The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 26 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 26: The Truth Is Revealed (Part 1)

Upon seeing Qin Yi, Chu Jin Yao felt inexplicably guilty. Today, he had warned her despite the dangers, but she insisted on doing it her way. She did not feel that she was wrong but felt that she had let down Qin Yi’s intentions.

Qin Yi’s eyes seemed to be covered with thousand miles of ice. He sat across and said to Chu Jin Yao, “Give me your hand.”

His voice did not fluctuate when he said those words but it was like tens of thousands of bows were pulled, there was immense pressure. Chu Jin Yao heard it and obediently stretched her hand out.

Qin Yi held Chu Jin Yao’s fingertips with his almost transparent hands and carefully checked her injuries. Chu Jin Yao had a thin layer of calluses on her hands originally, but upon returning to the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing, they had faded a lot as she took great care. Even her skin had become much fairer. As such, after being beaten, her palm was very much swollen, making it look particularly terrifying.

Qin Yi grew up in the Palace and all the females that he came into contact with were all pampered and had soft skin and tender flesh. He almost subconsciously felt that females were like these delicate porcelains. When he was in the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing, even though he was not happy at first, he still gradually taught Chu Jin Yao etiquettes, taught her to write, and afterwards gave her careful guidance towards the schemes of the inner courtyard. As long as he was present, no one would dare to deal with the maids, especially those from the Eastern Palace. Moreover, Chu Jin Yao was someone that he took utmost care of, but she was beaten to such a state.

Qin Yi kept his face calm and did not speak. Chu Jin Yao gradually became somewhat uneasy and said to him softly, “I am fine. It just looks serious, but it doesn’t really hurt that much. I was raised freely and am not as delicate as those noble young ladies. These things are actually nothing to me.”

Qin Yi lightly touched Chu Jin Yao’s palm and she immediately gasped uncontrollably. Qin Yi knew that he still used too much strength. He withdrew his hands and looked at Chu Jin Yao before sighing, “It is already like this and you still say that it is not serious?”

Chu Jin Yao could not reply. Qin Yi looked at it again for a while and said, “I remember that there is a type of ointment that is very effective. After applying it, even welts are healed quickly without leaving any scars. I remember that it is called… Jade Soothing Cream. Instruct your maid to search for it in the storeroom.”

“Jade Soothing Cream?” Chu Jin Yao was surprised, “I remember hearing it from Younger Biao Sister of the Lin family that Jade Soothing Cream was the best medicine for wounds, and it has always been offered as tribute. Even the Prince Huai Ling residence might not have it, so how would this be found in the Marquis of Chang Xing’s storeroom?”

Qin Yi’s brows pinched, “It is a tribute? I cannot remember. Then it is better for me to do it.”

When Chu Jin Yao heard it, she was scared to death and quickly said, “You better not suddenly become interested in robbing the tributes. This is a matter where one can be beheaded! I find that these medications are all the same. It is fine to just use Eldest Sister’s. I can see you, so logically, others can also see you. You must not act rashly!”

Qin Yi did not say anything else, “You do not have to worry about this. Give me the medicine. The cream has to be applied thickly only then its effectiveness would be seen when you wake up tomorrow morning.”

“I only injured one hand so I can do it myself.” Chu Jin Yao picked the medicine bottle up and intended to apply the medication herself. Qin Yi was after all a male, even though he was a spirit, she felt that it was inappropriate.

Qin Yi reached out and said lightly, “Give it to me.”

Chu Jin Yao felt an inexplicable pressure. She seldom saw Qin Yi like this. He was obviously calm but made others not dare to look at him. Her hand movements paused as she lifted her head up to glance at him and was startled by the undercurrent in the other’s eyes. She dared not go against him and obediently placed the medicine bottle in his hands.

Qin Yi unscrewed the medicine bottle and put the medication on Chu Jin Yao in a familiar and light manner. His hands were originally rather illusory and in addition to his light movements, it did not hurt Chu Jin Yao at all, and instead, she was more comfortable than when Ding Xiang did it.

Chu Jin Yao watched as Qin Yi meticulously applied the medicine on her and was a little dazed for a while. When she recovered herself, she saw him putting the medication away. His long slender fingers held the neck of the porcelain bottle as he placed it aside gently. The elegant white porcelain bottle lined with his delicate sleeves, making him look particularly beautiful. Qin Yi was wearing narrow-sleeved clothes and one could vaguely see the fine lines on the sleeves. If it were a few days earlier, Chu Jin Yao would have recognised that it was a four-clawed dragon pattern.

After Qin Yi applied the medicine on Chu Jin Yao and put away the items, He looked up and said to her, “You are tired after today. Go and sleep first.”

