Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 67 (Part 1)

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Chapter 67: Pregnant (Part 1)

There were a number of young females that were sent to San Fu Ban. Some of these females were still young and there were also some that were old and faded but as long as they were sent in, it meant that they would not have any way out of there for the rest of their lives, and the only thing waiting for them were deep despair and a bleak ending.

Today was also the same.

When the two vivid little maids were thrown in, they stuck out like two sore thumbs in the pile of haggard and wilting females.

“From what I see, there is no need to fix them up.” The fierce looking Mama took a look at them, “Look healthy and also have fine and tender skin but one does not know how long can it be maintained. Whatever. Bring them into the tea room.”

The two maids were scared so much that they were shivering. They were not other but Yan Mei and Shui Bi that were sold to a ninth ranked brothel with Ren Wan Yun’s instructions.

Yan Mei and Shui Bi had served Shen Qing since young and were considered the most prestigious of the maids and had not suffered any bitterness. But now? They saw the entire way of the scene of human purgatory, and were scared so much that tears did not even fall. Moreover that Mama’s words shattered that last hope of theirs. She said, “Watch them carefully and do not let them commit suicide.”

Could not commit suicide, so they could only be like those women driven into prostitution that constantly pick up customers all day. Thinking of this, Yan Mei and Shui Bi could not help but feel the earth spinning.

At this moment a young male walked into San Fu Ban. This man looked quite young and his body and bearing did not seem to be one who did rough work. The lady who was outside welcoming said, “Did this young brother walk the wrong way? This is San Fu Ban. Lou He Ge is further in front.”

The words implied that with this young man’s identity, even if he was finding for pleasure he needed not come to such a place. This was a place where the poorest of people would go to.

“How interesting could those be.” That young man lowered his voice, “Are there new ladies that just entered here?”

The female at the door was surprised for a moment before her mind cleared. Most likely this person had never come to a lowly place and wanted to find something fresh, which was nothing new. Wealthy folks would play a variety of games and since one came to San Fu Ban to play, the price was not expensive and everyone could play. She smiled, “This young brother came to the right place. There are two girls that just came in today. They were maids who did some wrongs in some official residence and previously served the official’s daughter. They look full of life but they are higher in price.”

“Take me to look.” That person said.

The female led this young man into the tea room.

San Fu Ban was considered the lowest of brothel not only because this was where those hard labourers go to, but also because this was where the ladies were the cheapest. With only an effort of a cup of tea, if the lady’s craft was better, tone was gentler, it was also an ability to make the customer pay for one more dish.

However in general, the guest here would only order a pot of tea. First it was because the ladies did not want to spend the effort as no matter how much money there were, it would not be spilt with them. Second, the customers that come here were stingy and would not be willing to spend more than a copper coin.

But today this young man ordered a pot of tea and a plate of snacks. This was regarded as a very generous customer to San Fu Ban. That female who led him quickly called the two girls to be brought in.

Yan Mei and Shui Bi were forced to change into thin clothes and went to the tea room filled with humiliation. Both of them were shivering in the middle of autumn since the clothes were unable to get rid of the cold and their hearts were so fearful.

When the female who led saw that the people were brought over, she flattered the young man, “Young brother, slowly drink the tea. This servant will retreat first.” When she passed by Yan Mei and Shui Bi, she used a threatening tone, “Serve this lord well.”

After the female left, Yan Mei hesitated for a bit and seeing that there was no movement from the young man, she softly said, “Lord…” She felt deeply humiliated when she spoke. Previously when they were in Shen residence, they were Second household’s Young Lady’s personal maid. Not to mention Cai Yun Yuan, even in the entire Shen residence, the servants that saw both of them would be respectful towards them. However now they would need to be below thousands of people and even being abused by strange men.

All of this was from the grace of Ren Wan Yun. It was Ren Wan Yun who threw them into this lowly brothel. More than ten of years of master and servant relationships became like smoke and they were treated worse than enemies.

“Do you both want to leave here?” That young man suddenly asked.

Yan Mei and Shui Bi were surprised for a moment before they quickly recovered. Shui Bi was somewhat suspicious but Yan Mei was so moved that she immediately knelt down and said, “If this Lord can bring us out, this servant is willing to serve this Lord for the rest of the life.”

For Yan Mei, it was better to be dead than living here thus it would be better to follow a man. At least it would be better than suffering in this forsaken place.

