare her life, unless she was originally involved. If it was the Shen family, then everything would naturally make sense. But why would the Shen family oppose Prince Yu, perhaps they were not happy about this marriage but as one went in deeper to explore, with the currently different undercurrent forces in the court, who knows if the Shen family was incited by others or was trying to say something. These ordinary folks are not about to see it but the old seniors in the official circles would not let it go. In a moment, the entire Shen family were pushed to where the winds and waves were the fiercest.

Early in the morning, Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang came over with snacks for Shen Miao to eat as the entire household of Shen residence had no mood to be bothered of other matters, that even the three meals from the kitchens were carelessly done. Other than Rong Jing Tang’s side, everyone else all dealt with themselves so Bai Lu and Shuang Jiang simply went out to buy snacks, hoping that the sweet broth would help Shen Miao warm her body when she eats.

After having breakfast, Shen Miao also finished grooming and looked at her appearance in the mirror and slightly frowned before causally speaking to Gu Yu, “Go and bring that fox fur muffler that Eldest Brother sent over.”

“Ah, Young Lady thought about wearing that muffler.” Gu Yu searched for the muffler in a chest and wanted to put it on Shen Miao but she stopped her, “I will do it myself.”

The muffler was made of a white bodied fox fur and there was not a single mixed fur found on it. It was hunted by Shen Qiu in the Northwestern mountain range. Initially he saw that the fur was precious so he got it made into an elaborate muffler for Shen Miao, but she previously did not like to wear it so it was placed at the bottom of the chest. One did not know the reason but Shen Miao suddenly remembered it which made Gu Yu somewhat happy, as it was after all a beautiful fur and to place it at the bottom of the chest without seeing the light of day, would make one feel sorry about it.

When Shen Miao wore the muffler, Gu Yu praised, “The muffler around Young Lady’s neck looks really good as it highlights one’s fairness. It also looks nice and warm. Really good.”

Shen Miao’s eyes hung down as her hands gently brushed against the soft fur, but she was thinking of the bruising around her neck when she looked at the mirror, as that was the trace that Xie Jing Xing left when he choked her. This person did not hesitated at all, she did not notice it yesterday but it was particularly obvious today. Even though all the collars of winter clothes were high, if one was not careful enough and let others see, one fear that Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan would not easily let it go. It was better to have one matter less than one additional problem, so she tightened the muffler.

Placing down the bronze mirror in her hand, Shen Miao opened the door and walked out coincidentally seeing Shen Qiu standing in the courtyard instructing the soldier by his side. Shen Qiu’s guards all came from the army and were different from the ordinary guards as they had more of a valiant air. Seeing Shen Miao, Shen Qiu said a few more words to the soldier before turning around to her and smiled, “Younger Sister.”

“What happened?” Shen Miao asked. Usually in the early morning, Shen Qiu would not be shaken by thunder as he stood in the courtyard to practice spears and swords. The best thing about the West courtyard was this empty area in the courtyard. Previously Shen Qiu and Shen Xin loved to engage in body combat in this courtyard and occasionally, according to the atmosphere, Luo Xue Yan would also join. These days Shen Miao was also used to seeing Shen Qiu practicing martial arts when she opened the door, but today there was an unprecedented lack of action which naturally meant that something had happened.

Shen Qiu laughed twice before saying, “Nothing, why is Younger Sister up so early? Why not sleep a little more?”

With the way he tried to change the conversation topic, Shen Miao did not even blink and responded, “It is about the matter about Eldest Sister and the Shen family?”

Shen Qiu quickly coughed and pulled Shen Miao towards the room. Once in the room, he dismissed the servants and closed the door before looking at Shen Miao, “Younger Sister, these conversation better not be said outside.”

“What exactly happened?”

Shen Qiu scratched his head, “It is not a big matter, just leave it to Father, Mother and me. These days do not go out and do not care about this matter.”

