Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 69 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 69: In Captivity (Part 2)

The winter got colder and colder and there were frequent news from the Northwest desert. Shen Xin had made contributions by leading the army and pushing back the enemies. With his brave fighting, the enemies in the battlefield became frightened when they heard of him. The people in the capital guessed that when Shen Xin return at the end of the year to the capital, Shen Xin would definitely have numerous meritorious services.

The Shen family’s glories made others jealous, but because they were all gained by real swords and spears thus they refrained from speaking, and now with the Xiong Nu that have not retreated yet, the neighbouring countries were eying covetously like a tiger watching his prey. The Imperial family of Ming Qi naturally heavily utilised the Shen family but in the future, that may not be clear. Boiling the hound once the rabbit was caught had been the favourite thing to do by the Imperial family, after all a change of sovereign would bring about a change of ministers. Especially now that there were nine princes in Ming Qi’s Imperial family and one cannot underestimate the surging undercurrents.

If one were to speak about the recent exciting news in the Ding capital, it would be that the Shen family was interested in marriage. But this matter was spread very mysteriously and it was only known that two families went up to propose, one was the Vice Minister of the Legislative Bureau’s Wei family and the other was the Supervisor of the Ministry of Steward. Both were high ranking families, and both young masters were considered to be young talents and indeed compatible with the Shen family. Shen Yue continued to head to Guang Wen Tang for classes, so everyone guessed that the ones that were going to get married were the Di daughter of the First household, Shen Miao, and the Di daughter of the Second household, Shen Qing, of the Shen family.

Not need to mention about Shen Qing, but Shen Miao’s identity was a little tricky. In the current circle of military officials, the only one that was comparable was the Marquis of Lin An. However the Marquis of Lin An was a smart person, and other than the Imperial command to lead the army out, he would often stay in the capital. Shen Xin was the one who was stationed at the border all year round.

With a father like Shen Xin who was holding that kind of military power, no matter who Shen Miao married to, the husband’s family would get a boost in power. The eyes of the Imperial family in Ming Qi were watching. It was good that these two families that proposed were of the literary official route, and that they often criticized military officials. After all, the Wei and Huang families’ names were nice to hear but in the doctrine of the mean, there was no opportunity for them to stir up the muddy water of the fight for the heir apparent, so this marriage as compared to the uproar of Shen Miao’s love of Prince Ding, was much smoother.

In Guang Wen Tang, Yi Pei Lan asked Shen Yue, “Your Elder and Younger Sisters are really going to marry? To go so far as to not to come to Guang Wen Tang anymore.”

After Wo Long Temple, Shen Miao and Shen Qing did not step out of the residence, much less Guang Wen Tang. Shen Miao was confined and Shen Qing because of her health.

Shen Yue smiled, “I also do not know. Mother is doing it mysteriously so I guess it is so.”

“But speaking of which, your Eldest and Younger Sisters are considered lucky.” Jiang Xiao Xuan thought for a while, “Especially Shen Miao. That Gentleman Wei and Gentleman Huang are considered as good no matter which one is matched up. How come this did not fall onto your lap?”

Shen Yue feigned anger, “I still want to stay in the residence for a few more years and do not think about marriage.” But there was a knot in her heart. Indeed, when one reaches certain age, one would definitely start to be concern about their own marriage. But in the Shen residence, Shen Miao was two years younger than her, but she was now engaged while Shen Yue was left there behind. Never mind about Shen Qing, since she was one whose body was no longer good, but after knowing that Shen Miao was able to find a good family, Shen Yue’s heart had unspeakable jealousy.

It was most probably because she could not see Shen Miao doing better, especially since Shen Miao was not as good as her in all areas, but now there was someone like the Wei family who took the initiative to propose marriage. This meant that Shen Miao was recognised as a good female. If it was not for Chen Rou Qiu that soothed her, Shen Yue would have continued to drill with this horn and not come out of it.

“You ah.” Bai Wei pointed with her forehead, “With such a good age now, one must definitely plan for oneself. How about.” She moved her chin to point at the other side, “How do you find him?”

The direction she was mentioning was towards Cai Lin. When Shen Yue’s bright eyes looked over, Cai Lin felt Shen Yue’s gaze and turned around as he was stunned for a moment, and was actually uncomfortable when he went to hide.

Shen Yue’s eyes turned red in a moment as she bit her lower lip down.

The youth that admired her whole-heartedly was now avoiding her like snakes and scorpions. For a proud person like Shen Yue, naturally she felt great shame.

When Cai Lin avoided Shen Yue’s accusing eyes, there was some anxiousness in his heart. After being taught a lesson by Shen Miao in the academy examinations, after that whenever he saw Shen Miao again, he would feel an unknown fear. It was as if there was an inborn foreboding fear that made him hid from Shen Miao. Moreover that day, Xie Jing Xing also seemed to help Shen Miao get out of the sticky situation. Cai Lin was considered a tyrant in Ding capital but he would not dare to cross Xie Jing Xing so naturally he would not actively go against him. It does not matter if Xie Jing Xing’s rescue was intentional or not, Cai Lin would no longer dare to actively provoke Shen Miao.

And after that day Shen Yue did not even look at him from the beginning to the end which made this youth’s hot blazing heart completely cooled down.

