Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 59

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 59: Wu Long Temple

Earlier than Shen Miao had expected, on the second day Mo Qing came to the Shen residence to be a guard. Shen Miao had Shuang Jiang bribe the housekeeper beforehand and they only knew he was a far away cousin of Shuang Jiang. Because the guards were divided by a number of ranks, Mo Qing could only become a guard at the outermost side thus there were not much conditions for him to stay.

Time passed very quickly and soon it was three days later.

In the morning of the third day, Ren Wan Yun arranged everything appropriately and let the maid by her side, Xiang Lan, go to Shen Miao to settle some arrangements. Before leaving, everyone also went to Rong Jing Tang.

Old Shen Furen said some words solemnly and the summary of it was to ensure everyone would behave properly. On normal days one would not go to Wo Long Temple to burn incense because Wo Long Temple was located in a remote area. Even though it was a famous place but the incense was not as thick as of those who were located nearer to the city. But no one knew for what reason this time it had to be so far away.

Shen Qing appeared to be filled with joy as she spoke about how she would definitely pray for Old Shen Furen and Shen Yuan Bo to Buddha. Old Shen Furen heard that it was for her and her attitude towards Shen Qing softened up much more.

In this journey, there was also some guards that were brought along to protect the safety of the Shen residence’s Young Ladies. Shen Miao stood in front of the horse carriage but remained motionless. Ren Wan Yun saw it and asked with a frown, “Why is Fifth Lady not moving?”

“Just felt that the list of guards is short. To prevent any accident, Second Shen may wish to bring a few more guards along.” Shen Miao said.

Ren Wan Yun frowned. She did not expected that Shen Miao would raise this issue at this time. But everything was already arranged so Ren Wan Yun smiled, “Fifth Lady, the people we are bringing are truly a lot. One cannot just bring along all the guards in Shen residence. When the number of people is too large, it would become inconvenient to just remain as it is.”

But Shen Miao was insistent and kept shaking her head.

When Shen Yue and Shen Qing saw it, Shen Yue did not say anything but Shen Qing was unpleased and followed up with words, “Our Shen residence is not the Imperial family, just how big an entourage does Fifth Younger Sister want? When Eldest Bo goes out, he is not as picky as this.”

Once again, she brought up Shen Xin name to talk. When she finished talking, Shen Miao took a glance at her. That one glance was flutteringly light but it made Shen Qing suddenly felt cold throughout her entire body.

“Just add two more.” Shen Miao lifted her hands and pointed at the two guards by the door, “Just them would be fine.”

Seeing that Shen Miao did not bring many and only wanted to increase it by two headcount, Ren Wan Yun was relieved as she did not want to delay too much time on this matter. Two more people would not affect the overall situation but Ren Wan Yun put on a face full of difficulty and said, “Fifth Lady, you are really… Never mind, when have Second Shen not consent to your words. Up to you then.” She instructed Xiang Lan, who was beside her, “Go and call those two servants over there to follow us out of the city.”

“Thanking Second Shen.” Shen Miao’s lips hooked up to form a smile.

Seeing that Ren Wan Yun at the end still consent to Shen Miao’s idea, Shen Yue only looked at Shen Miao strangely but Shen Qing fiercely stomped her feet and glared at Shen Miao before turning away to leave.

In the horse carriage, Shen Qing was deliberately not speaking with Shen Miao and even though Shen Yue spoke to Shen Miao, her words to some degree were sounding her out. Shen Miao was too lazy to deal with her thus she barely said anything. It was however Ren Wan Yun who was in high spirits all the way and when she talked to Shen Miao, it looked very intimate. If it was the usual, most likely Shen Miao would also admire this kind Second Shen but now seeing this woman, every actions and gestures were ugly and pretentious performances. After seeing such stuff in the Inner Palace, it was enough for her.

Setting off in the morning till the evening, then they finally arrived at the destination, Yang Jing Feng (peak).

Wo Long Temple was located at the halfway mark of Yang Jing Feng. The mountain was high and the valley was deep, if there was a spring nearby, it would be a pleasant scenery as there were flowers and lush foliage everywhere. But it was currently early autumn and the leaves were withering which added a few touches of desolation.

