Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 83 (Part 1)

I dreaded to translate part of this chapter (I pushed it to the end till I had no reason not to translate it) and I am sure everyone would be able to guess which part and why… It is sad to know that there is always someone suffering far worse than others and that the world is better off without some evildoer…

A fair warning… This release would require you to take some time to recover even though the disturbing part is only one paragraph.

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 83: Extermination of the Entire Household (Part 1)

In the tea room, Ji Yu Shu had a sudden realisation in his heart. Previously Shen Miao said that she wanted to create news and it was targeted against Prince Yu residence. At this moment the information that was sold to the Chen family was also related to Prince Yu residence. Was not this beckoning resentment for Prince Yu’s residence? It seemed that what Gao Yang said was indeed correct, the Shen family and Prince Yu residence have a deep-seated hatred, people set a trap here for Prince Yu residence and wait for them to suffer a setback. But the more Ji Yu Shu thought, the more he became somewhat gloomy. The people who came to Bai Xiao Shen to do business had always been sincere in trading news, and would be deeply grateful to have a place to provide useful information. Nowhere would it be like Shen Miao, who directly used Bai Xiao Sheng as a tool and made use of Bai Xiao Sheng to entice the Chen family to go against Prince Yu residence.

But Ji Yu Shu was thinking that even if the Chen family of JiangNan was large, Prince Yu residence had an infamous reputation for so many years, and there was the Imperial family protection. So unless there was a huge blood debt, no one would rush into such a danger.

“Is what Shen Young Lady say is true?” Chen Yue Shan words were laboured. Prince Yu’s infamous reputation was known to everyone and if the Chen family’s sisters ended in his hands, one could well imagine the end.

“I have no need to lie to you.”

“How could you prove that what you said was true?” Chen Yue Hai suddenly shouted out agitatedly. Most likely he did not believe it or maybe did not dare to believe it, so he was particularly fierce to Shen Miao.

“Both Chen family’s sisters were beautiful and were protected by the Chen family rigorously. Prince Yu of the First Rank had always been provocative and spend quite a lot of thought into capturing the sisters from the Chen family. After which, they were transported overnight to the capital and when the Chen family was searching for the sisters’ whereabouts in Yu province, the Chen family’s sisters had already reached Prince Yu residence.” Speaking till here, Shen Miao’s paused before continuing, “After which, Prince Yu methods of torturing were extremely terrifying and the Chen sisters attempted suicide but were stopped by Prince Yu. Afterwards the older sister intended to fawn so that the younger sister could escape, but in fact Prince Yu was well aware of the sisters’ plans but pretended ignorance. Afterwards Prince Yu gave the older sister to his subordinates and was tortured and beaten to death. The younger sister was insulted during the escape journey and was blinded in one eye. She found a place to work by cleaning up night soil but the neighbours around were all put in place by Prince Yu. This was all to play with the younger Chen sister to see her live full of hope in the swamps.”

Her voice was calm and cool and there was only a little regret at the end but it made one feel cold as one listened. Ji Yu Shu was also extremely terrified. Although he was aware that Prince Yu’s methods of torturing females were dreadful but it was the first time hearing someone describing it to such a detail like Shen Miao. Moreover that younger Chen sister thought that she had escaped and was living full of hope, wishing that there would be a day where one could take revenge and return home but did not know that the hope was fabricated in one’s hand, and what she had all done was just a form of entertainment in the eyes of Prince Yu.

Such words like this made the Chen brothers to become quiet. Chen Yue Hai slowly extended his hands and clutched his head and he suddenly howled out painfully. His voice was like a wounded beast that made one tear when they heard it. Ji Yu Shu could not help but cast a sympathetic eye.

Shen Miao looked at him and she sighed in her heart. The first half of the Chen sisters lives were filled with brocade garments and jaded meals and were pearls in the family palms The lives they lived were carefree and they could be the happiest and most fortunate female in the world. But the next part of their lives were so miserable that it was incomparable to ordinary females. A too magnificent appearance was a sin and the Chen sisters had sinned.

