Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 69 (Part 3)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 69: In Captivity (Part 3)

At the same time when everyone was talking about Shen Miao, she was however in the ancestral hall lining up the chess pieces.

The wind in the ancestral hall was cold and chilling, and since grey slabs of stones were spread out on the floor, this made one to feel the chill entering the bones when one was kneeling down. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu brought over some soft mats but those soft mats were not of use. Shen Miao instructed them to boil some herbs and to place them at the various corners of the room before smoking them, so that the cold would not cause an illness to take root.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu initially did not believe it, but afterwards when they saw how effective the medicinal coup was, they asked how did Shen Miao came to know about this secret medication. Shen Miao only said that she heard from others, but she herself knew that she had learnt about it during the few years she was a hostage in Qin country. Those days were too cold and there was not enough money, so she could only find the cheapest medical recipe to get rid of the humidity in one’s body. These little things in the ancestral hall were really nothing in comparison.

“Young Lady is still playing chess.” Jing Zhe stomped her feet.

The chess pieces that Shen Miao was facing were lined up, and all the pieces that were in a picturesque disorder were now rearranged by her so that black were with black pieces and white were with white pieces, making one unable to see any representation.

“Chun Tao had already passed the words through Mo Qing.” Jing Zhe saw Shen Miao being silent and continued speaking, “Second Furen want to exchange the marriage with Eldest Young Lady and that Young Huang Master who is a cut sleeve. What can be done? How does Young Lady still have the mood to continue to play chess?”

Initially they thought that the Wei family was a good marriage, but Shen Miao rejected Old Shen Furen’s proposal in Rong Jing Tang and was locked in the ancestral hall. But even so, Chun Tao was able to inquire that the Shen family already went behind Shen Miao’s back and accepted this marriage proposal, but only the people of the Western courtyard did not know about it. This was saying that other than Shen Miao, everyone else knew that she will be marrying off.

If she was married to Wei Qian, then so be it since he was regarded as someone who was decent and upright but that Huang De Xin is a cut sleeve. Would not it be letting Shen Miao to become a living widow if she was married over to him? The few maids that heard it almost went crazy. Mo Qing also said that if Shen Miao was willing, he could escape with Shen Miao.

Mo Qing used to be a person from the pugilistic world and naturally did not understand that escaping was easy but once escaped, it would meant that others would be able to fabricate what had happened after the escape and no one would know about the truth. Moreover Shen Miao had never thought of escaping so she immediately refused it.

“If not, at least let Mo Qing pass a message to Master from Young Lady. This matter is also hidden from Master, since they want to get Young Lady married before Master return to the capital. Once grains become cooked rice, nothing can be changed anymore.” Gu Yu also urged. They know that the current Shen Miao has a mind of her own, but she did not say anything making the few maids feel anxious for Shen Miao.

“What message to pass?” Shen Miao said lightly, “Currently Ren Wan Yun’s people are guarding outside the Western courtyard, and even a fly would not be able to fly out. If I were to escape then what about the rest of the people in the courtyard? Even though I am not a benevolent person but there are some people that Father and Mother specially left for me. Do you believe that if I leave, Ren Wan Yun would not immediately kill everyone in the courtyard to prevent the secret from divulging.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu were startled.

“Moreover, do you think it would be so simple as to just pass a message? There are always people guarding all day long and their intention is to keep me locked up. Do you think they would give me an opportunity to escape? Then you all have sorely underestimated my Second Shen already.”

Shen Miao seemed not to fear Ren Wan Yun’s brain but in this world a mother’s strength would increase. For the sake of Shen Qing’s happiness, Ren Wan Yun would naturally complete the matter with her life. In this, Ren Wan Yun’s bet was not small and it seemed that regarding the exchange of the marriages, this was not discussed with Shen Gui and was totally her idea. If it was successful, naturally it would be joyous but if it failed, then most likely Ren Wan Yun would not have any more room to stand in the Second household.

“But Young Lady, we just leave it as it is?” Jing Zhe anxiously said, “This servant will fight with this life and would not let Young Lady marry that cut sleeve!”

“Can you all see this chess game?” Shen Miao did not speak much and just pointed to the chess board on the table.

On the chessboard, the white and black pieces were arranged into two rows that was so entirely different that it looked somewhat strange.

“This servant, this servant have no knowledge about chess and is unable to see what kind of move this is.” After a long while Gu Yu carefully answered.

