Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 85 (Part 3)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 85: The Day of Marriage (Part 3)

Ren Wan Yun explained the context of things clearly in the letters to him and in Shen Yuan’s view, even though Ren Wan Yun’s plans were not perfect, but for Shen Miao to fight back and even escape without harm was actually a surprise to his expectations.

“Mother must not cry.” Shen Yuan’s expression was somewhat emotionally moved as he said, “Crying is to no avail.”

“Yuan boy.” Ren Wan Yun clutched his hand, “You have the most ideas, you must be able to save your sister right?”

Hearing this, Shen Qing also looked towards Shen Yuan with hope, “Second Older Brother, begging you to help me. I do not wish to marry to that person. I should not be marrying to him. Second Older Brother, help me, help me.” Even though Shen Qing was somewhat fearful of her Older Brother but since young when she was bullied, Shen Yuan would quietly help her to win it back. Towards Shen Yuan, Shen Qing loved and hated but now Shen Yuan was her life-saving straw so naturally she will grab onto furiously.

“Not possible.” Shen Yuan’s calm expression was almost cold, “The matter of marriage has no possibility of a turn at this point and one cannot do harm to everybody because of Younger Sister. So Younger Sister must go through this marriage.”

As the voice finished speaking, Shen Qing fell onto the ground paralysed and finally cried out desperately. Her action destroyed her makeup and dirt were all over her but she had not notice it at all.

“Really no other way?” Ren Wan Yun murmured.

“Even though there is no way to get out of this marriage, but my Shen Yuan’s Younger Sister cannot just take this kind of calculation from others without laying down.” Shen Yuan coldly said, “For Shen Miao to become so smart overnight, there should be someone behind guiding, else it is that she had faked it all along. It is better to settle if there was someone guiding but if she faked it for ten over years, it is truly too scary.”

“That little slut seemed to be possessed. Seeing that she escaped when the matter was about to succeed. Yuan-er, that little slut cannot remain.” Ren Wan Yun gritted her teeth and said, “Thinking about that everything today was caused by that slut, I could not wait to eat her flesh and drink her blood.”

“Mother now cannot deal with her unbridled because of Eldest Bo’s family. Heard that Eldest Bo will be staying in the capital for half a year more, like this Shen Miao have a longer period of backing.” Shen Yuan looked at Shen Qing.

Ren Wan Yun trembled, “But one cannot just let the matter go like that.”

“Of course not.” Shen Yuan said, “In this world, there would always be a day where the backing will fall, no matter how big it is. Since Shen Miao have backing, then let her backing fall. It is good for Eldest Bo’s family to stay in the Ding capital.” A smile floated on Shen Yuan’s lips, “Saves me the trouble to find each one.”

Ren Wan Yun was somewhat fearful in her heart unknowingly but seeing the fallen Shen Qing, a wave of anger immediate raised up, “Yuan-er, must not let that little slut off.”

“Rest assured.” Shen Yuan eyes were gloomy, “Whoever dare to play under my eyes, I will return it with thanks. Since Shen Miao harmed Mother and Younger Sister, I will let their Shen family First household pay and leave Shen Miao for the last and play with her slowly. That is then interesting.”

He leisurely smiled.

Shen Qing’s bridal makeup had to be redrawn at the end.

The matchmaker was surprised to find out that during this makeup, Shen Qing’s expression was a little energetic as compared to the just deadly heavy semblance she had previously. At least it looks like she was ‘alive’.

When Shen Yue and Shen Miao came over to send the gifts, Shen Qing even smiled at both of them.

Now that Shen Qing was pregnant, her body was somewhat swollen and coupled with her anxiousness these days, she looked haggard even upon putting makeup. Her smile did not showcased a young female’s delicateness but looked somewhat weird and scary.

“Eldest Sister must take care of yourself.” Shen Yue eyes were red as she spoke.

“Definitely.” Shen Qing concurred before looking at Shen Miao and coughed, “I will definitely return Fifth Younger Sister’s benevolence to me.”

Even though it was said with a smile, the hate and viciousness made Shen Yue shudder.

“I will wait.” Shen Miao also smiled lightly.