“Shen Young Lady.” Chen Yue Shan was after all more composed than Chen Yue Hei but even so, his voice was trembling as he spoke, “How can Shen Young Lady prove that what was said is the truth. All this is after all, Shen Young Lady’s one-sided statement.” Even if the most steady person were to hear the information, they would not be willing to believe it and also would be like Chen Yue Shan and continue to evade and not face it.

“Very simple, the younger Chen sister is still alive today, but Prince Yu residence have an impenetrable defence so if you rush into it like this, one would inadvertently alert the enemy. If one want to know if what I said is true, you should go to the little footboy who comes out to buy stuff and ask if there is a female who clean up the night soil. She is your younger sister, so you will know if you ask.”

Once the words were said, both Chen brothers’ bodies shook and the pain on their faces could not be hidden. Ji Yu Shu sighed in his heart, Shen Miao said it that detailed and confidently, so this information must be true.

“You.” Chen Yue Hai stared at Shen Miao and suddenly said, “Since you were already aware of this, why did you not save her and just watched her fall into the fire pit without lending a helping hand, and instead come here calmly to sell the news. You.” He fiercely slammed the table, “You are so ruthless.”

“Yue Hai.” Chen Yue Shan reprimanded him in a low voice and cupped his fist in the other hand and said, “My apologies to Shen Young Lady. My Second Younger Brother is too deeply hurt and hope that Shen Young lady would not take it to mind.” Even though the words were polite, there was a trace of blame when he was looking at Shen Miao.

After a quiet moment, Shen Miao did not get angry but laughed instead before looking at Chen Yue Hai and said, “How would Gentleman Chen think I can lend out a helping hand? I am a unarmed and defenseless young lady, and how would I have any ability to save her out from the pit of fire, without any regards of one’s safety to infiltrate Prince Yu’s residence, or be like her Older Sister and give up my life to give her an opportunity? Today I will say this out, if that person was my own Older Sister, I could attempt to rescue but that is only a stranger to me. Dare to ask Gentleman Chen, would you bet your life for a stranger? If you dare, I will respect you as a hero. Unfortunately I am just a timid and narrow-minded female. On what basis must I be the good person?”

Her words were said quickly and anxiously and the Chen brothers were actually rendered speechless by her. Ji Yu Shu jaw dropped. He did not know why but felt that Shen Miao just suddenly got mad just now. Shen Miao’s words were filled with sarcasm, she was not wrong. If there were good people who were willing to bet their life for strangers than the world would not be this difficult to live in. Shen Miao was only a young female, how would she have any ability to help the Chen sisters to escape from the trap.

Shen Miao looked coldly at the two brothers opposite her. Just now she had lost control of some of her emotions. It was just now that she most hated others using the righteous cause to coerce her. In the beginning because of the people of Ming Qi, because of Fu Xiu Yi, she was willing to be the a hostage in Qin country but upon the return back to the Palace, what waited for her was the cold indifference of the Emperor. Her Shen family has supported the monarch’s greater good of the country but ended up with the extermination of the family. On what basis it was always them that were paying? On what basis she had to be the saviour? The Chen family sisters were indeed pitiful but when she was thrown into the Cold Palace and was at the end of one’s rope or when she could not even protect her children, was not she also pitiful? But who reached out to help her?

In this troubled world, no matter how difficult life was, it was to be travelled by oneself, no one would go out to rescue others.

Chen Yue Hai was silent for a long while before he spoke to Shen Miao, “Just now my words were too strong. Shen Young Lady, do pardon me.”

Shen Miao had calmed down her frame of mind and said, “My information ends here.”

“Us brothers believe Shen Young Lady’s words.” Chen Yue Shan said, “But it is imperative to first investigate my Younger Sister whereabouts and once Younger Sister is found, the Chen family would definitely award tens of thousands of gold as thanks.”

“I had said before that there is no need for tens of thousands of gold and only wished to attain good karma.” Shen Miao said, “But I have some words, not sure if both of you are willing to hear it out.”

