Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 60

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 60: Room

“This…” Ren Wan Yun was somewhat hesitating. If she were to stay with Shen Miao, and if she was to meet with any unexpected misfortune, it would be difficult for Ren Wan Yu to escape from obligations. Not waiting for her to think out of a better way, Shen Miao continued speaking, “If ShenShen is not willing, then it is also alright if either Eldest Sister or Second Older Sister is willing to squeeze with me.”

Shen Yue’s gaze flashed but she did not speak. Even though Shen Qing did not know what her mother was planning, she could vaguely guess that this trip was targeted at Shen Miao. Additionally she currently did not bother to conceal the hate she had for Shen Miao, naturally she coldly said, “I am used to living alone.”

“As such…” Shen Miao muttered gently.

“Then I would go with Fifth Lady to stay at the Northern pavilion.” Shen Miao’s words were not even finished when Ren Wan Yun spoke. She was afraid that Shen Miao would change things at this time again and thinking that even though they were to stay together, she could still stay somewhat further away so that the blame will not fall to her. Since the Heavens were high and the Emperor far away, Shen Xin would not be able to say anything of her at that time as the truth was such.

Shen Miao smiled faintly, “Then many thanks for Second ShenShen’s accompaniment.”

Her words were polite but Ren Wan Yun could not help but frown but she instantly put on a smiling face, “We are after all one family.”

After settling the living arrangement, the next thing was to tidy things up. Because Shen Qing and Shen Yue were a little tired, they did not eat the vegetarian food together and went back to their individual rooms. After reaching the Northern pavilion, without waiting for Ren Wan Yun to speak, Shen Miao said, “I also feel very tired and would not be taking the meal with Second Shen and head directly to the room first.”

Ren Wan Yun was surprised for a moment before smiling, “Then suit yourself. If one is tired, then rest early.”

Shen Miao nodded in agreement.

When the young monk who led the three of them, mistress and servants, to the room, Shen Miao could not help but sigh with admiration.

Indeed, in such a cold and desolate temple like Wo Long Temple, there was this room that was particularly elegant. The side was lined with a small forest which made it quiet and even though the furnishings in the room were simple, they revealed exquisiteness everywhere. When one see it, one’s heart would feel happy.

“The scenery here is really beautiful.” Gu Yu was unexpectedly surprised.

“Replying to Shizhu, only honourable guests can stay in this particular room. The residence’s Furen had instructed to leave this precious room for Shizhu.” The young monk said as his head lowered.

“Help me to thank Second Shen’s good intentions.” Shen Miao said lightly but her eyes were looking around. This room was located the innermost of the Northern pavilion, which meant that the surroundings were inaccessible. So if one were to scream, it would be useless.

It was rare to see that they even seal off any survival route. As for the exquisite layout of the room, one was afraid that it was out of the convenience of ‘that person’ to use.

“What is this incense?” Jing Zhe picked up a few sticks of incense on the table and put it to her nose to smell, “It is similar to Orchids but is more fragrant than Orchids.” Her eyes fell onto the Orchid designed incense burner, “This incense burner is also very unique.”

Gu Yu saw it and also smiled, “It seemed that the temple has also specifically inquired that Young Lady like to light incense before sleeping. Since Young Lady is tired at night, one will light it up before bedtime so that Young Lady can sleep well at night.”

“Now, one feel that this Wo Long Temple is actually not bad.” Jing Zhe was laughing and joking, “No wonder even though it is located deep in the forest, Second Furen still arranged to come over to pray.”

Shen Miao’s brows slightly wrinkled. She walked forward a little and took the incense in Jing Zhe’s hands and smelled it. After smelling it, her brows tightened.

When the two girls saw it, they asked in hesitation, “Young Lady, is there anything wrong with this incense?”

Anything abnormal was evil. In Shen Miao’s mind, after entering Wo Long Temple, she had not put her heart down. The more the place was proper, the more she could see the danger in it. She had the habit of putting incense before she sleeps as females often like delicate things and the incense burner was lovely. Even if one were to play, a normal female would light up the incense to match the quiet and elegant environment here.

But to her, it was not the case. The females who survived in the Inner Palace would use all kinds of means and methods to climb up and in Shen Miao’s past life where she was the mistress of the six palaces for so many years, naturally she had the ability to make discerning judgments. These kind of shameful things, she had seen too many of it. As for the aphrodisiac in the incense, it was a common method that the concubines would play with.

