Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Forcefully Taking A Son (Part 1)

“I was thinking of requesting you for a medication.” He could heal her face and could also distinguish a poison that many would not be able to see, so for that medication, it would be trivial.

Qing Feng pursed her lips and Yue Sheng did not speak as he waited for her to go on.

After a long pause, just as Yue Sheng’s patience was running out, Qing Feng finally said, “I do not wish to have children again.”

Her voice was suppressed way low and it was fortunately Yue Sheng martial arts skill were high. Not only he could hear her words and could also hear the trembling in her voice. Yue Sheng’s eyebrows raised as he stared as Qing Feng, “You want a medication to never get pregnant?”

This time Qing Feng did not hesitate for too long and firmly replied, “Yes.”

His eyes swept to Qing Feng’s hands that unconsciously tighten and the corner of Yue Sheng’s mouth hooked up, “That cannot be done. This kind of acts that offend Heavens and reason are things that I will not do. But…” Yue Sheng took a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve and placed it in front of Qing Feng before continuing, “I can give you some pills. After the deed is done, take it and you will not get pregnant.”

Qing Feng stared at the small white porcelain bottle and was somewhat disappointed and like a sigh of relief as she took it over and tightly grasp it in her hand.

“Thanking Elder.”

Qing Feng suddenly got up and gave him a big bow. Yue Sheng’s face showed some discomfort as he waved his hand, “Enough. All these ceremonies should be avoided. I will leave now.”

As Yue Sheng opened the door and leave, his eyes was still on the female looking at the small porcelain bottle in her hand. Even though he was in contact with her for a short time, Yue Sheng have to admit that she was the most extraordinary female that he had met these few years. She did not know martial arts but her endurance and perseverance was unusually and shockingly high. Sighing, before Yue Sheng left, he said a sentence, “Take a step back and the skies will clear.” How much she can comprehend of it would depend on herself.

Yue Sheng’s martial arts skill was perhaps very high, his voice was still by her ears but he was already outside the house and in a short while his shadow was not even seen in the courtyard. Qing Feng was the only one left in the room. As the spring sunshine spilled into the room as the doors were wide open, a trace of dazzled crossed her eyes before they became complex and cold.

Step back? How many steps back had she taken? At the end there was not only no brighter future but only the abyss and on the bottom of the abyss was the buried body of her son. Every day when the dressing was changed, Fu Ling was waiting at the courtyard but after heading there for less than a stick of incense, she saw Yue Sheng coming out of the house and with a few taps of his feet, he easily leap out of Qing Feng Hall. Worried that Qing Feng would had encountered troubles, Fu Ling quickly ran into the room.

Seeing Qing Feng sitting properly on the living room, Fu Ling was relieved to see that she was not wrapped by the cotton cloth. Fu Ling froze on the spot, “Mistress…”

Fu Ling had always known that Qing Feng was beautiful. Even if there were damages to her features, elegance emitted through it. Over these days, she had also imagined how Mistress would look like after restoration but no amount of imagination would be able to compete with one’s eyes.

The arched black brows, the smooth nose line and the translucent creamy white skin made the red lips like snow had hidden a red plum. After the Prince’s premature end, Mistress was dress plainly and at this moment there was no feeling of plainness. The ink black hair and serene eyes was glamorous even when she was clad in a plain white robes. There seemed to be an uncertain smile on her lips and it was more magnificent than the sun outside.

Fu Ling dazedly stared at her with a stunned look. Qing Feng smiled, “Why? You don’t recognise me.”

“No…” After recovering to her senses, Fu Ling was somewhat embarrassed, “Mistress is truly unparalleled in this world.” She only sat there quietly, as it all the elegance in the world were all in her body and every side and angle was perfect.

