Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Being Suspicious (Part 2)

A sound of a falling cup rang, everyone looked towards the direction of the sound and only saw at the long table in front of the Emperor, there was a cup that fell onto the ground and the spilled wine dripped down at the edge of the table to the golden silk carpet. The Emperor’s dark eyes was starring intently at the sudden appearance of the female. The officials silently question themselves on the identity of the female,only because the complex expression that the Emperor use on her. Like it was incredible and also full of affections, but he also had that recognizable anger on his face.

A thought crossed Qing Feng, Yan Hong Tian’s expression is too strange, unless he already knew Eldest Sister? That is why he insisted on Eldest Sister to enter the Palace and thus when he saw her the first time he asked her who is she?? Because he already knew that she was not Qing Ling!

Qing Feng looked with traces of vigil at Eldest Sister who was standing at the side and only saw her stunned expression before turning her head. From Eldest Sister’s expression, she did not recognised Yan Hong Tian. Qing Feng coldly humph, it must be that Yan Hong Tian had been secretly coveted Eldest Sister for many years and this time could make his wish come true. Its true that the heavens have eyes, Eldest Sister did not fall into his hands!

With hands sweating unconsciously, Qing Feng nervously looked at Yan Hong Tian, the pain on her chest reminded her of this man’s tyranny and his lack of mercy. It’s a good thing that Yan Hong Tian did not do anything and picked up a new cup of wine, like as if nothing had happened.

Everyone was breathless in the main hall, none dared to be rash, all except Qing Feng who saw the ugly look on Yan Hong Tian face. Xu Xun Si walked to the Seventh Princess’s side and look at her once over before asking, “She is?”

“This is…” After recovering from his surprise, Dan Yu Lan gave a glance at Lou Xi Yan before continuing, “Prime Minister Lou’s dependent. She has some knowledge of examining a corpse. For her to be the coroner, does the Third Prince have any opinions?”

“Prime Minister Lou?” This female is indeed beautiful, but she was wearing a bodyguard uniform and her right cheek was disfigured. Was she truly Lou Xi Yan’s dependent?

Xu Xun Si looked at Lou Xi Yan for confirmation. Lou Xi Yan stood up and walked to her side before gently held Qing Ling’s hands. With a gentle and fond smile, confirmed, “She is indeed my furen.”

Furen? (Meaning: Wife. If there is a surname in front it means Mrs. If others use it to call the female, it means Madam.)

Not only did Qing Feng’s heart skip a beat, all the officials gasped as the word Furen cannot be used indiscriminately!! This issue will be up for discussion with all the officials! Looking at each other in dismay, the Palace hall once a again fell into a dead silence.

The forehead of the eunuch, who was pouring wine for the Emperor, was filled with sweat and his hands was trembling uncontrollably. Qing Feng saw clearly that the veins on Yan Hong Tian’s hand was popping up in anger and the wine cup he was holding was creaking in his grip and the corners of his mouth unconsciously perked up. Even she could tell that there is something involving Yan Hong Tian and Eldest Sister and Lou Xi Yan obviously cannot not see it. But he still publicly announce that Eldest Sister is his Furen. This man is indeed interesting!

For the wife of Prime Minister Lou to personally conduct the autopsy for Seventh Sister, what else can he say? Xu Xun Si could only reply, “Since it is Mrs. Lou, this prince naturally has no opinion.”

“Where will the examination be held?” Qing Ling cold voice called out faintly.

“Examine in the Palace Hall!” Yan Hong Tian expression was cold and against any objection, he ordered, “Someone come. Prepare the curtains.”

Examine the corpse… In the Palace Hall?

That damn Yan Hong Tian! He actually want to hold the autopsy in the Palace Hall. He is making things difficult for Eldest Sister! Qing Feng’s heart is torn with anxiety. Eldest Sister has a pure kind heart. It must be that she was afraid of her suffering thus she agreed to an autopsy. But now what can be done?

Just when Qing Feng was feeling uneasy, four palace maids have walked into the Palace Hall with a two foot high white cotton cloth, and surrounded to a four sided figure. As the cloth was only half the height of a human, it was only enough to cover the corpse lying on the ground. A few eunuch came up holding a long veil to surround them. Eight of them lightly pulled away, with four palace maid in the inner area, the light veil covered still the top of one’s head. With two layers of barrier, the corpse lying on the floor could no longer be seen.

Under Qing Feng worried gaze, Qing Ling calmly open the curtain of drapes without a trace of panic.

“The female decease is between the ages of sixteen to twenty two. Signs of rigor mortis has yet appear on the body, the time of death is estimated to be half a sichen (1 sichen = 2 hours) or so. The decease complexion is greenish-black in colour, with protruding eyes and slightly open mouth. Mouth, ears and eyes showed purple-black bloodstains.” A distinct and slightly cold voice rang across the Palace Hall. The female well organised explanation and relaxed tone made everyone inside feel confident. This made Qing Feng, who pinched herself, stunned stiffly as she did not believe her own ears.

