Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 81 (Part 3)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 81: Bargaining (Part 3)

Ji Yu Shu’s eyes turned and suddenly he changed the topic, “Then how much is Shen Young Lady willing to sell this piece of news for?”

The people who buy news will pay the money and a part of it would go to the person who sold the news and the other part would go to Bai Xiao Shen. And this amount of money had to be negotiated before.

“After that, I still want to buy a news. If Manager Ji is able to sell the news I want to buy then I will not accept a single tael from JiangNan’s Yu province’s Chen family’s money and even give you some.”

Ji Yu Shu sucked in a cold lump of air.

To be honest, Feng Xian Pawnshop has been open for so many years and many matters were handled by Hong Ling, since Ji Yu Shu was one who gets others to work but does nothing himself. This was a business with total profit but was also a simple business which focussed on the network in the three religions and nine school of thoughts. There was very little brain work involved. Who knew that with the conversation with Shen Miao, one felt that there were many curves and corners in her words which made him somewhat overwhelmed. Just like this, it was something that Ji Yu Shu was unable to comprehend.

But he still remembered that he was a businessman so he questions, “What news does Shen Young Lady want to buy? At the look of things, it would not be small. If it cannot be found, one would be afraid that the money would be put on hold for many years and I do not think it is a good option.”

“If Manager Ji is willing, it would not require years as it is possible at the moment.” Shen Miao said.

“What does this got to do with my willingness?” Ji Yu Shu stared with wide eyes, “I am not the selling side.”

“The news I want to buy is that the Prince Yu residence is seeking to rebel but this news is not bought for myself but for the Imperial family of Ming Qi. Does Manager Ji understand?”

Ji Yu Shu first jumped in shock by the words she said and almost turned over as he looked at Shen Miao like she was insane. Hong Ling also stared wide eyed, watching Shen Miao calmly say those treacherous words and felt a little faint.

The tea room became quiet for a long time until the incense burned to half before Ji Yu Shu said, “Hong Ling, bring them out.”

Hong Ling quickly brought the few girls out and before she left she gave Shen Miao a look and the latter picked up the cup with eyes as calm as water.

“Shen Young Lady.” Ji Yu Shu said, “You are not buying news but creating news.”

No one would be telling the news directly and plainly to a middleman. Shen Miao’s deal was to do it for outsiders, one could say directly going to Bai Xiao Sheng. She wanted to borrow Bai Xiao Shen, this industry, to spread some rumours and let these rumours ‘randomly’ spread to the Imperial family.

Bai Xiao Sheng has many contacts in the three religions and nine school of thoughts and they were like slippery autumn loaches. At that time, just make a prick in the crowd, it would be done cleanly as no one would be able to find the source.

With regards to the releasing of the rumours, Shen Miao was fearless towards a normal family, even it was an official’s family. But to implicate the Imperial family, the Shen family cannot take the risk so this was her plan.

“Whether it is selling, buying or creating news, wealth is in the risk.” Shen Miao smiled gently, “Manager Ji does not dare to take this business up?”

Ji Yu Shu scratched his head and spoke like a troubled youth, “I am naturally very tempted with Shen Young Lady’s terms but Feng Xian Pawnshop is not for decorations and is not used as tool for chess. One will be unworthy to face the ancestors if Feng Xian Pawnshop land on trouble due to this one’s greed.” He clasped his hands together, “Currently the Bai Xiao Shen industry is like feathers of a phoenix and horns of a unicorn (aka extremely rare), because of one’s ancestors, I cannot take the risks. Apologies to Shen Young Lady.” He stood up and gave Shen Miao a greeting, “This pawnshop will not take up Shen Young Lady’s deal of creating news but if one’s decision of selling the news is not changed, I will order people to record it down. Once the news from the Chen family of JiangNan arrive, this one would get someone to inform Young Lady. As for when and where, Young Lady can come to the pawnshop ten days later.”

After finishing the sentence, Ji Yu Shu smiled at her full of apology and turned around to leave. Just when his steps were almost out of the tea room, Shen Miao voice rang from behind, “Manager Ji, since the bargaining chip for the deal is not enough, will this proceed with the addition of Formidable Great General residence’s Shen family?

Ji Yu Shu was surprised for a moment before turning around.

The purple clad young female looked down to the tea in front of her as if she could see flowers inside. Her voice was calm and waveless but there was a trace of heavy tension which made the entire tea room felt suffocating.

“If you agree to do this business, the Formidable Great General residence in Ding capital will then become your Bai Xiao Sheng’s network.”


Upstairs, Gao Yang and Xie Jing Xing were still drinking tea when they suddenly heard a tensed voice, “Older brothers, it is not good!” They looked up and saw Ji Yu Shu running in recklessly.

He lifted the beaded curtain with one hand and sat in front of the table before grabbing the quilt that he left behind, and poured a full cup of tea to fill his stomach before catching his breath and speak, “Scared me to death!”

“What’s with you?” Gao Yang joked, “Just now did you not went down in a hurry to look at the beauty? Why? The beauty was not beautiful?”

“Very beautiful, very beautiful.”

“Then that is strange.” Gao Yan touched his chin and thought, “Could it be that the beauty is fierce and you have provoked the other person?”