“Really?” Qing Feng knew that Fu Ling’s praise was sincere but there was a touch of sadness in her heart. The common people are like that, it was just a face but the word ‘unparalleled’ could be exchanged with it. How about Yan Hong Tian, what would he say when he sees this face? The feeling that Qing Feng felt was not looking forward to it but was full of restlessness. Qing Feng placed the bronze mirror a few short stools away before speaking to the someone lost in her thoughts Fu Ling, “Go and get Ru Yi here.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling slowly exited the house with her heard wondering, Mistress has restored to her former appearance but she did not seem too happy about it.

Fu Ling left for almost half a shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours) before bringing Ru Yi in. After greeting, Ru Yi slightly raised her head and looked at Qing Feng curiously. When her sight landed on her face, Ru Yi’s eyes widen as she was stunned till she was almost incoherent, “Your Ladyship! You… You… You are so beautifyl!” The scar on her Ladyship’s face was removed cleanly and the flawless fair face was perfect. Ru Yi had never seen any female that was more beautiful than her Ladyship.

Qing Feng’s face was expressionless and she did not look at the startle eyes of Ru Yi and turn towards Fu Ling, who was standing at the side, and softly said, “Fu Ling, I am in a good mood today. Go and instruct the Imperial Kitchens to prepare more dishes for tonight’s dinner.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling felt a little down. She felt that Mistress always deliberately sent her away but could not do anything about it.

“Is Shen Yao found?”

After Fu Ling departure, Qing Feng’s voice became cold. Ru Yi bit her lips before replying, “No. The Imperial Household had mentioned that Shen Yao fell sick a few days after moving out of Qing Feng Hall. As there was no need of a wet nurse in the Palace and she was very much sick, Wu Gonggong sent her out of the Palace to rest. This servant went to the capital west where her house is located but did not find anyone.”

“Investigate when did she enter the Palace, how she enter the Palace, who does she contact with in the Palace and who else does she have in her family. No matter what, it is a must to find her. If she is alive, one must see the person. If she is dead, one must see the corpse.”

The last few words were forced out between her teeth. Ru Yi’s heart was pounding. She was not seen for a month but her Ladyship’s air of coldness went up by a few levels. Ru Yi dared not hesitate and quickly replied, “Yes.” She quietly looked up to see Qing Feng’s face was a little less angry before she cautiously said, “There is still one more thing…”

“What are you hesitating for? Speak.”

Ru Yi quickly straightened herself and replied, “After the fire that broke out in the Cold Palace, Beauty Yu would often go to the Cold Palace. In the beginning, Wu-er did not let her in but after a while, for unknown reasons, Wu-er let her go in. In this past month, she has been going to the Cold Palace every other day.”

Every other day? Qing Feng pondered for a moment before asking, “Who is Beauty Yu close with? Other than her, who else went to the Cold Palace?”

“No one else. Beauty Yu did everything as per usual and don’t have much relationship with others but only headed to the Cold Palace very often. Other than Beauty Yu, no one else went to the Cold Palace.

Yu Yue Ying definitely knew of that child’s presence in the Cold Palace so Qing Feng was able to guess some of her intentions. To think that idiot had actually gone to the Cold Palace every other day, as if she fear that no one will know? Qing Feng suddenly got up and said, “Bring the guards along and leave for the Cold Palace now.”

Ru Yi was surprised in her heart but dared not show it out and immediately went out to make arrangements.

Fu Ling just came back from the Imperial Kitchens and saw ten over guards standing on both sides of courtyard in front of the Qing Feng Hall. Mistress came out looking coldly like she was about to go out. Fu Ling went up and asked in a soft voice, “Mistress, this is…”

Qing Feng slightly tilted her head over and whispered into her ears. Fu Ling’s face changed as she said surprisingly, “Mistress?!”

“Go.” Qing Feng did not listen to her words and already brought Ru Yi along as she walked towards the Cold Palace with a squadron of guards following behind.

Fu Ling was frozen on the spot for a long time before she was able to collect herself. Mistress actually want her to invite the Emperor, the Empress Dowager and the Empress to the Cold Palace?! Seeing Qing Feng’s departing figure, Fu Ling’s brows tighten. What was Mistress… Want to do?