“What did you see?” Shen Miao asked.

Jing Zhe courageously answered, “The white and blacks were all lined up clearly.”

“Yes.” A glimmer of light flashed in Shen Miao’s eyes, “In this chess, all the pieces are all out. You know my pieces and I also know your pieces so the final winner would be based on ability.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked at one another and did not really understand Shen Miao’s words.

“Ren Wan Yun thought that she knew all the chess pieces I have but that is not the case.” She took out a black chess pieces from behind and placed it beside the white chess pieces, “I still have one last move to make.”

“Old Shen Furen’s birthday is next month?” She suddenly asked.

“Yes, it is.” Jing Zhe answered, “Heard that Chun Tao asked and now we know that Second Furen’s intention is to announce Young Lady’s marriage during Old Furen’s birthday celebration.”

“All to do this before Father comes back to the capital.” Shen Miao smiled gently.

“Yes. There are still a few more months before the year ends, it seems that is too late.” Gu Yu was worried.

“Is it?”

When Shen Xin withdraw the troops from the front and returned to the capital, it should be around the end of the year. Unfortunately, in the sixty eighth year of Ming Qi, because Shen Xin pushed back the enemies in the Northwest region and the enemy fled, he was able to come back early to submit the surrender letter. The Shen army brought the surrender letter and returned to the Ding capital a few months early.

Coincidentally enough or it could be that it was in order for Shen Xin to express filial piety, since usually when Old Shen Furen’s birthday comes around, Shen Xin would not be in the Ding capital. As this had happen numerous of times, there were others that said that Shen Xin was not filial. Thus on Old Shen Furen’s seventieth birthday in the sixty eighth year of Ming Qi, Shen Xin came back to the capital in advance.

That day, Shen Xin suddenly returned home and Old Shen Furen was entertaining guests for the celebration in the residence and Shen Miao did not attend. Why? It was naturally because she was hiding in the residence of Prince Ding. Shen Xin initially wanted to return to enjoy family bliss but came to know that his own daughter did not regard any etiquette at all. He headed towards Prince Ding residence to get her but because of Fu Xiu Yi’s hypocritical warmth, she turned a deaf ear to Shen Xin’s words and threaten to die in order to forcefully marry to Prince Ding.

Now to think about it, it was an enmity leading to sin. Shen Xin returned in a rush and was travel-worn but he saw such an unfilial daughter who lead the Shen family into the abyss with no chances of turning back.

This lifetime was not that past life, she did not run away from the Shen family because of Prince Yu and was also no longer blindly obsessed with Fu Xiu Yi’s fake image. If Shen Xin returned, he would see a different daughter. Would she be able to slightly redeem some of the sins from her past lifetime?

“Father is all the while very respectful towards the Old Furen.” Shen Miao lightly said.

“Yes.” Jing Zhe answered.

Old Shen Furen came from being a songstress and she was an expert actress, so she was able to act flawlessly as a caring mother when Old General Shen was alive, and so he was unable to pick any wrong out. Warriors emphasised on relationships and Shen Xin knew to repay a kind act with gratitude, so since he received Old Shen Furen favour in the early years, he did not even think that under this old woman’s skin laid a vicious heart.

“This time Second Shen really made it convenient for me.” Shen Miao said with a smile and her eyes brightened so much that it shocked others. “Just nice, tear it all apart in front of the entire world to see.”

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  1. HAHAHA, the advantages of knowing the future! Shen Miao will soon make their precious plans fall apart like a house of cards in the wind. Let’s just see if the Second Old Furen and Ren Wan Yun will still be able to escape crossing the yellow river this time!
    Shen Xin, be proud! Your daughter has been reborn and has grown sensible! You must live in this lifetime.

