Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 86 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 86: Bloodbath (Part 1)

After the wedding sedan went through more than half of the capital, it finally went into Prince Yu of the First Rank’s residence.

There were already a number of guests that had arrived at Prince Yu residence. Although Prince Yu was considered fierce and cruel normally, ministers and officials would still attend as he was after all one from the Imperial family. Emperor Wen Hui and the Princes had yet to arrive but gifts were already sent from the Palace.

Probably because these days Emperor Wen Hui’s attitude made Prince Yu unhappy, when the people from the Palace came over, he did not show any moves and action to let the other person give thanks or to drink a cup of wedding wine. When the GongGong from the Palace saw such a scene, he coldly scoffed in his heart. Perhaps to other people they were only worthless castrated people, but in fact they were the people who were the closest to the Emperor. There must be problems between Emperor Wen Hui and Prince Yu, Prince Yu still carried on as usual but Emperor Wen Hui was no longer as tolerant as before. The actions Prince Yu did today would only make Emperor Wen Hui angrier.

When the people from the Palace left, Prince Yu then turned his head to instruct the servants to continue to welcome the guests. Today Prince Yu of the First Rank wore bright red wedding robes, and that fabric and embroidery was undoubtedly very intricate but when worn on his body, one side of the pants was empty which made it look awkward. Moreover he had a fierce look but had to fill his face with smiles, even though no one knew who he was smiling for but when one saw him smile, a layer of goosebumps would form.

The Shen family also arrived. Shen Gui and Shen Wan had long gone to look for their familiar colleagues for a chat. Shen Gui currently was now fixing a broken pot and since everyone was aware of Shen Qing’s scandal, they took advantage of Shen Qing being married into Prince Yu residence and use the relationship with Prince Yu to pave some way for their career. As for Shen Wan, even without mentioning, since he was the more ambitious of the two, naturally he would not miss this opportunity.

Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan sat together at the bride side of the family and they looked down upon Shen Gui’s attitude. It was Ren Wan Yun who came over and sat with Shen Yuan at the side. She had carefully done her makeup that covered up her red eyes, and was afraid of angering Prince Yu so she forced herself to smile but no matter how one look at, that smile had anger in it. Shen Yuan did not have any expression but the looks that he gave when his eyes swept by Shen Miao were filled with meanings.

Shen Qiu noticed Shen Yuan’s gaze and often blocked it in a huff. When Luo Xue Yan found out, she thoughtfully asked, “Dumb boy, what with you and Shen Yuan?”

Shen Xin couple was not aware of Shen Qing’s and Shen Miao’s grudge so Shen Qiu responded vaguely, “He is not pleasing to the eye thus there is a little friction.”

“You are really good.” Luo Xue Yan glared at him, “To hit a person without martial arts. Shen Qiu, how old are you this year?”

Shen Qiu looked towards Shen Miao for help but Shen Miao only feigned ignorance and did not speak as she looked at her tea cup.

The guests complimented each other and from the looks of it, it was a scene of peacefulness. In a blink of an eye, it was time for the wedding ceremony of Shen Qing and Prince Yu.

Shen Qing’s head was covered as she was supported by her maids Chun Tao and Xue Li. After finishing bowing to the heavens and the ancestors, Shen Gui’s expression was very awkward. Prince Yu’s eyes were laughing as he looked at him, as it was a terrifying matter letting Prince Yu bow to them husband and wife.

Sure enough the steward of Prince Yu residence haughtily said, “His Highness the Prince of First Rank is feeling inconvenienced so this ceremony would be excused.”

When the words were out, the hall fell into silence. Ren Wan Yun gritted her teeth and even the muscles on her cheeks were trembling. Bowing to Heavens and ancestors were completed but when it was time to bow to the parents, Prince Yu then remembered that he was feeling inconvenienced. This was obviously indication that Prince Yu did not recognise Shen Qing, and also deliberately made Shen Gui and Ren Wan Yun embarrassed.

