Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: The Night Beneath The Raven Moon

In the Wo Long Temple in the mountains, it was the time in the evening when the skies were getting dark and a light drizzle fell. The rain came with a chill wind, thus Gu Yu closed the window before saying to Shen Miao, “Young Lady must be cautious and not catch a cold.”

Jing Zhe wrapped Shen Miao with a cloak and spoke worriedly, “The mountain roads are not easy to walk. If the rain falls for the entire night, not sure if one could leave after tomorrow morning prayers. One may need to stay one more day else the road would be muddy.”

“One more day to rest then one will rest one more day.” Gu Yu smiled, “The scenery of this place is very good and the environment is also quiet and secluded. It is still better than…” She swallowed the rest of the words back to her stomach as she wanted to say that it was better when comparing to those snakes in the Shen residence.

Shen Miao sat at the table moving the chess pieces. The current her now loves to play chess but unfortunately the few girls by her side did not know how to play, she had to play by herself. Occasionally Gu Yu and Jing Zhe would feel strange when their Young Lady played by herself, as there would be times when she portrayed some odd expressions which would make one’s heart cold.

The doors were pushed open and Gui Momo came in with smiles on her face. In her hands carried some food, she smiled while saying, “Young Lady, this is the vegetarian cuisine of the temple. Even though it is vegetarian, Wo Long Temple’s cuisine is rather good. This old servant specially requested for a bowl of crystal Osmanthus broth. Eldest Young Lady and Second Young Lady had already tried it and said that it was good.”

“Oh. Place it there.” Shen Miao said plainly.

“It would be best that Young Lady eat it while it is still hot. It would not be delicious if it cools down.” Gui Momo warmly brought the bowl over to hand it over to Shen Miao.

“Why is Momo anxious?” Jing Zhe took the porcelain bowl smoothly from Gui Momo and smiled, “Young Lady had said to place it down. Just now she felt some discomfort and would take it after a while.”

Gui Momo felt annoyed in her heart but when she saw Shen Miao being indifferent to Jing Zhe’s words, she could only clench her teeth. Previously Shen Miao would always treat Gui Momo’s words as the most important and if Gui Momo had some dispute with the maids, she would definitely punish the maids first. She did not know from when onwards Jing Zhe, Gu Yu and those two girls were appreciated by Shen Miao.

Just as she was contemplating, she heard Shen Miao suddenly said, “Momo has already accompanied me for fourteen years.”

Gui Momo’s heart jumped a beat as she looked at Shen Miao. Just at the same time, Shen Miao also looked over. A pair of clear eyes that had a childlike innocence which also put Gui Momo in a trance.

Without one noticing, that baby that was crying piteously for food had become little girl and grew up to a gracefully slim young female in front of her. Gui Momo’s heart sighed, in the beginning when Shen Xin and his wife left for the battlefield, they requested her to take good care of Shen Miao and in a blink of an eye, fourteen years had passed.

“Momo all the while is close to me.” Shen Miao said softly, “One remembered there was a time where I was running a fever and it was raining outside, like it is now. The physician that the residence invited did not arrive for a long time, so Momo got worried and ran out to search for one. At the end, Momo slipped and broke your head but still instead to search for another physician to come over.”

Gui Momo was surprised and her expressions could not help but soften down, “Young Lady still remember these things.”

“Naturally one would remember. Momo has been with me for more than a decade and even Father and Mother would not have accompanied me more than Momo. I see Momo as a loved one.”

“This old servant doesn’t deserve the fortune of Young Lady.” Gui Momo lamented in her heart. She did not expect that in this moment Shen Miao, who had been treated her coldly, would suddenly be so intimate. A wave of feelings rose in her heart after all one was not like this from the beginning. In the beginning Shen Xin and his wife made her be Shen Miao’s Momo, her son had yet to take a wife and she did not have any grandchildren so she treated Shen Miao as her own granddaughter. There was also a period where she treated her with real feelings, but… Every man for oneself else heaven and earth would destroy one. Shen Miao was after all not her real granddaughter and if Second household deliver its promise, when the matter was successful, her son’s entire family would be able to reap the benefits.

Money came from danger, moreover Shen Miao would not be able to bring her anything. Gui Momo’s expression changed a number of times but at the end she smiled and said, “Young Lady, the weather is cold and the night is dark, it would be good to rest after having one’s meal. When it’s time to rest, light the incense and have a good night sleep then it would be good to pray for Master and Furen early tomorrow morning.”

“Many thanks for Momo’s concern.” Shen Miao also smiled but her smile seemed to contain some unknown things. She said, “Momo withdraw first, I will have the meal myself.”

Gui Momo would like to stay a while more but seeing Shen Miao putting on a look of chasing her out, she could only withdraw. When she exited the room, she did not walk far and moved to the window so that she would be able to listen to the movements inside.

After a moment in the room, Gu Yu’s voice sounded, “Young Lady, the dishes are getting cold.”

“Set the table then.”

Afterwards there were sounds of chopsticks clinking, seemingly someone had sat down on the table to eat. Jing Zhe asked, “Does Young Lady find that this Osmanthus broth good?”

“Not bad.” Shen Miao voice rang out, “It’s to one’s taste.”

“Then do eat more.” Gu Yu said with a smile.

After listening for a while, Shen Miao seemed to have finished and the sounds of the cutlery being cleared sounded before Gu Yu walked out, carrying the food basket. One could only hear Jing Zhe saying, “Young Lady still want to read a while?”

“Feeling somewhat tired, will read for a moment more. Go and light the incense.” Shen Miao’s voice was rather wan.

