Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 57

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 57: Officer Mo Qing

After class, Shen Yue walked to Shen Miao and smiled as she said, “Today Young Lady Yi has invited Eldest Sister and me to her residence, so we will not be heading back with you. Fifth Younger Sister, you should go back first.”

Yi Pei Lan and Shen Yue were naturally close with one another and would often send an invitation to them but excluded only Shen Miao. It was so common that it was nothing out of the ordinary. Hearing that, Shen Miao did not have any reaction and only made a sound of agreement.

These recent days the Shen family’s attitude towards Shen Miao was extremely warm and lively, most likely because they already had a play in mind. Shen Miao was also too lazy to care about them now that there were matters of vital importance and naturally not these kind of trivial stuffs.

Upon returning in the horse carriage, it must pass through the most prosperous street of Ding capital. Gu Yu said, “Gui Hua Fang is in front. Does not Young Lady like the pastry from there the best? This servant will go and buy some back.”

“Go then.” Shen Miao said with a smile.

After Gu Yu got off the carriage, Jing Zhe opened the carriage’s curtain to look out and made a sound of surprise after looking at a certain area. Shen Miao looked towards the direction of her gaze and saw that the horse carriage stopped at the side of Gui Hua Fang, in front of a pawn shop. At the moment there was a crowd of people who seemed to be arguing about something.

The worker from the pawn shop show signs of impatience and even his voice could be heard clearly by Shen Miao, “I Already said that it will be twelve Liang, if you want to sell or not! It is just a sword, this gentleman better not trouble us.”

“It seems that Shopkeeper Yu is not able to do business.” Jing Zhe said.

Shen Miao had seen it through. A pawn shop was a business and naturally it would push the price down a little and obviously this would make the person who came to pawn their items, unable to accept the prices but still unwilling to leave. Thus turning into a deadlock situation.

“There is nothing worth to look at.” Seeing that Shen Miao’s gaze moved, Jing Zhe put the curtain down. After a short moment, Gu Yu carried a large paper bag back and Jing Zhe opened the curtain to let her in. During the short time during the opening of the curtain, Shen Miao’s gaze landed outside the carriage and saw that the person who was arguing with the pawn shop’s worker, turned around and walked out from the crowd and he had a sword in his arms. Most likely he did not make the transaction and was disappointed.

When Gu Yu boarded the carriage, she wanted to close the carriage’s curtain but it was stopped by Shen Miao as she was staring attentively at the person who was carrying the sword. It was a young man and his attire was also common like his looks. Seeing their Young Lady staring at this unfamilar male, Gu Yu and Jing Zhe were unable to make head or tail of it.

Shen Miao frowned. Why was this person so familiar?

That young man shook his head and sighed before looking deeply at the sword in his embrace. He clenched his teeth and turned to head towards the pawn shop, seemingly he finally decided to make this unsatisfying transaction.

“Gu Yu!” Just at the moment when he turned, Shen Miao suddenly shouted, “Go down and stop him. Tell him that I want that sword of his!

“Young Lady…” Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked at her in surprised. They really did not know why did Shen Miao did this for.

“Quickly!” Shen Miao coldly said.

Seeing her serious look, Gu Yu did not dare to ask more and immediately jumped off the carriage and headed towards that young person.

When the young person took a step, he could hear someone behind him speaking, “Gentleman, do hold on.”

He turned around and saw a female clad in a maid’s uniform rushing towards him before smiling, “Is Gentleman going to the pawnshop to pawn the sword that you are holding?”

The young person was startled for a moment but did not conceal it and said, “Yes.”

That female continued speaking, “As it turns out, my Young Lady wants the sword that you are holding. Is Gentleman willing to go ahead with this transaction?”

The young person looked at the other person and even though he saw that the female’s expression was not fake, he still shook his head, “This sword of mine is not the refined type and is more on the practical side. If your young lady wants, it is better to go to the weaponry shop to forge one.” He was actually amazed in his heart as how would normal females be interested in swords. It was nothing more than seeing it as a toy to play. Unfortunately his sword was too sharp and it would not be good to accidentally hurt oneself.

Gu Yu’s expression became slightly relaxed and her heart sighed in relief. This person in front obviously was in need of money but to even think first for the sake of others, it seems that he was also an above hoard person. Previously when Shen Miao oddly wanted to buy this person’s sword, she was somewhat worried but now it seemed that the other person was not someone bad.

Thinking of this, Gu Yu’s expression was much softer as she said, “My Young Lady sincerely want to make this transaction with Gentleman. Gentleman may wish to take a step aside to talk.”

The other person most probably did not expect that Gu Yu was this stubborn. Glancing at the pawn shop, he then nodded helplessly, “Alright then.”

Until they reached an alley without anyone, one could see a carriage stopped in the middle of it. Gu Yu went to the front of the carriage and softly said, “Young Lady, he is here.”

The young person walked to the front of the carriage and hesitated before finally cupping his hands, “This Young Lady, this subject’s sword is not suitable for females to use and it is far too sharp, thus it would easy to injure oneself. It is…”

“What is your name?” His words hardly finished when a female voice was heard from the carriage. This voice sounded like the person’s age was not old but there was an unspeakable feeling, as if it was a noble who had experience many ups and downs of life, making one unable to figure out the person’s age in a short moment of time.