Although Shen Gui felt his face scorching hot, he was one who bullied the weak and feared the strong and was afraid that Prince Yu would blame him so he immediately said, “Since His Highness is inconvenienced, then it should be excused.”

The younger guests could not help but laugh and they did not cover up their laugher and Ren Wan Yun almost rushed up to quarrel with them. Just as she was unable bear it, Shen Yuan suddenly reach his hand out and held her arm and shook his head gently. Ren Wan Yun then calmed down and Shen Yuan retrieved his hand back before his eyes landed on Shen Gui who was smiling flatteringly, and his expression became darker.

“Number Two actions are really too shameful.” Luo Xue Yan said in despise, “How could one let others bully one’s daughter like this?”

“I initially though he only coveted wealth and riches and did not think that he was completely crazy and ridiculous.” Shen Xin shook his head and said in a disappointed tone, “How did Number Two become like this?”

“We were fine by ourselves but now was also avoided together. It is really bad luck.” Shen Qiu said sulkily.

At the other end, Shen Yue entire family also turned red. Even though Shen Wan was also very ambitious in his career he was unable to mask it like Shen Gui, and Chen Rou Qiu upheld the high requirements of a scholarly lineage herself. They were after all the Shen family and Shen Gui’s attitude made them feel shameless.

After Prince Yu humiliated Shen Gui, he was very satisfied seeing everyone’s contempt of the Shen family. During the bowing with the bride, he deliberately prolonged the time. Shen Miao did not know if she was seeing things but when the bride walked by them, it seems like her body was shaking.

Even the crashing of the bridal chambers were avoided for this marriage. Shen Qing was currently pregnant and one fear that there would be any accident during the crashing of the bridal chambers, and no one could afford to bear the offence of harming a Royal member, so after Shen Qing was sent to the bridal chambers, Prince Yu was still outside at the banquet, drinking and making merry.

“Congratulations to His Highness Prince Yu of the First Rank.” The officials came over to toast.

“Same to you.” Prince Yu replied. On the surface Prince Yu was happy today and even enjoyed it with the officials but Shen Miao did not ignore his occasional cold expression when he swept his eyes over.

Prince Yu had forcibly planned a fight with her and kept thinking of getting back at her. As the vision grew closer, Prince Yu gave a toast with someone and suddenly made a dirty gesture and licked his lips.

Shen Miao just looked calmly at such a malicious expression, but it was Shen Qiu at the side that saw her staring at the distance and also looked towards the direction of her gaze, “What is Younger Sister looking at?”

Prince Yu had already turned around to drink with others so Shen Qiu did not see anything. Shen Miao stood up, “It is a little stuffy, I will go to the doors for a breath.”

“I will accompany you.” Shen Qiu quickly said.

“No need. There is Mo Qing and the rest guarding outside. I will not go far and it would be just at the door.” Shen Miao refused him and got up from her seat and left alone.

Prince Yu residence was very big and Mo Qing was guarding outside the garden. When he saw her going out, he immediately went up. Shen Miao did not go afar and just stood on the spot and looked entranced at the Southwest corner of Prince Yu residence.

Until there was a voice behind her, “Fifth Younger Sister.”

Shen Miao turned back and one did not know when Shen Yuan also came out and smiled at her.

Shen Yuan’s smile was different from Fu Xiu Yi’s gracefulness and also different from Shen Qiu’s simplicity and honesty, and was even more unlike Ji Yu Shu’s mischievous. His smile always seemed to contain other intentions and made one feel very uncomfortable. And when he stared at other people’s eyes, it was like a poisonous snake that was eyeing the prey and that cold atmosphere was wrapped around the air.

Shen Yuan was the opponent in the Shen family Second Household that made one fearful.

“The banquet is only at the halfway point and Fifth Younger Sister came out along. I thought Fifth Younger Sister have some kind of secret and play behind older brothers’ back.” His words had more than just the apparent meaning.

Shen Miao looked at the flowers in the garden. It was already in the severe winter and the previous flourishing flowers have long died, and there was barely nothing left on the branches save for some snow, illustrating a cold feeling of despair. She said, “Then why did Second Older Brother follow out? To take a peek at my secret?”