In the Cold Palace, two female sat on beside a simple wooden bed and looked at the little baby sleeping soundly wrapped in warm blankets. The older of the female looked at the child with full of love. At her side, the younger female’s voice was soft and she was somewhat anxious as she spoke, “Older sister, you must not hesitate now. Imperial Concubine Qing… Has gone crazy and cannot look after you. Previously it was older sister that took care of me, now let this younger sister take care of you and the child.”

Chen Zhen’s gentle eyes was watching the sleeping child and as usual, she refused plainly, “No. I will not let the child leave me. Anyways no one discovered it now so this will still be hidden.”

Yu Yue Ying bit her lips lightly as she looked towards Chen Zhen’s eyes. There was a flash of anger and resentment but it soon disappear as the soft expression was maintained on her face as she speak, “Older sister, one can hide now but can one conceal a lifetime? Han-er will slowly grow up. Do you want him to live in this small courtyard, in a lifetime of hiding?”

Chen Zhen’s hand on the child’s face paused as her brows lightly knitted up. Seeing the little hesitation in her face, Yu Yue Ying was secretly pleased as she spared no stone unturned as she persuaded, “I am Han-er real aunt and if I raise him up, I will definitely tell him how good his biological mother is and can also sneak Han-er in to see you. If other were to raise him, then you would not have any chance to see Han-er. Moreover when Han-er grows up and have contributions, he may be able to get you out of this…”

“No.” Chen Zhen low voice interrupted Yu Yue Ying’s words. The calm voice had been repeating it countless of times, “I had said before, the child will not leave me. Yue Ying, do not force me.”

In fact what Yu Yue Ying wanted to say, Chen Zhen understood. Now at the Inner Palace, the Emperor only favoured Qing Feng and even without Qing Feng, for a pretty and talented female like Yu Yue Ying will also not enter the Emperor’s eyes. Thus she now place her intentions on Han-er, hoping that with that and her words would be able to let family Chen to send in a proposal to let Han-er be brought up by her. Not to say the Empress Dowager and the Empress would not agree to it, even if they were to agree, she would not.

She had suffered so much and took so much risks in order to give birth to Han-er, she had never thought of using his illustrious position or contribution to expect him to bring her out of the Cold Palace in the future to enjoy the riches and splendour. She only want him to go through life peacefully and safely. Just both mother and son having a dull and peaceful life. Perhaps Qing Feng could understand these but Yu Yue Ying will never understand.

After reasoning for over a month, Chen Zhen did not give in and naturally Yu Yue Ying was not willing to give up. She held onto Chen Zhen’s hand and continued to lobby, “Older sister, I am not forcing you. I am helping you. You…”

“Bang bang bang!” A burst of rapid knocking sounded scaring the two persons. Wu-er ran out and kept close to the door as she asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” A clear cold voice reply back curtly. Even though the voice was not loud, both of them in the house could hear it clearly.

“Qing Feng?” Chen Zhen looked towards Yu Yue Ying with full of doubt. Didn’t she said that she had gone crazy? Yu Yue Ying bowed her head guiltily as she secretly wondered, wasn’t she supposed to be in the middle of treatment, how could…

Wu-er heard Qing Feng’s voice and without thinking much, she opened the door. Seeing the person standing on the other side of the door, Wu-er stood on the spot and did not recover to her senses on time.

Having visited this place several place, Qing Feng was very familiar and past the dazed Wu-er and walked into Chen Zhen’s room.

When the door was pushed open from the outside, a white clad figure walked in. “Qing Feng?” The light was coming from the behind the person, making the person look like she was standing in a halo. The thing had Chen Zhen stunned was her appearance that even the spring sunshine was eclipsed by it. Chen Zhen did not want to admit for a moment of time, “You…” Her whispering did not continue as she stared dazedly and surprisingly at the person in front.

She was now very accustomed to the shock and surprised look on others’ face when they saw her. Qing Feng smiled and said lightly, “It has been a long while Chen Zhen.”

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