The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 29 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 29: Scales of Deviation (Part 2)

“Second Younger Brother?” Chu Jin Xian called out to Second Young Master and asked, “Why did you come over?”

“I was here to take a look at Fourth Younger Sister.”

Chu Jin Xian smiled in a noncommittal way. For the sake of the tranquility of the residence, Old Chu Furen only confined Chu Jin Miao and did not disclose the reason behind it. However, Chu Jin Xian knew exactly in her heart what Chu Jin Miao did. It was lamentable that Madam Zhao and Second Young Master were still in the dark and even specially came over to visit Chu Jin Miao. Chu Jin Xian felt that it was ridiculous and wanted to warn Second Young Master, but she saw something at the corner of her eyes.

Chu Jin Xian asked, “Second Younger Brother, what is this?”

Second Young Master looked back and discovered that Chu Jin Xian’s eyes were on the book the New Account of the Tales of the World. He sighed and took the book from the servant and handed it to Chu Jin Xian, “This is a book that I read in my spare time. Fourth Younger Sister was curious about it a few days ago and borrowed it from me to read. Now that I visited her, I also retrieved it.”

Chu Jin Xian wore a serious expression as she spoke, “Give me the book.”

Second Young Master did not understand why she became suddenly interested in these books. However, he had always respected his Eldest Sister and thus handed the book over to her.

Chu Jin Xian flipped through the book she received and turned her head to ask the maid behind her softly, “I remember a few days ago when Deng Momo was still around, what was taught was the New Account of the Tales of the World?”

Chu Jin Xian’s maid pondered for a while before replying with her head lowered, “Replying to Eldest Young Lady, it is exactly so.”

When Chu Jin Xian flipped the book this time, what else could she not understand? She scoffed, “So this is your book. No wonder.”

“What is wrong?” Second Young Master felt that something was wrong and questioned cautiously.

Chu Jin Xian closed the book and spoke solemnly, “Second Younger Brother, do you know that a few days ago, Momos from the residence of Prince Huai Ling came to our residence?”

“Naturally, I know about it.”

“The two Momos taught the New Account of the Tales of the World.” Chu Jin Xian gently shook the book in her hands as she looked at Second Young Master, “And Chu Jin Miao borrowed the book from you at such a time. She was only willing to return the book when the Momos left. What do you think this means?”

Could it be that Chu Jin Miao borrowed the book to deal with the Momos of the Prince residence? Second Young Master was startled for a moment, “It is unlikely so. Fourth Younger Sister is not such a person.”

“I do not have any evidence at the moment so naturally you all would not believe it and instead think that I am slandering her.” Chu Jin Xian continued, “I too do not want to argue with you all. Open your eyes to see. It will soon be understood if she is this kind of person or not.”

“Older Sister, you seem to have… a lot of criticism towards Fourth Younger Sister.” Second Young Master spoke carefully, “Ever since Fifth Young Lady returned, Father, ZuMu and now you, are gradually favouring Fifth Younger Sister. I am not saying that Fifth Younger Sister is wrong. Fifth Younger Sister has suffered outside so it is right that we dote on her more, but for you all to alienate Fourth Younger Sister like this, it is unfair to her. Both of them are the daughters of our family.”

After Chu Jin Xian heard the end of it, she laughed softly, “Chu Jin Miao loves to throw small tantrums and tends to provoke male’s love, you are of no exception. Second Younger Brother, let me ask you. Fifth Younger Sister has returned for not even two months but Chu Jin Miao has stayed in the Marquis residence for thirteen years. What is the reason for the family to unconsciously favour Fifth Younger Sister?”

Second Young Master wanted to speak but did not know to say even when he opened his mouth for a few times. In the end, he sighed and admitted reluctantly, “Fifth Younger Sister’s character is indeed more likeable than Fourth Younger Sister’s. Fourth Younger Sister is wilful and has deep thoughts. She likes to think more of the matter when something is wrong. When her temper rises, she likes to throw a temper. This is not good, but she is only like this because she is feeling insecure…”

“Alright. I don’t want to listen.” Chu Jin Xian raised her hand to interrupt Second Young Master’s words, “I am too lazy to hear your words in defence of her. However, she secretly borrowed your book and happened to meet up with the Prince residence’s Momo. This shows her bad intentions. Maybe she even assumed your name and said that it was her book.”

Second Young Master was somewhat annoyed, “Eldest Sister, Fourth Younger Sister is not such a person.”

