Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 82 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 82: Buying and Selling (Part 1)

“A little Young Lady that looked quite good and bear the Shen surname, most likely is a member of the Shen family.” Ji Yu Shu scratched his head, “It is just that she is very fierce and turned a blind eye at my magnificence.”

The voice just landed and a strange silence fell into the tea room. After a moment, Gao Yang then smiled as he looked at Xie Jing Xing, “I roughly know who she is. That Young Lady of the Shen family is somewhat powerful.” Even though the smile was warm, the tone revealed a sharp comment.

“In fact, I also find it strange.” Ji Yu Shu shuddered before scratching his head, “When she came over I observed carefully and it seemed that it was not her first time doing business with Bai Xiao Sheng. I asked Hong Ling and she had not seen her before. Our line of business has always being secretive and other than a few families in Ding capital that know, there are no others. How… Did she know?”

“This Young Lady is not simple at all.” Gao Yang thought before speaking, “I initially thought that the Shen family of Ding capital were all brainless meat, and sooner or later will be swallowed by others. Now it seems that the water is deeper than one had expected.” He glanced at Xie Jing Xing and found the latter deep in thought so he asked, “What do you think about this?”

Xie Jing Xing raised his head and looked towards Ji Yu Shu, “Did you agree to her conditions?”

“Such a big matter like this have to be discussed with you all.” Ji Yu Shu bit into another pastry, “But I reckon that the Shen family business is big and the military power in their hands is not weak at all. If what that Shen family Young Lady said is true, in the future when Third Xie Older Brother plan things, it would be much easier. She after all does not fathom that our Feng Xian Pawnshop is actually Third Older Brother’s secret business.”

When a sandpiper and a clam are locked in a fight, this was only to the advantage of the fisherman. That Shen little young lady most likely did not know that her promised commitment would only be to the advantage of Xie Jing Xing. But this could not be blamed on her as the powerful relationship between them was not even known to Hong Ling, even though she had managed the business for so many years.

“Even so…” Gao Yang pondered, “This stakes is just too big. On the news she wants to create, the Imperial family would easily catch the attention if one is not careful. We are very discreet with our actions and if there were to be any mistakes, there will be no losses. As for one Shen family more or less, there is no influence of them in the initial plan so this is not that tempting.”

“What you said also make sense.” Ji Yu Shu nodded his head and looked towards Xie Jing Xing, “But at the end, it is still Third Older Brother that makes the decision.”

“You should agree to her condition.”

When Xie Jing Xing said those words, Gao Yang frowned, “Why the hasty decision?”

“Since the Shen family has become a variable, it does not mean that there is no role for them in the future. To use them to deal with some people, it is worth a battle. As for her wanting to create news, it is targeted at Prince Yu residence.” Xie Jing Xing raised his brows, “Just nice, we do not need to take action and there will be things that we can do without.”

When he said so, the others then remembered. Ji Yu Shu smacked his palms, “Oh yes, I almost forgot. She want to create news about Prince Yu residence plotting a rebellion. This was to target the residence of Prince Yu. What grudge does the Prince Yu residence have with the Shen family?”

Ji Yu Shu just returned back to Ding capital and usually did not pay attention to the affairs of the court’s daughters, so there were things that he was unclear and was unable to make heads or tails at all.

It became evident in Gao Yang’s mind, he knew about the resentment between Shen Miao and Prince Yu and could not help but be surprised. If it was an ordinary female that came upon such a thing, one would be afraid of Prince Yu residence’s power. But not only was Shen Miao not afraid, she was waiting for an opportunity to attack. She was extremely clever to know that the Imperial family was backing the Prince Yu residence, and first worked on driving a wedge between them. If the Imperial family had doubts about Prince Yu, naturally the lifesaving charm behind the Prince Yu residence was of no use.

But even so, what could she still do?

“Accept this business.” Xie Jing Xing said, “Inform the Chen family of JiangNan as soon as possible.”

“Do not worry. I have already let Hong Ling send a letter to Yu province. But the Chen family’s case has been dragged on for three years, I do not know if that Shen family little young lady’s news is really true. After all in the beginning the Chen family had thought up of hundreds and thousands of methods but there were no news at all, so how could this be known by a little young lady? If her news is fake, most probably the Chen family would not let her live well.” Ji Yu Shu’s mouth was stuffed with snacks and could not speak clearly.

“Since she come here selling the news, it is real.” Xie Jing Xing frowned, “It is just that there are some parts that make no sense.”

“Are you a rice bucket?” Gao Yang looked at Ji Yu Shu’s look of wolfing down the food and could not help but shook his head, “Could it be that you, a manager of the Feng Xian Pawnshop, have never eat before?”

Ji Yu Shu put a finger out and waved it, “How would there be other places’ snacks be as good as the ones made by Third Older Brother’s chef? The last time I brought the snacks made by Third Older Brother’s chef to Young Lady Shao Yao and she actually smiled at me. It can be seen that,” he lifted one snack to Gao Yang’s face, “There are some differences to it.”

