Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Trust (Part 1)

In front of the exquisitely carved red sandalwood bed, Huang Jiao took the female’s pulse. Don’t know if due to Yan Hong Tian standing behind or is it due to the seriousness of the condition that his brows were tightly knitted and there were beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“Is her illness serious?” Yan Hong Tian showed an expression of impatience. Huang Jiao took his hand back and respectfully replied, “Concubine Qing’s illness is not serious but her injury is very serious. The condition of the injury is most likely internal trauma and moreover these few days the Imperial Prison environment is very cold, with improper diet and the medicine that this subject has sent over were not consumed. Now…”

“Save her.” A deep voice interrupted Huang Jiao words. That blow from that day, even though he did not use his full force, would be very damaging for a female’s body. He almost forgotten that blow to her.

Yan Hong Tian’s expression was extremely cold and Huang Jiao could only reply, “This official will definitely try.”

Try? Yan Hong Tian chuckled, “To do one’s best for what was entrusted to you by him, who rarely ask that from you. You better not disappoint him.” To request a physician for someone who was imprisoned by him, can only be done by Lou Xi Yan. He really like Qing Ling that much that he would be involve in anyone related to her?

Yan Hong Tian was laughing but Huang Jia broke into a cold sweat. Fortunately he did not say anything more and left the hall smiling.

“Zhen wants her alive.” After that one sentence, Yan Hong Tian strode away leaving Huang Jiao in a state of alarm.


Being surrounded by darkness darker than ink was something that she got used to as it was the colour in the Imperial Prisons. The pain that was tormenting her for days has seems to ease up and Qing Feng just slept like that. Eldest Sister’s and Youngest Sister’s faces flashed pass and Qing Feng frantically open her eyes.

All she could see were light purple silk curtains and under her body was no longer the cold stone floor. A refreshing and light sandalwood was burned to allow one to clam down and the light from the dawn was glaring. Qing Feng rubbed her temple and before she could recover, a sigh from nearby sounded, “Awake at long last.”

Qing Feng half propped up her body and saw a lean figure holding a bowl, lifting the curtain and walking over. That white long beard made Qing Feng recognise him — Huang Jiao. He took her pulse when she was in prison. Her chaotic mind immediately cleared up all the moments that happened last night. Qing Feng’s face brush a colour of white  as she nervously search around the house. Only when she did not see Yan Hong Tian’s shadow, did she then secretly sighed in relief and mock herself. She really is full of herself to think that Yan Hong Tian will still be here waiting for her to wake up. For him to get a physician to see her is considered kind already.

“The medicine is ready. This medication must be drink while it is hot to be effective.” Huang Jiao stop at a distance away from the bed and a palace maid went up to receive the bowl of medication and walked to the front of the bed. After kneeling, she place the bowl of medicine gently in front of her. Another maid also came to her side and carefully support her shoulder so that she can comfortably sit up.

Qing Feng only discovered that other than Huang Jiao in the room, there was also two palace maids. But before she could look at them, the familiar smell made Qing Feng frown.

“Your injuries, if it does not receive any treatment within three days, it would be impossible to turn the situation around.” This female is intensely suspicious and if during those days she was willing to drink the medication that he has sent, her injuries will not be this serious. Fearing that Qing Feng still have additional concerns and refuse to be medicated, Huang Jia consoled, “Since you are already out of the Imperial Prison and is conferred as Concubine Qing, some things you should not be over-exerted.”

Qing Feng scoffed and laughed, “Living in this beautiful palace would only make one die faster.” Qing Feng indifferently grab the bowl of medication and drank it. Like what he has said, if she does not take any medication she will die in three days. She has no choice.

The medication was a bit hot and Qing Feng drank it up ferociously. The palace maids served her tea to gurgle but she only furrowed her brows and did not complain a word and continue to drink it without any water. Huang Jiao shook his head, with this lady’s character living in the Palace, it would definitely be difficult.

After the bitter taste of the medicine faded, Qing Feng looked at the two female who were busily delivering tea and water. Clean fair faces, delicate features and slim figures wearing the light blue dresses that made both of them look elegant and pleasant. Both of them look young but it can be seen that they are of a rare beauties.

Qing Feng stared at them and the two of them exchanged a look before quickly getting up and knelt down in front of her bed and softly greeted, “This servant, Lan-er and Xia Yin, greets your Ladyship.”

“Are you the palace maids arranged by Gao Jing?”

Qing Feng did not mention for them to raise thus the two persons continued kneeling and docilely replied, “Yes.”

“Do get up.” They are considerate, well-behaved and it can be seen that they are taught with great care. Qing Feng did not make things difficult for them and faced the older female of them and said, “Xia Yin, go and pass a word that I want to see Gao Jing.”

Xia Yin hesitated for a moment but she did not say any thing more except to reply respectfully, “Yes.” When Xia Yin left the hall, Qing Feng then said to Lan-er, who was standing beside her, “You too can retreat.”

