The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 25 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 25: Jin Miao Went Crazy (Part 3)

Qin Yi did not care about being revealed and whispered to Chu Jin Yao before Gu Momo came over, “A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against one. Admit to it first and seek justice later.”

He still wanted to continue but Gu Momo was already approaching so he could only stop. Qin Yi suddenly felt powerless. If his body were here, as long as he did not nod his head, who would dare to even touch Chu Jin Yao? Madam Zhao and the rest all felt that Chu Jin Miao was beaten unfairly but Qin Yi felt that on what basis did they want to hit Chu Jin Yao? What wrong did Chu Jin Yao commit? Even if she did something wrong, they should not be the ones hitting her.

Qin Yi had never had a moment like now, being so desperate to return to his Crown Prince identity. Previously, he did not feel that this identity was anything until at this moment, he felt powerless, then he understood the privilege that comes with the Crown Prince title.

In a second, Gu Momo had already walked to Chu Jin Yao. Chu Jin Yao had a calm expression and stetted her hand out towards Gu Momo.

Old Furen questioned, “Fifth Young Lady, do you know what your mistakes are?”

“I should not have argued with my sisters in public and should not have said those words.” Chu Jin Yao finally understood that those cruel words should be said to Chu Jin Miao alone and in person else when she was caught like today, she would be at fault no matter what.

Old Furen nodded in satisfaction and asked, “What else?”

Was there more? Chu Jin Yao was silent. Upon hearing Old Furen’s question, she knew that Old Furen had felt in her heart that she tore Chu Jin Miao’s collection of poems but in order to establish her might, she punished them all. To put it bluntly, Old Furen’s thoughts were no different from Madam Zhao and the rest.

It was indeed that Chu Jin Yao was unable to prove her innocence as she was the only one in the rear room and because of Qin Yi, she had sent all the servants out. If Chu Jin Miao’s things were really torn by others, then even if Chu Jin Yao had hundreds of mouths, she would still be unable to explain why she wanted to withdraw all the servants. With so many people testifying, Chu Jin Yao was the most suspicious person today. This was what Madam Zhao thought and Old Furen also thought the same.

Old Furen’s words were just taking the opportunity to make Chu Jin Yao admit her mistake so that this incident would pass over, so as to preserve her reputation. But Chu Jin Yao knew that she did not do it. No one believed in her and she could not explain it. However, she was unable to bow her head by force.

When Qin Yi saw that Chu Jin Yao did not answer, he knew in his heart that it would be bad. Sure enough, Chu Jin Yao said, “It is my fault for arguing with my sister and I am willing to be punished for it. As for the others, I have a clear conscience.”

When those words were spoken out, everyone was stunned. Third Young Lady looked at her in surprise and even Chu Jin Miao unconsciously stopped crying.

There were soft breathing sounds everywhere. Chu Jin Xian almost died of anger when she heard it and quickly stood out to speak, “Jin Yao, don’t throw a tantrum with ZuMu. Still won’t quickly admit your mistake to ZuMu?” After finishing, she bowed to Old Furen, “ZuMu, Jin Yao is stubborn, please don’t be bothered with her.”

Old Furen also felt that Chu Jin Yao was too stubborn. She dared to refuse to admit her wrongdoings in front of so many people and even said words like ‘clear conscience’. Old Furen’s voice became even more solemn and questioned with an oppressive tone, “Do you admit your wrongdoings?”

Chu Jin Yao stretched her hands out and spoke calmly, “I am not wrong.”

“Good!” Old Furen slammed her hands on the table forcefully and said to Gu Momo, “Gu Momo, start it then. There is no need to be lenient.”

Gu Momo sighed and used the ruler to hit Chu Jin Yao’s palm once before asking, “Fifth Young Lady, I know that you are sensitive but when one does something wrong, one must admit to one’s mistake to one’s grandparents.”

This hit was much heavier than the others and Chu Jin Yao’s tears burst forth. Her palms were flushed red and her fingers curled up uncontrollably as if she could barely stretch it out. Qin Yi became anxious as he watched and whispered to Chu Jin Yao hurriedly, “Chu Jin Yao, don’t be stubborn and admit to it! There is still me behind you.”

Chu Jin Yao forced her tears back and shook her head slowly, “It is my mistake to argue with my sisters. However, for the rest, I did no wrong.”

Gu Momo did not expect that there would be such a stubborn young lady like this in the Chu family. As she gave one more stroke, she thought that this time she would give in.

There were exclamations from the crowds. They were all in pain as they watched but Chu Jin Yao knelt with her back straight. Obviously, she was unable to stretch out, but she refused to withdraw it and was unwilling to act coquettishly or plead for mercy. However, since Chu Jin Yao refused to give in, Old Chu Furen and Gu Momo were unable to retreat. Thus, Gu Momo could only secretly withdraw some of her strength and hit Chu Jin Yao the third time.

