Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 81 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 81: Bargaining (Part 2)

The inside the pagoda of Feng Xian Pawnshop, it was called Xian Lin Jian. The first floor was a place for business but from the second to the sixth floor, it was for the enjoyment of the Family Master.

At this moment in the tearoom on sixth floor, there sat three people in front of the table.

“Yu Shi, how do you arrive here so quickly?” Gao Yang frowned as he looked at the person opposite him, “Did not even greet at all.”

Opposite him sat a seventeen or eighteen youth and this youth was especially adorable, which was different from Xie Jing Xing generally shining handsomeness. Gao Yang gentle temperament was like the water but this youth was like a student next door, there was an inexplicable sense of affinity. He wore a lake green long robe and when he smiled, it was rather lively and joyous. He said, “Heard that there are changes in the Ding capital plans and know that you two would definitely need someone who possess remarkable abilities like me to help out, so I specifically returned to lend a hand.”

“He he.” What answered him was Gao Yang cold laughter.

“But Third Older Brother Xie!” The youth who was called Yu Shu suddenly turned to him and said, “Yi Cui Lou’s Young Lady Shao Yao recently treat me cold and indifferent and I felt terrified. Third Older Brother have always been liked by young ladies, why not teach me a move or two?”

This youth looked amiable and harmless but was a veteran in playing games.

Xie Jing Xing did not even look at him, “Looking at appearance.”

“Ah. Could it be that Third Older Brother think that a person like me with such looks is not handsome?” The youth’s face was red in anger, “Thinking of that year, I was… Considered a flower and sought after by tens of thousands of people. Is Third Older Brother saying such stuff due to jealousy?”

Gao Yang could no longer stand it and knocked Yu Shu’s head, “Ji Yu Shu, you can return for saying these words.”

“Ke.” Yu Shu immediately sat up straight and spoke seriously, “Third Brother, let’s talk about the plan for this trip.”

He had yet to complete his words when one saw a red clad female coming from downstairs. She had a charming appearance but did not enter and stood across the gauze and called out, “Family Master.”

“Hong Ling ah.” Yu Shu guided patiently, “Told you many times that even though you are good looking, when I am talking to my brothers, it is better not to come up. Even though I dote on you but one must not not have a sense of propriety.” His young and tender looks were like of one who did not know about the world but his words were like those of an old fox. It was fortunate that Hong Ling was his subordinate as if it was an ordinary female who heard it, her face would be red with embarrassment.

“Family Master, it is… It is a big business. Customer insist on seeing you.” Hong Ling said.

“Hei.” Yu Shu waved his hands, “Which family’s youngster is so arrogant? My Feng Xian Pawnshop has no lack of money, who cares about losing that business of his? No deal then no deal, let him leave. There is not even a door to see this Lord!”

“But Family Master, that deal is not normal…”

“Already said no deal. Feng Xian Pawnshop do not serve those people.” Yu Shu’s hand reached out to eat the snacks in front.

Hong Ling was somewhat troubled but was also helpless. Just as she was about to withdraw, she heard the purple clad boy that she did not know what he was thinking about speak, “What is the deal?”

Hong Ling was startled and looked at Yu Shu. She knew that these two people in front had close relations with Family Master but at the end this matter was very confidential, so if it was spoken like that, one was afraid… Yu Shu looked at her hesitant eyes and slapped his tights, “You were asked to speak then you should speak. These two are our own people and also the managers of Feng Sian Pawnshop. Their words are my words. If I am not here in the future, they are the managers.”

His voice hardly landed when Gao Yan laughed.

Seeing as such, Hong Ling calmed down before speaking with a smile, “Here to sell news. The news is related to the case of JiangNan’s Yu province’s Chen family’s sisters three years ago.”

The voice just finish when Gao Yang was the first one to shout in surprise, “The Chen family’s case, to have news even after three years. This deal is a little big.”

