Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 85 (Part 2)

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Chapter 85: The Day of Marriage (Part 2)

In the Second household, Shen Yuan was naturally clever and quick-witted, compared to Shen Qiu’s military power where each step all depended on himself, Shen Yuan depended on his genius. Since young, he would score the top ranks in the exams and afterwards had the attention of nobility and went into a career in court. But previously, he had to be posted for three years in the outskirts for training purposes and this year was the last, and he would be an official in the Ding capital after the year ends. Who knew that Shen Qing would fall into a mishap and it seemed that he rushed back so that he could see the day his Younger Sister married off.

Even Shen Yue could not help but hid behind Shen Wan. Shen Wan patted She Yue’s back as his eyes fell onto Shen Yuan.

Towards Shen Yuan, there were a number of people in the Shen residence that were somewhat afraid of him. Perhaps it was that Shen Yuan had fame at such a young age or from one’s intuition one felt that he had deep thoughts even though he was young. In short, Shen Yue and the previous Shen Miao were all very afraid of him.

The happiest person was no other than Old Shen Furen. She waved her hands to Shen Yuan in pleasant surprise, “Yuan-er.” Shen Yuan Bo in Old Shen Furen’s embrace also called out crisply, “Second Older Brother.”

Shen Yuan then only smiled and gave Old Shen Furen a greeting, “Grandmother.” Then he touched Shen Yuan Bo’s head, “Yuan Bo grew taller again.”

“Afraid that Yuan boy has rush back.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled, “The journey must be tiring, why not take a rest first?” Now that Ren Wan Yun is not here, she was the one managing the Shen residence so naturally she had a matriarch appearance on.

Shen Yuan turn around and glanced at Chen Rou Qiu. She did not know why but Chen Rou Qiu had a sinking feeling and spontaneous fear. After a year of not seeing, Shen Yuan became one that was unable to see through. Chen Rou Qiu was naturally smart and when the children were young, she had secretly tripped Shen Yuan but he was unexpectedly smart and much later, it was Chen Rou Qiu that suffered. Chen Rou Qiu thought that Ren Wan Yun was lucky to be able to give birth to a clever son, so even if one were to be dissatisfied with the Second household, Chen Rou Qiu did not dare to completely annoy the other.

“No need.” Shen Yuan said, “I return this time is just to see my Younger Sister get married. If one rest then it would be too late.”

Speaking of Shen Qing, the atmosphere became a little awkward and Old Shen Furen did not delve into it. Shen Yuan also did not move as his eyes almost did not hesitate to look over to the person standing next to Shen Qiu, Shen Miao.

“Not seeing for a long time, Fifth Younger Sister has also changed a lot.” He narrowed his eyes, “Indeed, females changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, Fifth Younger Sister changed so much that I somewhat cannot recognise.”

Shen Miao calmly looked at him, Shen Yuan’s eyes were probing sinisterly, as if they were a poisonous snake slithering in the marsh and tightly wrapping around that made one feel crept out. She smiled lightly, “Second Older Brother stayed the same as always.”

Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes paused, Shen Yue was somewhat rejoicing at another’s misfortune and Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan coincidentally frowned at the same time. But Shen Qiu smiled as he continue the conversation, “Exactly, Second Younger Brother looks like there is no change.” He lead the conversation to him and it provoked Shen Yuan to look at Shen Qiu as he said meaningfully, “Did not think that now Fifth Younger Sister’s and Eldest Brother’s relationship is actually this good.”

“Since its real siblings, so feelings are naturally good.” Shen Miao smiled warmly, “If Second Older Brother go down to see Eldest Sister, perhaps one can catch her before her makeup.”

Shen Yuan looked at Shen Miao deeply and smiled, “Yes. I will go now.” Having said that, he bowed to Old Shen Furen, “Grandmother, I will go and take a look at Younger Sister first. I as an Older Brother is not by Younger Sister side and now she is to get married today, one is not sure if she would be bullied in the future and could only speak a few words to her so this one will leave first.” Finishing, he turned around and quickly left without looking at anyone.

From the beginning to the end, not a word was said to Shen Gui.

In the past, even though Shen Gui’s and Shen Yuan’s relationship was not particularly close but they were after all father and son, and Shen Gui highly regarded Shen Yuan so he took more care of him, and Shen Yuan also treated Shen Gui with respect. There was obviously some problems with today’s attitude. Shen Gui was livid as he clenched his fists. Old Shen Furen gazed at him with a complicated look and also felt something stuffed in her heart so she waved her hands, “Support me back to the room.”

Old Shen Furen did not plan to go to the wedding banquet tonight. To what Old Shen Furen sees, those who were invited to participate in the wedding banquet were high ranking or nobles, so they would have known the ins and outs of this marriage. To throw such an old face of hers away, it would impact her fortune so she let Zhang Mama support her back to the room at that moment.

After Old Shen Furen left, it was somewhat awkward in the hall. Shen Yue looked at Shen Miao and asked, “Fifth Younger Sister, what did you gift Eldest Sister as part of her dowry?”

“Just some jewellery only.” Shen Miao lightly said.