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      • been thinking that for a long time. And I think it’s a plotholes just like how are they not suspicious on her changing attitude after her falling on the water?If this happened on the other novel then her Enemies will invite a monk and say that she was possessed by the bad spirit. Number 2 If I were Shen Qing Mother when I first know that she’s pregnant. I will immediately hide Shen Qing at the pretense that my daughter is sick and go to the temple and need to recuperate for a year and make my grandchild pretend that it’s mine. (Shen Qing waited for almost 20 years before she get married to Fu Xiu Yi. So why the rush to make her marry. Her marriage can wait. All the PEOPLe here are not stupid but the Author did them dirty just so that Shen Miao would stand out!!)
        Number 3 how would shen miao deal with all of them if the future change like everything isn’t that simple like with Shen Yuan cases where everyone said that he kill the adulterer and not suspect the maid who’s with Chu-chu that time.
        Number 4 why would Shen Dong Li would go against Shen Miao when she knows that she wouldn’t win against her and shen dong li is very smart and kind (MY THOUGHTS : I feel like the Author just want to get rid all of this Shen Family)
        Number 5 The scene where the Crown Prince of the Qi Country died just wtf do you mean that they imitate the crown prince of Min Qi and then killed him (It doesn’t make sense did Martial Arts really that powerful??)
        Number 6 just wtf happened in ending just ruined the novel because after shen miao gave birth with twins she got comatose then she was in her dream in that dream she keep chasing xyx and her attitude on that isn’t very like her. The author could just write that she had a coma but why the need to go through that.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Shen Xin be proud?

      He’s too simple and naive. Blissfully ignorant to the affairs of the inner court. Not even personally raising his daughter and not even leaving her in the care of someone powerful or strong. Just the stupid and poor GUI Momo who is greedy.

      He deserved what happened in his last life. Especially his wife too, what official’s daughter and wife is unaware of the affairs of the inner court. They should’ve seen something’s were planning to happen if they left their young and only daughter behind.

      All the men in these times were such fools. And all the women were such snakes.

      Living the commoner life is more pleasant and fun. Sigh.

      Shen Xin be proud? What happened in her last life was his fault. No one helped her. And he blindly trusted people she was raised as an idiot because of him.

      I really hate her family. Her immediate family.

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      • I also think so not that extreme but yes it was the duty of her parents to raise her. What a small child could, over that left with those kind of people. Even her mother left. I could not understand what was the need of her mother in battlefield. Seriously🙁. All, mostly 90% traedies were because of her own family’s neglece (choosing guess momo, leaving with that family etc)

        And in last life the emperor already wanted to finish them the su, xie, and sheng just that mc was ignorant. Her family decided to choose country over their daughter, then they have to pay the price.
        It’s only my view. I am sorry if I have hurted someone sentiment.

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      • Thank you for saying this!
        While what happened in the previous life was sad, it was her parents’ negligence that lead to it… Even when they would return once yearly, how did neither of them realise? Especially her mother who should know what an inner court is like.

        I honestly don’t have that much sympathy for her parents – throughout her recollection of her past life whenever she made life altering decisions, he father seemed to just sigh…
        Why not try explain and teach your daughter???

        After all, it’s better for the doer to undo what he has done. However her parents take responsibility in this lifetime, I just take it as them finally making up for their misdeeds in the past life. At the very least they could have taken her with them/ put her in a location closer to where they were or entrusted her to reputable tutors, but no… Fools!

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      • I think it’s kind of odd to blame the parents for being too trusting of their family to take proper care of their daughter. The father doesn’t have a choice about being gone – he’s a general, and that’s his job. I think her mom was also from a military family (aka she’s also trained in martial arts and is more suited to that life), and the son will be following the dad’s career. I don’t consider this neglect at all – they thought she was well provided for, and cared for and loved. It’s not at all unusual to have your family raise your child when you have this kind of job, and it’s not as if the family was abusing her in a way that was detectable without spending a lot of time there AND being knowledgeable about social norms and realizing how devious they were. They provided everything to her, but guided her to make wrong decisions. They didn’t force these things on her, she willingly chose them because she trusted them. As a result, when her parents returned, she probably preferred to stay with her aunts and cousins, and had no complaints that would tip them off. As loving parents, they would want their daughter to be raised in a stable environment where she could make the best marriage, which is by leaving her with the family. It is far more advantageous to make connections and learn manners in the city, so they were making the best decision on the surface. We as readers know perfectly well how poorly it went, but it makes complete sense from an objective POV. No one expects their family to be this horrible and ruining a child out of ambition and jealousy. I mean…colluding with a horrible man to torture and rape your niece is definitely beyond the usual family crappiness.

