Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 86 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 86: Bloodbath (Part 2)

No matter how grand the banquet was, there would be time for it to end. Just when one was tipsy and merry, guests started leaving in twos and threes and Shen Miao also stepped into the carriage to return back to the residence.

In the carriage, Luo Yue Yan remained silent. One did not know what she was thinking about when she held Shen Miao’s hands and asked, “Jiao Jiao, what kind of man does your heart admire?”

It was in fact somewhat out of line for a mother to ask her unmarried daughter. But most likely because Shen Qing was married today, it had touched on Luo Xue Yan’s worries. She was often out in batters and now thinking about, she actually knew nothing about what Shen Miao was thinking in her heart. She only knew of Shen Miao liking Prince Ding and Luo Xue Yan had seen him before, he was indeed a giant among men and was elegant and talented but that kind of person’s aspiration would not be short and towards matters of relationships, one may not be able to achieve happiness when marrying to such a person.

Shen Miao was surprised for a moment before she smiled and looked at Luo Xue Yan, “What kind of person does Mother wish for me to marry?”

Luo Xue Yan did not think that Shen Miao would answer a question with another, so for a moment of time she ignored the question and looked at Shen Miao. There was no trace of embarrassment, as if this was a common and simple question. Luo Xue Yan thought for a bit before speaking, “Mother wish that you are able to marry a person of integrity. It would be best that his official position is not too high, wealth not too big, ambition not too extensive and residence not too complicated. Father and Mother will give you influence and wealth, with a smaller ambition, one would sincerely love you. A simpler residence meant that you will be able to quietly live on when you are married over. In short, one must sincerely respect and love you.”

Shen Miao’s eyes smiled. Luo Xue Yan’s and Shen Xin’s hope had not changed at all. They wished for Shen Miao to be married to an ordinary person and most of the demands were so that one would dote and love her more. Unfortunately, her heart was befuddled and of all thousands of males, she chose the one that would not like her the most.

“But.” Luo Xue Yan spoke till she herself smiled, “Mother know that you at such age would not love such person like this. You all would more likely like those that are seen in a crowd. When Mother was at your age, one also loved young and handsome heroes but Mother did not regret being married to your Father.”

“As such, I will listen to Mother.” Shen Miao said softly.

Luo Xue Yan was stunned, “What?”

Shen Miao looked at her and said word for word, “To marry an ordinary person that can love and respect me, is not that Mother’s wish? Therefore, in the future when one reached to a marriageable age, I will marry a person like this.”

Luo Xue Yan held onto Shen Miao’s hands and felt strange in her heart. The young female in front was well-behaved and had a docile temperament which was a total different from the past. Whatever she said, Shen Miao would agree to it, one would be very happy to have such an obedient daughter like this but Luo Xue Yan did not know why she was not even a bit happy. As if the face in front was not supposed to be so gentle, she should be a little more arrogant, more rebellious and more lively and not obedient and calm like this which made one feel inexplicably sad.

Luo Xue Yan pulled Shen Miao into an embrace and said in a low voice, “Even so, at your current age, it is not too much to like whatever kind of person. Mother know whoever person that Jiao Jiao place in her heart, would be a good person. Our Jiao Jiao is so good, he would definitely love and respect Jiao Jiao. If Jiao Jiao likes, even if he is not an ordinary person, as long as he treat Jiao Jiao well, Mother will not stop you.”

Shen Miao buried her head into Luo Xue Yan’s embrace and her voice was almost not visible, “Thanking Mother.”


On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it began to snow again.

Actually when it was approaching the beginning of the year, the weather will turn sunny and for several days straight it had been sunny. Who knew that on this night, there was actually a rare snow storm.

There was no pedestrian on the Ding capital’s streets and all the businesses were closed. One could only see the biting cold North wind blow like sharp knives carrying large coarse snows as it whistles in the air.

In front of the main doors of Prince Yu residence in the Ding capital, the hanged red lanterns were leaning unsteadily from side to side, and the bright red cloth that was there in the morning was already covered in snow. As for the two red ‘Joyous’ words that were pasted on the doors were already half torn away by the wind and the remaining half had holes in it, making it look somewhat weird.

