Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 83 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 83: Extermination of the Entire Household (Part 2)

Ji Yu Shu stared at Shen Miao. He initially thought that that day Shen Miao’s performance was already quite unique, but one had not thought that she was even more surprising today. People from the pugilist world were mostly arrogant, and the Chen family was considered a large family and this was a transactional deal but under Shen Miao’s few words, she had become the Chen family’s benefactor and the Chen brothers’ attitude towards Shen Miao became courteous. Just like the brothers said, in the future if Shen Miao have any difficulties, the Chen family would help and to be able to be connected to the Chen family, it was not an easy feat.

“Manager Ji, now we can discuss about the deal between us.” Shen Miao looked at him.

“The conditions that you mentioned that day, I have thought about it.” Ji Yu Shu pretended to touch his chin and made an appearance of being in a difficult position, “Actually this news of yours is just too dangerous. If it is successful, naturally one would be happy but if it is discovered one day, my Feng Xian Pawnshop would not need to open anymore. I, the manager, would also have my head chopped off and all the servants here would also lose their lives. So for this deal, you need to pay with the Shen family and money but I need to pay with lives. Speaking of this, it is to my disadvantage.”

Shen Miao gave him a fluttering glance and said, “As such, there is no deal for this business. I understand, have disturb Manager Ji for so long. Goodbye.”

The words that Ji Yu Shu planned to say were not finished when he saw Shen Miao sudden change of expression and wanting to leave. He was so shocked that he forgot to pretend and quickly said, “Hey, hey, hey. I have yet to finish my words. How is it that nowadays young ladies are unable to remain calm. Shen Young Lady, even though I felt that this is very dangerous, the first time I saw you, I felt that both of us are very fated. For a beautiful girl like you to put forth any request, there would not be any males who would not disagree. I am one who cannot see a beauty in grievance and if this deal is not done, one think that you would also not be happy. To make you happy, what harm is there to bet my life to it so I will make this deal.”

In the secret room at the other side, after hearing such nauseating words from Ji Yu Shu, Gao Yang could not help but look at Xie Jing Xing, “Is he alright? This is not Young Lady Shao Yao and to provoke such a poisonous female like this. This is a cannibalistic young lady.”

Xie Jing Xing’s pulled back, “Such recklessness.”

But when Shen Miao finished listening to Ji Yu Shu, she calmly said under Ji Yu Shu’s ardent and warm eyes, “That being the case, then let me tell Manager Ji of my plans.”

Ji Yu Shu immediately sat down, “Alright, may Shen Young Lady speak.”

“Currently the Ming Qi people all know that then years ago His Majesty met with an assassination, and Prince Yu used his body to protect and managed to save His Majesty from the assassin, and lost a leg in the process. That assassin however escaped.”


Shen Miao smiled gently, “The news that I want you to spread is very simple. Is that recently Prince Yu had put a personal guard to death and in addition that personal guard, other than looking slightly older, looked exactly the same as the assassin ten years ago.”

“This.” Ji Yu Shu was dazed first before suddenly pausing and the cup in his hands almost fell out of his hands.

“May Manager Ji ensure that this information be heard by His Majesty.” Shen Miao smiled gently.

“Is this true?” Ji Yu Shu tried to probe.

“Real or fake, it is enough when Manager Ji find ways to turn it into the truth.” Shen Miao smiled.

“You.” Ji Yu Shu stared at Shen Miao and was speechless for a long time. He felt that this little Young Lady who looked younger than him was actually a monster.

“Since the deal is done, I should also leave.” Shen Miao stood up, “Manager Ji’s action has to be faster, at least faster than the extermination of the entire Prince Yu household.”

After she finished speaking, she did not even glanced at Ji Yu Shu when she turned and left. Hong Ling was waiting outside for a long time and when she saw her coming out, she knew that the discussion of the deal was completed and led her out.

In the secret room, Gao Yang was silent for a moment before speaking, “Shen family is so powerful and I do not think that this is a good thing. Now that there is more monks and less porridge, the Shen family cannot remain for long.”

“I have the final say towards remaining or not.” Xie Jing Xing lazily said, “It is also not bad to use the Shen family hands to deal with the old dog Prince Yu.”

“Perhaps one day the Shen family will deal with you like that.”