Shen Yue replied with an “Oh.” Seeing that she had a cannot be bothered look, although she was angry in her heart, she dared not show it in front of Shen Xin and couple and quietly stood by Chen Rou Qiu’s side.

Shen Wan looked towards Shen Xin, “Eldest Brother, now that Yuan-er has return, what is next?”

“What does Yuan Boy got to do with me?” Shen Xin said puzzled, “I cannot control my own Jiao Jiao and Qiu Boy but I need to manage Number Two’s son? Number Three, your Third household has less people so if there is nothing the matter then you should also help Number Two, after all you are all real brothers.” He spoke with meaningful and heartfelt words.

Shen Xin was one that looked straightforward and honest but the words he spoke were like poisonous snakes. This could be seen by the Marquis of Lin An, Xie Ding, who he had not spoken properly for decades. When he said those words, Shen Wan had yet to respond but Chen Rou Qiu was so angry that her nails were embedded into her palms. Everyone knew that the Third household had a thin line and Chen Rou Qiu other than given birth to Shen Yue, there were no sons at all. Even though it was said that Shen Wan had deep feelings towards Chen Rou Qiu, but Old Shen Furen had already wanted to give concubines to Shen Wan numerous times because of Chen Rou Qiu’s lack of pregnancy. Shen Xin was poking knives into Chen Rou Qiu’s heart.

“Yes, DiXiFu (aka Younger Brother-in-law’s Wife).” Luo Xue Yan also smiled as she spoke, “Do not keep worrying about other family’s matter. One know that both of you are kind but it is also time for you to think about your own matters. Yue Girl is already so grown up, in future when she get married there would not be any brothers to help out, it would be considered as lacking.”

Shen Miao’s eyes were stirring with laughter. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan were not experts at the battles in the courtyards but their battlefield experience made them feel more sensitive and intuitive toward others. Shen Wan and couple wanted to sow discord but were swallowed by Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan in the mix.

“Younger Sister, let’s go and take a look at Eldest Younger Sister.” Shen Qiu patted Shen Miao’s shoulder, “Your makeup is still at my place.”

Shen Miao knew that Shen Qiu had something to say to her, so she nodded her head and greeted a few people before heading to the Western courtyard with Shen Qiu.

“Younger Sister, Shen Yuan is hostile to you.” Shen Qiu said.

“I know.”

“It is possible he is aware of the root cause of the matter.” Shen Qiu was somewhat anxious, “He is one who loves to act behind the scenes and is quite scheming. One fear that he would take revenge for Shen Qing and would think of ways to harm you. These days you should stay in the residence and not go out.

Shen Qiu had a kind of natural hostility to Shen Yuan and it was something that had unknown reasons. In fact there were no quarrels or fights between Shen Yuan and Shen Qiu, but Shen Qiu just found that Shen Yuan not pleasing to his eyes. Perhaps there were people born that were arch-enemies.

“Eldest Brother, if he truly want to harm me, no matter how well I hide, he will still find a way. Moreover, what can he do? Rest assured, since he is a cautious person, he would not casually find someone to kill me and would come up with some plans.” Talking about schemes, who could compare with her who had died once before.

“Younger Sister, you are still young and do not understand how dangerous some things are.” Shen Qiu was more anxious, “Shen Yuan is not a good person, if you are this careless, you will suffer.”

“Rest assure Eldest Brother.” Shen Miao looked at Shen Qiu, “Counter soldiers with arms, and water with an earth weir. If there is really anything, is not there still Eldest Brother?” She coldly smiled but there were words in her heart that she did not say to Shen Qiu.

Shen Qiu’s death in the previous life was definitely not an accident. She did not know if it was either the Second or the Third household but not one of these people would escape. Even if Shen Yuan did not take action on her, she would not let Shen Yuan live well.

This could be considered as paying the debt from the previous life.

In Cai Yun Yuan of the Eastern courtyard, when Ren Wan Yun saw Shen Yuan she went up to hug Shen Yuan and burst into tears. These days she was alone in fear and felt helpless and finally everything burst out when she saw Shen Yuan. Ren Wan Yun was so shocked up that she could not say a single word, and even Shen Qing who was already like a wooden puppet when she saw Shen Yuan, her eyes filled with despair had a glimmer of colour.

Shen Yuan comforted Ren Wan Yun for a while before coming forward to touch Shen Qing’s head. Shen Qing tolerated before finally started bawling and said between cries, “Second Older Brother, why did you not return earlier?”

When Ren Wan Yun saw Shen Qing cry, she also cried. For a moment, the room was shaking in cries and one would have thought that it was a funeral and not a happy event.

A flash of haze appeared in Shen Yuan’s eyes. He grew up in the General residence and although the most powerful in the General residence was the Shen Xin couple, but to him, those two people only knew how to fight and the children they had were all fools, and all of them were easily played in the hands of their Second household. As for his Mother and Younger Sister, they have always been elegant and noble, by contrast that Shen Miao was like a country bumpkin who was from a small family.

And now, that household of fools actually forced Ren Wan Yun and Shen Qing to this point, this was undoubtedly provocative to Shen Yuan.

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  1. I think you’ve confused alot of names up there…

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  10. I don’t understand this part.
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