The two guards that were guarding outside also drank the congratulatory wine and were somewhat drunk. One of them was holding the wine gourd in his hand as he smiled, “Had not thought that there would still be day where a WangFei would come it. After that year, I never would have expected someone would marry their daughter in.”

“Hey. Are not you talking nonsense? That is not called as marrying in, it was clear that it was sold into. What about WangFei?” The person talking took a glance inside and shook his head, “Do not know how long can she live.”

“Perhaps it is to our advantage.” The former laughed as the malicious meaning between the words sank in.

“But Prince Yu’s child is inside. If you do not want your life then go ahead.” The other person said.

A ‘chi’ sound was heard a little fuzzy in the wind and snow and that person carrying the wine gourd asked, “Just now seemed to have heard something. Did you hear it?”

“What sound?” The latter then drunkenly waved his hands, “Sound of the wind. You better not be flustered.”

“Today is the wedding of the Prince. It is better when nothing bad goes on.” That person was slightly awake from the alcohol and stood up straight before turning around to look but did not see anything.

“Worry for nothing.” The other guard laughed at him, “What kind of place we are at. Whoever dare to come here and behave atrociously would have lived for far too long. Hey.” He noticed something dripping onto his face and wiped I away, “Why is this snow warm?” When he opened his hands, one could see clearly as he was by the fireside. How was it snow? It was clearly blood.

Warm blood.

That person was shocked but was quick to look up and saw a guard staring at him from the eaves, with blood dripping down from his throat.

“Some.” He just opened his mouth when he saw a silver light flashing by. He felt that something hot was spraying from his throat and his whole body lost its strength as he softly went down.

When he fell onto the ground, he saw his partner that he was talking to also fell onto the snow and his chest was bright red, and even the snow also displayed such shocking traces of it.

From the eaves of the house, over dozens of people jumped down and they were all clad in black and had masked their faces almost blending into the night. At the other side two people jumped out and moved the two corpse at the doors away and after a moment, new ‘guards’ stood in front of the doors.

The black clad man leading did a hand gesture and a line of people noiselessly sneaked into the Prince Yu residence.

In the Prince Yu residence, in His Highness room, Shen Qing was sitting on the bed with her entire body trembling.

Prince Yu was laying on the soft couch and two irresistible pretty maids were tenderly feeding and massaging him, and from time to time whispered words that increased one’s heartbeat. Shen Qing bit her lower lip as an unspeakable shame gurgled up in her heart.

She was originally a high born Di daughter and would marry to His Highness Prince Ding, such an impressive and talented man, but who knew now she ended up in Prince Yu’s hands. Now she as the formal wife had to be humiliated by such cheap females, from who knows where. Seeing such a shameless scene, Shen Qing’s was fearful and angry but the hate was towards Shen Miao, through and through.

“You should be glad that you are pregnant with this Prince’s seed.” Prince Yu noticed her semblance and his expression darkened, “Otherwise you would not be able to easily past tonight.” He appreciated Shen Qing’s somewhat fearful eyes but a pair of clear and calm eyes kept coming up in his mind. Suddenly a wave of anger gushed out and Prince Yu looked at Shen Qing before saying slowly, “However, once you deliver this Prince’s child, this Prince would not ill-treat you. There are so many guards in this Prince’s residence and these guards went through thick and thin with this Prince. Since you are this Prince’s wife, you should comfort them for this Prince.”

A buzzing sound was heard in Shen Qing’s mind and she almost fainted. The terrifying things in Prince Yu’s words made her think about the future, and now even the courage to carry on living was gone.

“Ah. This Prince will definitely treat you well.” The more gentle Prince Yu’s voice were, the more fanatic his eyes became that even the two maids beside were somewhat trembling.

“Tremble what tremble.” Prince Yu suddenly frowned and was about to speak when the maid on the left side suddenly staggered and fell onto Prince Yu, and a pair of jade arms just nicely went around Prince Yu’s head. Prince Yu had yet to react when the other maid suddenly took the hairpin off and pierced it onto Prince Yu’s throat.