If she was a normal unmarried Young Lady, naturally she would not have heard of such things.

“It is not good thing at all.” Her hand loosened and those incenses fell down.

Gu Yu and Jing Zhe were surprised and looked at one another. After a moment Jing Zhe said, “Then should I throw these things away?”

“No need.” Shen Miao’s gaze landed on those incenses that fell. Ren Wan Yun and that person had spent so much thought and effort to prepare such a good gift to her and it would be a pity if it was wasted. A sneer suddenly appeared on her lips, “Keep it. There would be a time to use it.”


In the room that overlooked far from Shen Miao’s room, Ren Wan Yun sat on the couch and facing an old woman who was hunching back. It was not someone else but Gui Momo.

“You know of today’s matter. After it is successful, naturally you will benefit from it but if it fails…” Ren Wan Yun lightly coughed, “I do not need to tell you what kind of ending it would be.”

When she spoke, there was not any of the usual amiable appearance and her eyes made one cold.

Gui Momo flattered with a smile, “Furen rest assured. Everything is handled by this old servant and when this old servant does things, naturally there would not be any mistakes. It is expected that tonight would go on smoothly.”

Ren Wan Yun’s expression only then eased down before she said, “I naturally trust you since you are the closest person to Fifth Lady. What we do is for the Shen residence. When Fifth Lady becomes sensible in the future, she would know the pros and cons and naturally would know that you are doing it for her own good and would not treat you unfairly.”

Gui Momo nodded her head in agreement but her heart was filled with contempt. If Shen Miao knew of the matter in the future, it would not be strange for her to hate her to death and how would she treat her well. Thinking of what would be happening tonight, Gui Momo could not help but be somewhat frightened. She did not think that this Shen family’s Second Shen Furen who always had an amiable appearance would think of such a vicious and cruel method. After all, if this matter fell on any unmarried female, it would be a life of death rather than living.

In the next moment, she saw Ren Wan Yun giving a look at Cai Ju, who was sitting beside her, and Cai Ju beamed as she took a sachet out and placed it onto Gui Momo’s hands, “Will trouble Gui Momo to look over the matter for this time too.”

Gui Momo pinched it with her fingers and when she found that the weight of the sachet was not light, happiness immediately bloomed on her face, “Will definitely let Furen be satisfied.”

After saying a few more sentences, Gui Momo got up and left.

“Furen really want to rest here tonight?” Xiang Lan asked, “This is after all the same area as Fifth Young Lady’s room.”

“It matters not.” Ren Wan Yun waved her hands unconcernedly, “Tomorrow morning, what I say would be what it is. Can not say precisely but when Eldest Bo returns, one fear that there will not be any one who knows of the matter.” Her laughter was somewhat vicious, “Eldest Bo, Eldest Sao, who ask you all to block my Qing-er’s road.”

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    But then again, in ancient times, isn’t it that if 1 female member of the family is ruined, the test gets implicated by association? Isn’t that why females can’t be divorced for reasons such as being not virtuous enough and stuff? Because the rest of the clan gets the same reputation?

    How does these things work for their schemes anyway? Hmm…

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    • Don’t even need to use it on the mother. Use it on the two daughters and destroy their futures. Why defile the mother when you can ruin the daughter and the future of that bloodline?

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      • Well, usually in cases like that in ancient times, their mother’s reputation can make or break them. Having a horrid sample, what to expect of the generation after them? This will in turn break their marriage prospects as decent and high standing families will not allow females of such to enter their abode.

        Apart from ruining SQ’s prospect… Ruining RWY will probably in extension, ruin her husband’s standing in the politic circle as well. With his official wife’s reputation in tatters, how does that reflect on the uncle who wore a green hat and didn’t even know it? Or couldn’t even control a single woman in his home?

        Though of course I still prefer for either SQ or SY to get married to that horrid prince… This route is also worth considering a bit.


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    • Yeap… You are right, its like death by association … but the 2nd and 3rd household can say that they come from different mothers if anything comes from the first household. Those people will have 1001 reason to distance themselves from the first household.


  2. RIP your daughter. There is no way she will have a good marriage now our girl come and collecting debts.. thank you for your effort and chapter

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    • Thanks for supporting!! But hiring assassins would leave a possibility of tracing it back to her… So it should look like an accident and ensure nth would trace back to her 😛


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