Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 82 (Part 3)

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Chapter 82: Buying and Selling (Part 3)

The first snow came falling down and the Ding capital was covered in the first night of snow. When the sun shone, the snow that froze the eaves started shining, making it a truly beautiful sight. There were naughty children on the streets which bent down to grab a handful of snow and rolled them to a snowball. They then threw it at one another and played. The closer it was to the end of the year, the more crowded the Ding capital would be, as if with the hard work for the entire year, at the end of it, it has become fruitful.

Outside the Feng Xian Pawnshop, there hung a row of red lanterns but they were not ordinary red lanterns. One did not know what kind of materials the lanterns were made of, as it seems to be mixed with gold yarn that was shining even in broad daylight. There were also shiny glass beads that were shining at the bottom of the lanterns, each flash of light was sparkling like crystals. With this kind of display of wealth, there were guards stationed outside and that deterred the constant stream of people who wanted to steal the lanterns.

The plainly dressed little shop assistant welcomed the guests with smiles. There were only a few people who came to the Feng Xian Pawnshop for business, and the shop assistants all generally lazed around but today they were uncharacteristically energised, as if expecting guests to arrive.

Behind the Feng Xian Pawnshop’s long corridor, there laid another piece of heaven and earth. At the first level of the pavilion, in the tea room, the red clad lady’s smile was charming and seductive as she personally carried snacks over. She said in a smile as she delivered, “The chef had made some snacks, may the guest give it a try.” Finishing, she withdrew from the room.

There sat three people in the tea room. One was wearing a lake green long robe and the smile was kind and warm. The two persons that he was facing were around twenties of age and had a seventh to eighth similar appearances, obviously this was a pair of brothers. Both of them had large eyes and there were swords on their waists with airs of the pugilist world.

At this moment, the older of this pair of brothers said, “Manager Ji, is the seller of news deceiving us brother? Why the tardiness of appearance?”

Ji Yu Shu smiled, “Chen brother must not be anxious, that day I had already arranged with her to meet today but did not mention the time. Anyways it would be today and would not be too late, so one hope that both of you will pardon this.” As he spoke, he was cursing the both of them in his heart. Where would here be a business that would be conducted when the day just broke? Others were still sleeping. If one was not taking into consideration JiangNan’s Chen family’s reputation, he would have let the shop assistant to throw them out.

“Dare not conceal.” The Eldest Chen Young Master, Chen Yue Shan, said, “When we brothers came to know about the news, it originally took half a month to reach Ding capital but due to the nonstop journey by horse, we had made four horses tired to death just to know of our two Younger Sisters’ news. Manager Ji also know that for these three years in order to find our younger sisters, we had spent much of our energy but there was no information at all, thus upon hearing such sprouts, naturally one’s heart would be anxious. Hope that Manager Ji will not jest.” This Eldest Chen Young Master was good at talking, and most likely saw that Ji Yu Shu was somewhat unpleased with their early coming and half explaining and half apologising.

Ji Yu Shu felt a little comfortable and his smile became a little sincere, “These years I also helped you to pay attention to the information and now with the signs of positive outcome, I also feel comforted.”

“It is in fact nothing for us to be waiting here.” The Second Chen Young Master was much younger and he spoke with full of vim, “As long as the news is real, there are no problems with more waiting even for half a month. But if it is fake… To play with our JiangNan’s Chen family like this, do not blame us brothers for being rude.”

Ji Yu Shu’s warm heart suddenly felt annoyed. He did not care if the Chen brothers played with him but if they were to play punk in his territory, it made him extremely annoyed. His smile did not changed but his tone of voice became much colder, “My Feng Xian Pawnshop only care about the buying and selling of news and when this deal is successful, then there will be an exchange of money but if it is unsuccessful then it would be dispersing with a clap. What Chen brother want to do, I would not care. This Feng Zian Pawnshop of mine is however a place purely for business and cannot afford any trouble.”

Chen Yue Shan paused and fiercely stared at his Younger Brother. He naturally knew the power of the seemingly friendly and harmless youth in front, and that his current appearance now was not as simple as what he was showing.