Because Yang Jing Feng was far from the Ding capital, the road to Wo Long Temple was hard to reach and other than the people who head up to offer incense and the especially devoted Furens who come here, normal people would not stay there. When Shen Miao and the rest alighted from the horse carriage and reached the entrance of Wo Long Temple, they were able to see a young monk sweeping the floor in front of the huge temple. It was extremely peaceful.

“It is sure peaceful here.” Shen Yue lightly chuckled.

Shen Qing shrugged her hold and seemed to want to complaint but she suddenly thought about something and restrained herself.

Ren Wan Yun said, “Do not just see that it is peaceful here. One heard that the Buddha here is very effective. When it is time to offer the incense, one must be sincere.”

When that young monk saw the oncoming people, he got up and greeted. Other than the house servants that were moving stuff down from the horse carriage, Ren Wan Yun and the rest followed the young monk who was leading the way to the temple.

As one headed into the temple, one would find that Wo Long Temple was sparsely populated. Moreover the temple was spacious which made one feel it empty. If one were to stay during the night, there would be some who would feel afraid.

After seeing the abbot, the abbot directed the few people to the courtyard. Originally the young ladies would each have their own room and they would be close to one another. But when it reached to Shen Miao’s turn, a middle-aged monk beside the abbot said, “Our apologies, there are no more rooms at the south of the pavilion. If Young Lady do not mind, how about the north of the pavilion?”

Everyone looked at her and Shen Miao smiled, “Pardon me, I mind it a lot.”

“Fifth Lady.” Ren Wan You softly reprimanded, “This is a Buddhist location, it would not accommodate your waywardness.”

“It is just somewhat strange.” Shen Miao was not moved by it, “The incense does not look strong but why are the pavilions all full?”

That middle-aged monk also frowned, most likely because he had never seen such a young lady with such arrogant conduct who made comments on the temple without any explanation. But Shen Miao was also different for those unruly young ladies who would make a fuss, thus with that reasonable attitude, it made one unable to respond.

“Little Shizhu does not know. Although there are not much pilgrims that offer incense, there are many monks in the temple.” That old monk smiled and explained to Shen Miao.

“But if I were to stay along, it would be somewhat scary. What to do?” She asked.

“This…” Ren Wan Yun was still soothing, “Fifth Lady, it is only for one night. If one is able to get over this night, Buddha will see your sincerity and when incense is offered tomorrow, one’s wishes would definitely come true.”

If it was in the past, when Shen Miao heard that, she would be coaxed into it. After all, she was a person who was amenable to coaxing but not coercion, not to mention that there was Fu Xiu Yi in her heart and would definitely wish that Buddha would grant her wish to be together with Fu Xui Yi and would swallow this little loss.

But now, there was some difference.

Ren Wan Yun was having some headaches. She did not know why but the current Shen Miao was a difficult person to deal with. Previously whatever she say, Shen Miao would believe it and thus she was easily coaxed. But now, mistakes were constantly made and if Shen Miao was not resolved earlier, one fear that it would be an existence that would make one’s head ache more.

“Why not like this.” Shen Miao said with all smiles, “How about ShenShen and me will go to the North court to stay? With someone accompanying, I would feel at ease.”

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    • Shenshen I believe is the title of “dad’s younger brother’s wife”.

      So basically your uncle’s (specifically the younger brother of your dad) wife.

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      • What if it’s your mother’s brother’s wife? And mother’s sister? This is one thing I find fascinating about the Chinese language. Their titles are so specific. We have Aunt and Uncle, but it could be any combination of parent’s siblings and sibling’s spouses.

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    That being said, now I’m curious how she will evade this predicament.

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    • I’m guessing that they include those scenes because they’re great at keeping the story entertaining (when the MC isn’t the victim, but some evildoer).

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  3. Whoever this Shen Shen is she is probably going to be the person who replaces Shen Miao as the scrape goat….. the 2nd household is going to fall in the hole they dug for our little empress. He he he😏

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