Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 67 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 67: Pregnant (Part 2)

As with the passage of time, the General residence seemed to have been restored to the previous peace.

Shen Miao has already been confined for a long period of time and these days she did not go to Guang Wen Tang. Gu Yu and Jing Zhe were afraid that she would fall behind with her homework but she did not take it to heart at all. It was better to have lesser problems in the residence than learning those useless poems that were taught in Guang Wen Tang.

If one were to say what was worthy of joy, it would most probably be that Mo Qing was able to bribe Yan Mei and Shui Bi and finally let them meet with their sisters. It was still fine with just Shui Bi sisters but when Yan Mei’s younger sister, Chun Tao, knew that Yan Mei was sold to a brothel, she had been trying to take revenge for her elder sister but because of her low status, even though the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak. Now that she met up with Yan Mei and knew that her elder sister was alright, she did not even say a second word before agreeing to pass the news to Mo Qing. It was coincidental that after Yan Mei and Shui Bi left, the two personal maid’s position were empty. When Ren Wan Yun saw that Chun Tao did things cleverly and dexterously, she selected Chun Tao to be Shen Qing’s personal maid. Like this it was even easier to gain knowledge of the Second household’s movements.

Now that Shen Qing’s health had improved a lot, even though her sanity has not completely recovered, it was already much better than before. Occasionally she would still go into a trance and mumble some words before shivering in fear. It seems that more time was still required for her recovery.

In this day, Ren Wan Yun was throwing a temper in the room and there were pieces of shattered cups all over the floor. Currently Ren Wan Yun’s temper was worsening. Previously things went smoothly with her so there were seldom times that she was unhappy, but now she would just punish others every now and then. Cai Yun Yuan currently was gloomy all day long.

“That no-conscience person!” Ren Wan Yun said angrily, “Only know how to run to that vixen’s courtyard. Qing-er had already become like this but he only came over to see a few times. Really have no conscience at all!”

She was scolding Shen Gui and the servants in the room dare not stand out. Ren Wan Yun was angry at Shen Gui but that was in fact not the case. But it was that the letter she wrote to Prince Yu of First Rank indicating that Shen Miao and Shen Qing had switched identities that night was stopped by Shen Gui. Moreover, did not know what method did Shen Gui used, Prince Yu did not know of the matter till now. She initially wanted to use Prince Yu to punish Shen Miao but Shen Gui happened to smash it apart. Ren Wan Yun was irreconcilable and could only put everything onto Shen Miao.

Just as she was thinking, she heard an exclamation from the room. Ren Wan Yun’s expression got serious as she quickly went in to look and saw that Chun Tao was feeding a small bowl of porridge to Shen Qing, but the porridge was spilt all over for unknown reason and Shen Qing was bending over in nausea.

“What is going on?” Ren Wan Yun snapped and stared at Chun Tao, “Let you take care of Young Lady, this is how you goof off!”

“This servant deserve to die.” Chun Tao quickly knelt down and said, “It just that Young Lady often feel nausea these few days for unknown reasons. Just now after having the porridge, she vomited. This servant would like to bravely ask Furen to invite a physician for Young Lady. Could it be that something bad was eaten?”

These days, the physician that was looking after Shen Qing did not often come over. This was because Shen Qing’s superficial injuries were almost healed and what was needed was rest. Ren Wan Yun often accompanied her so Shen Qing was able to gradually regain some sanity. Now hearing Chun Tao saying that, her heart became anxious. Just as she was about to call Cai Ju to invite a physician over, suddenly she was surprised for a moment, as if she had realised something. She looked towards Chun Tao and asked slowly, “You said that Qing-er felt nausea these few days?”

“Yes.” Chun Tao was somewhat puzzled, “But the food that were made specially by the kitchen were clean. Sometimes Young Lady would also feel giddy.”

Ren Wan Yun clenched her heart and suddenly there was a storm of clouds that gathered over her. Chen Tao was still young and did not know of this matter but she was one who had experience. Was it that Shen Qing was pregnant?

Her surroundings darkened and she almost fainted. Xiang Lan who was beside quickly supported her, “Furen!”

“Take my invitation and invite Physician Chen over.” Ren Wan Yun was stunned for a moment before she patted her heart, but her eyes that were looking at Shen Qing were filled with horror.

Chun Tao who was at the side lowered her head so that no one would be able to see the smile in her eyes.

As Shen Qing’s personal maid, naturally she did not only found out today about Shen Qing’s nausea. It was already going for a period of time but the first person she told was not Ren Wan Yun but Mo Qing, who helped her to pass the news. Mo Qing also told her that if Ren Wan Yun did not discover it then to temporarily hide the matter and disclose it later on.

But Chun Tao’s luck was not bad. After a long period of time, Ren Wan Yun still have not discover any problems with Shen Qing. Until today.

Physician Chen quickly came over under the urge of Xian Lan and Shen Qing’s external injuries were also previously treated by him. This was the physician that Ren Wan Yun’s maiden family gave to her when she was married off, and when Ren Wan Yun wanted to deal with whichever concubine and wanted to do something inconvenient, she would get Physician Chen to help. Physician Chen was Ren Wan Yun’s confidant and naturally did not have to avoid anything.