        As for her mom knowing about the inner court…IMO that refers more to the concubines and issues that arise within each nuclear family when there are multiple children from different moms. Theoretically they shouldn’t have a problem with Shen Miao because she’s from a different branch. Her father had no idea his “mom” and half brothers resented him so much, since they always act nice to his face. He is very generous to the family, and their high position owes a lot to his achievements. That should result in them valuing him and thus treating his daughter well, but his family is envious instead. Her father is described as straightforward and loyal, very upright. This kind of person may have the trait of being too trusting, but I would blame the people that abused his trust rather than him for trusting them in the first place. It’s not as if they had continually betrayed him and he kept forgiving them, or he ignored his daughter when she said she was abused. Really, his family is stupid and illogical. If they work together, the family would be stronger. Making your most prestigious branch into a laughingstock and bringing them down only hurts the family in the long run. If it were realistic, people would look askance at the aunts and grandmother for raising her so badly, but I suppose her cousins were “proof” that she must just be too stupid to learn. Even outsiders never considered that they were maliciously teaching her to be that ridiculous.

        I know SM seems awesome and badass, but that’s because she has a cheat. She already lived through this life, learned things the hard way, acquired skills in scheming, and knows the character of all these people, and certain key events. It took her years even as empress to see the true face of her family and understand everything that they engineered (and largely that’s because they stopped hiding it), so I don’t blame her parents for not realizing.

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  2. Hehehe, love that last sentence, so devious 😈 Our littlr empress is right! It’s time to tear apart the false appearance of that hypocritical extended family and show the world (or at least her family) who they really are.

    Can’t wait to see what our little empress does to ruin the stupid fake grandma’s birthday party lmao~ Thank you 💖💖💖

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  3. Lol. Woot!!! Shen Xin is coming back!!!

    I’m excited to see the second household crumble into pieces!!! SX should wake up and see the people around them as who they really are. Will he believe SM though? Will she even tell him???

    And ML is still a big question mark.

    Now that I think about it, I am rather curious how SX would react when XJX asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage in the future. And that his daughter is actually willing… Since, their familis used to be at odds with each other, regardless if it’s just on the surface.

    Of course this kind of match up wouldn’t do well in the eyes of the imperial family… The two general damilies that keep each other in check suddenly gets together in marriage… SX’s sole di daughter and the Marquis’ most favored and doted son…

    Thanks for the update~

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  4. Gahhhh! Finally🙌! Her parents are coming back! And that second aunt and her household are going to get what they deserve😬😬
    I can’t wait to see their faces once they know they are doomed to no end.. Lol and everything is going to take place on that old hag birthday too😈

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  5. thank you very much for the update…..
    so in this life time also SX will be coming back during that old woman’s birthday..?
    And how she will going to prove that SQ is carrying prince Yu’s child..?

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    • Yes to the first question (that did not change in both lifetimes and wat way to prove it when it is from the horses mouth? But this explosive news will need to be kept till an even bigger event 😛


  6. Random , but I really hope to see SM shed a tear or two when she finally see her father and mother. It had been ten of years ;w;

    Like ‘爹,娘,你们别来无恙吗?好久没见,女兒很想你们。女兒不孝,让你们老的忧心.’

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    *kicks the curtain* it’s time for Shen general take the stage!
    ooopps don’t forget that the Old Shen Furen is preparing the stage of her own downfall. . .

    Thank you for the chapter (〜^ڡ^)〜 fufufu
    *waiting for the stage to be finished* (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶

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  8. I wonder if she’s going to expose Shen Qing’s situation or show her father the truth of how his daughter is being treated behind his back…or both. Kyaaaaaaaa! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for the translation. ❤

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    • Thanks for supporting!!! SM plans things smoothly and would only attack her enemies fast and furious style but to her family and love ones, she does it a different style


  9. Zazajunnie, please reserve the front row seat for me. I don’t wanna miss the show -” the downfall of shen gui and 2nd household including the old shen furen”. Popcorn and cola on the way……

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  10. No wonder she seems relaxed despite the scheme by Ren Wan Yun. She’s using her knowledge of the future! Glad it’s something she actually paid attention to. Where else could such event happened than in front of so many people /cackles/ you’re all are going down!! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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  11. Omg omg. SX come home fast. Anyway, I just hope that her current decisions won’t change and have butterfly effect to the constant events that she is anticipating. She knows the future but I believe a single decision should ripple into multitudes of universe.

    Excited for tomorrow’s update! Thank you so much!