Afterwards things became much natural. Old Shen Furen avoided meeting Shen Qing and Shen Qing could only talk to Ren Wan Yun. Because this marriage was not considered a glorious thing, everyone in the Shen residence felt embarrassed. Those festive actions and wishes were all done carelessly.

At the end when going to the wedding sedan, it was Shen Yuan who carried Shen Qing up the sedan. The thing that made one felt most embarrassed was that Prince Yu of the First Rank did not came to fetch the bride and only sent a housekeeper ahead.

When Shen Yuan was carrying Shen Qing, the commoners around the General residence were all pointing fingers of blame at them and there were all sorts of stuff that were spreading among them. Some mentioned that Shen Qing had no sense of shame and was fickle. Even if Ren Wan Yun’s and Shen Yuan’s hearts were filled with anger, public clamour could obscure the truth and they could not kill all the commoners.

When the sedan finally left, Shen Yuan returned to the main doors of the Shen residence and stood by Shen Miao and spoke as he looked at the leaving sedan, “Fifth Younger Sister look calm.”

“The person marrying is not me, why would I not be calm?” Shen Miao answered.

“Fifth Younger Sister know how the future will be like when Qing-er marries over?”

“How the future will be is not what you and me can decide.”

Shen Yuan seemed not to have heard Shen Miao’s words and only minded his words, “The events in the world are ever changing. Sometimes there is no room to advance or retreat, but one do not know if the willow trees would make shade and the flowers would give light. There are times when even though there is an optimistic road in front but one cannot say preciously.” His voice suddenly deepen, “It is that one had forced themselves to the dead end.”

“Exactly.” Shen Miao smiled, “No one can say for sure what will happen in the world. Some people may have the luck of misfortune but it could be that there is no more road in front.”

Shen Yuan finally turned his head over and looked at Shen Miao directly. His eyes sized her up which made others especially uncomfortable, and the things others were uncomfortable were also his words. He said, “I only found out today that Fifth Younger Sister is actually a smart person.”

Shen Miao decline to comment but heard a roar from behind, “Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu ran over in a hurry and looked warningly at Shen Yuan before saying to Shen Miao, “Younger Sister should not run around, there are so many evildoers outside, knowing a person but not understand one’s true nature, who knows what would happen.”

Shen Yuan glanced at Shen Qiu before laughing, “Eldest Brother really know how to joke, what’s more Fifth Younger Sister is so smart that one fear that no one will be able to scheme her. As for the phrase of ‘knowing a person but not understanding one’s true nature’, perhaps there is someone else more suitable for it.”

Shen Qiu sneered, “My Younger Sister has a pure and virtuous natural disposition which cannot be compared to those sinister villains. I as an older brother naturally would need to constantly worry, else those wolves who studies would eat her whole and there would be nowhere to cry to. Younger Sister lets go. We will sit the horse carriage to the residence of the Prince of First Rank.

The Shen family people also had to go to the Prince of First Rank residence to participate in the wedding banquet but Shen Qiu’s words real meaning was that he distrusted Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan looked at the back view of the two siblings and a flash of viciousness appeared in his eyes.

The Shen family wedding sedan had to travel over half of the city of Ding capital and it was going along the most flourishing of streets. After all this was a marriage that was bestowed by the Empress so the parade was naturally extravagant. Even though every knew that this marriage was not glorious, but one still had to beat the drums and strike the gongs to make it well known.

In the most wealthy section of the road, at the seat by the window of Kuai Huo Lou, a white clad gentleman was there as usually slightly moving his folding fan as he watched the commotion at the wedding entourage. The entourage was throwing coins as they walked and those commoners who were watching the commotion all went up to snatch for them, so it seemed to be filled with jubilation.

However what kind of feeling there was, only the person in the sedan knew.

“This marriage of the Shen family is really quite big.” Ji Yu Shu played with the silver in his hands as he said, “I have not seen for a long time such a lively marriage. Do not know in the future when I marry Young Lady Shao Yao, will it be such a grand occasion.”