Chu Jin Yao felt that it was wrong after hearing it, “I sleep first? How about you?”

Qin Yi paused. He was already seventeen and at an age to marry a consort. Although in the eyes of the old cabinet ministers he was still a young Crown Prince that needed to be taken care of, to Qin Yi, he had been independently working the court for years and had long been an adult. Upon hearing Chu Jin Yao’s words, Qin Yi naturally thought of the other meaning that all men under Heavens would have thought. He then forcibly pulled his thoughts back and said to Chu Jin Yao with some resentment for failing to meet expectations, “The words you speak… Have to go through your brains!”

Chu Jin Yao was unable to make head or tail of it, “What is the matter?” Because Qin Yi was required to stay in the jade pendant, she always placed the jade pendant in the side room when she slept in the inner room. At times when Qin Yi was in a good mood, she would say good night to him before sleeping. Thus, when Chu Jin Yao asked that question, it was made in passing and she was unable to figure out what was wrong with it.

Chu Jin Yao did not expect such simple words would make someone think deviously.

The tips of Qin Yi’s ears turned a little red, but because he was a spirit, one was barely able to see it. He did not want to explain and rushed over to chase Chu Jin Yao, “Go and sleep and don’t worry about it!”

Chu Jin Yao was forced to sleep in a daze. She was thinking in her heart… what is going on with this person. Why is he speaking out of context?

Chu Jin Yao was about to rest and Qin Yi had returned to the jade pendant, so she instructed Ding Xiang and Jie Geng to enter to wait upon herself in undressing and changing clothes. When the lights of the inner room were extinguished and movements ceased, Qin Yi materialised from the jade pendant. He avoided Ding Xiang and the rest and headed towards the dark and quiet Marquis Chang Xing residence.

Chu Zhu, Lin Xi Yuan, and the others would be leaving the next day. Even though there was a lot of commotion the previous day, the set date for returning to the Prince residence could not be changed. Chu Zhu woke up early in the morning and after she finished dressing up, she instructed her servants to carry the things into the carriages. Chu Jin Miao knew that Chu Zhu would be leaving and had come over early on. When she entered, she spoke softly to Chu Zhu, “GuMu.”

When Chu Zhu saw Chu jin Miao, she quickly pulled her over to take a closer look. She instructed the maids to continue moving things, but she pulled Chu Jin Miao into the inner courtyard before sitting down to comfort, “Miao-er, yesterday your ZuMu was very angry and I had no way of pleading for you. You will not blame GuGu right?”

“Of course not.” Chu Jin Miao smiled shyly, “I understand how well GuGu treats me.”

“That is good.” Chu Zhu smiled reassuringly. She looked at Chu Jin Miao’s hand and said in distress, “Since young, you would hurt for a long time when a needle pricks you. To be actually hit yesterday is a big matter. Mother is indeed as such. It was clearly not you at fault, why do you need to be beaten together!”

Chu Jin Miao also felt aggrieved about it. When Chu Zhu spoke as such, she almost burst into tears. She said in tears, “GuGu, don’t talk about it. It is not ZuMu’s fault.”

Then who was to be blamed? Chu Jin Miao did not go on but Chu Zhu understood. Chu Zhu started getting angry and patted Chu Jin Miao’s hand lightly, “Miao-er, rest assured. After returning to the Prince residence, I will definitely tell the Prince Consort and my Mother-in-law about these family matters. They have high and honourable positions and enlightened people. They will definitely know who the true unpolished jade is.”

Chu Jin Miao raised her brows with joy and quickly said, “Thanking GuMu.”

Chu Jin Miao was secretly pleased with herself. She had persuaded Deng Momo and now had GuMu help to speak for her. This position of a study companion was in her bag! Chu Jin Miao did not expect that the trick of injuring oneself would be so effective that one palm beating would enable her to gain the position of a study companion. Since that was so, she no longer felt bitter about yesterday’s beating or Old Chu Furen’s order. She would let them go for the time being and when she becomes the study companion of the County Princess and afterwards gains the appreciation from the Crown Prince, then Old Chu Furen would naturally realise her mistake and take the initiative to speak to her well.

Chu Jin Miao kept Chu Zhu company by chatting. When the sun got higher, she then accompanied her to Old Furen’s courtyard to sit. When Chu Jin Miao entered, she happened to see Chu Jin Xian sitting by the side. When Chu Jin Xian saw them, she got up to perform a greeting before looking away. Chu Jin Miao snorted in her heart as she accompanied Chu Zhu to sit at the other side, secretly viewing Chu Jin Xian as peer competition.

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