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    • The good thing about this novels is that even though things has changed due to her action, there were things that are not changed… Its a good mix as you can see the ripple effect yet it doesn’t change everyone…

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      • Yes. Because this book really is good in proving that a person nature won’t change that easily. Even though SM had multiple times showcased her brilliance, the enemies still refused to acknowledge that a person can change overnight and keep underestimating her and schemed against her (though Fu Xiu Yi seems to suspect that she is a hiding-deep-type of person). And Shen Miao actions seems to reel in the people that should be affected by the butterfly effect together, to avoid it from rippling other people lives, and crushed them all together, following the ripples propagation.


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  13. I have a question on ancient Chinese culture. Didn’t the wives usually stay at the manor when their husbands were away on duty (such as military duty)?

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  15. Even I understand why Shen Miao blamed herself for disaster of her family in her 1st life. She thought that married with Fu xiu Yi caused the end of her family. However, I have always thought when Shen Miao escaped from Prince Yu to Fu Xiu Yi in her past life, she did not make wrong decision. Or else, she had to go to that temple and would be the one who was raped by Prince Yu instead of Shen Qing. Then faced miserable state (injured, insane and pregnant) the same way Shen Qing got in this life. So to say, escaped from marriage with Prince Yu was not wrong decision but married with Fu Xiu Yi was probably wrong decision. She should find the other way to avoid from Prince Yu or marriage with other guy instead of Fu Xiu Yi (for example, some little Marquise around there ^_ ).
    Nevertheless, I think no matter what happen to Shen Miao in her past life, married with Prince Yu, Fu Xiu Yi, the other guy or did not marriage with anyone at all, Shen Xin’s family probably head down to the abyss anyway. Since The Shen the 2nd and 3rd house had always tried to get rid of the 1st house in both Shen Miao 1st life and 2nd life. Should say that they were the real caused for her family’s downfall would be more correct.

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    Thanks for the chapter and for always reading (and replying!) our comments xD

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  17. Our mighty empress is going to make the biggest KABOOM soon!
    When will we know more about XJX? He’s so mysterious and somewhat ‘MIA’ a lot. At this point, I can presume he’s not in love with her but he’s curious about her and her movements. Gahh our empress…I’ve got so many questions about her but I’ll just wait to see how the story unfolds.

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  18. “Just nice, tear it all apart in front of the entire world to see.”

    Well said, our dear Empress. They should all be punished! XD I can’t wait for it to happen. Thanks for the chapter!

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  20. Even if the dad is a fool, wouldnt the mom know the way the game is played? So all that happened before was the parents got mad at their daughter and didnt research why it got like that? again, past life MC is so tragic, no one to lean on.

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  21. I really hope that she stops that girl from marrying that Huang guy. Feel kinda bad for him. But I also think the mothers stupid. Like, when her daughter does marry the Huang guy and gives birth it’s not going to work because he’s a cut sleeve! Like LOL, IF HE LIKES GUYS HE’S NOT GOING TO TOUGH HER LIKE THAT AT ALL! OMFG, what a stupid green tea bitch. Also, if they find out prince Yu is the father wouldn’t he be forced to marry her out of shame or something? I also didn’t think the old Furen had any say in her marriage. That’s her parent’s job, and as far as I know, the master of the household has more power. I may be wrong since I get the whole household power stuff mixed up. Anyway, l love that line at the end! You go, girl! Show them you don’t mess with the empress! XD


  22. She shouldn’t blame herself in the past life for the fall of her (very stupid) family. The root of it all was her parents’ fault as they didn’t raise her properly and left her in a den of wolves. IMO, in the past life, she was lucky she ran away to Prince Ding’s residence for protection. Shameless it may be, but if she had stayed, there is no way she would have avoided that night with Prince Yu. I’d take self preservation over poor conduct any day. She did herself a favour.

    I don’t blame her for the last life’s mistakes at all. How she was raised, she was hungry for attention and love, she was led astray by the older sisters she clung to – and I don’t blame her for clinging because how many of us with sisters or cousins stuck together for moral support and friendship in our teen years and younger. I know when I was young I followed by older cousins around, and still look to them for advice. That sisterly bond is something special and its easy for it to be exploited and for someone to pull the wool over your eyes. The whole family used her parents’ abandonment and her craving for affection against her. Then when she was married, she did it with a pure heart (shameless, but sincere) and did her best for her husband and country.

    I hope when the parents return they apologise for abandoning her.

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    This is gonna be good.


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