Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 13

What a way to start of a relationship… First attempted assassination… Now this…

Chapter 13: Not Admitting Till Death

Qing Feng was staring intently at Eldest Sister in the Palace Hall, when suddenly she felt a pain on her shoulders. Both her arms were tightly restrained behind her. Qing Feng could not help but to cry out softly when she felt the sudden pain but her throat was inflamed. The guards behind her immediately press her acupuncture points three inches below her throat and her cries was instantly silence.

Qing Feng panicky looked at the Empress but only saw her pale face and her hands clutching her chest with her attention solely focus on the corpse in the middle of the hall. She did not have the time to settle her.

Unless its… Yan Hong Tian!

Qing Feng turn towards Yan Hong Tian, who was sitting high up. His hand was holding the wine cup and his face has eased up significantly as compared to before. He was not looking at her but the eunuch steward’s eyes, who was standing beside him, were locked on her!

It is Yan Hong Tian that ordered for her to be taken away. What is his purpose of doing so? Is he planning to do something unfavourable to Eldest Sister? Or is there more insidious tricks?

Qing Feng felt insecure and wanted to give Eldest Sister a warning but she was of no match to the two guards and could only be dragged out of the Palace Hall.

Qing Feng thought that Yan Hong Tian will throw her into prison immediately, she did not think that the two guards escorted her pass the Palace Hall and headed into the inner hall. Three of them stopped in front of a smaller hall than that of the Palace Hall. The hall was lighted up by candlelight, the doors were tightly shut before the guards let go of her and undo her acupuncture points.

Two of them stood stiffly like blocks of wood beside her and kept quiet. The pain on her shoulders reminded her not to act rashly, as if either of them use additional force they will be able to break her arm. This agonizing night already made her tired and the clothes on her back is filled with sweat. As she the wind blows, Qing Feng felt waves of chills, as if it came from the hall, tightly wrapped her and Qing Feng can only curl herself up as she sat on the steps in front of the hall.

One of the guard’s brow furrowed and reached out to grab her clothes but the other guard stopped him and whispered, “Leave it, as long as we bring her here.”

The voice was low and clear, unlike the usual vulgar and obtruding of military personnel, and was extraordinarily pleasant. Qing Feng rise her head slightly and look that the male beside her. The light in front of the hall was not that bright thus Qing Feng could only see a pair of clear cold eyes with not much affection, similar to Fu Ling. Indifferent and estranged but could not help but regard others’ feelings. Because this pair of eyes is similar to Fu Ling, Qing Feng took a second look at him.

Ming Ze knew that this female was looking at him but he did not know her identity and did not want to know it. He intervened because he felt that there was no need to hunt down and beat up a physically weak female.

Qing Feng recovered her line of sight and lowered her head to her knees. She did not know the situation at the front Palace Hall. In the end, was the dissection of the abdominal cavity performed? Who murdered the Seventh Princess? Will Eldest Sister be dragged into it? What was Yan Hong Tian’s intention when he bring here here?

Qing Feng was surrounded by numerous questions and there was nothing within her control. This fear of the unknown terrifies her, just like a invisible hand firmly grabbing her heart, constantly torturing her by clenching till she was unable to breath before relaxing.

Qing Feng did not know how much time has passed. Perhaps it was a sichen (1 sichen = 2 hours), or perhaps it was three sichen. It was until she heard the footsteps from a far before she could come out from the fear.

From the winding Palace trail, Yan Hong Tian stride over, his black brocade robe almost drowned in the darkness of the night but his imposing manner cannot be hidden. Seeing his figure, the guards around the hall kneed on one knee and Yan Hong Tian, as if everything was usual, kicked the doors open and head into the hall.

The great doors opened with a “weng” sound due to the massive force. Qing Feng’s heart started to tremble. This temperamental man is just too scary.

Yan Hong Tian only entered the hall when three shadowy figure head along the Palace road over. Walking right in front was Gao Jing and behind here it was Lou Xi Yan and… Eldest Sister!