“This subject is Mo Qing.” After hesitating for a moment, the young person cupped one of his fist in the other hand.

After this sentence, there was no response after a long time. Just when that young man, Mo Qing, and Gu Yu were somewhat puzzled, the female voice from inside said, “I am not interested in your sword. It is just broken iron for me and has no meaning.”

Hearing those words, a trace of anger appeared on Mo Qing’s face and he spoke, “Could it be that Young Lady is playing with Mo Qing. Even though this sword is average but it was forged by a famous swordsman and have accompanied me for many years. If Young Lady called this one here to insult, then forgive this one for not playing along.”

After finishing his words, he wanted to turn and leave but when he lifted his leg, he heard a sigh that came out from the horse carriage. That sigh was lightly floating pass but seemed to contain inexplicable emotions, pulling one’s heart.

“Mo Qing, you are really short on money.” The person in the horse carriage said.

Mo Qing was surprised for a moment. He did not know why but when the other person called his name, there was a strange feeling that arose in his heart. This feeling seemed to feel very familiar but there were some unfathomable mystery to it. But in the moment when he hear the other person speak, his footsteps could not help but automatically stop, as it every single word that that person say was something he could not refuse.

“Your sword, to me, is not worth a mention but your sword skills are however worth hundreds, thousands of gold.”

Mo Qing was stumped for words as he shook his head, “Young Lady has flattered. This subject is only an ordinary person.” His heart was however surprised. How did this person know that his sword skills were outstanding.

“A hero without a dime is not a hero at all, to even sell away one’s precious sword that accompanied one for so many years. This kind of days would really be unworthy of your sword skills.” The curtain on the horse carriage suddenly opened and out walked a purple clad young female.

Her looks were tender and delicate but there was a type of rare grandeur and dignity in her brows.

“Mo Qing, are you willing to sell your entire body filled with martial arts skills to our Shen family of military lineage?”

She asked with a smile but her eyes had a touch of joy like meeting an old friend.

The commanding officer of the guards, Mo Qing of the previous lifetime… Trust that you were well since we last met.

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  1. Kyahhhh yay~ this seems like such a cool development~ I know he’s prob not a love interest, considering his position is so beneath her, and he’ll now be indebted to her (if he agrees). But this guy seems so honourable he’ll prob have lots of ppl wanting to ship him with our Queen xD can’t wait. Thanks for the brilliant chapter!

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  2. thank you very much for the update… MQ may be one of her loyal subject in previous lifetime….. she is eliminating her enemies one by one, and gathering trustworthy persons together…but in this life time also everything would take the same course or there will be any shocking changes…? (of course, other than XJX going to be her husband)

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    • There will be changes but those changes mainly came about due to the changes that is made in this lifetime (mainly by SM). The temperament and characters of everyone still remains as they are.

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  3. Ooh, she really is pulling people to her side one by one or at least preventing them from joining the Prince’s side. By the time he’ll realize it, he’ll have no one worthy on his side. This revenge is too sweet.

    Something I forgot to mention in my previous comment: XJX is the son of a princess! That means he could be a contender for the throne once he eliminates all of these princes. Hmmmmmm. Because the royal family would never leave him alone and so he must do something.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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    • yes…! my thoughts are exactly same… if all princes died or something else happened to them, so that they are unable to compete for the throne, then the only remaining legitimate choice is XJX… He is also a imperial blood and emperors nephew…(his mother is emperor’s blood sister, if i am not misunderstood)… And this may be the reason for Xie family fall in last lifetime.. Even SM is not clearly aware of what exactly happened to Xie family in her previous life time…by judging XJX’s intelligence, he might not have let two shu brothers cause that much damage to his people…there must be something else….

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    • Thanks for your support!
      He is a son of a princess but usually females are married off so their offsprings may have the imperial blood but most likely they would not be considered as a contender for the throne… Usually the main contenders are the Son of the Emperor first and in this novel there are sooooo many princes from the direct line

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  4. Ooh, I’m excited to see how she will use this Mo Qing. It seems they were friends or allies in her previous life. He seems like an upright person. You’ll be lucky to work for our little empress 😉

    Thank you for the chapter 💖💖💖

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  5. A million thanks for translating this awesome story. Am usually a silent and greet full reader. My belated and future thanks for your dedication and hard work in making it possible for people like me who can’t read Chinese have a chance to enter into the world of Chinese novels .
    The last 3 paragraphs of this chapter, beautifully translated by you bring tears to my eyes. A poignant heart wrenching and joyful moment for our heroin reunion for someone who matter for her.

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  6. First of alll thaaaaaank you for the update!!! And who is Mo Qing? Could he be a guy who’ll fall for her?😮😮😮😮 maaaan….the things that happen in this novel is making me hook more and more. Just what sort of role will a swordsman like Mo Qing will play in the future? Thinking about it is making me excited aaaah😆😆😆😆😆

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  7. Was Mo Qing mentioned in previous chapters? It’s been a while since I read the beginning of this series. Which chapter is he in? I would like to go back and re read.

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  8. SOOOO cuteee~
    But I hope the ex-commanding officer sticks with SM inside the fu or whatever. If he started working for other people in there (they’re all bad. If not most of them) after they realized his immense value then that. Would. Be. Horrible. Thanks for the chap!

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