Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 56

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 56: Secret Discussion

After this year Chrysanthemum banquet, the main names that were discussed in the streets of Ding capital finally changed.

The little Xie Marquis of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, used an extremely strong and elegant attitude to extinguish the awe-inspiring presence of the two said Shu brothers. Even though his actions were arrogant but with a graceful bearing that was revealed in that short period of time, it made one understand that the name he got in the battlefield, jaded face Asura, was not a false reputation

The other person was the idiot, Shen Miao.

It was as if one had shed one’s mortal body and exchanged one’s bones or it was that finally the blood of the Shen family was aroused. The stupid and cowardly Shen Miao faded away as she confronted Cai Lin with composure during archery, and when she was forcing for submission, she revealed a vicious temperament. It made all her peers somewhat fearful.

As such in Guang Wen Tang, those who previously mocked her had now all curbed it.

When Cai Lin returned to Guang Wen Tang and faced Shen Miao, he just stared at her unpleasantly but unprecedentedly did not act rashly at all. It was assumed that day that Shen Miao had given him some trauma.

Feng An Ning looked at Cai Lin’s appearance and laughed, “Did not think that that overlord would actually be somewhat afraid of you now.”

Shen Miao glanced at Cai Lin and the latter quickly looked away with a somewhat fearful look. She laughed in her heart in spite of herself. Cai Lin, in her eyes, was just a arrogant and stubborn young master and she did not wanted to waste any more energy on the matter. Moreover, the Cai family was nearing to their annihilation days, thus this noble young master would need to suffer a lot in the future.

“However, I heard that even though the two Xie brothers were injured seriously, the Marquis of Lin An did not fault little Xie Marquis at all, and instead invited a physician to tend to the two brothers’ injuries, but in fact can be considered for both as a confinement.” Feng An Ning exclaimed, “It seems that it is indeed true that the Marquis of Lin An is biased towards the Di son.”

Shen Miao asked, “Where did you hear it from?”

“Eavesdropping on my parents’ conversation.” Feng An Ning was somewhat proud, “But if it was another person, most likely would also dote on little Xie Marquis. Not to say about him, but he is born from Princess Yu Qing with Imperial bloodline…”

Shen Miao eyebrows raised. Honestly speaking, she always felt that the death of Princess Yu Qing of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An was somewhat strange. From the attitude of the Marquis of Lin An to the two Xie brothers, there was no reason when he knew of Princess Yu Qing’s death, that he would still let that Madame Fang live till now.

As she was pondering, she saw Pei Lang walking in.

There was a gentle smile on Pei Lang’s face and just as he was looking over at Shen Miao’s direction, his eyes came upon Shen Miao’s gaze and Pei Lang could not help but be slightly surprised for a moment.

During the Chrysanthemum banquet, Shen Miao’s performance had made Pei Lang to put away the scorn in his heart. From then onwards he started to feel and observe that Shen Miao was different from normal and he also felt that Shen Miao was paying attention to him secretly. Even though he did not know why, it made this young teacher feel somewhat uncomfortable as if something was targeting him. But thinking that Shen Miao was just a little young female no matter how powerful she was, he felt that he was being over sensitive.

“Why do you always stare at him?” Feng An Ning curiously asked before she thought of something and said in shock, “Could it be that you fall for someone again?”

As of now Shen Miao had not even mention anything about Fu Xiu Yi and her cold icy look was like she had forgotten about that person, which made those who were watching the commotion feel there was some reason for it. They were thinking that most likely Shen Miao knew that she was not worthy of the Imperial family and had given up that thought, and that could be seen as she did not chased after Fu Xiu Yi during the Chrysanthemum banquet. Even though Pei Lang’s status was a little low, but he had a graceful bearing and was talented, thus it was natural for young females to like him.