“Still thinking about that Young Lady Shao Yao of yours.” Gao Yang looked at him, “Yu Shu, I remember you still have a fiancée. Does that fiancée of yours know how particularly attentive you are to Young Lady Shao Yao?”

“Already said that that was a joke made when we were babies, who know how she look like now. I am not going to marry. I just love Young Lady Shao Yao. If Young Lady Shao Yao is not possible then the Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family is also not bad.” He laughed and looked towards the person opposite, “Third Older Brother Xie, is it right?”

Xie Jing Xing glanced at him and was too lazy to speak. Gao Yang laughed out, “One fear that you have no life to marry Shen Miao.”

“What! Do not say a female like a killing demon. I valued her intelligence, sharpness and courage greatly.” Ji Yu Shu was not convinced, “Besides, she also looks not bad. Heard that previously she liked that boy, Prince Ding, before. How can a young lady eyes be bad? Prince Ding can be compared to me?”

Gao Yang looked at Ji Yu Shu, “You are capable. But this Shen Young Lady of yours will be in trouble quickly.”

“What kind of trouble?” Ji Yu Shu asked.

“Shen Qing’s older brother, Shen Yuan has returned.” Gao Yang said with some rejection at other’s misfortune, “Shen Miao swindled Shen Qing into the Prince residence, Shen Yuan will definitely not let Shen Miao off. This Shen Yuan is not an oil saving lamp. In the Second household of the General residence, one fear that even Shen Gui cannot be compared to Shen Yuan for being circumspect and foreseeing. Moreover this Shen Yuan is vicious and merciless and when he takes action, he would never waver.”

“Shen Yuan seems like not an ordinary person.” Ji Yu Shu suddenly remember something, “Is he not Fu Xiu Yi’s people?”

“Only a small little bandit.” Xie Jing Xing suddenly spoken and lazily glance below, “A little clown jumping around can attract your attention.”

“Ha. You are still this arrogant.” Gao Yang asked, “What is next?”


Wait for people to start the game and then plug the leaks.

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    • I truly wonder how you felt when you found out the truth later on Tetsuki.😂
      XJX is really not on any high horse. He has the capabilities and FXY or this Shen Yuan guy cannot compare to even his shoes! Lol!😂😂

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  1. What baffles me the most is that how did xie jing fall in the past lifetime? Obviously, he is exceedingly clever and has quite commendable connections. How did he fall in Ding’s trap? How did such an outrageously arrogant man die so pathetically? Another thing,in novels, why are all the ladies from low background ‘bad, evil or trying-too-hard-to-be-elegant-but-duh-they-are-from-low-bg-and-put-too-much-makeup-or-are-vicious’? Like, they don’t need to be angels either, but why can’t they just be,I dunno, human? People from ordinary family can rise to fame and not get corrupted. When will I see this? Or maybe such people don’t survive the schemes.

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    • There are two things I can think of:

      – He didn’t actually die and it was a faked death (Skinned corpse = can’t identify it for example)

      – If he DID actually die, then the only reason is that he waited too long while being too careful. This life time, he sped up his plans significantly and started taking risks / gambles, so Prince Dingbat has less time to solidify his backing and is thus far weaker than last time.

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    • been a long time but anyway, i remember our mc mentioning something bout there being good women in the palace but that they didnt make it and fell to others schemes. there also was a mention how a lot of children in noble families dont make it to adulthood, mostly due to the fighting in the inner courts.
      so unless xou are lucky and have no competitors or they arent good enough to kill you it is hard to be good without getting killed off.
      as to why ml died i agree with the option whirlwind gave

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    • aren’t shen miao maids actually nice people? Anyways, people with low backgrounds are most likely the author attempts to downplay the villain and to upstage the mc, we Asians actually learn this in literature class btw. A lot of words to describe people you see in novels are actually from classics.

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  2. I’m not that worried about Shen Yuan to be honest. I do love how mc’s striking at Prince Ding’s people without making it obvious. The Xie shu brothers, the plagiarizer, the teacher and now Shen Yuan. She’s going to be directly responsible for or have a part in taking down all of his future supporters, and no one will know that she was actually aiming for Prince Ding until it’s too late.

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