Qin Yi became furious, “You all don’t want your lives! Still dare to hit?”

Although he had persuaded Chu Jin Yao to bow her head, he was one who was stubborn and would not give in till death. Else, he would not be sent to the frontier by the Emperor. At the beginning, he shot and killed the Empress’s favoured maid without hesitation and all the cabinet ministers and advisers of the Eastern Palace came to persuade him to give in to the Empress but he refused, and even when he was sent to the frontier, he would never bow his head down for something that was not his fault.

However, now, when the same thing happened with Chu Jin Yao, Qin Yi was so anxious that he almost materialised, not caring about any danger to persuade her to admit to the mistake and give in first. However, Chu Jin Yao would rather be hit than bow her head and admit to it. Qin Yi was helpless due to her stubbornness and hated how he could not return to his body immediately.

Qin Yi would remember all these people of the Chu family.

Chu Jin Yao was beaten three times and this was something that other young ladies could never think about. Old Chu Furen could no longer stand it and seeing that Chu Jin Yao did not show any signs of resignation, she could only say, “Forget it. Since you are stubborn then go and reflect upon it.”

Old Chu Furen stood up as Gu Momo placed the ruler down to support Old Chu Furen hurriedly. Upon seeing Old Chu Furen standing up, they all made gestures to help, but Old Chu Furen waved her hands, “Alright. I am tired and all of you should disperse.”

After Old Furen finished speaking, she was supported by the maids to the inner room. When Old Furen’s shadow was no longer seen, Ding Xiang and the few maids immediately rushed over to Chu Jin Yao. They were scared into tears by the scene and whispered, “Young Lady, how are you?”

Chu Jin Xian also rushed over. Upon seeing Chu Jin Yao’s swollen hands, she was angry and felt heartache, “Quickly support her to stand. The floor is hard and her kneecaps will hurt tomorrow after kneeling for too long!”

Chu Jin Yao stood up staggeringly. She had only just found a footing when she fell right on her knees, she was even unable to move her hands. Chu Jin Xian carefully held her and looked at Chu Jin Yao’s hands, speaking angrily, “I know you have been wronged, but why are you on a one-track mind? Couldn’t you give in to grandmother first and discuss about it later? Why do you let yourself suffer from this physical pain?”

Chu Jin Yao lowered her head and said to Chu Jin Xian, “It is all my fault. I have let Older Sister worry.”

Chu Jin Xian looked at Chu Jin Yao, who remained silent after the beating, and then looked at Chu Jin Miao, who was surrounded after Old Furen had left before the expression in her eyes became colder. Third Young lady was crying as she was hugged by Huang YiNiang, Chu Jin Miao was being enquired and pampered by Madam Zhao, Chu Zhu, and the rest. Even Lin Xi Ning, Lin Bao Huan, and the rest were consoling her. While Chu Jin Yao was hit three times, with each hit stronger, Madam Zhao seemed to forget it and did not even take a look here.

Chu Jin Xian retracted her gaze and said to Chu Jin Yao, “Go back and rest well today, I will go and talk to ZhuMu. I have a bottle of cream to reduce wounds and will send someone to send it to you.”

Chu Jin Yao nodded and left first. Even when she left Rong Ning Tang, Madam Zhao and the rest did not realise that she was gone.

After finally returning to Chao Yun Yuan, Jie Geng and the rest immediately went to boil water and carefully wiped Chu Jin Yao’s palms. As they wiped, they teared up continuously, “How could Gu Momo bear to hit so hard? Fourth Young Lady was only hit once, even dodging half of it, but Furen was so heart ached about it. However, Young Lady was hit with full force three times but no one cared.”

Chu Jin Yao replied, “Alright. I can still bear this pain, don’t talk about it.”

While they were talking, there was a knock on Chu Jin Yao’s doors. It turned out that Chu Jin Xian had sent someone to deliver the medication. After Chu Jin Xian’s personal maid left, Ding Xiang applied the soothing cream on Chu Jin Yao. This cream was cool to touch and Chu Jin Yao’s fiery hot palms immediately felt better.

Chu Jin Yao then spoke, “You all are tired after today. Go and rest. Let me be alone for a while.”

Ding Xiang and the rest were still worried, but they all knew of Chu Jin Yao’s temperament. She did not like people in the inner room. Ding Xiang could only sigh, “Young Lady must rest well. If there is anything, just call for us. I will be standing at the doors.”

“En.” Chu Jin Yao nodded as Ding Xiang and the rest filed their way out. When there was no one else in the inner room, Qin Yi’s figure slowly materialised. The cold expression on his face could almost generate ice in summer.

“Give me your hand.”

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