“If they dare, I would not mind to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.” Xie Jing Xing’s beautiful black eyes lit up, “Is there whereabouts for that thing?”

Gao Yang shook his head.

“On the extermination day, I will personally take a trip there.” Xie Jing Xing sat up straight and played with the jade in his hands, “I do not believe it can fly away.”

“You really believe that Shen Miao’s plan of exterminating the entire Prince Yu’s household is done well? But during the actual proceeding, there would always be accidents.”

“Accidents?” Xie Jing Xing chuckled lightly and his half open peach eyes looked like they were intoxicated but under the long eyelashes, that pair of eyes were as sharp as knives, as if the cat had caught the mouse and was playing with it, “Ever since I met her the first time, there was no accident with her.”

The time passed as always very fast.

The General Shen residence was a very strange residence. Before the accidents happened, everything was naturally concealed under a joyous and harmonious appearance. Previously the relationship between the households at least looked good from the outside. That was until a fire burned down the Shen family’s ancestral hall, it also burned Shen Xin couple’s trust of the Second and Third households which had soured now their relationship with the Eldest household.

Now that Shen Qing had lost her innocence and had to marry Prince Yu of the First Rank, people who knew the reason were also aware that this was not a good thing. But Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Yu were happily and busily preparing for Shen Qing’s marriage. Since it was the Imperial family that bestowed the marriage one had to show a happy appearance, but between one’s own family there was no need to show such a happy attitude. This looked overly cold.

Because of Shen Qing, Ren Wan Yun quarrelled with Shen Gui and Old Shen Furen was biased towards Shen Gui, and was increasingly dissatisfied with this daughter-in-law so she did not return the power of managing the household back to Ren Wan Yun. Chen Rou Qiu was valued by Old Furen so naturally her actions were more solicitous. Ren Wan Yun had anger in her heart and at times could not help but show resentment to Old Shen Furen. Old Shen Furen was even more severe as she directly retained Shen Yuan Bo in Rong Jing Tang and did not let Ren Wan Yun see him.

At this point, Ren Wan Yun had become the person who was cut off from others in the huge Shen family. Even the servants that were under her also secretly seek refuge with Wan YiNiang, who was currently in the limelight. If Ren Wan Yun was not scolding and cursing the entire day in Cai Yun Yuan, then she would be crying and hugging Shen Qing, making her look somewhat insane.

Those things had no relationship with the Western courtyard.

Shen Xin couple was conscious of keeping the distance to Second and Third households so the attitude was neither hot or cold. Through this matter, they most likely saw clearly the Second and Third households’ cold character. At least to Shen Xin’s and Luo Xue Yan’s viewpoint, if whatever that happened to Shen Qing befall on Shen Miao, both of them would never have swallowed the anger and were afraid they would fight with their lives to give justice to Shen Miao. In addition with Shen Miao’s sensibility, she did not alienated them like she had treated them in the past, which made them feel that it was very worth it to have requested Emperor Wen Hui’s grace to stay in the Ding capital much longer.

In the room Bai Lu said, “Eldest Young Master just now picked a few precious jewellery for Young Lady again and also gave a few banknotes for Young Lady. This servant will put it in the box for Young Lady.”

Shen Miao nodded her head. After Shen Qiu was aware that she had gone to Feng Xian Pawnshop, he thought that she was short on money to spend and sent over every few days the exquisite stuff that the Palace had bestowed, or else he would just directly sent money over and also said to her, “Younger Sister, if you have no money, tell Elder Brother and Elder Brother would give it to you. Do not go to that whatever pawnshop, Shen Qiu’s Younger Sister do not need to go to a pawnshop to pawn things for money.”

Shen Miao was also disinclined to explain to him and since having more money was not a problem, she was happy to accept it.

It has been two days since the meeting with the Chen brothers and one had to go to the Feng Xian Pawnshop again tomorrow. One was not sure if Chen Yue Shan and Chen Yue Hai were able to inquire about the whereabouts of the younger Chen sister.

That Chen family’s sisters life experience was undoubtedly very pitiful. And when she came to know about the matter, it was during her previous lifetime. She had married to Fu Xiu Yi and when Fu Xiu Yi just ascended the throne, he had no patience with Prince Yu of the First Rank. Fu Xiu Yi was after all not Emperor Wen Hui and Prince Yu had not saved his life. As an Emperor who had just ascended to the throne, there was nothing worthy of happiness from a Royal Shu who gave trouble to him.

