Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 69 (Part 1)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 69: In Captivity (Part 1)

“Shen Miao?”

“Exactly.” Su Ming Feng was somewhat surprised of Xie Jing Xing’s attitude. He suddenly remembered something and mischievously laughed, “Is not she the young lady that you saved during the academy examination? So to say, she has some courage and was not too ugly. Wei Qian, this kid is actually living in plenty without appreciating it.”

He saw that Xie Jing Xing was deep in thought and could not help but be surprised, “Hey, could it be that you really fancy that young lady?”

Xie Jing Xing sneered and he swept a look at Su Ming Feng, “You are very idle?”

“Of course I am idle.” Su Ming Feng frowned, “I am now ‘seriously ill’ and cannot go to court and resort to play with cats and dogs in the residence. You also do not often appear and are very close to that physician, Gao Yang. Are you keeping some things from me?”

It was said that the friendship that one made when young was not shallow, but as one grew up Xie Jing Xing became very mysterious. Although he had reminded him on the matter of the Su family, but towards Xie Jing Xing, Su Ming Feng did not know anything at all.

Xie Jing Xing threw a fruit to him, “Just eat it.”

Obviously he was not going to continue this conversation, and Su Ming Feng’s eyes flashed and a trace of a bitter smile showed in his lips but he did not say anything.


Not too long after the Shen family received the Wei family card, Ren Wan Yun also let Xiang Lan invite Shen Gui over to Cai Yun Yuan.

After Shen Qing’s matter, there was a rift between the relationship of Shen Gui and Ren Wan Yun, and both of them did not talk at all. These days the relationship was as cold as ice.

This time Ren Wan Yun took the initiative to take the soft approach.

Xiang Lan and Cai Ju simultaneously entered to greet Shen Gui, and Ren Wan Yun sat in front of the table with somewhat melancholic eyes.

“What is it with you this time?” Shen Gui’s tone was still very harsh. In the beginning because of Shen Qing, Ren Wan Yun scolded him ruthlessly and it made Shen Gui extremely unpleased. Even though he admired Ren Wan Yun for being able to handle all the things internally and externally well, he was not a broadminded person, not to mention being pointed and scolded by a shrew.

“Master is here.” Ren Wan Yun looked at him in fatigue and with a haggard face. She had always been smart and high-spirited and would not ever have such a look. When Shen Gui saw this scene, his heart has softened a third. Knowing that Ren Wan Yun loved Shen Qing and had used a lot of energy in handling Shen Qing’s matter. She was after all his first wife and he had to give her face. So he scolded Xiang Lan and Cai Ju, “How did Furen become this haggard? How do you all take care of mistress?”

Ren Wan Yun also heard Shen Gui’s mild tone and she was happy in her heart so she caressed her head and gave in, “It was not because of them but it was me who worried about Qing-er. Thus these few days the meals have no taste and the nights are sleepless due to the extreme sadness in one’s heart.”

“Since Qing-er’s matter is out, it is useless to think more about it. It would be better to build up one’s health since the entire residence would still need you to manage.” Shen Gui glanced at Ren Wan Yun. Previously it was Ren Wan Yun that manages the house so naturally he had many advantages to it, like when the public fund was used as gifts, Ren Wan Yun could make it as though there was no mistakes. Now that Ren Wan Yun needed to take care of Shen Qing, Chen Rou Qiu temporarily had the power to manage the family and thus things were not as convenient as before. Moreover these advantages now belonged to the Third household which made Shen Gui unhappy.

Ren Wan Yun clenched her teeth. Shen Gui only thought about his own official route and did not care a little for Shen Qing. She said, “I also think the same, but Qing-er’s health requires constant supervision and I do not feel reassured.”

“So it would be good to marry her into the Huang family.” When Shen Gui brought the matter up, his mild tone started to harden, “A woman’s view is short-sighted. It is the right thing to look for a good family to marry into, now that Qing-er is like this. The Huang family is a big household with big business, and when Qing-er goes over she would be the main household but you insisted not.”

Ren Wan Yun laughed grimly in her heart. Shen Gui as a father, could be considered as truly cold and ruthless. Shen Gui even dared to use the words good family to describe this Huang De Xin kind of person. Even though she had long knew that the person lying beside her was a person who view relationships lightly, now thinking about it made Ren Qan Yun have a somewhat chilling feeling.

But now was not the time for her to be thinking about this. She wiped her eyes and said, “Master said correctly, it was my thoughts that were strayed. It is I who stay in the backyard all day and was not aware of these big issues, so the family that Master choose will definitely be good. I initially was not willing for Qing-er to be married over, but now find that this is not necessarily a bad thing for Qing-er.”

Shen Gui was surprised for a moment first and looked at her incredulous, “You agreed?” Ren Wan Yun took Shen Qing as more important than anything else, so why would she agree to this marriage so easily? Moreover Huang De Xin lusted over men.

“Yes.” Sorrow started to emerge on Ren Wan Yun’s face, “With Qing-er current condition, which good family would want her in the future? I kept thinking and find that the Huang family is indeed not bad, at least when Qing-er is married over, she would not be short of food and clothes. If she really does not live well, that is also her fate…” After finishing, she pulled out her sleeve and cried softly.

