Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Fainted Just Like This?

Yan Hong Tian?

Qing Feng sneered. He indeed did not let her go easily! Yan Hong Tian is truly a scary man. Every time when she faced him, she would need courage and strength. Qing Feng took a deep breath, resisted the pain in her chest with great difficulty and raised her head with clenched teeth, and took big strides into the bright hall.

Once in the hall, Gao Jing faced the back facing tall figure and said, “Paying respects to the Emperor.” The two palace maids was just about to support Qing Feng to kneel but Qing Feng suddenly struggled out of their hands and refused to even bow.

When Yan Hong Tian turned around, he was just in time to see her struggling out of the hands of the palace maid and stood alone staring at him. That messy and scattered hair covered half of her face and her dirty and torn clothes made her look battered and exhausted. But that pair of unyielding eyes was still that bright and piercing. Yan Hong Tian did not get angry when she did not perform the greeting, instead he was in a good mood and smiled, “Zhen somewhat missed your angry look.”

There are many different type of beauties in the Palace and they all use different type of tactics to attract his attention but she will definitely not do it. When she look at him, the hatred in her eyes were like a ball of flames burning hot and fiercely, as if it cannot wait to burn him to ashes, like how is it now.

Yan Hong Tian gently raise his hand and Gao Jing understood his actions. He faced the kneeling palace maids and gave them a look. Both of them immediately bowed and retreated out.

Yan Hong Tian walked slowly towards Qing Feng, deliberately ignoring the burning look she was giving and looked at the beautifully decorated palace before laughing, “Are you satisfied? This place will be yours from now onwards.”

The pain was burning in her chest but Qing Feng felt chills throughout her body. The candlelight in the hall and the swaying curtain veils started to dazzle her and blurred everything in front of her. Even Yan Hong Tian’s expression, she was unable to see clearly. As she did not want him to discover any abnormality, Qing Feng slightly lowered her head, hoping that the fainting feeling will quickly pass.

“You don’t care?” To Yan Hong Tian view, Qing Feng’s silence was dismissive. Yan Hong Tian pinched her chin, lifted her head and sneered, “You must not care about the ‘Concubine’ status then?”

Hearing his words, Qing Feng was stunned for a moment. He really conferred her as a Concubine? With her chin held tightly, she was unable to move and have no more energy to struggle as she look into Yan Hong Tian unreadable deep eyes. Qing Feng whispered, “What do you want?” For him to confer her as a Concubine, there must be a motive and she now do not have much ability or energy to think about it. In order for her to stand in front of him by herself, it has already took all of her strength.

He has guessed that she will not be happy but would show a bit of disgust or aloofness. But her calm look made Yan Hong Tian not used to it and that hoarse voice which was unlike a female also made his brows furrowed unconsciously. He remembered that even though her voice was cold it was still mildly sweet to his ears.

Lifting her face higher and with no hair obscuring, Yan Hong Tian could see clearly the scars on her face. The incisions were so deep that it almost reaches the bone and it ruined her beautiful right side of the face. His hand run through the uneven scars and Yan Hong Tian softly sighed, “Your actions are ruthless.” Qing Ling also has two scars on her face but compared to hers, it was not worth any mention. He heard that they self-disfigured themselves and this woman could do that to herself was indeed fiery.

She ruthless? Qing Feng ironically laughed, “Not as ruthless as you.” Seizing by force, doing as he likes, a person life in his eyes does not worth a mention at all. If it was not for him, her parent will not die and her sisters will not have reduced to this!

“What a sharp mouth.” Qing Feng’s sarcasm was only meet with a icy smile from Yan Hong Tian. At this moment, Qing Feng felt a sudden warm above her lips and the hor blood surge up her brain. Yan Hong Tian’s breath enveloped her. He… Actually… Qing Feng desperately struggled but she could not get out of the hand that was wrapped around her waist. With the pain in her chest and the indignant that she currently felt, Qing Feng’s surrounding turn black…

The struggling female suddenly complied to him? Yan Hong Tian loosen his grip on her and looked down–

The female in his arms have a flushed red face with eyes closed and was gently fallen into her arms. It was obviously that she did not complied to him but have fainted! She actually fainted like this? When he was kissing her? Yan Hong Tian was stunned for a bit and there was also a trace of anger but he could not help but laugh.

“Someone come. Summon Huang Jiao.”

“Yes.” All the while, Gao Jing did not dare to be too fare away and indeed after a while, he heard Yan Hong Tian voice coming out from the hall. But the deep voice showed a faint sign of laughter.