“I do had the intention to peek.” Shen Yuan said, “It is just that Younger Sister hid it so securely that I, your Older Brother, was unable to do anything. But thinking that you and I are considered as brother and sister, if there is an opportunity, one should give you a few advice.”

Shen Miao turned her head around and stared at him without blinking, “One’d like to hear the details.”

“In fact in my return to the capital, one found that Fifth Younger Sister has changed a lot, as it was a change in person. Perhaps Fifth Younger Sister has grown up or perhaps there is someone showing guidance. But I, the Second Older Brother, have walked on more roads than Fifth Younger Sister after all and some matters, see more clearly that you all.” He paused and slightly looked at the wedding hall. In there, everyone voices were exchanging wishes, the sound of the clinking of cups and the reply of greetings and congratulations. Even the words of fawning could be heard from afar. Shen Yuan said, “Today’s Qing-er’s wedding, does Fifth Younger Sister feel happy?”

“Honestly speaking, to the satisfaction of one’s heart.” Shen Miao smiled lightly.

A flash of colour appeared in Shen Yuan’s eyes before he laughed, “Fifth Younger Sister really do not know to exercise restraint. The grudge of you and Qing-er have already reached the point of no rest till one’s death. Now that Qing-er was sent into Prince Yu residence, one will think this is victory which is to say that Fifth Younger Sister after all have a heart of a child’s.” He touched Shen Miao’s head, like a close brother, “But it is not necessary that Qing-er does not have a chance to turn around after entering Prince Yu residence. After getting over this period, one cannot say for sure how Qing-er days will be like but one would be afraid that Fifth Younger Sister will be struggling a lot.”

Shen Miao did not speak and only heard Shen Yuan continuing, “If I were Fifth Younger Sister, one would not have gave Qing-er an opportunity in the beginning and would remove the opponent early and end her life. The so called pique and so called letting the opponent suffer more pain, are only increasing one’s trouble.” He looked at Shen Miao and smiled kindly, “It is assumed that you are still young and do not understand the logic of tolerating is nurturing an evildoer. It is the ideal case to end the opponent life early.”

Shen Miao quietly looked at Shen Yuan in front and her heart was slightly moved. Shen Yuan was indeed the most intelligent person of the Second household and he did not see the process but just looked at the result. If one offended him, he would use the simplest of method to end someone’s life. Such direct and vicious means that trouble was nip at the bud. This kind of person, calm and rational, would not be emotional because of other things thus when dealing with such a person, one could not be enraged.

She smiled, “What Second Older Brother said is correct. I am after all young and do not treat relations lightly.” When such mocking words landed in Shen Yuan’s ears, Shen Yuan smiled without a care but before he could speak, he heard Shen Miao faint voice, “Even though I am not like Second Older Brother treating relations lightly, but there is one point that I am similar to Second Older Brother, which is I too do not like to retain future trouble. You guess if Eldest Sister would be able to turn around after marrying into Prince Yu residence?”

Shen Yuan stared at her, “Do you think not?”

“Will it?” Shen Miao answered the question with another. She had been speaking calmly and obediently but this ‘Will it?’ was filled with thick provocation and ridicule, it was like one is high up ridiculing which made the all the while unmoved Shen Yuan abruptly shrink.

After Shen Miao finished this sentence, she lightly chuckled and did not look at Shen Yuan again and headed to the wedding hall as she left the garden.

Whether Shen Qing will turn around made her lips slightly raised up. That kind of pleasure from her heart made Mo Qing, who was following behind, surprised for a moment. After following Shen Miao for this long, Mo Qing was gradually aware. He had seen Shen Miao ruthless moments and most of the times it would often be Shen Miao calmly giving out orders even if she laughed, there would be a touch of majestic to it. But at the moment her eyes were curved as if they were very happy, one did not know what matter made her that happy. Mo Qing looked at Shen Yuan who was still standing blankly in garden, and his heart was filled with doubt of how Shen Miao could be so happy just by talking a few sentences with Shen Yuan.

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