Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Nauseating

Ren Wan Yun had said it like this, Old Shen Furen was not so stupid enough not to hear the intention behind the words. Listening to Ren Wan Yun’s tone, that Prince Yu was a devilish figure so if Shen Miao ended up in his hands, it would only be that the official name sounds nice. The real benefit was for the Shen family. As for Shen Yuan Bo, he was Old Shen Furen’s precious. To use Shen Miao to pave the way for Shen Yuan Bo, this idea suited Old Shen Furen’s thoughts.

“With that being the case, then what you both said is also good. It seems that Prince Yu is Fifth Girl’s husband.” Old Shen Furen’s skin was extremely thick. To sit upright and still to even say it like this, a trace of contempt flashed in Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes.

“Mother also felt that it is good?” Ren Wan Yun ability to spout nonsense with her eyes open was high as she immediately replied, “The husband’s family that this daughter-in-law picked for Little Five, naturally would not be of a low position. The branch of the Prince of First Rank residence is a very high one.”

Old Shen Furen heard what was said and nodded her head when she thought about something and asked, “Did that Prince’s residence dispatched someone to intercede?”

Ren Wan Yun’s face shook, even though she was also not someone who was easy to deal with, she did not think that this old woman would be so impatient, just itching to quickly decide on Shen Miao’s marriage. Of course it would be better to quickly get this marriage over and done with, else when Shen Xin returns, it would be troublesome. But even if the dust had settled, Shen Xin might not even let Shen Miao marry into the residence of the Prince of First Rank. Thus, it was necessary to use some unusual means.

Fortunately the people from the residence of the Prince of First Rank did not seem to intend on a legal marriage. That Prince Yu was fond of playing tricks by several means. Naturally it was not known to anyone.

“Mother, it is still too early now.” Ren Wan Yun smiled as she said, “Little Five is still young and there is no rush. If one were to set it up then others would inevitably talk. Let both of them get along first, after the couple is harmonious. When Little Five herself is willing, then we would talk about marriage. Like this, there would not be anyone who would say we forced Little Five.”

Even if Shen Miao was a fool, it would not be possible for her to be harmonious with Prince Yu. Doing this would be nothing more than covering up ugly intentions with beautiful words. There was no way of knowing whatever would happen in the middle that would lead to the result.

Chen Rou Qiu smiled quietly but did not speak. Even though she wanted Shen Miao to fall into back luck in her heart, but her personality was still prudent. This kind of matter that stands out would be better to be handled by Ren Wan Yun. In the future if Shen Xie really investigated then there would be nothing to be pursued at her end. Sitting on top of a mountain to watch the tigers fighting something Chen Rou Qiu was good at.

Behind the screen, Shen Yue’s and Shen Qing’s hearts had some fear. They did not expect that in just a few short sentences, the greatest matter of Shen Miao’s life would be decided. As far as a young female was concerned, a husband represented the happiness and fortune of the next half of her life but for Shen Miao, she was destined to be unfortunate. However there was no trace of compassion in Shen Yue’s and Shen Qing’s hearts. In the official circle, Shen Xin suppressed their fathers, in status wise, Shen Miao suppressed both of the sisters. In addition to Old Shen Furen’s influence, the First household had become a big eyesore so now that they see Shen Miao being out of luck, they could only rejoice at her misfortune.

Even though Old Shen Furen knew nothing about managing a household, but she was very proficient in the fights between the females at the inner courtyard, especially these kind of shameful and secrets methods. That she could in the beginning to go from a little songstress to become the head matriarch of the General Shen’s residence, was not only based on a seductive face, but also that her means and methods must naturally be vicious. Therefore when she heard Ren Wan Yun’s words, she understood the intention behind them and smiled, “Oh. Like this then let Fifth Girl get closer to Prince Yu. It is indeed that this kind of thing would be better else if we really force Fifth Girl, when the Eldest return and get angry, it would not be pleasant.”

Her current complexion was already harsh, to make such a look of love and affection, it would only make one feel that it was the smiling face of a weasel with ill-intentions. Shen Yue and Shen Qing broke into a cold sweat and quickly retreated far away from the folding screen.


In the West courtyard under the lamp, Shen Miao was quietly sitting. There was a white parchment that was placed in front of her but there was nothing on it. The ink was grinded and the brush was prepared. She seemed to want to write but after a moment she gave a light sigh and kept that white parchment.

Even though it was good to prepare for a rainy day, but now she was just an unmarried female and currently she depended on nothing more than the information she previously had access to. But these things would not be utilised to its fullest at her current position. As expected, the road had to be walked a single step at a time.

Gu Yu and Jing Zhe saw her sighing and thought that she was thinking about the matter of Prince Yu. Gu Yu came forward to console, “Young Lady be at ease, if that side is really malicious, these servants would risks one’s life to protect Young Lady. If it is really not workable, there are still people who have close relationship with Master in the capital. At worst…”

Shen Miao shook her head, “The residence of the Prince of First Rank has a high position and great powers, more over there is still the Imperial family’s protection. No matter how good a relation Father have with others, it would also not be as good as to offend the Imperial family just to protect me.” In addition, the Imperial family was glaring like a tiger watching his prey on the Shen family, if one were to suddenly take action without careful consideration, it would lead the Imperial family to be more suspicious on Shen Xin colluding with others. After all, towards any Emperor, it would be a bad thing when their officials are too close with one another.

“Or else, just write a letter to Master.” Jing Zhe said, “Even though Master is burdened by military affairs but Eldest Young Master is only attached to the army and did not have any orders. If he returns to the Ding capital, there would not be any punishments. With Eldest Young Master’s presence, he would be able to protect Young Lady.”

“It would take more than a month for Eldest Brother to rush back from the Northwest region. How would that be on time? Do you think they would be able to endure that long?” Shen Miao said it plainly. Shen Xin’s deterrent force would only make them take action in the shortest possible time. Once raw rice were cooked and with some frightening words that would be able to make her comply obediently to the manipulations.

Shen Miao perhaps would but the Empress Shen of the Inner Palace, who bathe in bloody tears, would never!

“Then what can be done?” Gu Yu’s and Jing Zhe’s facial expressions both changed greatly. Even though they knew that this matter was anything but good, they did not think that it was that serious. Prince Yu’s means, no matter what kind of young lady he was interested in, even if they were from high ranking officials, once defiled meant that they were defiled. Even if at the end the Imperial family come out to console, there was nothing that can be done. It was because this person’s means were so evil and perverse, one may not be able to see it on surface and the one suffering were still those young females.

“What is to be done? Others are always unreliable.” Shen Miao looked at the jumping fire, “It is still better to depend on oneself.”

“But Young Lady…” Gu Yu was somewhat anxious. How could Shen Miao protect herself now? If it was others, family members would be able to resist a little, but Second and Third household’s people would have mostly likely formed an alliance with one another!

“I naturally have my own ways.” Shen Miao played with the paperweight in her hands.

The residence of the Prince of First Rank relied on the Emperor’s kindness and the Imperial family’s protection only. If the Imperial family was unwilling to protect him how would it be like if at the same time a few enemies came knocking? Ze. A residence of the Prince of First Rank that lost the Imperial family’s protection will be just worthless mud.

Prince of the First Rank, in the end he had some blood relations with the Imperial family, so it would start with him first. Conveniently, she looked outside and saw a vague fat figure outside the window moving. If it was not Gui Mama, who would it be?

And also take this passing opportunity to clean out all these unclean and unclear things in the West courtyard.

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