“Willing to hear the details.” Chen Yue Shan cupped his hands together.

“Prince Yu of the First Rank is calculating, narrow minded and unwilling to make the smallest of sacrifice, thus if anyone provoke him, he would definitely retaliate back. The Chen family is a big household but once a contest with the Imperial family happen, one would at the end fall short. Presumably both of you not only want to save the younger Chen sister but to also take revenge for the Chen sisters.”

The two brother looked at one another and Chen Yue Hai did not concealed at all, “A deep blood feud which is absolutely irreconcilable. We the Chen family cannot exist together with Prince Yu residence. This debt of blood is bound to be recovered back.”

“Even if you do not demand this debt back, to take back the younger Chen sister, Prince Yu would definitely know that it is the doing of the Chen family so no matter what the case, it would be going up against Prince Yu residence. I am under the impression that when one cut the weeds, the roots must also be dug out. If one do not want to fear the future, Prince Yu residence have to be eliminated in one stroke.”

“Shen Young Lady meaning is?” Chen Yue Shan asked hesitantly.

“The numerous connections with different sects in the pugilist world and being friends with the different heros, even though Prince Yu residence is noble, but considering the actual strength, if one wanted to carry out the extermination of the entire household, it is not a difficult thing.”

Ji Yu Shu was idly listening at the side and when he listened to that he could not help but spurt out his tea. The look he gave to Shen Miao was one of astonishment. It was truly somewhat terrifying to hear a little Young Lady to calmly say ‘extermination of the entire household’.

The Chen brothers were also stumped for words. Chen Yue Shan sized Shen Miao up and his heart could not help but be filled with a chill. One thought that when wandering on the pugilist world, one would have seen numerous people who were vicious and merciless but this little young lady in front of him was by far the best. One sentence and it was not to leave a person alive, really extremely vicious.

However they too also felt that Shen Miao’s words had some sense. If there would be a living person, the centipede would die but never fall down, and it would be inevitable that it would be traced back to the Chen family of JiangNan.

“The matter of extermination of the entire household is indeed not difficult.” Chen Yue Shan smiled bitterly, “But this is going against His Majesty.” As one’s family, naturally he could not wait to chop Prince Yu to a thousand pieces and they could do it too but there were still other people in the Chen family. There were womenfolk, children and the weak elderly. With the Imperial family embroiled in it, one could harm the entire Chen family.

“I have a way to not let His Majesty pursue the matter as long as you have the guts to turn Prince Yu’s nest upside down.” Shen Miao said.

“You.” Chen Yue Hai said, “Shen Young Lady we know you are powerful, otherwise the news that we were not finding for the past three years would not have fallen onto your hands. But the Imperial family matters are not that simple, and with one carelessness one would draw fire onto oneself.”

“It may be assumed that after I leave, you both would also investigate my background. I am the Di daughter of the Formidable Great General, Ding capital’s General Shen residence. With this identity, do you think that one’s words can be spoken in the Imperial court?”

The Chen brothers were surprised for a moment and had an astound expression on their faces. Most likely they did not think that Shen Miao had such an identity and thus fell silent. They started their family in the pugilist world and even though they were wealthy, between officials and merchants, merchants were forever below and could only look at the matters of the court from afar. Without knowing the depth of the matter and with Shen Miao’s light coaxing, a sensation was stirred up.

“Why do you want to help us?” Chen Yue Hai asked vigilantly, “To spare no effort to help us, what benefit do you get?”

“You are surely a weird person. Just now you blamed me for not lending a helping hand and now that I do lend it, you are now suspicious and do not understand.”

Shen Miao’s taunts made Chen Yue Hai feel aggravated. Chen Yue Shan waved his hand and looked towards Shen Miao with a smile and said, “Shen Young Lady is naturally a mediator but since the matter is important, one was afraid of implicating Shen Young Lady.”

“One did not only help you.” Shen Miao said blandly, “I also have a huge blood feud with Prince Yu residence. Currently my TangJie is about to marry into the Prince Yu residence and was also one of the tortured people. If you were to exterminate the entire Prince Yu household, would trouble you to please spare my TangJie’s life.”