“Yes.” Lan-er quietly retreated out the hall. Huang Jiao packed up his medical box and bowed saying, “You are badly injured and should not exert too much energy or expose  yourself to the cold. Take the medication punctually, recuperate peacefully then the injury will recover slowly. This Official will take his leave.” Even though he is an Imperial Physician, he have to avoid to be alone with any Mistresses. Her deliberately sending others away is definitely because she wants to question him.

Indeed, once he finished his sentence, Qing Feng’s hoarse voice immediately asked, “There is one thing that would required your help to explain.”

Huang Jiao helplessly forced a smile out but did not continue her words. Qing Feng pretended not to have seen his difficult expression and continue asking, “Who was the one that invited you to treat me?”

Huang Jiao resolutely replied, “Naturally it would be the Emperor that summon this official to come.”

The Emperor? “I am referring about the time during my imprisonment.” Qing Feng did not allow any perfunctory. She has always return grudges with revenge and grace with gratitude. She does not like owing other favours.

Seeing that if he does not say it, this Concubine Qing will not let the matter rest. Even if he was to escape today, she will still haunt him till she gets the answer she wants. Huang Jia smiled calmly and replied, “It is the Prime Minister that requested this old official to go to the prison to treat you.”

“Lou Xi Yan?” Qing Feng was stunned. That night under such chaotic circumstances, he was able to notice her condition? Why would Lou Xi Yan help her? Is it because of Eldest Sister? Or… Whatever the reason it was, he managed to bring Eldest Sister out of the scary Palace which is already something she owed him. Now he even requested a physician to treat her. She owed him this favour which she will pay it back to him when there is an opportunity!

When Qing Feng was lost in her own thoughts, Huang Jiao took the opportunity and said, “This official will retire.”

“Wait.” Huang Jia just walk till the curtain when Qing Feng called him again. Huang Jiao lament in his heart, isn’t she hard to deal with?

Seeing Huang Jiao with an obviously stiff back, Qing Feng felt funny as she clearly said, “Thank You.”

She held him back to say this? Huang Jiao looked back and only saw Qing Feng laughing. Her pale face, damaged face did not affect her hearty smile. Such a frank female, it’s a pity… That disfigured face.

After bowing, Huang Jiao left Qing Feng Hall.

Her current body was not suitable to move around, just a wilful laughter, her chest started to burn in pain. After catching her breath, Qing Feng was about to lie down and rest for a while when Xia Yin soft voice sounded from outside the hall, “Your Ladyship, Gao Daren has arrived.”

Already arrived? She thought that to see Gao Jing, she would at least need to wait for half a day to a day. She did not think that after a stick of incense (modern timing: 30 mins) he would have arrived. Struggling to sit up, Qing Feng replied, “Invite him in.”


Xia Yin lead Gao Jing into the hall. Gao Jing stopped before the curtain and slightly bend down to perform his greeting. Qing Feng softy said, “Let’s avoid the formalities.”

“For what reason does Concubine Qing summoned me for?”

Divided by the curtains, Qing Feng was not able to see his expression. His neither light or heavy voice could not tell if he was angry or happy. Qing Feng did not want to speculate any longer and replied in a cold voice, “I want to ask you for a person.”

A person? Who?

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  1. Thanks for your work. In this chapter, as well as a few of the last chapters, the heroine refers to the hard blow that she received from the emperor. One so hard she spits blood. When did this occur? I went back and re-read a few chapters but I still don’t see it.

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    • When she tried to smash a vase on the Emperor’s head (chapter 7) then he gave her a blow at her right shoulder… So I guess that was the one since she felt suffocating pain in her chest

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for translating. I don’t see anything that the emperor did to show any remorse for what he did – he’s lusting after her, so he wants her body fixed.

        Show me a story where a man, any man, accepts a woman who has a harem or as much sexual experience as he does and I will think better of the male leads.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the support! He still don’t treat her well for more chapters to come. Its good that we don’t live in that era…


  2. I am afraid of QF now since lots of people will try to being her down. I am still not warming up to the emperor. I cant see how he can redeem himself after what he had done to QF. Is QF searching for her younger sister?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The bullying doesn’t stop for QF, its like everyone in the palace is against her… And the emperor… It takes a long time for anyone to view him in a better light…


  3. Well gee and here I thought he actually had a kind heart while she was in the prison…guess he is also not the one who protected her from being poison! The emperor is clearly a bag of dirt….idk how she will ever fall in love with him…

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  4. I can sense it; this is the start. The Emperor is falling for her, and that is without her setting up a honey trap. LOL.

    Let me quote Taylor Swift: “We need love but all we want is danger.” Heehee~ Theirs is a dangerous love to be.

    Thankies for the chapter~

    leaving Huang Jiao in a state of alarmed
    “alarmed” = state of alarm

    it would unable to turn the situation around
    = it would be impossible to turn the situation around

    Qing Feng indifferently grab the bow of medication
    “bow” = bowl

    Qing Feng starred at them
    “starred” = stared

    Seeing Huang Jiao with an odviously stiff
    “odviously” = obviously

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