JiangNan’s Yu Province’s Chen family finally learned about the Chen sisters’ experiences three years later and at that time also tried assassinating Prince Yu. This pair of brothers had the guts and directly crippled Prince Yu’s other leg but unfortunately let Prince Yu live. Prince Yu was furious and wanted to track down who was it and threw this problem to Fu Xiu Yi.

To investigate who were the assassins it was especially difficult, but Fu Xiu Yi had aids and advisors all over the land and that also included people in the pugilist world, thus someone mentioned the Feng Xian Pawnshop’s private business to Fu Xiu Yi.

Fu Xiu Yi himself did not come forward personally, but sent people to spend heavily to buy the news of the assassins who assaulted Prince Yu. It was also strange to mention that the Feng Xian Pawnshop took the business, but the deal was not completed as they said that there was no news received. The Feng Xian Pawnshop did not receive it but Fu Xiu Yi later found out that it was the JiangNan’s Chen family, so the whole family was drowned in the disaster that they ushered in.

In this lifetime, Shen Miao had long thought about this matter, long before Prince Yu had different designs on her. Just as Ren Wan Yun had started the transaction, she had already laid out such a scheme. Everything was in accordance with the chess game. Shen Qing was humiliated, Ren Wan Yun counterattacked, even Shen Qing’s accidental pregnancy were all in her plans. In a natural way, implicate the pregnancy in the returning feast, Shen Qin would want to marry Prince Yu and Prince Yu would be up in a violent rage.

Prince Yu would place all his energy on her, thus the Chen family’s people would be able to take advantage of this opportunity to work out a strategy secretly. As for the Imperial family, it would be a light work.

Actually Shen Miao had a speculation all along that with the Feng Xian Pawnshop’s ability, it was not exactly unable to find out that it was the Chen family that assaulted Prince Yu in the past life, but Fu Xiu Yi’s people kept not receiving any news. Perhaps the Feng Xian Pawnshop deliberately did so, and there was a possibility that there was some discord between the Feng Xian Pawnshop’s people and Prince Yu.

That was why in the pagoda of the Feng Xian Pawnshop, Shen Miao deliberately tested Ji Yu Shu and said ‘extermination of the entire household’. Ji Yu Shu had a stunned look but there was no gloom on it, so obviously Ji Yu Shu had no resentment or gratitude to the residence of Prince Yu.

But for a person who had died once, sometimes one’s intuition was terribly accurate. Ji Yu Shu’s reaction not only did not dispel Shen Miao’s conjectures, but also made her have another doubt in her heart. If it was so, then everything was not unexplainable.

Perhaps the owner behind the Feng Xian Pawnshop was not Ji Yu Shu.

Who was the person behind the scene?

Shen Miao was unable to call it to mind. She originally thought that due to being an Empress in the past life and also being by Fu Xiu Yi’s side, all these big and small secrets would be in the palm of her hands, but it seemed that the depth of this waters was more dangerous than she had imagined it to be.

But in any case, Prince Yu’s household must be exterminated and Prince Yu’s life be collected, as for Shen Qing, naturally should be kept alive in a manner where death was better than living. In the previous life Shen Qing came to see her in jail, now in this lifetime, she would return the favour with thanks.

Shuang Jiang carried a flower pot in and smiled, “Yesterday the sun was especially big so this servant brought this pot of flowers out to bask in the sunlight. Initially this servant did not believe when Young Lady said that most likely there would be snow in these past few days, and made this servant bring out the parasol covers. Who knew that early this morning, there was snowfall. Thanks to Young Lady’s preparation or else these pots of flowers would be miserable and this servant would also get into trouble.”

“Speaking of which, Young Lady seemed to like making preparations.” Bai Lu smiled, “To prepare things early, one will be able to think of things that could go wrong and every time we encounter critical issues, we are able to get by it easily. This character of Young Lady’s is very good to have.”

Shen Miao smiled lightly and the pair of bright eyes reflected the scenery outside but were as firm as a rock. She said, “It is nothing. I just do not like accidents.”

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