Chen Yue Hai saw his Eldest Brother’s look and knew that he had said the wrong thing and did not continue. The atmosphere became silent.

After a long time there were footsteps at the door but it was Hong Ling that parted the beaded curtain with a smile and spoke to Ji Yu Shu, “Manager, the customer is here.”

The Chen brothers unconsciously looked at the door and a purple clad young female walked out from behind Hong Ling. This young female looked delicate and adorable and seemed to be around thirteen or fourteen of age. But one did not know why her brows were as calm as water like she was much older than she appeared, thus it made others feel somewhat confused.

She opened up the curtains and sat down on the empty chair before nodding at Ji Yu Shu, “Manager Ji.”

“This… Young Lady.” Chen Yue Shan felt conflicted asking, “Is the one selling the news?”

Hong Ling retreated with a smile and there was only the Chen brothers, Shen Miao and Ji Yu Shu in the tea room. Shen Miao said, “Yes.”

Chen Yue Hai’s facial expression changed and sneered, “Young Lady, how old were you three years ago. Do not come and play with the two of us.”

“There are many channels to gain the news and perhaps it was not seen personally and perhaps it was not known three years ago. The buying and selling is about the results, also it is really not worth it playing with just a small Chen family.”

A ‘pu’ sound was heard and Ji Yu Shu could not help but laughing out. But when he laughed, he saw Chen Yue Hai’s face turned ugly and he quickly made his face serious, “What Shen Young Lady said was not wrong. The buying and selling is about the results and the process is not as important.”

“Is that so?” Chen Yue Hai looked at Shen Miao and said in a not warm or cold tone, “Then one do not know how can this Shen Young Lady guarantee that the information is true? It is especially particular in business that the results are not false, so if the results are indeed real, us brothers would definitely provide a heavy amount of gold for thanks, but if it is not real… Do you know the consequences?” When speaking the last part, Chen Yue Hai’s tone became sinister.

Those who wandered in the pugilist world had a little viciousness and in that moment the fierceness burst out and it was enough to intimidate normal people, must less a little young lady.

But one only met with silence as Shen Miao was looking at him without blinking. There was not even a trace of a change of emotions. Her calmness seemed to make Chen Yue Hai felt like one who stirred up trouble deliberately.

Ji Yu Shu wanted to laugh but could not laugh so he could only hold it in. The silent Chen Yue Shan finally spoke, “Shen Young Lady, my Younger Brother is somewhat rude and I apologise for him. The two of us are sincere in buying the news and if Young Lady’s news is true, we will definitely offer tens of thousands of gold as thanks.”

“There is no need for tens of thousands of gold.” Shen Miao said, “Just give some as you prefer. It is just that JiangNan’s Chen family’s connections are widespread and I only wanted to receive good karma. One would be unable to say for certain that in the future if there is anything that requires Chen family’s help, hope that both would take this into consideration to the news provided and take care accordingly.”

The two persons she was facing were males that were much older and had also experienced much more, but there was no conceding in terms of her words and everything was done properly, as if there was some heroism of the pugilist world. This made Chen Yue Shan view her higher and cupped his hands in agreement. But he did not know that Ji Yu Shu was long cursing Shen Miao as an unscrupulous merchant in his heart. One knew that the money earned from the sold news would all be given to Feng Xian Pawnshop, but now Shen Miao took the initiative to tell them to give lesser money, was not this making Feng Xian Pawn shop earning less?

“You better speak about that news.” Chen Yue Hai was after all somewhat anxious.

Shen Miao glanced at him and said, “The sisters of the Chen family disappeared at JiangNan’s Yu province but were in fact abducted by others. The mastermind of the abduction of the sisters is currently the brother of His Majesty, Prince Yu of the First Rank.”

When the words were spoken, the three persons in the tea room became silent. In the secret room next to the tea room, two people were also stunned. The white clad gentleman’s voice even broke, “Prince Yu of the First Rank?”

The purple clad youth was gently stroking the jade cup when his lips suddenly raised to a smile as he said, “Interesting.”

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