Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Amnesia?

Qing Feng clenched teeth gradually loosened but the suffocation at her ribcage and fury hot throat made her gradually loose her consciousness that she is unable to release her hand which was holding the vase.

Kuang dang!

A ear-piercing noise woke the crazily furious Yan Hong Tian. The jumping pulse started to feel fainter and Qing Feng’s red face started to turn to a shade of blue-black. Yan Hong Tian narrowed his cold eyes, this woman really will not speak till her death!

Good!! He will have a way to make her say! In the height of anger, he started laughing. Yan Hong Tian suddenly let go of his hand and Qing Feng’s body fell down onto the floor like a kite with a broken line.

Even when Qing Feng coughs, there were no sounds. She lied on the floor on her sides and after taking a lot of effort to recover her consciousness, she heard Yan Hong Tian voice with a tinge of laughter, “It does not mater if you don’t talk. There will always be someone who will.”

What did he mean by that? Qing Feng raise her head and look at him in fright but Yan Hong Tian has already walk to the study table sat down behind it. His cold eyes landed on her, hiding an intention behind his smile, Qing Feng felt that this side of him is scarier than he erupts in anger.

“Gao Jing, get that other female in.” Yan Hong Tian said in a not heavy or light tone but Qing Feng felt as though someone has drench a bucket of ice cold water on her. What does he want with Eldest Sister?! She struggled off the floor, “Yan Hong Tian…” Her hoarse and weak voice made Qing Feng sound like there was no vigour in her, “Come at me with anything!”

At this moment, Qing Feng was like a dying lioness, still wanting to protect her herd. The fear and panic in her eyes and her struggle and perseverance please Yan Hong Tian. This female is a bit interesting. He waved his hands with a touch of cruel smile in his lips, Yan Hong Tian coldly order, “Throw her out.”

“Yes.” Gao Jing stepped forwards and dragged Qing Feng out.

“Yan Hong Tian!” Qing Feng struggled hard but she was unable to overcome Gao Jing’s hold on her. It can be seen that this lanky is has greater strength than she imagined.

Gao Jing dragged her out of the hall and pass her to the guards by the doors to monitor, after which he head towards direction of Lou Xi Yan and Qing Ling. Qing Feng wanted to stop Qing Ling from entering the hall but unfortunately once she took a step, she was restrain by the guards, making her immobile, even when she wanted to cry out, she realised that her voice so hoarse that it was almost gone.

She felt extremely anxious but could only starred as Eldest Sister was brought into the hall.

What will Yan Hong Tian do to Eldest Sister? The pain in her chest started to grow bigger and her throat felt as though it was on fire. Yan Hong Tian is too violent, with Eldest Sister like that, how could she bear it?! While worried anxiously, Qing Feng suddenly saw the tall slender figure in front of the hall — Lou Xi Yan! Under the dark sky, he just stood there quietly but no one noticed his presence. That air of able to grasp the situation well in hand is indeed comforting!

Perhaps, only he will be able to save Eldest Sister now!

Qing Feng use all her energy and call out, “Lou Xi Yan.”

The hoarse voice sounded strange at night, Lou Xi Yan who was standing nearby looked at her and nodded his head courteously at her and walked over to her side with a gentle smile, “Miss Qing.”

Comparing to Lou Xi Yan gentle modesty, Qing Feng’s tone was obviously impatient, “Are you true to her?”

A flash of splendour crossed Lou Xi Yan’s eyes, he did not say yes nor did he say no. There was still a faint smile on his face. Qing Feng knows that Lou Xi Yan will not answer her. This man may look like he is gentle and courteous but his true personality would definitely not be kind. With regards to the current situation, she can only place her hopes on him!

“If you are true to her, no mater what happen, you must bring her out of this Imperial Palace!” After saying that, Qing Feng did not continue to look at Lou Xi Yan.

Her voice was coarse and the bruises on her neck could be seen. Just what matters made the Emperor so angry that he actually do such a ruthless thing to a female. After looking wistfully at the tightly closed doors, Lou Xi Yan called out in a low voice, “Emperor, this Minister Lou Xi Yan have important things to report.”

Qing Feng looked surprised towards Lou Xi Yan who was standing beside her. He still standing with an air of indifferent elegance, as if he wants to see the Emperor, he will be able to do so. And indeed, Yan Hong Tian cold deep voice called out from inside, “Come in.”

Lou Xi Yan did not go in for long before Yan Hong Tian’s impatient voice sounded from the other side of the door, “Someone come and throw in the other female with the Qing surname.”

Without needed the guards behind her to move, Qing Feng secretly took a deep breath and push open the closed door. No matter what happens, she will not let Eldest Sister stay by the side of this terrifying man. Never!

After entering the hall, Qing Feng saw that Qing Ling, who was standing behind Lou Xi Yan, had her clothes torn up and there was a similar five finger marks on her neck. Yan Hong Tian could actually lay a ruthless hand on delicate Eldest Sister!

Yan Hong Tian hawk-like eyes focused on Qing Ling as he asked, “Who exactly are you?”

Qing Feng felt anguished for her Eldest Sister and without any hesitation, she coldly spit out two words, “Qing Ling.” She will not let her fragile Elder Sister stay in this Palace where one kills the other!!