Seeing Shen Yue’s embarrassment, Yi Pei Lan’s lip curled and she changed the subject with a smile, “But in another half a month, it would be your family’s Old Furen’s birthday celebration. It would seem that I should go and pick some presents.”

Old Shen Furen’s birthday was always done very impressively and grand every year. This kind of extravagance almost exceeded the Imperial family. Old Shen Furen was short-sighted as she felt that the bigger the birthday celebration was, the better her face was. A lot of official families would be invited every year and Shen Gui and Shen Wan were naturally happy with it, as this would give them the opportunity to better the relationship with their colleagues.

In this kind of birthday celebration, gifts naturally would be received. Thinking about the birthday feast in another half a month, Yi Pei Lan and the rest of them would be present since all officials with a better rank would all be invited by the Shen family.

“Yes.” Bai Wei seemed to remember it, “I almost forgot about this thing. Many thanks to Pei Lan for reminding me. Yue-er, what did you prepare as a gift for Old Shen Furen?”

As Shen Yue was a talented female in the capital, naturally she would give Old Shen Furen face in the yearly birthday celebration. If one were to say that Shen Qing’s gift was expensive and valuable, then Shen Yue’s gift would be delicate and unique. Only Shen Miao’s gift would make one laugh till their teeth fall off.

“It is only an embroidered portrait.” Shen Yue modestly said.

“I started to be curious when you all say so.” Jiang Xiao Xuan said nastily, “What will that your Fifth Younger Sister gift? Could it be that she was busy embroidering her wedding dress and forget cleaning about Old Furen’s longevity gift.”

Feng An Ning, who was laying on the table by the side, coldly snorted before getting up and left the table.

Yi Pei Lan’s words also fell onto the ears of Pei Lang, who was clearing up on the stage. These days he naturally heard the news of Shen Miao getting married and felt a strange feeling. That young female’s eyes was like a beast, would she conceal herself in the inner courtyard so early?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! A slow chapter today, but that doesn’t matter because if the spoilers I read were correct, SX should be returning to the capital soon! So hopefully SM can relax a bit. Bah she’s all by herself it’s so pitiful she has no one to depend on.

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  2. Thanks for the update!! How long till we see Shen Xin? I know you’ve said before that Shen Miao’s parents loves and cares for her but I can’t really see it like that….I mean are her parents blind? They got awesome achievements in war so basically they got a good head on their shoulders cause they can plot and do tactics but how come it was alright for them to leave their only daughter behind in a den full of jealous and schemers, shameless relatives. Sigh, I hope we’ll get to know why and for what reason they left her there.

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    • In a few chapters time they would be back… Tbh, from the parents perspective, they did not see all these acts of jealousy and schemes. And SM did not show signs of suffering before (in fact SM dont even want to be with them and keep going to the 2nd and 3rd household)

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      • For real? The past Shen Miao, being easily coaxed is understandable but for the parents not to notice the evilness of the 2nd and 3rd house is kinda shocking. I mean, even SM’s own mom? 😮 Shouldn’t she at least know about those things in a household? Now, it feels like things are going to get a lot more interesting once they appear in the story.

        Thank you soooo much for the info.😊 Zazajunnie-sama

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    • It is a major plot hole of the novel for me. SM gravitating to the other households due to being easily coaxed is also the fault of the parents as far as I’m concerned. The fact that they just ignored the scheming of the other households despite obviously being astute people (as you mentioned) is another pill that’s hard to swallow…

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      • Phew, thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels weird about the whole thing with Shen Miao’s parents.

        Nonetheless, I love the novel and I’m just hoping. once they appears, we’d get justifiable reasons or answers.

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      • It´s extrange that they leave her daughter alone when she has that bad reputation. I also find inusual that the wife isn´t at home but at her husband´s military post

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      • Let the author show that side of the story. This novel hides the situation/circumstances until the author decides to show it to us. There will be a number of misunderstanding because we are not aware of all these


  3. just wondering but how can they even marry SM off like that? like isnt that supposed to be only fathers ”right” or something? not that i like such a system anyways but still >.<

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  4. This chapter is more like a filler but glad that we can see more on Shen Yue’s perspective on her ‘sister’s’ marriage. Her mother was right, she’s not tactful enough. She didn’t know the marriages won’t actually benefit Shen Qing & Shen Miao haha. Jealous huh? Even though Shen Miao didn’t attend the school for now, Cai Lin was still wary about her haha. So funny. Hope Yue’s mask will falls off one day.

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  5. Thank you for the chapter 💖 Not much happening in this one, but interesting to see how SY can’t let SM get anything ‘good’. She’s even jealous if SM gets a good marriage proposal. Like dude……..

    And I wonder what will happen at the annoying step-grandma’s birthday party. I’m sure SM will have something planned for them all 😈

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  6. I think there’s a typo here

    “If one were to say that Shen Qing’s gift was expensive and valuable, then Shen Yue’s fit would be delicate and unique. Only Shen Miao’s gift would make one laugh till their teeth fall off.”

    Should be

    “If one were to say that Shen Qing’s gift was expensive and valuable, then Shen Yue’s [gift] would be delicate and unique. Only Shen Miao’s gift would make one laugh till their teeth fall off.”

    Probably autocorrect’s fault

    Anyway thank you for translating !!!
    I love your work

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