Gao Yang was too lazy to scold him when he saw Ji Yu Shu suddenly had a concentrated look and like he had thought about something, before taking out a piece of banknote from his pocket, “Speaking of which, that Shen family Young Lady gave me a thousand taels at the end to buy an information.”

“What information?” Xie Jing Xing and Gao Yang looked at him the same time.

“To look for someone. A young lady by the name of Liu Ying and said that… Most probably she is a young lady from a brothel and is located in the Ding capital. And it was essential for me to find her.” He asked curiously, “Why does she want to find a brothel lady? Could it be that she, like me, loves beauties?”

Gao Yang and Xie Jing Xing looked at one another. The former was puzzled and the latter just shook his head lightly.


When Hong Ling ushered her out, Mo Qing and the rest gave a sigh of relief after seeing her safe and sound. Shen Miao had stayed inside for far too long and if she stayed for a moment more, the few of them would have rushed in to get her out. Before leaving, Shen Qiu had warn repeatedly that Shen Miao had provoked trouble so one must be careful during the journey. If they lost Shen Miao, Shen Qiu would kill the few of them.

Hong Ling politely smiled at Shen Miao, “May Shen Young Lady come here again in ten days’ time.”

“Thanking Supervisor Hong.” Shen Miao replied softly.

It was the little shop assistant by the door that could not help but glance at Shen Miao a few more times, most likely because it was the first time seeing Hong Ling treating someone that respectfully.

After Shen Miao and entourage went up the carriage and left, the little shop assistant could not help but asked Hong Ling, “Supervisor, what kind of backing does that young lady have?”

“Go and do your things well.” Hong Ling patted his head. After some thoughts, she said more, “The next time when you see this Shen Young Lady, sweeten your mouth. She is not a simple character.”

The little shop assistant quickly complied. Hong Ling watched the horse carriage getting further away as her heart sighed in relief. Highly-talented individuals truly came forth in large numbers in the Ding capital that now even a little young lady was able to scheme major events quietly. As compared to her family master, she was not inferior in any respect.

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  1. I have followed the story and by far..I felt amazed with Shen Miao. Especially in these current chapters, her scheme makes me shudder and she is totally fearless.

    Hail our empress! And I can’t wait for her next fierce moves to eliminate the ‘weeds’.

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  2. I really wonder why the emperor supports such a prince. =.=
    With XJX’s connections and power, I’m starting to think what really happened about his death during SM’s first life.

    Thank you for the chapter ٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡ fu

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  3. Things are setting into gear, more puzzle pieces are falling into place, and our little empress’s plan will soon be put into action. Prince Yu better number his days haha 😈 But knowing him, he still thinks he’s safe. Oh well, it’s much more fun when they’re caught by surprise lol!

    Thank you for the chapter!! 💖 💖 💖

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  4. I am guessing that the chen girls are kidnapped by prince yu, so that the chen residence will give final blow while our female lead shakes the relationship between prince and emperor

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  5. “It is just that there are some parts that make no sense.” Urgh, I wanna ask him what does he mean by that LOL but ofc Gao Yang would interrupt him at this point. It may not be important but I’m still curious. I’m dead curious about Shen Miao’s plot and ploy! I hate how the author make us ponder in anticipation but I love how we continously playing this guessing game. LOL Love hate relationship with the author & zazajunnie as the translator haha. Love this update too. Thanks!

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    • LOL… U got to remember that Gao Yang do not have knowledge that SM has gone through 1 lifetime so her knowledge and actions now does not make sense to him.

      I take the love hate relationship btw u and this novel a compliment… It just hook you in 🙂

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  6. Haha, they do not know that they had make a deal with an Empress! An amazing empress! It’s amazing how she plot everything, even thinking to create news. Prince Yu should be cautious or else he will be no more. Anyway, thanks for the chapter!

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  7. I kept on wondering on every chapter that emphasizes ML’s power, why or how did the ML from MC’s previous life died in such way? He have all these powerful connections, and he is also smart, how did he fall into the traps of those royalties?

    I wanna know, can someone give me a clue?

    Btw, thanks for the chapter ❤

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  8. Reread this story again after a few months. However, I think in this part it’s a bit ideal in the first place considering she’s only 14 and at this time Jin Shu doesn’t even know she’s the main daughter only knowing she’s from the Shen family. Normal, any person would be skeptical to this, they would ensure first to check her background, and if she’s really from Shen family, still, even I myself would be skeptical of a 14 years old’s words and doubt if her intentions were a representation of the whole clan considering how slanderous and rebellious her words are. The transaction is a bit too simple and naive to be honest, the author should have deepened the plot in that scene cause there’s no way that would be simple in a realistic sense.


  9. I don’t like that she bet the family military . She knew a lot of thing from the future, hence, she should know a lot of big things that are happening right now, just like the chen sisters, don’t seem realistic that this are the only important news that she haves… but i don’t mind it, what i really don’t like is to see her forces become ML forces so easily. I know he is going to be the ML and they’re gonna divided everything anyway, but still… i wish that for once, the MC outshines the Ml.


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