He was vague, most likely he wanted to deceive Shen Miao. But if Shen Qiu was able to fool Shen Miao then she would not be able to survive in the Shen family. She looked unblinkingly at Shen Qiu, “Alright Eldest Brother, you need not hide it from me. It is about the matter of the extermination of Prince Yu entire household, and others are suspicious of Eldest Sister and now started to be suspicious of the Shen family.”

Shen Qiu was surprised for a moment before feeling powerless in his heart. He felt increasingly unable to have the feeling that an older brother should have in front of Shen Miao as she knew everything. First he was scared that she would be bullied when she was stupid and now that she was intelligent, one felt helpless.

Seeing Shen Qiu not speaking, Shen Miao continued, “Eldest Brother is worrying about this thing?”

“Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu seriously said, “You are still young and do not understand about the matters in court. Even though the matter looked easy but there will be people who slander behind the back, and if one was not careful the Shen family would be implicated.” He looked at Shen Miao and hesitated for a moment before asking hesitantly, “Younger Sister, the case of Prince Yu residence, are you aware of it?” When he spoke it out, he immediately replied his own question, “It is assumed that Younger Sister is not aware of it. Younger Sister is an unmarried young lady, how could one have such an ability.”

Ever since Shen Miao told Shen Qiu of the plan to scheme that the Second household and Prince Yu had on her, Shen Qiu was unable to swallow it down. If it was not for Shen Miao not letting him tell their parents and also forcing him not to act rashly, one was afraid that Shen Qiu would have replied with that anger in his heart and take revenge for Shen Miao. From the beginning to the end, Shen Miao told Shen Qiu clearly that she had a method to handle everything.

And the events that happened next, was as if the Second household was in an extremely bad luck, to keep continuously having fortune turning its back on them. Shen Qiu was already very surprised that the discovery of Shen Qing pregnancy during the returning banquet, and later the marriage to Prince Yu residence was contributed single-handedly by Shen Miao. But this time, the entire Prince Yu residence was exterminated, if there was Shen Miao’s part in it, Shen Qiu only felt some chill in his heart. One had to know that to make the entire Prince of First Rank residence disappear silently from this world, even if Shen Xin were to take action, a lot of energy and effort was required. Shen Miao was a delicate and gentle little young lady, how could it be? But the more one think it was not possible, the more Shen Qiu’s intuition tells him that there was enmity between Prince Yu residence and Shen Miao and now with their outcome today, what if Shen Miao pushed the waves and added to the billows?

Shen Miao took a look at Shen Qiu and sighed before saying, “Eldest Brother suspect I did it?”

“No, no, no. Younger Sister, how could I doubt you? You are a little young lady, if you have such an ability like this, other would laugh their teeth out when they heard it.” Shen Qiu quickly refuted for fear of annoying Shen Miao.

Shen Miao could not help but give a slight sigh in her heart when she saw his cautious gaze landing on her. She could not tell Shen Qiu the truth as all the people of the First household of the Shen family had noble and benevolent characters and were honest and loyal. If they knew that such malicious methods were arranged by her, their heart would be very painful. She could only lie to Shen Qiu so Shen Miao gently smiled, “I definitely do not have this kind of ability so Eldest Brother do not need to be suspicious of me. It is just that the matter that Eldest Brother is worrying about, in fact need not need to worry at all.”

Shen Qiu looked at Shen Miao and unconsciously when he faced her, the conversation had some meaning of inquiry, “Why does Younger Sister think so?”

“The people in the world are not fools. How can a few rumours be able to convict someone. If one were to truly convict, then there would be twelve thousands evidences, moreover, what relationship does Eldest Sister have with our First household? Father and Mother are not in the residence most of the year, so even if the dirty waters are splashed, they would not be able to reach us here. Even if the situation at present is a hundred times more complicated, it would not need us to be worried about. Naturally there will be ‘able and efficient’ people who will resolve these problems.”

“Able and efficient people?” Shen Qiu was puzzled, “Who is that?”

