Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The Seed of Hate (Part 3)

“What does it matter to me?” Apparently Yue Sheng was not interested in the matter as he lightly touched the toad and gave her an expression as if he was reluctant to waste his energy to talk with her.

Qing Feng was silent for a moment before she slowly talked, “It doesn’t matter to you. But, if you are not willing to say, then I will not be willing to coordinate with you on the treatment. Then when my face is not cured after three months, the Emperor would definitely carry out his promise.”

Yue Sheng coldly scoffed and he still had that arrogant look on his face. Qing Feng had seemingly guessed that he would be like so and she took her time to say, “Your martial arts skills are really high and perhaps the Palace guards would not be able to capture you but the Emperor would definitely put up a nationwide alert to capture you. When that happen, the entire world will know that the Ghost Physician was unable to cure a single face and had to flee pathetically. Gaining a reputation by deception, it is definitely nothing special!”

The hand holding on the toad paused and a pair of cold eyes looked at Qing Feng as a calm voice said, “You are threatening me.”

“Yes.” Qing Feng replied back strongly.

“You are not afraid that I will kill you?”

Yue Sheng usually gave an air of arrogance but this time there was a murderous intent in his eyes which stunned Fu Ling so much that she unconsciously took two steps towards the door. It was still early in the morning and Ming Ze should not be on duty yet.

Qing Feng naturally felt the murderous intend but she did not retreat and only laughed miserably, “Nothing is more important than the cause of my son’s death.”

During the past few days, Yue Sheng had seen her looking tragically hopeless and suddenly felt that it was not interesting to scare her. Yue Sheng no longer look at her and continue to tease the small toad on his hand.

Feeling Qing Feng’s sight landed on him, a little impatience rose in Yue Sheng’s mind, “What can you do when you know?”

“Take revenge.”

The simple two words surprised Yue Sheng for a moment but he immediately laughed out, “Good. Very good!” He was obviously very satisfied with this answer. She said to take revenge and not justice or whatever which was to Yue Sheng’s taste. In this world, there was never any justice! With his mood elevated, Yue Sheng no longer made things difficult for her and magnanimously said, “Rong San Nuan Jade has a warm characteristics and is able to drive away cold and win. At the same time can also be easily contaminated with the poisonous air of the wearer. Fortunately it was able to purify by itself and the poisonous air will dispersed usually in one or two months.”

From when the child had left till not, it was almost two months. Qing Feng quickly said, “Is it possible to determine what kind of poison it was?”

Yue Sheng stretch his hand out and Qing Feng quickly handed the warm jade over. The toad who was lying lazily on his palm suddenly got energetic and his sesame large red eyes stared at the warm jade. Yue Sheng held the jade in one hand and gently lead forward to smell it. His brows immediately knitted together and his eyes turned cold. Yue Sheng kept quiet for a moment and put the warm jade in front of the toad. That toad got more excited and protruded his tongue to touch the warm jade a few times before Yue Sheng quickly took the warm jade back. After a short while, at the place where the toad licked, there were some hints of maroon.

“It’s Qu Ling San.” Yue Sheng returned the jade back to Qing Feng and his expression was not good at all. “Qu Ling San can actually be used to treat malicious cold, using poison to fight with poison it would be cured. But to take Qu Ling San by itself would dissipate the cold and die of the heat.” One overdose of Qu Ling San would let the body feel as it was burning thus that child was thought to have died of heat stroke. The person who poison most likely did it in small doses so that it would look like the child die from a fever.

Yue Sheng was naturally not a philanthropist and there were numerous of people that died under his hands but this kind people who had such an insidious plan to poison a newly born baby was indeed despised by him. At the same time he was somewhat curious, there were more people using Qu Ling San, who would it only appear in the Palace now?

Qing Feng looked at that warm jade that was gradually turning back to its white form and she silently memorised the three words, Qu Ling San, as her facial expression turn bad.

