Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 15

A slightly longer chapter… You can see how worried Qing Feng is of her other sisters…

Chapter 15: Banished To The Imperial Prisons (Part 1)

“Your Majesty, please cease your anger. Will you hear this official’s few sentences?” The silent Lou Xi Yan suddenly said.

“Speak.” Towards Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian have been polite all the while.

“For all these to happen, it was due to Hao Yue’s officials who sent the sisters to the wrong locations. Since the events have happen, regardless of who they are, it is too late to change back. Today, this official would like to report to the Emperor to confer a marriage of the female who is living in my residence to that of a wife for this official.”


Yan Hong Tian’s hand slammed on the long table ferociously and it made a loud noise that not only everyone in the hall could hear, but even Gao Jing, who was standing outside, heard it and became nervous.

He wants to marry her!

When the sentence was spoken, Yan Hong Tian was boiling with rage, Qing Ling was stunned speechless and Qing Feng was extremely astonished!

“Did you just said that you want to marry her as your wife?” In the silence, Yan Hong Tian not loud voice sounded especially cold. Qing Ling and Qing Feng exchanged a glance and unconsciously swallowed. Only Lou Xi Yan maintain that respectable and calm attitude, as if he did not see Yan Hong Tian anger and firmly replied, “Yes.”

“That is not possible.” Staring at Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian no longer put on a nice face and said angrily, “Noble Official Lou, you are the Prime Minster of First Grade in my Qiong Yue country and she is only a tribute from a small country. She is not worthy to be your wife. But if you are really anxious to get married, Zhen will confer a marriage between you and Princess Chao Yun, well matched in social status and an ideal couple overall.”

“This official has always abide the way of a ruler and ministers with the Princess and dare not have thoughts about overstepping one’s boundary.” He requested for the Emperor to confer a marriage, due to number one Qing Ling; and number two Yan Ru Xuan. The earlier he gets married, the earlier she will be able to stop thinking about such wishes.

Yan Hong Tian coldly snorted, “Zhen will only confer marriage between you and Xuan-er. With regards to both of them, who swap identities, deceived the monarch and even spout lies and tales, they should be detained and investigated.

“May Your Majesty investigate thoroughly, what they have said may not be totally lies. By sending someone to Hao Yue and interview the escorting officials individually, one will be able to tell if they were speaking the truth. This official has associated with Qing Ling for half a month and believe that she is not this kind of person and would request for the Emperor to understand.”

“Everything will wait till after the verification of their words, after which a decision will be made. Lock them up in the Imperial Prison, awaiting for investigation.” It is a must for it to be investigated, Yan Hong Tian did not allow any deception or manipulation. They better be speaking the truth else he will let them known what is the consequences of lying to him! But before that, they can only be held in the prison.

Qing Feng did not show much fear and Qing Ling also has a look of stubbornness but it was Lou Xi Yan who has a trace of anxiety in his eyes.

“This official request the Emperor to allow Qing Ling to go back to this official residence and be confined in it. Before the verification is complete, this official will not let her step out of the Prime Minister Residence.” The Imperial Prison is a place where anyone who have been there will never forget. Even if they come out from it, they will no longer be the same.

Lou Xi Yan usually deal things calmly but with his repeated suggestions made Yan Hong Tian look at him more colder.

She indeed did not made an error in judgement. Lou Xi Yan was not like what he appear to be. If he truly care for Eldest Sister, she will definitely be able to rely on him! But… Qing Feng hesitatingly looked at the terrifying man sitting high on top. Lou Xi Yan was indeed to reckless this time!

Its fortunate that Yan Hong Tian did not immediately flip out but recovered his line of sight and call out, “Gao Jin.”

Gao Jing, who was standing outside the hall, replied with a head full of sweat, “This servant is here.”

“Take them out of the hall to wait. Zhen needs to have a discussion with the Prime Minster.”

“Yes.” Gao Jin open the door quickly and brought the two of them out before hastily shutting the door.

Nearing midnight, the moon was misty and there was no more noise from the banquet but within the Palace Courtyards to disrupt the night. The desolate moonlight, under the cover of the precious forest, was left with traces of the moon. The cold night wind, has cooled down, but it was still refreshing as it awakens the mind.