Why are they here?! Qing Feng straighten herself up and at the same moment, Gao Jing walked over. Hao Jing silently sized her up and without a word from inside the hall, he clearly said, “The Emperor decreed, for Qing Ling to enter the hall.” Gao Jing voice did not sound as sharp as the usual eunuch but his pair of eyes were as deep as pools, making it indecipherable.

Qing Feng look at Qing Ling from afar, not daring to reveal too much expressions, she turned and walked into the hall.

The candlelight in the hall was not bright and there was no one else in the hall except Yan Hong Tian. He was just standing alone at the middle of the hall and the big hall suddenly became small. His presence filled up the whole room that even breathing requires courage.

Qing Feng stood by the door, thinking of ways to deal with this difficult male. She lowered her head docilely but it did not work onYan Hong Tian. Without allowing her to think more, Yan Hong Tian coldly questioned, “Did Qing Ling let you enter the Palace as a replacement?”

Qing Ling shuddered. Does he indeed know Eldest Sister? How should she reply? Once she admit she is not Qing Ling, Yan Hong Tian will use this excuse to exchange Eldest Sister into the Palace! No. No matter what, Eldest Sister cannot enter the Palace!

For Yan Hong Tian to ask her, it means that he himself is not sure. She only needs to insist that she is Qing Ling, thus he will not have any reason to forcefully take Lou Xi Yan’s woman! Qing Feng lifted her head and faced the Yan Hong Tian cold eyes and replied, “I do not have any idea what you are saying. I am Qing Ling.”

“Your mouth is indeed tough!” Yan Hong Tian was too quick that Qing Feng did not have time to react when his tall figure was already approaching to her side. She took a step back in fright and knocked herself onto the column behind. Qing Feng have seen Yan Hong Tian’s brute force before. When he is this near, Qing Feng consciously grabbed the vase behind the column.

Looking at the vase in Qing Feng’s hand, Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthless disdain and he sneered, “Are you using the same trick to assassinate Zhen again?”

When Qing Feng was still in a daze, a warm hand landed on her tender neck and a cold callous voice sounded by her ears, “Zhen’s patience is not as good as you imagine! Who exactly are you?”

His five talon-like fingers hooked around her neck and gradually tightening which made Qing Feng’s surrounding grew dark. She knows that Yan Hong Tian can take her life any time he wants. Taking her life is easy. But getting her to submit, he can only wish! Even if it was a type of perverse revenge, Qing Feng continue to insisted, “I… I… Am… Qing… Ling…”

Her face has turn into a shade of dark red because of the suffocation. Her jumping pulse can be felt on the veins on her neck. He only needed to use a bit more strength and he will be able to take her life away! But even so, she is still unwilling to tell the truth! She even have a complacent smile on her lips!

She really deserve to die!

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  1. What a bastard this emperor is
    Instead of using his brains and spies to figure out what Happened, he’d rather torture a woman who he knows is yet to recover from the previous wounds he gave her

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  2. Ah~ my kokoro is full of rage, misery, excitement, and anticipation! 😡😭 😆😁 But all of this will eventually add up to a great story. Of course it wouldn’t be easy for our main characters, ya know how it is in novel/dramas the bigger the hate the more love there is 😂 ❤️👍 Though it’s going to be tough in the end it will be okay 😤
    Thx so so much for the update 😘😊
    Gosh wish I could read Chinese

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  3. Good thing, I’ve read your translated synopsis about the emperor and Qing Mo so I can continue to assure myself, all this angst will be compensated well in the future chapters. LOL.

    Thankies for the chapter~

    and the clothes on her back is filled with seat
    “seat” = sweat

    The Emperor degreed, for Qing Ling to enter the hall
    “degreed” = decreed

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  4. Hmmm I was just thinking….. he is already this mad just because the elder sister is married to someone else…how will he be when he starts liking our MC? 😐 Too scary


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