Seeing Ren Wan Yun like this, Shen Gui’s heart was settled and somewhat believed her words. Now Shen Qing was no longer an untouched virgin, and the Huang family only needed a Di daughter from a prestigious family to sit on the Young Huang Mistress position to blind the eyes of the world. When Shen Qing marries Huang De Xin, she would not need to fret over food or clothes for her entire life, and that is considered as the best ending. Even though she would not be able to consummate but after such a thing happen to her, who would still want her?

Thinking of this, Shen Gui sighed and walked over to Ren Wan Yun and patted her back to console, “It is good that you have figured it out. Qing-er is after all my daughter and I would not harm her. Huang Daren have some friendship with me and I will have him take care of Qing-er so when Qing-er marries over, she would not be wronged in any way.”

Ren Wan Yun despised in her heart the high-sounding words that Shen Gui said, but on the surface she still put on a dependent look, “Then would bother Master to speak to Huang Daren to let Huang family pass the birth-time cards over.”

“So fast?” Shen Gui was somewhat surprised.

“Qing-er is now at such a condition, how can it be dragged on.” Ren Wan Yun sighed, “The more it is dragged on, one fear that others would find it out since Qing-er had not been out for a long time. At least by marrying to the Huang family, it can be somewhat covered. Moreover,” Ren Wan Yun stroke her chest, “Long night of sleep would bring about many dreams. Ever since Qing-er’s accident, I am always in fear.”

Seeing her in palpitation, Shen Gui pondered for a while before saying, “What you said is reasonable. Qing-er’s matter cannot be dragged on, so I would write a letter to Huang Daren today to talk about this matter. When the birth-time cards are exchanged than it would be possible to discuss about the day.”

“Everything would be depended on Master.” Ren Wan Yun warmly replied.

Shen Gui said a few more sentences before leaving in satisfaction. Today Ren Wan Yun was submissive and admitted her wrongs and did as he said, thus it made his heart a lot more comfortable, so much that it swept away the haze for the past days and even his steps had some kind of spring to it.

After Shen Gui left Cai Yun Yuan, Xiang Lan closed the doors before speaking disquietly, “Furen, is it really good to hide this matter from Master?”

Ren Wan Yun let Shen Gui think that Shen Qing was really willing to marry Huang De Xin, but did not tell him that she planned to swap the marriages of Shen Qing and Shen Miao. As such, Shen Qing would be married to the truly good Wei Qian and Shen Miao would be married to that excessively licentious Huang De Xin.

Naturally Shen Gui could not know of this matter. No matter what the outcome was, with Shen Gui kind of person, once the matter involved his career, he would take a risk out of desperation. But Ren Wan Yun was unable to let her daughter step into the pit of fire.

“Of course there is a need to hide it from him. He has no conscience and want to use my Qing-er to build his future, he will need to ask if I am willing or not.” Ren Wan Yun sneered. Her husband’s cold indifference and her daughter’s accident had already made her look so much haggard in such a short period of time and wrinkles had appeared overnight. The previously kind and friendly face was now gone.

“Would it be disadvantageous towards Second Young Lady?” Cai Ju asked, “Even if the marriage was successful, how would the Huang and Wei families be willing?”

“No worries.” Ren Wan Yun pinched the paperweight in her hands, “The Huang family only want a title, it is the same no matter who is it. As for the Wei family, if they dare to speak out, I would sue them for violating the innocence of a lady, and there would always be a way to render them speechless. Moreover,” Her face instantly became ferocious, “In what way is my Qing-er lacking? Is it possible that she cannot be compared to that little slut, Shen Miao! Changing her for my Qing-er is Wei family’s blessing!”

When it came to Shen Miao, Ren Wan Yun was filled with so much hate that her entire body was trembling, thus Xiang Lan and Cai Ju could only bow their head silently and dare not speak again.

After a while, Ren Wan Yun’s voice sounded, “But now the most important thing is to settle the two marriages as soon as possible. It must be settled before Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao return to the capital.”

“Eldest Master would only return when the year ends and there is still months.” Xiang Lan took a step forward and reminded, “On the contrary, the problem is that Fifth Young Lady’s impertinent temperament. If she knew that her engagement is set, one is afraid that she would make a few round of ruckus, and may even escape from Shen residence in the middle of the night. At that time, what can be done?”

“Escape?” Ren Wan Yun ferociously said, “It also have to depend if she had that ability. Is not she now being confined in the ancestral hall? From today onwards, lock up that ancestral hall!”

It was actually to lock up Shen Miao!

Xiang Lan and Cai Ju were surprised and they both lowered their head. Previously even though they constantly oppressed Shen Miao in the Shen residence, it would be done in a way that it would not be seen on the surface as a thin current can flow a long way. This was the first time such methods were used on Shen Miao and it seemed that there was a completely lack of apprehension as all pretense of cordiality was shed.

“That little slut has so many tricks up her sleeves and can only be locked up. Once the time comes, a cup of wine is enough to send her up the sedan where cries to heavens would not be responded, and cries to earth would be impervious. The Huang family is not easy to deal with so after a few days of disciplining, see if her tune would change.” Ren Wan Yun did not even bother to cover her vicious words. “If it cannot be done, there is still Prince Yu of the First Rank.” She laughed proudly.

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