Humph! Yan Hong Tian coldly snorted, he knows she is not afraid of death but not everyone was similarly reckless of life like her! “Zhen will give you a final chance, do you want to speak the truth or do you want to lose your head.” The words were said to Qing Feng, but Yan Hong Tian’s eyes was staring straight at Qing Ling who was standing quietly at the side.

Qing Feng’s face whiten and her back was soaked in cold sweat, but there was no traces of retreat in her eyes. She stubbornly insisted, “I am Qing…”

“Just now, you obviously know I am Qing Ling, why do you still make it difficult for her.” Qing Ling walked out from behind Lou Xi Yan and interrupted Qing Feng. The cool and collected voice shocked Qing Feng a moment, since when was Eldest Sister this audacious and proud?

Finally there was someone who understands the severity of the matter. Yan Hong Tian snorted, “Are you now admitting that the swapping of identities into the Palace your idea?”

Qing Ling replied lowly, “I have already explained. I was drugged by the escorting officials with half a month of medication, in which I was in a coma-like state. When I woke up, I realised that I was unable to remember many thing, which includes who I am. Since they all said I was Qing Feng, naturally I thought I was Qing Feng. The reason for my appearance in the Palace was that because I was eager to see my sisters and find out who I exactly am? What exactly happened?”

Once Qing Ling finish speaking, Yan Hong Tian got angry again and growled, “Don’t use amnesia to fool Zhen. You have amnesia and still could be able to perform an autopsy and solve the cause. If you do not have amnesia, what else can you do more!?”

Amnesia?? Qing Feng’s feelings started to jumble up. Eldest Sister… has amnesia? How could this happen? Is she putting up a pretence? Thinking back on Eldest Sister’s actions today, she felt that it was truly strange, moreover if it was true, it seems that it was a completely different person. Does amnesia truly change a person? And the knowledge to perform an autopsy, where did Eldest Sister get them?

Qing Ling innocently sighed and replied, “I only had amnesia and forgotten many memories but the autopsy methods are natural to me like eating and writing. I only cannot remember who gave me those things only.”

“What a good amnesia!” Yan Hong Tian looked at Qing Feng and sneered, “Do you also want to say you are suffering from amnesia?”

After recovering from her surprise, Qing Feng and Yan Hong Tian looked at one another relatively coldly as she replied word for word, “I do not have amnesia. I clearly remember who I am.” She remember even more clearly, who was the one that broken up her family, who was the one that separated her sisters in life and death!!

Yan Hong Tian coldly sneered, “Continue to talk. Zhen would like to see what kind of tales can you still spin!” One loss her memory, one pose under a false name, really good rapport indeed!

Qing Ling did not know if a real amnesia will cause someone not to be able to answer or think about things. With her head lowered, Qing Feng tried to recall back, destroying their looks was her idea, committing suicide was her insistence, but it did not go as she planned and instead harmed Eldest Sister and Youngest Sister. This time she needs to explain everything to Yan Hong Tian and not let Eldest Sister come to harm.

Restraining the hostility in her speech, Qing Feng explained, “We did not intend to deceive anyone. When we attempted suicide in the ruined temple, in order for Eldest Sister to hold Youngest Sister’s and my hands, she stood in the middle. When I was rescued by the escorting officials, I heard them saying that I am Qing Ling and that I am still alive. After which, like my sister said, everyday we were fed with medication and when I was clear headed, I was already in the Palace. I have thought all along that they are all dead and did not want to continue living, thus I try to harm you with the vase. I kept insisted that I am Qing Ling because the person that the Emperor wanted is Qing Ling. From the moment that I was sent into the Palace, it doesn’t matter who I am as now I am Qing Ling.”

What kind of person Lou Xi Yan is, she was not able to tell but with regards to his attitude towards Eldest Sister, it should be that he like her. If Eldest Sister is with him, it would at least be safer than with Yan Hong Tian. She was not sure that Eldest Sister has amnesia or not but as long as it allows her to leave this Palace, far far away from Yan Hong Tian, it will do!

“Scoundrels!” They thought that that can use this kind of explanation to cover it up?!

Yan Hong Tian pair of hawk eyes portrayed immense anger as if he is staring a hole into both of them. Silence fell once again in the hall.

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      • Count me in!!He is beyond mad. Who is in their right mind can fall in love with this emperor??? Thank god Mr. Lou is there. He seems capable of saving Qing Ling. I really hope he can bring both sisters back to his place. But knowing the emperor my wish will just be a wish.

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  1. It is so hard to be Qing sisters. Disregard whether they tell the truth or not, the enperor refuse to believe Qing Ling n Qing Feng. Out of the Qing sisters the one suffer the most in Qing Feng.

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  2. Thank you for the update. Out of three sisters, i think Qin Feng’s story is the most interesting.. cant wait for the hateful emperor’s to fall deep for her and has to kowtow to her in order to get her. Lol….

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  3. Thankies for this chapter~

    Hahaha. Let’s choke the emperor together. LOL. Oh, wait, let him suffer slowly. Can’t wait for those future chapters but for now, “just keep swimming”. Heehee~


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