“Exactly.” Xie Jing Xing also spoke, “The Chen family has extensive forces in the JiangNan area. By taking this deal, regardless of silver, there would be additional benefits.”

“Speaking this and that, means that it has to be done.” Yu Shu grabbed his head and said, “Since you all have said as such, then I will go and take a look which youngster it is who dare to bother this Lord? This Lord’s appearance is very expensive.”

Hong Ling could not help but laugh, “It is not a youngster but a young lady.”

“Young lady?” Yu Shu’s expression changed and suddenly said in all smiles, “Looks refined?”

“Very refined. With one look, one can tell that she is highly cultured and steeped in propriety.”

Yu Shu stood up in a short moment and patted his robes before cupping his hands and smile, “Two older brothers, this younger brother will take leave first.” Finishing, he turned around and rushed over to Hong Ling before saying, “Where? Quickly walk. Hong Ling, why did not say this earlier…”

After both of them left, then Gao Yang sighed and had an expression of hating iron for not becoming steel (aka disappointment of someone failing to meet one’s expectation) before speaking to Xie Jing Xing, “I thought that since there would not be any use for him in Ding capital, you can let him return.”

“It is also suitable as a target.” Xie Jing Xing lightly said.


Shen Miao sat in the tea room and looked down at the tea leaves that were raising and falling in her cup.

There were sounds of footsteps from the door, followed by the lifting of the curtains. Hong Ling walked in and respectfully bent over slightly before guiding the person behind.

Shen Miao looked up.

The oncoming person was a seventeen or eighteen youth with a look of rare innocence. He wore a lake green colored long robe with embroidered deer like patterns. People said that the clothes one wear would tell the character of the person, and this youth character was most likely cheerful which was fitting of his age, but Shen Miao pondered a while at the person in front. To manage the Feng Xian Pawnshop properly and also hold the lifeline of the Bai Xiao Sheng industry, it really was best not to underestimate him. This youth was definitely not as simple and virtuous as he appeared on the surface.

“This one is Ji Yu Shu.” He sat opposite Shen Miao and greeted Shen Miao with cupped hands.

“Manager Ji”

“Not know what is Young Lady’s age?” He threw out an irrelevant question out first.

Shen Miao was slightly surprised for a moment before replying, “Fourteen.”

“Oh. It is at a splendid age.” He rubbed his hands and there was a touch of enthusiasm in his eyes, “Not knowing if there is already a marriage partner in mind? Is there any sisters in the family?” Sounding like how young ladies were teased in plays.

Hong Ling lips pulled back as she turned her head over, seeming unwilling to see her Family Master’s rogue-like behaviours.

Shen Miao chuckled, “It seem that Manager Ji is not here to make deals.” Finishing she stood up to leave.

“Hey!” Ji Yu Shu jumped in shock, “Shen Young Lady must not be anxious, let us talk about business now.

Only then Shen Miao stopped.

Ji Yu Shu muttered, “Looked like a gentle character, how can it be so fierce…” With a glance he saw Shen Miao’s bright eyes, he sat up straight and said, “Shen Young Lady want to sell news of the JiangNan’s Chen family. Do bear with me for saying something, three years ago Young Lady was only eleven, how would one know about the matter.”

“As long as it is not fake, the seller and buyer of the news would after all meet. Be it real or fake news, it would be decided by the other side so what is Manager Ji worried about?”

When these words were out, Hong Ling’s and Ji Yu Shu’s had a stunned expression at the same time and their eyes looking at Shen Miao were filled with deeper meaning. Hearing from Shen Miao’s tone, it was as if she was very familiar with the various aspect of the process, but Hong Ling and Ji Yu Shu were very sure that Shen Miao had never been here before and was an unfamiliar customer.

“Ke. Be that as it may… But how does Shen Young Lady knew the business of Feng Xian Pawnshop?” Ji Yu Shu asked again.

“Accidentally heard upon and decided to give it a try.” Shen Miao replied in ten words but it was watertight, making Ji Yu Shu’s feigned smile to stiffen.

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