Shui Bi was reminded by Yan Mei’s words and also followed with a kneel, “Begging this Lord to save these servants! These servants… These servants will do everything per Lord’s wishes!”

When the young man hear this, he almost choked on the tea in his mouth and involuntary turned somewhat away. This person was not someone else but the outer courtyard guard, Mo Qing. Today he came to this San Fu Ban upon Shen Miao’s order. Even though he did not understand how an unmarried young female like Shen Miao would know about the brothels in the capital, he came here for something important. Even though it was somewhat embarrassing, he still followed the instructions and did it.

“I can buy your life contracts and you need not have to follow me as you would be free to go.” He said.

When Yan Mei and Shui Bi heard that, they stared at Mo Qing incredulously. They did not understand why would there be such a person here since this was a place where men came to look for pleasure. The person in front did not look like someone who did hard labour. Yan Mei was one who was naturally cautious and she asked, “What does this Lord want these two servants to do?”

“Simple.” Mo Qing said, “Heard that both of you were the personal maids of the General residence’s Second household’s Di Young Lady. How did you fall into such a situation?”

Shui Bi bit her lips and said hatefully, “Because a wrong was committed and thus kicked out of the Shen residence. But the two of us did not make any mistakes. But since one is a servant, what master says, goes.”

Until now, Shui Bi would not have revealed the key points, it seemed that there were still some attachments to the Second household. Mo Qing said, “Then do you hate?”

Both of them were silent.

Hate? Of course they hated. It would be fine if a cup of poisonous wine was given but this method was purposely used, which made one live in a way that was worse than death, like a walking corpse on earth. But what wrong did they made? That night no one knew what exactly happened. Shen Qing inexplicably disappeared and it was their fault. Even though they were anguished that their Young Lady met with a mishap, but to push all the sins to both of them, even a saint would also feel heartless.

“Would think that you both also felt hatred. Yan Mei, I heard that you have a younger sister working as a second rank maid in the Shen residence’s Second household. Shui Bi, you are also respected in the Shen residence and have many sisters around.”

Yan Mei and Shui Bi were surprised as this person actually knew clearly where they come from. Yes, when Yan Mei and Shui Bi were sold to the Shen residence, they initially said they were orphans but that was only purposely hidden the truth so that they were chosen. Yan Mei’s blood younger sister was working in Ren Wan Yun’s courtyard as a second ranked maid and because of Shui Bi’s lively temperament, she had many good sisters in Cai Yun Yuan.

“There are no free trades in the world. I will bring you out and you must think of a way to tell me the news of the Second household of the Shen residence.”

Both of them looked up at once. Yan Mei cried out, “You want to deal with Furen!”

This person had investigated both of them clearly but that he still needed Second household’s news meant that he wanted to install spies in the Second household. Naturally Yan Mei and Shui Bi can no longer return to the Second household but their sisters were still in Cai Yun Yuan and it would be possible for news to be privately passed through.

“What do you want to do?” Shui Bi asked.

“What does that got to do with you?” Mo Qin said, “The Second Furen of the Shen family sold you both to a ninth ranked brothel and want you to live worse than death. Even enemies are not treated like that. Unless you still have attachment to that master and servant relationship? Every person for themselves else the heavens and earth will combine to destroy oneself. It does not matter if you both want to be loyal servants, I do not have time to talk nonsense with you. Since this deal is unsuccessful, then fine.” He stood up and prepared to leave.

“Lord, do hold on!” Yan Mei suddenly said, “This servant is willing to make the deal with this Lord, as long as this Lord is able to bring this servant out, this servant is willing to do anything.”

“Yan Mei…” Shui Bi felt somewhat hindered.

“Shui Bi, think of how you had treated Furen and how Furen actually treated you! What this Lord said was correct, every person for themselves else the heavens and earth will combine to destroy oneself. Unless you want to stay here for the rest of your life? Just like those women outside who still need to receive customers when they are sick?”

Yan Mei’s words were said fast and anxiously and there seemed to be a trace of cruelty. Thinking of those sickly women outside, Shui Bi could not help but break into a cold sweat and quickly said, “This servant is also willing to follow this Lord!”

