Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 66 (Part 2)

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Chapter 66: Gui Momo’s Death (Part 2)

After many continuous days of autumn rain, the skies finally cleared up.

Everything seemed to have been restored back to the usual calmness in the General residence, but from time to time, there was medicine scent coming out from the Eastern courtyard which reminded others of what had happened in the Shen residence.

Shen Qing’s sanity seemed to gradually recover and no longer went crazy when she saw others. But Ren Wan Yun was afraid that she would be incited again so she had her kept in Cai Yun Yuan, and did not allow her to come out. She also feared that Shen Qing would attempt suicide so she constantly kept watch around her. As such, the residence’s affairs were all handled over to Chen Rou Qiu to manage. Ren Wan Yun seldom left her courtyard and Shen Miao gained a few days of peace and tranquility.

However this did not mean that nothing had happened. After a few days, Gui Momo was finally put to death with the crime of colluding with others to harm Shen Qing. As of now in the Shen residence, there was no one who would mention Shen Qing’s matter to Shen Miao. It was not because the matter was settled but because of the words that Shen Miao spoke in Rong Jing Tang, they made those people to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, and thus dare not take any action.

They dare not touch Shen Miao but still dared to touch Gui Momo.

Gui Momo was put to death according to the law in the residence. Generally when a servant was put to death when they have committed a crime, a bigger crime meant they would be beaten to death, and common crimes would just need to drink a bottle of medication. In short, as long as their life contracts were at the master’s hands, no one would care about their life or death.

But Gui Momo’s death was really miserable as four of her limbs were broken when she was still alive. There was not an inch of a decent bone left in her entire body, and all seven holes of her body were bleeding, making her look atrocious. Even the servant who carried the body dare not look at the corpse’s appearance, but Ren Wan Yun still called Shen Miao to collect the corpse.

Ren Wan Yun’s maid, Xiang Lan, came over to say, “Furen had said that even though Gui Momo was put to death upon committing an offence, after all she was Fifth Young Lady’s servant. So Fifth Young Lady would still need to make funeral arrangements; So Gui Momo’s corpse has been placed in the West courtyard. Fifth Young Lady quickly go and take a look.”

Most likely, everyone wanted to see Shen Miao’s panic-stricken expression since all the servants in Shen residence knew that Gui Momo was Shen Miao’s close confidant. Now that she had come to a tragic end, one would fear that Shen Miao would be broken-hearted.

Most likely Ren Wan Yun also thought so and felt that Shen Miao would blame herself for Gui Momo’s death. No one knew that Shen Miao would walk up to Gui Momo’s corpse in front of all the servants in the Western courtyard, and lift up the white cloth covering the corpse without even a change of colour on her face when she saw how miserable the body was, and her brows did not even wrinkle at all.

Xiang Lan was surprised at Shen Miao’s calmness but saw Shen Miao coldly cry out, “Gui Momo acted like a tyrant in the Western courtyard, bullied those below her and hoodwinked the master, and was a rampant and domineering person. This kind of servant, even if she did not committed any mistake, the Western courtyard would not take in. All of you take a good look today, if in the future anyone were to learn from Gui Momo, this would be the result!”

Most of the people in Western courtyard were Second and Third household’s spies and in the past would see Gui Momo as the highest, but now seeing how Gui Momo died so tragically and how Shen Miao was so cold about it, a wave of fear started to rise in their hearts.

When Xiang Lan saw the scene, she did not felt all right as she wanted to scare Shen Miao but who knew Shen Miao took Gui Momo as an example of power. She immediately returned to Cai Yun Yuan and inform Ren Wan Yun of the matter.

“This is bad! I Had fallen into a trap!” When Ren Wan Yun heard about it, her hand loosened up and the teacup fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.

“Furen…” Cai Ju was somewhat uncertain.

Ren Wan Yun gritted her teeth, “Gui Momo was just a raft . It seems that little slut had long wanted to get rid of Gui Momo but borrowed our hands to do it. And now she even consolidated her power in the Western courtyard. That little slut is really shrewd!”

Ren Wan Yun was not stupid but because of Shen Qing’s matter, she had inevitably lost the previously calmness she had as she was her mother. That night the people who went to look for Gui Momo saw Shen Miao going in to see Gui Momo, and also heard some portion of the conversation of Gui Momo declaring her loyalty to Shen Miao. After this was mentioned to Ren Wan Yun, she was sure that what had happened to Shen Qing was because Gui Momo colluded with Shen Miao to change the person in the room.

With such a thought in her heart, she hated Shen Miao and Gui Momo like a torrential flood. Since Shen Miao cannot be touched for the time being; Gui Momo, as a servant can be touched. So she use the most brutal way to torture Gui Momo to death. Initially she thought that when Shen Miao saw Gui Momo’s dead body she would definitely be upset, but after listening to Xiang Lan’s words, Ren Wan Yun knew that she has being toyed by Shen Miao.

Everything was a ruse that Shen Miao set up. Shen Miao really put on a better show of murdering others with a borrowed knife than anyone else.

Ren Wan Yun had been in the inner courtyard drifting with the wind and current for so many years that those concubines of Shen Gui would be settled fittingly, but now she was repeatedly defeated at the hands of a silly little girl. In Ren Wan Yun’s mind, this was an anger that could even described as fury.

“Was the letter to Prince Yu of First Rank sent?” Ren Wan Yun asked.

“It is sent but Furen, if Master know about it, he would definitely get angry,” Cai Ju carefully replied.