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    • Gotta hand it to her, she’s seeing this “dark path” all the way through… I know it’s not that kind of story but too bad and sad that she is blinded by vengeance instead of seeking inner peace and happiness…mmm but then again, I can’t get enough of the drama, scheming, and bloodlust! Who needs a heroine anyway?! 😉


      • Why would she seek an inner peace when her family will be exterminated in the future if she didn’t do something? And she is not actually that blinded by vengeance because she only wants to protect her own family and make things right for them.

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  1. Ahh, it’s a little sad that she has to lie to her own family. It really emphasizes how alone she must feel. Even if they’re on her side, but she doesn’t have anyone who can understand her completely. Xie Jing Xing can understand her character, but he won’t be able to understand her as he isn’t privy to her secrets. I hope their relationship improves soon though! I hope she will have a companion soon so she’s less lonely.

    thanks for the chapter!!

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  2. Who is that? That is of course the chess piece within this residence lol! But a brothers intuition sure is sharp ah. But too bad whenever we think of something exaggerated as this we would always thinks its impossible when really it did. But if he actually knew that she did it I wonder if he’ll be wary of her?

    If only Shen Miao would act like a normal delicate girl then she wouldn’t arouse too many suspicions but then I guess being true to your character flows through her from her parents. Wonder if XJX would appear again?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Shen Qiu remind me of Qu Zhang Qing from Chu Wang Fei. A pure, honest, and kind older brother that makes us always wish for their happiness.

    Thanks for the chapter! I guess Shen Miao will use Shen Yuan to solve this problem?

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  4. Most probably Shen Yuan, afterall it was indicated that Shen Miao had plans for him. I guess she made the situation such so that Shen yuan is forced to take action. Remember, Ren Wan Yun was nagging him to save his sister and he agreed.

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  5. Obviously it’s Shen Yuan, that’s why ‘able and efficient’ is written like this, she simply ridicules him.

    The reason is obvious: Shen Qing was sure her brother saved her, so she may just blurt it out somehow and SM will only need to make some evidence.

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  6. When your older brother is a precious!cinnamon!roll, despite being a capable murder!kitten…poor Jiaojiao. Sigh.

    When your baby sister is a Empress!of!Revenge! despite being such a sweet white turnip in the snow…what can you do? Sighhhh……. Hang tough, SQ! There might be a chance one day to flex your Big!Brother!Protective!Aura…maybe… lol!!!

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  7. Though I feel bad for her brother for his role of being a brother becoming less, at least this way, they are safer and are alive. SM will at least still have them to show her warmth~

    Thank you for the chapter ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛fu

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  8. Shen Miao’s eyes hung down as her hands gently brushed against the soft fur, but she was thinking of the bruising around her neck when she looked at the mirror, as that was the trace that Xie Jing Xing left when he choked her. This person did not hesitated at all, she did not notice it yesterday but it was particularly obvious today. Even though all the collars of winter clothes were high, if one was not careful enough and let others see, one fear that Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan would not easily let it go. It was better to have one matter less than one additional problem, so she tightened the muffler.

    Wow it must be left with some purple marks. such a strong hands, no wonder SM stabbed him. But i forgave XJX, because he gave her the medicine bottle.

    I love the interaction between SM and SQ. SQ really overprotective towards his little sister.

    Thank you for the update 🙂

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  9. I have been wondering why she did not seem worried that the entire Shen family would be implicated. Truly investigate? Truly convict? Not act on a few rumours? Have not seen that kind of integrity very much in these novels. I wouldn’t put anything past this emperor. Especially since he has wanted to get rid of her family. I know that she has the knowledge and maybe this isn’t the time for her family to be in danger. Still, I am glad she is so confident.

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  10. Her own blood family is too righteous ah, I feel bad and truly hope they won’t dig their own graves and undo all the hard work she has been doing to avenge their deaths from previous life. It’s sad that when her family so loyal and yet the Imperial just wouldn’t let them be…*bites handkerchief*
    Hubby needs to work faster and join forces little heart can’t handle this anymore. (☍﹏⁰)。


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