Fu Ling had been quietly standing by the side listening. Hearing that the Little Prince was poisoned, she also did not felt good. Thinking of what happen that day, Fu Ling softly asked, “Can it be that someone put it in the medicine…”

“Not possible.” Fu Ling had yet to finish her sentence when Yue Sheng interrupted her.

Fu Ling was puzzled, “Why not?”

“The essential nature of Qu Ling San is heat so it cannot be added with other herbs to be boiled and even if it was added into warm medicine concoction, it would be rendered useless.”

“It is not the medicine…” Since the beginning, Qing Feng thought that the problem came from the medicine but after hearing Yue Sheng’s words, she was also confused. “Other that drinking milk and taking medicine, that day the child did not consume anything else and he even did not drink much water. If it is not medicine, what could it be?”

Other than taking medicine, he drank milk… Listening to Qing Feng’s muttering, Fu Ling’s eyes suddenly widened as she quickly said, “Mistress, when this servant went to call Shen Yao, this servant seemed to see her… Wiping her chest with something. That time this servant thought that she was changing her clothes and was not bothered by it.”

Could it be that Shen Yao was putting the drug on… Because of this speculation, Qing Feng’s face turned pale and her voice warble as she said, “Go to Shen Yao’s former room to take a look.”

That room was packed up cleanly and all the clothing and daily essentials that were Shen Yao’s were sent away. Both of them rummage in the room and could not find anything. Fu Ling recalled in detailed of the entire scene that day and said, “That day, this servant also heard the sound something being knocked off.”

It was already more than a month ago. Even if there was any clues left, it would not be possible to find it now. That made Qing Feng feel very disappointed.

At this time, a green shadow rushed into the room and jumped all over. After a while, it jumped onto a small stool and stuck out its tongue and soon it licked on to the surrounding places and it showed familiar colour of red and brown. But the red was much deeper than the one on the jade. Yue Sheng walked over and lifted the toad and place it back into the bottle that he carried. Squatting at where the toad licked, he looked down and sniffed before saying, “It was indeed Qu Ling San.”

Looking at that dark red shadow, tears soon blurred Qing Feng’s eyes. She finally found the murderer who poisoned her son. As long as she was able to find Shen Yao, she would be able to know who was the mastermind and would be able to take revenge for Zhi-er. She should be happy and should be excited but at this moment she only felt her heart torn apart.

It was her who was sorry to Zhi-er. It was her who harmed him. If she did not need a wet nurse and could take care of him by herself and feed him, how would he be poisoned? Qing Feng felt remorseful as her heart ache as she felt the resentment and regret drowning her.

“You cannot cry. When the tear touches the wound, I would need to go through the trouble again to retune the medication!” Staring at Qing Feng who was wrapped in cotton cloth, her face was wet with tears. Yue Sheng frowned, this female actually strong or fragile? When he was cleaning her wound, she fainted due to the pain and did not even cry that time but at this moment she was so useless. “There are many opportunities for revenge, what is the use of crying your eyes blind now? Heal your face first.” After saying the sentence, the Yue Sheng did not bothered about her crying anymore.

Yue Sheng did not understand Mistress’s pain but Fu Ling understood. She supported Qing Feng out that heartache room and as Fu Ling tighten her hands holding on to Qing Feng’s, she said, “Mistress, don’t be too sad. This servant will immediate get people to look for Shen Yao.”

Qing Feng held Fu Ling’s hands and even though her tears failed to stop, her voice was much calmer, “Just company by my side. For these matters, let Ru Yi do it instead.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling had some doubts but she did not think more of it.

Since the day after the cause of the Prince death was known, Mistress was more quiet than before and frequently took the warm jade out to long. Previously she look she had was filled with sadness and longing but now, there was a cold look in her eyes that seemed to be colder than that snow storm last year. Every time Fu Ling saw it, she was endlessly scared.

This went on for seven to eight days and there was no news from Ru Yi’s side. Fu Ling was somewhat worried. Did it meant that Shen Yao had met with some misfortune?