As with Shen Qing’s matter, Shen Gui though of thousands of ways to hide it from Prince Yu, wishing that he would not discover it at all. But Ren Wan Yun could not wait for Prince Yu to discover it immediately, because with Prince Yu’s temperament if anyone were to play any tricks under his eyelids, that person would not have a good death.

Even if she quarrelled with Shen Gui, she must also take revenge for Shen Qing. Shen Miao dare to threaten the entire Shen family, then would she dare to threaten Prince Yu of the First Rank?

“I want her to die without a burial site!” Ren Wan Yun clenched her teeth as she spoke.


“Young Lady is playing chess again.” Bai Lu shook her head as she was somewhat puzzled, “What is the meaning of playing chess alone?”

“What can be done other than playing chess?” Shuang Jiang glanced at the person in front of the table and said aggrieving, “Confined the entire day and even being unable to go out to the courtyard. If this goes on, nothing can be done during the day.”

“Sh—“ Bai Lu whispered, “You better not speak. Young Lady is already not happy about the confinement , you better not mention it and provoke her anger.”

Shuang Jiang mumbled, “Our Young Lady has a good temperament and would not get angry.”

Speaking of which, they have not seen Shen Miao getting angry for a long time. Not to say anger, not even a shred of emotion. The Shen Miao of the past, even though she was an idiot, her moods were very obvious. Happy was happy, sadness was sadness. But now, the personal maids could not read her. People always said that one’s growth would be gradual but Shen Miao’s change seemed to have been completed overnight.

From simple and weak to calm and unwavering. No one knew what changed her.

“Bai Lu.” Just as they were speaking, Bai Lu heard Shen Miao calling her name and quickly went up.

“Go and find a time to pawn those gold jewellery in the silver jewellery box that was placed in the cabinet.” She said without even turning her head.

“Yes.” Bai Lu quickly replied before she became surprised, “But Young Lady, a box of jewellery was only pawned yesterday and this is the last box.”

“It is of no bother.” Shen Miao put down the chess piece, “After all it would not be used. After pawning it, pass the money to Jing Zhe and call Gu Yu over.”

Bai Lu agreed but there were some doubts in her heart. Shen Miao was anxious to pawn the jewellery away like she was in an urgent need of money. What was the money for?

Kuai Huo Lou (direct translation: Happy Building) was the largest restaurant in the the Ding capital and was located in the heart of the bustling area, and directly opposite of Kuai Huo Lou was the house of courtesans. After high officials and noble people finished their meals in Kuai Huo Lou, they would probably go to the Hua Lou opposite to look for beauty and happiness. There were many ranks of pleasure quarters, the superior it was, the higher the level was , and those who were at the highest level were those famous courtesans that sold their talents and not their bodies. Below them were those some young ladies with famous reputation and the lowest was the ninth ranked brothels. This kind of brothels were not eligible to be called a ‘Lou’ or ‘Yuan’ and could only be called ‘Ban’ or ‘Xia Chu’.

‘San Fu Ban’ was facing opposite of Kuai Huo Lou and it was the lowest of all brothels. Most often the ones that enter and leave that place were those lowly labourers, and often there would be people who would throw those sickly and near death young ladies to the streets. Those wandering beggars would carry these young ladies back, perhaps to vent or perhaps their clothes could be sold for a copper coin. Anyhow compare to the exquisite Kuai Huo Lou, San Fu Ban was simple hell on earth.

By the window of somewhere in Kuai Huo Lou, the spotless white sleeves of a young man’s were seen as he frowned while looking at San Fu Ban below and saw that someone had thrown some new girls in. The girls were crying and shouting nonstop, seemingly servants of some family that were sent over. Some young maids were beautiful and jealous matriarchs would sell them to San Fu Ban to prevent them from climbing up to the bed.

“Truly ruthless.” The white clad gentleman shook his head and said. Although the tone was filled with pity, there was no trace of thoughts of reach out to lend a hand.

And that young gentleman that was facing him was wearing purple and was filled with an overbearing extravagance. He only poured himself wine and lightly said, “People had already entered the residence of Prince Yu and it was yet unknown if it can be found or not.”

“If it was not found then what?” The white clad gentleman turned his head and looked at him.

“Carry on searching.” The purple clad youth smiled and that evil smile was so exceptionally handsome that the courtesan playing the string instrument at the side, could not help but lose herself and played the wrong note.

When the white clad gentleman saw that, he teased with a laugh, “Xie San, your charm is getting greater now. Beautiful women favours you, how can I live?”

He gave another long sigh. Actually this white clad gentleman was also very handsome but upon comparison with the purple clad youth, there was less of that languid extravagance. That youth’s expression was lazy but that pair of eyes were extremely sharp, as if it was the scorching sun in the skies and was dazzling from birth. By standing at his side, naturally all the radiance were covered up.

“Gao Yan, if you like, how about upon return, I will… Bestow you an entire residence of them?” Xie Jing Xing shot him a glance.

“Never mind,” That white clad gentleman called Gao Yang quickly waved his hands and laughed bitterly, “Beautiful women can be viewed remotely and not to play with. I do not have any excess energy. As for you,” He drank a mouthful of wine, “Who are in the midst of youth when one is unrestrained, how would there not be any close female confidante. If you want in this Ming Qi, there would definitely be large number of people queuing.”

“Close female confidante.” Xie Jing Xing smiled, “How would one know if it was just a skull with red rouge?”

“Stop speaking as though it was that scary.” Gao Yang pointed at the pleasure quarters opposite, “Look that those cute young ladies in the higher levels. What skull this and that. So uninteresting.”

Xie Jing Xin looked towards where his eyes were at when he suddenly paused and surprise flashed across his eyes.

“How is it him?”

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