In front of the hall, two similar female figures were facing one another. One who was emotionally excited with eyes full of sorrow, another who was expressing a sense of awkwardness.

“Eldest Sister, you… Really don’t remember me?” Seeing her sister after half a month, Qing Feng felt as though a knife was being twisted in her heart, and when she saw that clear and calm eyes, she could not see that usual pampering and warm look in her eyes. Did Eldest Sister really suffering amnesia?

“I…” She is called Zhou Qing, who comes from another era, and not her Eldest Sister Qing Ling. As a forensic doctor, she materialist person. But somehow she was interrupted from her life and have been transported to this era. This was not done willingly but it has since became an irrefutable fact. Zhou Qing wanted to say something but she could only say three words, “I am sorry.”

“Its I am sorry towards you. If I did not insisted on committing suicide, you would not have been injured till you can’t remember who you are.” The indifference that her sister is giving her was her karma. When Qing Ling thought of how lost and dazed her Eldest Sister felt, she felt a wave a self blame. She who has lost her memories, how fearful she must be?!

When Zhou Qing recovered from her thoughts, the female in front no longer was stubborn and aloof like in the hall, but with a sense of remorse that Zhou Qing could not stand. She comforted, “Don’t blame yourself too much. Since what happened has happened, the most important thing is I am still living fine.” Even though, it was no longer the original person.

Qing Feng’s head was still lowered, thinking of her foolish actions of committing suicide, Zhou Qing cautioned her again, “But you must never commit suicide or take likewise actions. This kind of method to escape is only a choice for the weak, you are not like those.”

Do the weak will only use suicide to escape? As it turns out the anger and pride that she was pursing was actually a sign of weakness!

Slowly raising her head, Qing Feng stared at the direction of the hall and coldly replied, “Don’t worry, I will not attempt suicide again. Because the person who should die is not us!” The person who cause the death of their parents in Hao Yue was that fatuous monarch, that instigator sitting inside!

The hatred in her eyes stunned Zhou Qing momentarily. Qing Feng’s hostility made her worried but it only lasted for a short while before her expression return to normal.

“Is Youngest Sister still alive?” Qing Feng asked cautiously.

“En, in the General residence.” Listening to Lou Xi Yan saying that Qing Mo was sent to the General residence, even though there was no news after that, she should still be alive.

Qing Feng’s hanging heart finally settled and after a long sigh of relief, she asked, “Then have you seen Youngest Sister?”

“No.” Before being transported here, her good friend, Yun, was studying an evidence from a case — A golden eight trigram disk. After a red light flashed, she fainted and she woke up in another body in a different world. At that time, Yun was beside her too, thus she suspect that Yun was also transported. If Yun was also transported into another body like her, it would be difficult to find her. Zhou Qing can only start searching for her from Qing Ling’s sisters. Qing Feng is definitely not Yun and if Qing Mo is also not Yun, she will then have to think of other alternatives.

With disappointment and worrisome, Qing Feng sighed, “That General Su does not seem to be a good person. I am worried that Youngest Sister will be bullied by him. She is still so young.” At the Palace Hall, she was only able to see Su Ling’s back view and he was silent throughout the night, making her unable to determine what kind of person he is. But for someone who is constantly in wars and battles, he must not be the virtuous kind!

“Rest assure, as a General, it is normal for Su Ling’s character to be cool and quiet. Even though he is not an accomplish general in words, he is definitely not impertinent.” During the short interaction in the Palace Hall, Zhao Qing felt that Su Ling was a relatively good person. There is a military leader quality in him that does not lose out to that of a literary official’s. He spoke only a few words throughout the night but he paid attention to every detail. This kind of male will not purposely make things difficult for a female.

Qing Feng was not as optimistic as Eldest Sister. Youngest Sister is timid by nature and usually they will protect her and help her to make decisions. But she was alone now, how will it be?! Why their fate is always being manipulated by other?!

Taking a deep breath, afraid that Eldest Sister will worry, Qing Feng suppressed her erupting anger and try to calmly talk, “Later, if Prime Minister Lou manage to convince the Emperor to leave together, you must leave with him immediately. It is better than having two people in lock up and one more thing, don’t ever come into the Palace to visit me.”