Once again it was time to change the dressing. Qing Feng sat upright on a wooden chair and her hands habitually gripped onto the handles at both side. Yue Sheng unwrapped the cotton cloth around her face but did not redress the wound like usual. Instead he stared at her cheek, making Qing Feng nervous that she asked softly, “Lately the past few times, it was no longer painful during the redressing. Are there any problems?” In the beginning, during redressing, it was painful and itchy like there were like tens of thousands of ants gnawing and crawling. But these few days, there was no pain at all and she felt that it was cooling and comfortable.

Yue Sheng stared at her face for a while before nodding in satisfaction as he replied, “Because it is already healed.”

“Healed? Didn’t you mention that it would require three months?” Qing Feng did not believe and could not help but reach out to touch her right cheek. Her fingers felt a smooth and delicate skin and not the concave skin made by the scars. It felt incredibly good.

Looking at Qing Feng’s shocked large eyes and hands which was constantly caressing her face back and forth, like she did not believe it, made Yue Sheng felt satisfaction. Yue Sheng replied with a quite a bit of pretence, “With my level of skill of medicine, to heal a face would only require a month. At that time I was not happy to see Yan Hong Tian and wanted to press your arrogance down but now… Never mind. I do not have time to waste on you all.”

Yue Sheng’s arrogant significantly relaxed. Over so many days of interaction, Qing Feng also knew that he was just a little eccentric but he was actually quite interesting and could not help but laughed, “It was not because of leaving more time for you to slip away easier?”

Staring at Qing Feng, Yue Sheng angrily said, “Nonsense. If I want to leave, will a small Imperial Palace able to block me?”

Qing Feng just smile without saying a word. Her hands continued to stroke her smooth cheeks when Yue Sheng passed a small bronze mirror to her, “See for yourself.”

Qing Feng took the bronze mirror and her heart felt a little nervous. Even though from the beginning she wanted to heal her face but it was not because of just this appearance. But after suffering for the entire month, she somewhat looked forward to it. Qing Feng slowly lifted the mirror up and stared at the person in the bronze mirror for a long time before asking, “Why is… My face…”

When she just touched the smooth and delicate skin, she had already guessed that the scar was already gone but she did not expect that not only that one was not able to see any traces of the scar and that she was even more beautiful than she was before she disfigured herself. Her child was dead and she was heartbroken. Even though Fu Ling and the rest did not say, she herself knew that she had gotten haggard. But the person in the mirror had a creamy skin with pink tinged cheeks with perfect brows and shimmering lips. Qing Feng was a little dazzled. This… Was truly her? There was such a terrifying medicine like this in the world?

Qing Feng was so stunned as she was staring at the mirror that her words were not clear. Yue Sheng was more accustomed to this kind of reaction and smiled, “I had said earlier that not only I can heal your face but can also make you one third more beautiful. For me, Ghost Physician, to treat, there is nothing that is untreatable.” Saying that, Yue Sheng took out a letter from his sleeves and placed it on the table before speaking, “This is a prescription for you to also give to your two other sisters. Even though it would not help to heal the scars on their face entirely, it can grantee the protection of your appearance for twenty years without aging.”

Ao Tian that fellow was interested in that youngest girl from Qing family, first he beg medicine for her and after that seek treatment to heal her face. This time if he did not treat that female face, he didn’t know how much will he disturb him. The other two Qing family sisters’ injuries were not heavy and with consistent application of medication, the scars on their face would lighten and can still barely be considered as beauties. As such, Ao Tian would also bother less of him in the future.

Qing Feng naturally did not know that Yue Sheng was thinking about these and she looked indifferently at the prescription that most women dream of. There was a faint trace of colour on Qing Feng’s face as she considered something in her mind before talking, “There is still one more thing that I would like to request from Elder.”

This was also her first time calling him an ‘Elder’ with such respect. He wanted to leave but Yue Sheng was suddenly a little curious and replied, “Let’s hear it.”

“I was thinking of requesting you for a medication.”

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