Translating my thoughts one post at a time…


Please note that I will be taking a vacation for two weeks and this has affected the translation posts.

Usually there would be two updates per week (Monday & Thursday) but this would be reduced to one update per week (Monday) for two weeks.

Oct 17th (Mon)
Oct 20th (Thu)
Oct 24th (Mon) – One chap a week
Oct 31st (Mon) – One chap a week
Nov 7th (Mon) – Normal schedule resumed
Nov 10th (Thu)

There will still be something else posted on both Thursday so keep a lookout for it.


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7 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Enjoy your holidays!!

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  2. Thx for the notice. 😊
    Have fun!!! 😆

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  3. enjoy, gonna miss you and your translation. don’t forget to share some of your experience during holiday

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  4. Enjoy your vacation and have fun:)

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  5. astariterix on said:

    enjoy your holiday!


  6. THanks
    Enjoy your vacation

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  7. Have a nice vacation

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