Yan Hong Tian picked up the unconscious female in his arms and carried her into the chambers before gently placing her on the bed. Just a few days in prison, the blue palace uniform was already dirty and her black hair was covered with dust and the originally white skin was full of dirt. This look of hers does not match with the noble surroundings. Yan Hong Tian did not care about it and sat beside her and for the first time leisurely stared at a fainted female. The candlelight illuminated her, her face is no longer as pale as a sheet, her chapped lips were not tempting and her brows started to wrinkle.

“Qing Feng…” Whispering her name and looking at the deep scars on her face, Yan Hong Tian’s mouth arced up, “Little kitten, protect your little paws well, Zhen have not played enough.”


Wu-er stood behind the screen and carefully watch her mistress embroidering in the room. The Emperor had dinner with her Ladyship but did not stay overnight at Ling Yun Palace. Normally, if there is no urgent matters of the nation that requires the Emperor’s final decision, the Emperor will always say over at Ling Yun Gong. Moreover when the Emperor leave today, he did not return to the Imperial Study but headed directly towards Qing Feng Hall.

“Where did the Emperor gone to?”

Only upon hearing the question coming out from the room, Wu-er then walk out from behind the screen and softly replied, “Report to my Ladyship, the Emperor… Indeed went to Qing Feng Hall.”

The hand that was holding the needle paused and Chen Zhen said softly, “All of you can retreat.”

“Yes.” Wu-er and the rest of the palace maid responded and retreated immediately. Once the doors of the hall was closed, most of the embroidered silk was violently thrown to the ground.

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  1. Thank you for the update. Hopefully, their romance will bloom…. I know it’s a snail pace for love, but i want to see their love bloom.


  2. Yup…this emperor is in a way interesting…even tho she should be very smelly and gross…he still was able to kiss her o-o I’m kinda amazed! I hope the author doesn’t always show his asshole-ness self so we readers can actually like him lol
    Thank you so much for updating!!!

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      • Thank you very much. This emperor is interesting one, at one stage he is hateful now he kind of weird. Weird in a sense that he actually miss QF…he even noticed that QF’s voice suppose to be “mildly sweet to his ears” not hoarse. Not just he doesn’t mind that QF looked n smell dirty with a messy hairdos…He even carried her and put her gently on the bed, also sat next to her. I hope with QF’s injuries and sickness will make the emperor guilty because he was the one who injured her.

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    • What the hell are you talking about!!! What about QF? And what does he think he is? He can just throw her away whenever he wants to and kiss her whenever he feels like it? He just don’t still see her as a living person, she’s just his amusing little toy! arrgh I hate this kind of bastards the most
      This guy’s soring sky high in my most hated male lead

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  3. I still wish YTH is not the male lead. He is cruel and already has too many women in his harem. Btw, how old is YTH?

    Hopefuly QF will get well soon and do whatever she can to free from YTH.

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  4. i knew it ! than Imperial Concubine Chen is just acting + that gentle en nobel character is just a façade ! in truth shes the same as the empress ! ruthless , cunning, greedy etc…… !
    I really hope that QF and HT have a some what happy ending .

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  5. Omg ! Finally , I’ve been expecting this chapter!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love it so mamuch , thanks ! But actually i really want to read the part when both lead character finally realized that they were in love to each other. Even i kinda hate the emperor now but yeah I’ll tolerate him no matter what. Thanks for translating this , going to support you to finish translating this novel ! 😘👌🏼❤️💃🏻💃🏻

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  6. The emperor definitely is interested with QF. He does not even mind that she’s dirty, smelly and all. I guess, she is a challenge to him. Everyone in the palace and his kingdom kowtow to him, while she remains defiant.

    I can understand him being ruthless. To be and remain in power during those times, one has to be to rule. If a leader like the emperor shows a weakness then his enemies and those who covet his power will pounce to overthrow him.

    Thanks for this update. Much appreciated.

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    • Yeah… The emperor is definitely interested in QF, he also did not think much of her scars… But I think as of now, it is more of lust than anything…


  7. Hahaha. He did miss her because even though she was so dirty, he still dared to kiss her. (>v<)

    He must be disappointed that she fainted and didn't really swoon. LOL.

    That Concubine Chen Zhen must be regretting her decision now to plead for Qing Feng.

    Thankies for the chapter~

    Qing Feng felt a sudden warm above her lips and the hor blood surge
    "warm" = warmth
    "hor" = hot blood

    Gao Jing did not dare to be too fare away
    "fare" = far away

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