When the Chen brothers heard of this, the doubts in their hearts were more than half scattered. They cupped their hands towards Shen Miao, “As such, many thanks.”

“Both of you can first inquire news of the Chen Young Sister. One must not act rashly upon receiving the inquiry. I will meet you again to discuss, here in three days’ time.”

The Chen brothers nodded their heads and also heard the intention of sending them off in Shen Miao words. There was no moment to be careless now so they stood up straightforwardly. Chen Yue Shan said, “After finding my Younger Sister, the Chen family have received Shen Young Lady’s favour, if in the future there is a use for the Chen family, naturally the Chen family would not decline. For this matter, many thanks.” After finishing, they quickly carried their swords and left hastily, mostly likely to inquire about the whereabouts of the Chen family younger sister.

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    • I really think shen qing should be given a chance, i mean, all of her bad deeds were influenced by her mother, and the rape incident was unknown to her yet it happened to her… The mother keeps blaming shen miao that’s why she also blamed and resent her


    • It is just Shen Miao excuses lol, so it would be easier for stranger to accept it.
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  1. God that was really sad. I feel really saddened by the fact that, really, the Chen sisters are probably two out of many young ladies that disgusting pig has tortured and played with as if they were toys. Also, my heart reached out for SM, I could really feel her pain as she recalled her past and how no one helped her – so why she should be so ready to sacrifice herself, especially for strangers? It really showed us that no matter how composed and mature she is usually, at her core, she’s still deeply hurt and still needs more time to recover. It also showed us how she’s valuing herself and her family more, and the regrets she feels so deep inside for her children. My poor girl :/

    Thank you for the chapter 💖💖💖

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    • Do not forget, she brought her family down. She was spoiled and naive, and did not care her for her family. She brought it on herself, but she was lucky to recieve a second chance and start over.

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      • Well…..maybe. Yeah she was naive and childish but she was raised by her relatives to be like that. Also, it’s in the first household of the Shen family’s nature to trust other people easily. You might say that makes them dumb but it shows how honest and pure the are compared to the scheming bastards of the capital. Besides….she’s just one person, the ones who really brought her family down are the other two households and her shit husband. It’s really unfair to blame it all on SM tbh.

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      • No, she also blamed herself. She mentioned it at the beginning. Also, notice the reactions of her immediate family after she actually acknowledges them? They finally feel that she is a real daughter or sister. Her first life reminds me of Sansa Stark, where she wanted to be the queen and did care much about anything. However, after becoming queen, she realized it was not so great and began dealing with misery.

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      • I can’t reply to your comment further down so I’m gonna do it here, it wasn’t that she wanted to be queen it was that she was in love with prince ding.

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    • I think an even more important point is that from beginning to end she still doesn’t have the power to protect herself so how is she going to help others? If she had the power to do so she would not need to rely on scheme.

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  2. Somehow the abduction of the Chen sisters made me remember a popular incident in my place. Two sisters of an influential family kidnapped, one sister died while the other was never found (said to be dead too). Speculations and stuff popped out…

    (It’s actually the Chiong Sisters murder case)


  3. The part where the brither clutched his head and screamed really struck me. It truly made me pity them. As for Shen Qing, logically Shen Miao would be doing her a favor if the extermination is done before she marries into the Yu family but if the extermination is done after she marries over then it is the cruelest thing Shen Miao can do for her. It’s more probable that the extermination gets done before she gets married over though due to the urgency and hatred of the Chen family. She is probably going to get lucky in this deal although being alive with the child but without the fathet would also lead to a life of nightmare. In the end her staying alive is not a blessing but a curse when analyzed either way.

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  4. Sadley, there are people like Prince Yu still around in our day and age. I think authors who write about such things are cautioning those who read their work without realising it, or maybe they are. I just wish there were more author s who would do this.


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    That is the sentence of a master schemer who uses the veil of sentiment to hide her true desire for keeping her sister alive.


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