Such a frivolous person like Ji Yu Shu, one would shout and beat at him. It was much better with shy young females but those slightly older would be unhappy with his merriment.

“More than very fierce!” Ji Yu Shu had some lingering fear in his heart, “Simply a monster! Ke. I have been doing Bai Xiao Sheng work for so many years but it the first time meeting such a deal like this.”

“Is not it the JiangNan’s Chen’s family matter? Could it be that she is robbing in the daylight and want lots of money?” Gao Yang asked.

“More than daylight robbery! It is like a bottomless pit!”

“What exactly is it?” Xie Jing Xing glanced at him, “If you do not speak properly, I will throw you out from here.”

“Ke. This customer does not want money for the sale of JiangNan’s Chen family’s news but said to use the money to buy news. Do you know what news she wants to buy? She want to buy news for the Imperial family, the news is that Prince Yu of the First Rank residence is conspiring to rebel! Damn it!” Ji Yu Shu could not help but curse, “This is letting us, Feng Xian Pawnshop, build the rafts and want us to create news for her!”

When Gao Yang and Xie Jing Xing heard that, their expression gradually turned serious. Ji Yu Shu was playful and did not know the seriousness of this, but both of them knew the danger in Ji Yu Shu’s words.

The techniques that this customer used were really brutal.

Ji Yu Shu was still shouted unreconcilable, “On what basis! On what basis does my good Feng Xian Pawnshop have to be a raft for others? In the future if trouble arises, she will flee and the one suffering will be my pawnshop. Think I am stupid!”

“Since it is like that, you can just not agree to it.” Gao Yang said.

“Hei hei.” Ji Yu Shu suddenly changed and laughed twice before saying, “Good thing I bargained and forced her to talk and offer a bigger price. You guess what is it?”

“What?” Xie Jing Xing lazily asked.

“It is the Formidable Great General Shen’s family in Ding capital. When this business is successful, the Shen family will be one of Bai Xiao Sheng’s network. I just came back and have already helped you a great deal, quick thank me!” Ji Yu Shu laughed wildly.

Shen family?

Xie Jing Xing stared at him and slowly opened his mouth, “Who was that person?”

“A little Young Lady that looked quite good and bear the Shen surname, most likely is a member of the Shen family.” Ji Yu Shu scratched his head, “It is just that she is very fierce and turned a blind eye at my magnificence.”

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  1. “Turned a blind eye at my magnificence”. This boy knows how to praise himself. Wow, the empress is evil, really evil, and I like it. It seems not only me. Thanks a lot for your translation.

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  2. Great now XJX knows. Shen Miao is risking everything with every moves she makes, like when risking her life for her family to find out the facade, and now risking her Shen family for taking Prince Yu life. I just kinda realize how serious Shen Miao was about getting revenge back, even ready to sacrifice everything in return.

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  3. Ji Yu Shu is too foolish, this is a deal with endless benefits for Shen Miao. Once she enmeshes the Shen residence in the underground information network as a trusted source, she controls the flow and disemination of all kinds of rumors. I bet she has a lot of dirt on various figures in the capital.

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    XJX: what’s will all the ruckus?
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    JSY: *pant* what lady!! She’s a monster. *pant* a very beautiful monster. Who’d dare to flirt?
    XJX: *rollseyes*
    GY: monster?
    JSY: hehehe listen well…she wants something big, enough to cause a raft from this father, but this father’s bargaining skills is too amazing I actually got a better chip.
    GY: and what is that deal?
    XJX: stop the chitchat or I’ll throw you out
    JSY: but brother isn’t this place mine? *cries*
    XJX: *glares*
    JSY: that beautiful monster wants to create problem for the imperial family!! And wants to spread news that Prince Yu wants to rebel.
    GY and XJX: !!!
    XJX: beautiful…monster? And the leecher? *fallsintodeepthought*
    GY: that’s a very serious things
    JSY: hehehe. Of course I wouldn’t settle for some info!! This father, got that young lady’s words to make General Shen’s soldier as its legs and feet for gathering information!! *smirks*
    XJX: …who is that person….
    Peepers hiding on the bush: Its your future waifu!! Of course!!

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  5. Your magnificence wasn’t good enough for her to notice (¬‿¬) can’t compare to XJX keke
    ..she’ll be your sister-in-law in the future~ till then be careful of your life~

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    but i hope for a chappy tomorow or so to say that it is out befor i go to sleep.

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  7. Thanks for the translation! Although I read it in Chinese, your translation is the reason this book was brought to my attention.

    Oh, and Ji Yushu is a great character! Sure he says dumb things all the time, but I find him more amusing than Gao Yang and Xie Jingxing. I must say that what Shen Miao planned to do with Bai Xiao Shen was pretty surprising.

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  8. OMG this chapter was so intense and interesting!!! I love how SM continues to overpower and surprise everyone she meets with her beauty, wits, and fierceness. This JYS hahaha, he’s hilarious! But dude, if SM isn’t even affected by XJX, why would she be affected by you? 😂

    Can’t wait to see how XJX and GY react lmao~ Thank you for the chapter 💖 💖 💖

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