Ren Wan Yun could only watch as Physician Chen took Shen Qing’s pulse. Shen Qing was still somewhat fearful and shrinked in Ren Wan Yun’s arms. When Physician Chen let go, he looked serious at Shen Qing and shook his head at Ren Wan Yun.

“All of you leave.” Ren Wan Yun ordered the entire roomful of servants.

Xiang Lan, Cai Ju and Chun Tao quickly retreated.

When the servants had left, Physician Chen then sighed and said to Ren Wan Yun, “Eldest Young Lady’s pulse is smooth as a pearl. It is a pregnant pulse.”

Although she had expected it, but when she heard it out from the physician’s mouth, Ren Wan Yun still felt that the earth was spinning. She looked at Physician Chen and her voice could not help but shiver but it was still firm, “Physician do let Qing-er abort the child. Qing-er is still young and she cannot… Cannot be discovered by others.”

If it was only her body that was infected, as long as it was concealed well, there may be a way out in the future. But if there was a child, that would meant that was a child out of an illicit affair. Qing-er and the child in her would be drowned!

“Eldest Young Lady’s health is frail and is young of age.” Physician Chen said, “If the foetus is aborted, it would only harm the body and if one is careless, would fear that it would be difficult to bear children in the future…”

One blow after another all fell onto Ren Wan Yun. If Shen Qing lost the ability to become a mother, even if she found a family in the future, Ren Wan Yun knew what kind of ending a female would have if she was unable to bear children. Women without children in the inner courtyard were like soldiers without any weapons on the battlefield, they would be defeated finally.

“Moreover Eldest Young Lady has yet to fully recover, if in addition the foetus is aborted, it would be very dangerous.” Physician Chen said.

“Cannot… Cannot be aborted.” Ren Wan Yun stood rooted on the spot and after looking at Shen Qing in her arms for a moment, she could not help but cry out in anguish, “My unfortunate Qing-er.”

If the child was aborted, perhaps it would make Shen Qing breath her last and even if she was able to preserve her life, perhaps in the future she would not be able to give birth. In any case, the foetus cannot be aborted but if it cannot be aborted then… How would Shen Qing future be like?

There seemed to be no way out of this situation and in Ren Wan Yun’s heart, there was only deep despair.

Outside the door, Chun Tao looked towards the door and softly said, “Older sister Xiang Lan, Eldest Young Lady… Is Eldest Young Lady…”

“Shh.” Xiang Lan warned, “Speak less. If Furen were to know about it, it would not be good for you.”

“Ai.” Cai Ju worriedly said, “With this, what can be done.” She and Xiang Lan naturally knew what exactly had happened. If Shen Qing was pregnant, what would the future of Cai Yun Yuan be? One was afraid that each step to take would need to be carefully weighed.

Chun Tao’s lips twitched but there was proudness that flashed in her eyes.

Physician Chen came out of Cai Yun Yuan and returned to his own residence at the Northern part of the city after leaving the Shen residence. When he entered the courtyard, he saw his Furen and children running out and could not help but wipe his sweat away.

Today before he went for the house call, he received a letter that he did not know who had delivered. It told him that when he take a look at Shen Qing later, he must say that Shen Qing could not abort the foetus, and find ways to ensure that Ren Wan Yun would protect the foetus else his entire family would be killed. His wife’s hairpin also came along with the letter. Physician Chen was scared and followed in accordance to that person’s words when he treated Shen Qing.

He was originally hired by Ren Wan Yun’s maiden family with lots of money to work for Ren Wan Yun but now betrayed his mistress. He was naturally scared and secretly thought about leaving the capitals. Nevertheless, Physician Chen still have some doubts in his heart. According to Ren Wan Yun’s words, even Ren Wan Yun herself only found out that Shen Qing had symptoms of morning sickness today. So how did that person who threatened him knew of the matter?

In the Western courtyard, Gu Yu walked in and whispered a few sentences to Shen Miao, who was playing chess in front of the table. After a moment, Shen Miao then smiled, “Not a bad job. Was the money sent to Physician Chen?”

“Mo Qing had already sent it over.” Gu Yu said, “Why does Young Lady feed him with such a generous amount of money? Since there is no need for money if his life is already used to being threatened.”

“That is not the same.” Shen Miao put the chess piece in her hand down and smiled, “People will change. If one were to blindly threaten, then Physician Chen will flee the capital with his whole family and it would be difficult in the future to continue the matter. But if one were to give him a large sum of money, guess what he would do?”

“This servant does not know.” Gu Yu shook her head.

“He would think that since he has already betrayed, he might as well betray all the way and get more money out of it to be worthy of his betrayal. He would continue to do so until his master discover his betrayal but till then, he would keep up with this lie.”

Gu Yu was surprised for a moment and could not tell what kind of feeling she had in her heart. Since when did her own Young Lady was able to tell what others thought in their hearts. “But,” Gu Yu was puzzled, “By maintaining this lie, what is it for?”

Whatever for?

Shen Miao laughed, “Let Mo Qing to tell Chun Tao to take good care of Eldest Sister’s pregnancy. The better the pregnancy is, the more favourable it is for us.”

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