“Then it is considered that a deal is reached.” Mo Qing smiled with satisfaction and his heart was somewhat surprised with Shen Miao’s deduction of the matter. Before he left, Shen Miao said that Second household’s Ren Wan Yun was a powerful person as her means were of high level, and could win over one’s heart thus all the servants in Cai Yun Yuan would be very loyal. Even if one were to be thrown to such a place, it would still be difficult for Yan Mei and Shui Bi to immediately concede without difficulties. But there was no need to worry, as the tragedies of the women in San Fu Ban would remind them of the complaints that these two maids had with Ren Wan Yun, and coupled with their fear of the place they would finally agree with Mo Qing’s conditions.

“When would this Lord take us out of this place?” Yan Mei anxiously said.

“This very night is possible. I will arrange for you to meet up with your sisters and you need to convince them to replay the news of the Second household to me. It is better not to play any tricks. Even if you were to inform this matter to the Second household for atonement, the Second household would not believe it.” Mo Qing threaten them at the end, “And since I can bring you out of this place, naturally I can make you return to this place where no one else will save you.”

Yan Mei and Shui Bi could see the murderous intentions from Mo Qing’s eyes and their heart could not help but jump and the last intention also flew away. They knelt down and kowtow to Mo Qing and said, “This servant would not dare and would definitely follow as what this Lord says.”

Mo Qing put down the cup of tea and walked out of the tea room himself. When that Mama outside saw him coming out so quickly, she thought that Yan Mei and Shui Bi did not served him well and quickly said, “This young brother must feel not satisfied, that two little hoofs are new today and still do not know the rules and after some days of tuning it would be fine. If young brother likes, there are still other girls here…”

“No need.” Mo Qing said, “I want to buy the two of them.”

Mama was surprised for a moment. The girls in San Fu Ban had never been bought before. This was not in accordance to the rules as most of them were criminals and the purpose of them being delivered here was to torment them. She said difficultly, “This young brother, the rules here are that the girls of this place are not for sale.”

“One hundred liang.” Mo Qing took out a piece of note and waved it in front of the Mama, “For the two girls.”

Mama’s eyes lit up and in a quick movement grabbed the note from Mo Qing’s hands, seemingly afraid that he would regret it. She smiled like blooming flowers, “Since young brother like them, it would be the fortune of these two girls. This servant will bring their life contracts over. But young brother must remember not to let other people recognise the two girls else there would be trouble for San Fu Ban and young brother would also attract troubles.”

One hundred liang. Even in those better brothels, the girls who were sought after would not be sold at such a price. Even if Yan Mei and Shui Bi did not eat and drink and just receive customers till their death, they would not be able to earn back this amount. The Mama here were all running business and there was no such thing as leaving the money aside. But she was worried that if it was found out by others, especially by the master of those two girls who sent them in, she would be in trouble. Now she would have to pretend that the two girls had died.

When the Mama happily went to fetch Yan Mei and Shui Bi out, Mo Qing felt somewhat regretful. A hundred liang was not a small sum of money and it was the amount of the entire box of Shen Miao’s jewellery that Jing Zhe pawned. But in order to install the spies, Shen Miao’s offer was indeed too great. Mo Qing thought but still gently shook his head as his heart dare not agree.

In the opposite Kuai Hou Lou, a black clad person appeared in front of the window and said, “Master, have investigated. That person is an external courtyard guard of the Shen residence. The two girls that were bought were the personal maids of the Di daughter of the Second household of the Shen residence. It seems that someone want to place eyes and ears in the Second household but it is not known about who was the mastermind.”

To even be so clear about the conversation between Mo Qing, Yan Mei and Shui Bi, this person’s skills were indeed very high that even Mo Qing was not aware that he was being eavesdropped.

Gao Yang narrowed his eyes, “It seems that it is not so peaceful in the Shen residence. That person do not even let go of a maid. This is indeed too pervasive.”

“Master, need to investigate that person?” The black clad person asked the purple clad youth.

“No need. I know who is he.” Xie Jing Xin raised his brows.

“You know?” Gao Yan looked at him, “Who is he?”

Who was he? Xie Jing Xing smiled and his eyes somewhat deepen. Shen Miao had found a high levelled martial art guard. Even though he was not on par with his men, it was enough to deal with those people in the Shen residence. Even now she did not let go of those girls in San Fu Ban. It seemed that she planned to take action.

However all these were not related to him.

“Shan Lang.” Xie Jing Xing said, “Write to Shu Yu to get him to return to the capital quickly.”

“You…” Gao Yang became solemn, “They have not found anything, why do you let them return?”

“Strike first to gain the upper hand.” The youth said lightly.

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