Shen Miao’s head was somewhat aching as she recovered her sight, “Of course not.” The only thing she was thinking was that since Pei Land did not speak about the ‘Circulation of Law’, Fu Xiu Yi had not taken him to heart. But this person was still a great trusted advisor and in future he would be used by Fu Xiu Yi… Shen Miao’s expression turned serious as she was afraid that there would be endless of trouble in the future.

Right now she had no ability to assassinate Pei Lang without anyone knowing so she had to find another way.


The Bai Xiang Lou of Ding capital was filled with song and dance. Even though it was in the daylight, the gauzes that decorated throughout and the luminous pearls that were placed made the entire roof to be filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. With the sound of music curling up, there would always be one that would stop and look in envy. Not because of other things but when ordinary wealthy people enter Bai Xiang Lou, they also felt somewhat cash-strapped as even a small pot of tea was expensive. It was indeed a money squandering establishment.

At this moment, leaning against the window sat a middle aged man clad with luxurious clothes. This man’s clothes were excellent but he was born with a dark and sinister look. Under his robes, that left leg was empty and it was no one else but Prince Yu.

“Spoken clearly to that Shen family?” After a while he asked with a gloomy tone.

“Reporting back to Your Highness, it has already being arranged with the Second Furen of the Shen family. Three days later the womenfolk of the Shen family will head to Wo Long Temple to offer incense, at that time…”

“Three days.” Prince Yu frowned and a trace of displeasure flashed in his eyes. He then waved his hands, “Go and prepare the things that should be prepared. It has been a long time since Benwang have met such an interesting one.”

After so many years, his sexual appetite had gotten crueler and perverse and there were countless of females that had died in his hands. However no matter how these female resisted, they would not be able to create any waves. In the entire Ming Qi, he had already know about Shen Xin’s fierce name and did not know what kind of taste that daughter of the awe-inspiring great general would have. Moreover in that Chrysanthemum banquet, Shen Miao revealed her ruthlessness which filled him up with interest. A wild cat who only knew how to resist would perhaps be tastier than those blocks of beautiful wood.

He licked his lips and a flash of licentious perverseness crossed his eyes.

In the room that was nearest to him, sat a white clad male in front of a glass table. He was about twenty years old and was born handsome but had a pretty gentle disposition. After hearing those words for a while, he spoke to the person in front as if he had watched a good show, “It seems that the beauty you saved from before would most likely be in trouble again.”

Facing him, the purple clad youth sat lazily and casually said, “The Shen’s family tree is a tall one that attracts the wind and this blame belong to Shen Xin, his fault to carry. Today it was only a test, there would be finally be one day in that no one in the Shen family would be safe.”

The white clad male paused and suddenly looked at the youth, “Third Xie, why did you injured the Shu brothers in the academy examinations? Could it be that your plans are going to be moved in advance?”

The one sitting opposite was not someone else but Xie Jing Xing. His lips raised as he smiled, “So what if it is advanced, so what if it was not advanced?”

“If you were to take action in advance… Will they know?” The white clad male asked.

“Gao Yang, you do not understand one thing. Now here, only I have the final say.” Xie Jing Xing said plainly, “By dragging it longer, it would instead be unfavourable to me. If the mountain does not come to me then I will go to the mountain.” Finishing the last word, his eyes looked much more serious, like it was not a seventeen or eighteen year old youth.

That male, so called Gao Yang, was stunned in surprise for a moment before laughing bitterly, “Never mind, I only came over to see you. In fact, I really have no self-confidence to stop you.” He then changed the conversation, “However in three days time, are not you also heading to Wo Long Temple to investigate some stuff, maybe you can once again save a beauty.” He laughed mischievously.

“Gao Yang, your foresight is as usual that bad.” Xie Jing Xing raised an eyebrow, “It is not good to provoke that girl from the Shen family.”

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  1. first! Indeed Gao Yang.. don’t provoke Shen Miao if u know what’s good for you… Pei Lang you’re lucky as of now… dunno when your luck will run out … Thank’s for the chapter… =D

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