“The decease’s body skin is light blue, nails and fingers is showing blue black colour and her feet and toenails are light blue. The decease’s throat show an obvious blue shade and the abdomen showed no signs of abnormalities. The back area showed no signs of abnormalities and the skin conditions showed no signs of obvious trauma.

The thin veil did not have any barrier effect. Each movement from Qing Ling can be seen by Qing Feng clearly. Is this… really the Eldest Sister she has been living with for ten over years? Qing Ling’s expression in the haze was cold and arrogant and her speech was resounding. Qing Feng, however, started to feel uneasy and disturbed.

After quite a while, there was no word from the person behind the curtain. Xu Xun Si impatiently called out, “Is the examination completed?!”

Unfortunately no one in the big Palace Hall could answer him. Everyone’s eyes were strictly on the serious yet hazy shadow on the silk curtain.

Since no one was bothered about him, Xu Xun Si awkwardly coughed and said, “Well, once the autopsy is completed, this prince will bring Seventh Sister corpse away.”

Just when Xu Xun Si finished, the cool female voice from behind the curtain sounded again, “Wait.” Carefully lifting the styled hair from the back of the deceased head, the female voice continued calmly, “An inch above the deceased hair bun, a small needle wound is discovered. The edges of the wound is neat and the surrounding skin area is blackish green. There is a small amount of black pus flowing out.”

Why is there a pinhole at the back of the head?

Qing Ling inserted the silver needle for a while and it turned black. Qing Ling calmly analysed, “The silver needle turned black upon contact to the wound, which is a clear indication of poison. Based on the location of the wound and the characteristics of the poison, I suspect that the cause of death was not the poison wine but the wound at the back of the head. The poisoned wine was only just to divert the attention.”

Xu Xun Si scoffed and asked, “You only found a pinhole and you concluded as such. Isn’t it too arbitrary?” What autopsy, this is clearly Qiong Yue attempt in shirking responsibility!

Qing Ling came out from behind the curtains and looked directly at Xu Xun Si, clearly saying, “Firstly, any wound on the deceased is important as it can be fatal, especially in cases of poisoning. Secondly, I did not conclude that that is the fatal wound for the deceased but only suspect it is. So I would recommend to do a further examination.”

Qing Ling’s expression was as normal, neither angry nor compromising and answered Xu Xun Si in a neither servile nor overbearing manner which made him speechless for a while.

“How do you want to take a step further?” Yan Hong Tian, who has been sitting high up and no one was able to figure him out, finally spoke.


She said it calmly and many do not quite understand what she meant but Dan Yu Lan’s brows were tied into a knot! He surprisedly said, “Dissect the abdominal cavity?”


Sound of whispering started up in the Palace Hall, which recovered Qing Feng’s senses. Eldest Sister’s words were not refuted by Dan Yu Lan, which meant that what Eldest Sister say must be justified. But the three of them grew up together, learn poems and painting together, learning dancing and the arts together, how did she not know that her Eldest Sister can perform autopsy? And now dissecting a person’s abdominal cavity?!!! This… What is exactly going on?!

Feeling a strong gaze on herself, Qing Feng raised her head and saw Yan Hong Tian piercing cold dark look. No matter how abnormal Eldest Sister is today, she will not disclose anything of Eldest Sister! Pressing down her doubts, Qing Feng brows regain normalcy and gave a complacent and indifferent look.

Yan Hong Tian recover his line of sight and his face grew overcast. The female who was personally saying to dissect the abdominal cavity, is she truly the beauty by the water that he has seen?! And that stubborn impostor who is not afraid of dying, what is it exactly!

Both women think they can play him on the palms of their hands? Humph, they have no idea what is death!

Yan Hong Tian raised his hand lightly and Gao Jing who was behind him quickly came forward. He whispered a few words into his hear and Gao Jing looked at Qing Ling and with a clear understanding withdraw from his side.

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  1. This book is so full of cliff hangar like the first novel. The emperor is so mad at being cheated but it is not Qing Feng’s fault because it wasnot QF made the mistake. It was the soldier who made the mistake y QF suffer the emperor wrath?

    I really wonder how did the emperor forgive QF n fall in love with her.

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    • Yup, I also cant wait to know how he discover the truth and fall in love with Qing Feng. I also would like to know how Qing Feng like this emperor after what he has done to her.

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      • Qing Feng’s character stands out among the palace women so it is understandable how she will get under his skin. Its the journey of how Qing Feng fall for him that would be interesting… Since he has that character…

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  2. Where is the scar on the elder sisters face? Didn’t all three sisters cut themselves?
    I know QF had the deepest cuts but wouldn’t her sisters scar be noticeable too? Maybe I am confused .🙄 Again thanks for your had work in translating. So enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Gasp! They cut themselves! I thought someone else did it to them… I guess now I’m more reassured? ( I was afraid that person was really hateful towards their family and that’s why they were cut )


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