Prince Yu screamed but he was not one who would do nothing. A ‘hong’ sound was heard and the two maids were overturned by him. He also had martial arts skills and his action was very vicious as both maids struggled on the ground a few times before their breath stopped.

Shen Qing who was at the side, was scared stunned and in a panic hid under the table. Prince Yu pulled the hairpin out from his throat. That hairpin was not thrusted deep but there were still a lot of blood flowing out. Prince Yu cursed before crying out, “Guards, guards.”

One guard quickly answered and came in. Prince Yu kicked the two corpse on the ground, “Go and check what plaything are these?”

“Yes.” That guard bowed and complied. Prince Yu just turned back when he heard a ‘chi’ sound. When he looked down, he saw a silver tip stained with blood sticking out from his chest.

It cleanly went through his chest.

The guard who just complied drew his sword out and Prince Yu body became unstable. He seemed to want to call for someone but after walking a few steps, he collapsed.

The tip of the blade was glistening in the night reflecting a large stain of blood. The technique was very skilful like one slaughtering pigs or sheep as one stroke was enough to kill and no excess strokes were required.

The guard glanced at Prince Yu’s corpse and then looked towards the shivering Shen Qing who was hiding under the table, “You are Shen Qing.”

“Is warrior… Are you send by Second Older Brother to save me?” Shen Qing’s eyes lit up as she looked at the other person.

That guard did not say anything and turned to walk out.

Shen Qing had some doubts in her mind and wanted to go out and after some thoughts, she finally was afraid to face Prince Yu’s corpse so she took some gold and silver on the table and wrapped it in a cloth before heading out.

Just as she opened the door, she almost tripped and the lantern shone onto the particularly frightening body of a guard. Shen Qing screamed as she looked out.

In the dark, there seemed to be a dark shadow quickly passing through and a heavy thud sounded. Every sound made one’s heart chill a bit. Prince Yu residence was eerie as the underworld and the wind and snow made one unable to see the scene outside, but the thick smell of blood was like a big net, firmly covering one’s head.

It seems that even the snow had won a scarlet shade.


Western courtyard of the Shen residence.

Bai Lu closed the window again and said, “The wind and snow outside is really big. The window was blown open a number of times, truly scary.”

“Exactly.” Shuang Jiang smiled, “Heard the old folks say that such weather like this meant that the Heavens want to punish the sinners. It seems that this time the sinner’s offences must be huge, for such a big storm like this was not seen for many years.”

“What is Young Lady looking at?” Jing Zhe asked, “Could one be thinking about the wedding banquet during the day?”

Since returning back to the residence in the evening, Shen Miao sat in front of the table and one did not know what she was thinking. Once she sat down it was till the night had fallen. One did not know why but Jing Zhe felt that Shen Miao was waiting for something.

Waiting for what?

Shen Miao shook her head, “Just looking.”

Gu Yu and Jing Zhe looked at each others before looking at the outside. It was dark outside and nothing could be seen so what could Shen Miao be looking at?

Shen Miao’s eyes hung down and the lights in the room were quiet while the snow was fighting outside. In just one night, how many people would lose their lives and head towards the underworld.

Shen Yuan said correctly, she would not give herself a road to retreat so she would not give others a road to retreat.

The slender fingers unhurriedly tap on the tables, as if tapping onto a melancholy rhythm as one was reminiscing the strange songs in the Cold Palace.

What kind of song was that?

It was a song that sings about how the virtuous and wicked got their just rewards and how the heavenly laws were cyclical.

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  1. Hmmm…. It would be a but disappointing if the ML really met MC’s Mother’s standard…

    “It would be best that his official position is not too high, wealth not too big, ambition not too extensive and residence not too complicated. Father and Mother will give you influence and wealth, with a smaller ambition, one would sincerely love you. A simpler residence meant that you will be able to quietly live on when you are married over. In short, one must sincerely respect and love you.”

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