Gui Momo straightened up her body and gave a big sigh of relief before looking back at the window again. She walked out of the courtyard and only when she exited the courtyard, she then could not help but mumble, “Young Lady must not blame this old servant for being vicious, Second Furen wants to deal with you and no one can stop it.”

When Gui Momo left, she did not see a male figure appearing behind her. He saw the back view of Gui Momo leaving and a somewhat furious expression appear on his face.

In the room, Jing Zhe looked at Shen Miao worriedly, “Young Lady, Gu Yu had already gone out. This servant still does not understand what exactly Young Lady wants to do?”

She did not know why but Jing Zhe’s heart felt somewhat uneasy, as if in this deep and quiet mountain, something would happen. She asked, “Young Lady acted the show to deceive Gui Momo just now, was it because Gui Momo is up to a scheme?” And the words that Shen Miao said in an amiable manner to Gui Momo made Jing Zhe nervous, she fears that Shen Miao would be like before where she would listen to Gui Momo words.

Shen Miao looked at the flouncing flame of the candlewick. The small sparks that the flame formed had a crackling sound, which was a sharp contrast compared to the rhythm of the rain outside.

Pretending to eat and pretending to light the incense, were just temporary measures. As for the reason to say such words to Gui Momo, it was not because her heart was soft.

In the road of revenge, no one could turn around. It did not mean that if there was kindness in the past, there would be a reason to why mistakes could be made in the future. The wicked were never worthy of any mercy and the winners would always speak the last words to the losers before their heads fell.

She closed her eyes lightly.

“Young Lady, what can be done now?” Seeing Shen Miao not answering her, Jing Zhe can only change the question.


“Waiting for what?”

The eyelashes of the young female slightly fluttered as her lips slightly hooked up.

“Wait for the night beneath the raven moon when it is time to kill and rob.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Wonde what Shen Miao has in store for them? Really look forward to it! Also was the furious man who saw Gui Momo off , Mo Qing?

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  2. Well there is no sympathy for Gui Momo from me. Someone with no loyalty is one to fear and be suspicious of. If in the near future she faces retribution, she’d have deserved it all.
    Then again, this is to mirror reality where there are so many short-sighted people who need instant gratification.
    Thank you for the chapter donor and translator!
    Waiting for the “grand” plan to backfire on the planners still.

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  3. “Wait.”
    “Waiting for what?”

    MC: Wait for the right time to trample over their bones and watch their dreams turn to dust before their eyes.
    ML: Waiting to see how my future waifu deals with her enemies.
    Me: Waiting for the lovey dovey scenes between the two main characters 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Kill and rob? Add burning the temple and if she tires of conspiracies and infighting she could just change her career to a full fledged viking warrior princess XD

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    • Tbh the good thing about the novel is that it delves into the secondary characters storyline and also see how their actions affect the MC and vice versa… The side characters are fleshed out very well that you will feel heartache for some of them


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    Thank you for the chapter (.づσ▿σ)づ.wait-fu

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  6. Though I really hope the guy behind Gui Momo was XJX, i don’t think so. It’s still early for him to have a reaction as such. I got a feeling if it was him, he would be smiling slyly with that wait-and-see attitude of his😑😑
    That was most likely Mo Qing no?
    Gosh, I’m desperately curious on how our Empress is going to escape this!

    Thanks for the chapter! xD

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    • I don’t think it was the incompetent First Prince though, because he was mad when looking at Gui Momo…..I find it unlikely that he would not know who he’s using in the plotting, but he’s incompetent, so who knows. XJX, like you said would probably have a cool reaction, but I find it more possible that he would get angry over that foolish Gui Momo.

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  7. I’m guessing that man is Mo Qing. After all, Shen Miao did ask to bring along more two servants. And Mo Qing is one of the low servants assigned.

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    Are their gonna kill the prince or what? Can’t wait next chapter

    Thx for ur hardwork Zaza and Tnyhy

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  9. “In the road of revenge, no one could turn around. It did not mean that if there was kindness in the past, there would be a reason to why mistakes could be made in the future. The wicked were never worthy of any mercy and the winners would always speak the last words to the losers before their heads fell.”
    Hahaha this is my favorite quote in the entire story till now.

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  10. Hah~! The last words are so charming! Every words and act leaves an impression. She is the second female lead I’d admire, not because she is an assassine or something but because of her domineering charisma…

    She’s the Empress!


    I can only thank you for picking and translating this novel for us!

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  11. Our little empress is such a badass, I can just imagine that as she’s playing chess, she’s planning out her strategies and plans. I can’t wait to see how she deals with the problem of Prince Yu coming, and who will take the fall hehehe. I wonder who the male figure is….probably her guard, Mo Qing.

    Thank you for the chapter~ 💖 💖 💖

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  12. Wow! This story blew my mind coz it is super amazing! I have to say that no one could blame Shen Miao for her past life mistakes and she shouldn’t either . She was very young then and very inexperienced. She was cornered by her cunning and ungrateful step families. Her step uncles should loves and protects her well because her father Shen xin is the actual man who sacrificed his life out there and bring back the money to support his ungrateful families. I’d say no matter what happens in the future her step families reap what they sow! And most importantly I wish her ex husband will get trapped in the hell of his own making for the evil ways he treat his wife and children !

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  13. I fear for my mind that this righteous bodyguard will also be one of those good-hearted MVPs who end up the readers favourite who will be left behind in the dust.. he looks like the type of guy who will stay devoted to his crush for a lifetime even if she is with another man .___.

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