Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Character List

Character List

Will be updated as the story goes…
Last update: 24th Aug

Qing Family
Qing Ling – Eldest Sister (modern soul: Zhuo Qing)
Qing Feng – Second Sister
Qing Mo – Youngest Sister (modern soul: Gu Yun)

Imperial Family
Emperor – Yan Hong Tian
Empress – Xin Yue Ning
West Empress Dowager – Yang Zhi Lan (Yan Hong Tian’s birth mother)
East Empress Dowager – Lou Su Xin (Lou Xi Yan’s paternal aunt, previous Empress)
Princess Chao Yue – Yan Ru Xuan (aka Xuan-er)
Imperial Concubine Hui – Chen Zhen
Beauty Yu – Yu Yue Ying (Chen Zhen’s cousin)

Lou Family
Lou Mu Hai – General of Qiong Yue, Lou Xi Yan’s and Lou Xi Wu’s father
Lou Xi Yan – Prime Minister of Qiong Yue, Qing Ling’s husband
Lou Xi Wu – Younger sister of Lou Xi Yan

Palace Maids/Eunuchs
Fu Ling – Serve Qing Feng (Female Official – 5th Rank)
Lan Fang/Ru Yi – Palace maid from the Laundry Bureau > Serve Qing Feng
Xiao Yu – Serve the Emperor (Female Official – 4th Rank)
Gao Jing – Serve the Emperor
Shui Xin – Serve the Empress (Female Official – 4th Rank)
Wu-er – Serve Chen Zhen (Female Official – 5th Rank)
Lan-er – Serve Qing Feng
Xia Yin – Serve Qing Feng
Xu Ji – Steward of the Imperial Kitchens, younger brother of Xu Shu Ping
Xu Shu Ping – Serve East Empress Dowager, older sister of Xu Ji
Wang Li Xin – Steward of the Imperial Household

Su Ling – General Su (Qing Mo’s husband)
Ming Ze – Guard
Ming Jian – Commanding Officer
Dan Yu Lan – Official Dan, Minister of investigations (?)
Xin Sui – Xin Yue Ning’s father
Xin Ruo Zheng – Xin Yue Ning’s eldest brother (no. 1)
Xìn Fu Cheng – Xin Yue Ning’s second brother (no. 2, same mother with Xin Yue Ning)
Xin Yi Heng – Xin Yue Ning’s youngest brother (no. 5)

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  1. thx for the character list, it’ll sure help us to understand the story more.

    note :
    Lou Xi Yan – Prime Minister of Qiong Yue, Qing Mo’s husband

    its should be Qing Ling, because Qing Mo’s husband is general Su Ling

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  2. Thank you so much!!!!! This really helps!! I was always wondering who xin yue Ning was but all this time she was the empress xD and wow there sure are a lot of characters!

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