When Chu Jin Xian saw that Second Young Master refused to believe it, naturally, she would not persist. She was after all a daughter that would soon be married afar, thus it was not good to quarrel with her siblings. Chu Jin Xian said mildly, “Whether it is true or not, we shall see it in the future. I spoke of this today to remind you that when she asks you for something again, you should think more about it. Jin Yao is our biological Younger Sister. It is of no issues for you to dote upon Chu Jin Miao but if you neglect and wrong Jin Yao for her sake, then that is something I cannot tolerate.”

“I understand.” Second Young Master also slowed down his speech and said nicely, “I know that Older Sister wants our family to do well. No matter if it is Jin Yao or Jin Miao, both of them are my younger sisters. I will treat them equally.”

Chu Jin Xian really wanted to tell him what Chu Jin Miao did behind their backs, but Old Furen did not want it to be spread out. Moreover, Second Young Master might not believe what was said and instead she would become a villain. Chu Jin Xian smiled perfunctorily and swept the topic aside.

After Second Young Master left, Chu Jin Xian’s maid asked secretly, “Young Lady, Second Young Master and Fourth Young Lady have been close since young, so why did you tell Second Young Master these? You are going to be married off and have to depend on his for support, but to rashly speak badly to him of Fourth Young Lady, one fears that Second Young Master would nurse a grudge against you.”

“How could I not know that?” Chu Jin Xian said, “But Chu Jin Miao is someone who has deep thoughts. If I do not warn Second Younger Brother, he would definitely dote on this person like his blood younger sister and even empty his heart and lungs. If this continues, Chu Jin Miao might even deceive them into doing some things. For me to say it earlier on, even if it makes others unhappy, at least it would be better than having chaos in the residence.”

“Young Lady makes sense. Then about the matter of Fourth Young Lady borrowing the book…”

“It must be her fooling others.” Chu Jin Xian sneered, “I used to think that she was only petty and cannot be seen in public, but now it can be seen that her thoughts are not upright. Second Younger Brother is a male, he would feel pity for this type of weak female and does not want to think bad of others. Since he does not believe then I will disclose it to ZuMu and Father secretly. Second Younger Brother cannot see it, but ZuMu has been in the Inner Courtyard for so many years and has seen countless people, her little tricks can stay hidden from Second Younger Brother but it would not  ZuMu. Second Younger Brother is still somewhat naive. It seems that I have to remind Father and ask him to take good care of him.”

As Chu Jin Xian spoke, she sighed, “Second Younger Brother has a close relationship with Chu jin Miao. Both of them grew up together at Mother’s side and they are even closer than with me, the eldest sister. Since it involves Chu Jin Miao, I cannot speak of it firmly. However, everything must be done a step at a time. At this time, gave Second Younger Brother a warning first so that when Chu Jin Miao tries to play tricks again, he will not trust her unconditionally.”

“Young Lady, Fourth Young Lady has put in such a tremendous effort, what exactly does she want to do?”

“It is difficult to say.”

“Is it for the study companion in the residence of Prince Huai Ling?”

Chu Jin Xian shook her head, “From my point of view, it is more than that.”


“It is also difficult for me to speak about it, but I have alway felt that since she has spent so much effort, her goal is not only as such.” Chu Jin Xian said, “However, this is just my conjecture. As for the specifics, one has to continue watching in the future.” After finishing, Chu Jin Xian stopped for a while before sighing softly, “She is always like this. Not willing to work diligently and always use her brains deviously. If she continues to behave like this, sooner or later she will harm herself.”

When the maid heard it, she was surprised and reminded in a soft voice, “Young Lady!” It would not be right if these words were to be spread. As an older sister, it was extremely bad for Chu Jin Xian’s reputation to make such a comment about a younger sister.

Chu Jin Xiao retracted her thoughts and did not mention the topic. She murmured, “Jin Yao was hit on the palms a few days back, one does not know how she is. She is sure stubborn, refusing to yield at all, else how would she be suffering from these kinds of superficial pain?”

“Fifth Young Lady has a moral backbone that is stronger than many men. This is a good thing!” The maid spoke at the side.

Chu Jin Xian did not speak. After a while she said, “Forget about it. Go and look for ZuMu first. You go to Chao Yun Yuan in a while to see if she is lacking anything and report to me.”

The maid replied in a crisp voice, “Yes!”

Inside Chao Yun Yuan, Chu Jin Yao was holding the brush stiffly while writing crookedly.

Qin Yi watched coldly for a while and became angrier as he looked on, “I had reminded you at that time to yield first and talk slowly about the matters after. You are sure good. Your mind is bigger than the skies. Now do you know what suffering is like?”

Chu Jin Yao sighed unhurriedly, “It has already been a few days, why are you still so angry? My anger has already cooled.”

Qin Yi’s face was still covered with ice as he thought to himself, what is he angry about?

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