“Why?” She is not Qing Ling and originally she did not intend to enter the Palace, but with Qing Feng deliberate instructions, Zhou Qing felt that there was something amiss.

Qing Feng was stunned. Did Eldest Sister saw through it? Telling herself to cool down, Qing Feng shook her head and in deliberate casual tone explained, “Yan Hong Tian has intentions towards you. If you go out, it would be best if you do not get caught up in the web. You need not worry about me. I will take great care of myself. If you have fully recovered, just send someone to inform me.”

“Qing Feng, whatever you do, you must remember to think through it thrice. It is never advantageous to act on impulse.” The steady voice pierce straight into her heart. The Eldest Sister that is saying that made Qing Feng surprised. This person, is she really her Eldest Sister? Amnesia would really make a big change in a person? The changed her, is it good or bad?!

Qing Feng was still wondering, when the male voice from the hall that made everyone scared sounded again, “Someone come and bring them in.”

Gao Jing look towards them. Both of them did not make things difficult for him and obediently walk into the hall.

After entering the hall, Qing Feng immediately felt that the atmosphere was a little incorrect.

Yan Hong Tian’s expression was no longer dark and he even showed a suspicious smile. Lou Xi Yan still looked indifferent but his brows was preoccupied. What did that exactly discuss? Qing Feng was still thinking about it when Yan Hong Tian announced, “The sisters of the Qing fanily, with regards to the swap identities, Zhen will thoroughly investigate and give you a conclusion. With regards to Qing Ling suffering from the possible amnesia, it is suspicious. Zhen will consent the Prime Minister Lou to bring her back to guard. Before the truth is know, she is not allowed to leave the residence.”

Yan Hong Tian consented Eldest Sister and Lou Xi Yan to return back to the residence! Qing Feng was secretly delighted but was also worried. Yan Hong Tian thoughts are hard to fathom. He is willing to let them go but will there be any conspiracy behind to it?

Looking at Qing Feng, Yan Hong Tian coldly scoffed, “As for QIng Feng, even if it was true that the Hao Yue officials send the wrong person in, you are aware of it and still entered the Palace as an imposter. Thus committing the crime of deceiving the monarch and will be thrown into the Imperial Prisons as of immediate. Once the truth is thoroughly investigated, then all crimes will be convicted together.”

Thrown into the Imperial Prisons!

Qing Feng was already mentally prepared. She took a deep breath and continue to stand proudly, neither begging for mercy or crying out.

The place that was called Imperial Prison is definitely not a good place. Qing Feng gave Lou Xi Yan a look and Lou Xi Yan stared at her for a while before reverting and clasps his hands together towards Yan Hong Tian, “The Emperor is wise, this official will retire.”

“En,” Waving his hands, Yan Hong Tian did not make things difficult for them.

“Lets leave.” Lou Xi Yan took Eldest Sister’s hand and headed out the hall. Qing Feng look nostalgically at the road where the slender figure took. This goodbye, perhaps they will never have the opportunity to meet again. Suddenly Eldest Sister turn around and looked at her. Her eyes no longer held the look in the past but she could still feel her concerns. Having amnesia is fine! This is perhaps heavens’ mercy for Eldest Sister and also her punishment.

After smiling gently to the slender figure, Qing Feng suddenly turned away, no longer looking at her. The things that will be happening next, she will need to bear it alone.

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    • Yeah he is the main lead… His way of thinking is really different from how we think… It will only be indicated much later on though…


  1. Thank you….after reading about the Gu Yun’s adventures and Zhou Qing’s enconters….Qing Feng’s life is quite sad. Hope her life will get better soon….

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  2. How QF and emperor will build their relationship? I don’t see any sign of attraction from QF to emperor or vice versa. They just like “forever enemy” not “fever lover” LoL

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  5. Before, I thought that Gu Yun/Qing Mo is the strongest among the sisters cause she can fight and won’t back down to anyone. But now, I think Qing Feng IS the bravest. To actually go against the Emperor without martial arts or any special ability and not whimpering no matter the pain, that’s awesome. No wonder, he will fall for her.

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    “Qing Feng did not show much fear and Qing Feng also has a look of stubbornness”
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