Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Being Suspicious (Part 1)

“Impudent!” The Empress expression changed. “Such smart mouth that is used to spout nonsense, it seems that if there is no torture you will not speak the truth!!”

Qing Feng gritted her teeth and her body has shrunk to a small ball, nevertheless, she did not cry out for mercy but with a trace of hoarse voice coldly exclaimed, “I did not poison.”

She cannot and will not admit to it. Even if they were to break her arm, she will not admit to it!!

Yan Hong Tian coldly look at the female on the ground, whose pain made her already fair face even paler and her lips bitten red but the unyielding look in her eyes did not change. Accidentally broke a vase? She have the nerve to say that. Other than her stubbornness, her ability to lie brazenly is not weak. Yan Hong Tian withdrew his line of sight, a faint grim laughter cross his dark eyes but it did not show a shred of pity.

She is obviously a lowly servant but she still showed a distinguish staunch look. Xin Yue Ning humph and shouted, “Bengong do like to see till when you will talk tough till! Someone come!”

Three eunuch-looking male immediately came forward to receive the orders. Qing Feng felt a sudden fear, she grit her teeth and made up her mind. She will not say a single word even upon death!

Just as the eunuch was about to pick up Qing Feng, a low clear voice sounded unhurriedly, “May the Empress quell her anger. Don’t be angry because of a palace maid. Why not hand her over to Official Dan and let him hold a hearing. This will also help you to avoid getting angry and harming your health.”

Qing Feng is unable to see the owner of the voice but she was able to see the darken expression on the Empress face. Even so, her tone of voice was totally different from that before, she put on a touch of smile and gracefully nodded while replying, “Nevertheless, Prime Minister Lou is thoughtful. Hand these people over to Official Dan then.”

Qing Feng and a few eunuchs were taken to the side of the Palace Hall. She eventually had the opportunity to clearly look at how the owner of that voice look like. It was handsome man, wearing a light blue robe and purple gold hairpin. That elegant posture and calm deposition made him seem like not like those from the official court. Hearing the Empress calling him Prime Minister Lou just now and with her courteous attitude, he should be Lou Xi Yan. He is indeed refined, gentle and pure. Qing Feng gave a comforting smile, Elder Sister will not suffer when she follow him!

“What are you doing?” Xu Xun Si bellowed in the Palace Hall. Qing Feng turned her head to look and only saw Dan Yu Lan squatting by the Seventh Princess, his hand that was at the Seventh Princess dress will clutched tightly by Xu Xun Si.

Dan Yu Lan stood rigidly there and explained, “The Seventh Princess was poison to death and an autopsy should be conducted early so that evidence can be preserved earlier.

His brows furrowed again, the usually refine Xu Xun Si started to get angry, “You said that Seventh Sister died due to poison and there was poison in the wine. And you still want to do an examination.”

“Third Prince, do rest assure, I will be only doing a normal autopsy examination. Verifying the corpse appearance, recording if there are any more wounds or other, to prepare for an investigation case and will not harm the Princess’ corpse. If the Third Prince do not feel at ease, please observe it at the side.”

Xu Xun Si’s face was scarily black, “So this means that you want to strip her clothes to examine?”

Dan Yu Lan with an air of righteousness and non pretentiously replied, “Yes.”

“No way!” Xu Xun Si roared! Gently lowering the Seventh Princess body, Xu Xun Si took off his external robe and covered the corpse and stood in the middle of the Palace Hall, across Dan Yu Lan and faced Yan Hong Tian before clearly said, “We Northern Qi is a small country but Seventh Sister is nonetheless the most distinguished Princess in our nation. I will absolutely not allow a male to do that to her body. If she were to know it after death, she will too feel the humiliation!”

Yan Hong Tian’s face was constantly gloomy, his eyes undetermined and he did not make a stand. Dan Yu Lan once again stood forward and explained sincerely, “Third Prince, the Princess corpse must be examined so that the Princess’s murderer can be found as soon as possible. May the Third Prince understand.”

“Who dare to touch the Princess?!” Hu Xi Ang flew forward and stood in front of the Seventh Princess body. He is originally an military personnel. Under extreme rage, he did not care about anything and roared, “The Princess was clearly poison by someone in this Palace Hall and there are poison found in the wine. You people did not search out the murderer but want to insult the Princess’s body. You Qiong Yue better not go too far in bullying!”

“So how would the Third Prince will like to proceed?”

Xu Xun Si finally turned around and faced him before sternly replied, “Official Dan can proceed to examine the clothes, can look at it like this. After looking, I will take Seventh Sister back to our home country. No matter what it is, you as a man must not perform an autopsy for Seventh Sister!”

The atmosphere in the hall was thick and strong, if Hu Xi Ang is carrying weapons, it is most likely will be shining.

A forced autopsy is not possible right? But if an autopsy is not done, how will this case be settled?! Dan Yu Lan was deep at thought when suddenly his eyes lighted up. When he lifted his head up again, Dan Yu Lan’s eyes were clear and bright and he asked, “If a male cannot do it, but a female can at least perform it?”


Once the words were spoken, the entire hall fell silent. Who have heard of a female performing an autopsy?!

“Female?” Xu Xun Si’s brows tighten and asked, “Qiong Yue has a female coroner?”

With regards to Xu Xun Si’s question, Dan Yu Lan did not answer but insistingly question, “The Third Prince simply need to say if it is all right or not.”

It seems that it is really necessary to perform an autopsy. Xu Xun Si thought for a while and finally nodded with a reply, “All right, if it is a female then the examination can be proceeded.”

After getting an affirmative answer, Dan Yu Lan turn towards where Lou Xi Yan was sitting and walked. Lou Xi Yan flicked his forefinger with a calm and leisurely manner.

Everyone was waiting for Dan Yu Lan to search for a female to perform the autopsy, or did he secretly accepted a female disciple, but see him walking pass Lou Xi Yan to a tall man and gently greeted, “Miss Qing, would like to request for your help to do the examination for the princess.”

There was once again an uproar in the Palace Hall. That was obviously a guy, how is it a lady?!!

Qing Feng widen her eyes in shocked, this Dan Yu Lan has found Elder Sister? But why did he ask Elder Sister to perform an autopsy?! Ordinarily Elder Sister is most afraid of blood. Not to mention about an autopsy, just the scenario of the Seventh Princess’s death would have frightened her senseless!

There was silence in the Palace Hall. Where will a lady respond. Dan Yu Lan did not continue forward but broke out, “If the autopsy of the Princess’s corpse is not performed today, there will not be new clues or evidence and all the related persons to this case will not be able to escape from the charge of poisoning the Princess of Northern Qi to death, much less escaping death.”

What does Dan Yu Lan means, is this a threat? Why would he do that? And why is he not letting Elder Sister go! Elder Sister fundamentally do not…

“I will examine.” Just as Qing Feng was silently conjecturing, a clear cool voice with shred of resentfulness sounded and a slender figure stood out from the tall male.

That was a female wearing a maid’s uniform from the Prime Minister Lou’s residence. Yes, a female. Even though her long hair is in a bun and she is wearing a loose robe, only upon looking careful at her fair and extremely pretty face, else no one will suspect that she is a female.

Kuang dang~

A sound of a falling cup rang and everyone looked towards the direction of the sound…

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  1. Oh no! Oh no! What will happen next? I need to see the emperor do lots of grovelling before getting Qing Feng’s heart. Please be cold-hearted Qing Feng! Don’t let the emperor get you easily.

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