The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 21 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 21: Biological Daughter, Adopted Daughter (Part 2)

Madam Zhao sighed, “I naturally want to. You have been living outside since young and I know you have suffered, but Miao-er is pitiful. I have treated her as a daughter for thirteen years so how would one bear for her to return to the farmer family? She was after all a young lady originally and to suddenly be a farmer’s daughter, there are a lot of people that would despise her in the family. I fear that she would suffer so I supplement her in many ways. You are different from her. You have to be magnanimous and should not be annoyed with Miao-er and compare everything.”

“Mother, I understand what you mean. You are reluctant to let Chu Jin Miao leave and want her to remain, assuming that you have three daughters right?” Before Madam Zhao replied, Chu Jin Miao continued, “Your heart is good, but did you not think of how I would deal with matters? I obviously came back, but my own birth mother would not take me of importance. How would others view me? Since you want both Chu Jin Miao and me to be your daughters, then shouldn’t you treat everyone equally?”

Madam Zhao was silent for a long time before speaking. “So this is what you thought. You have been angry about my negligence to you? You feel that I am being unfair towards you?”

It was exactly so but Chu Jin Yao knew that it was meaningless to say such things, thus she avoided the topic and instead said, “This daughter dares not. Mother, perhaps you are unaware but I did not have a good life in the Su family. When you were treating Chu Jin Miao as your daughter and doting on her, that pair of parents in the Su family knew that I was not their daughter and would scold and beat me at every turn. I had always thought that I did not do well and thus did not gain the Su family’s love, but when Father turned up, I realised that I was not the Su family’s daughter. I have always been grateful that I was able to return to my own home. I really wanted to get along well with you, Eldest Sister and Second Older Brother. I do not ask that you dote on me immediately like how you do Chu Jin Miao, but at least put aside your prejudices and treat everyone equally, treating me the same way as you treat Chu Jin Miao. Could it be that this is that difficult?”

After Madam Zhao heard all of this, she gave out a long sigh. “Alright, I understand. In the future, whatever I prepare for Miao-er, I will always prepare one for you.”

In fact, all these should be ought to. However, Madam Zhao was willing to work things out, thus this was at least a good start. Chu Jin Yao finally smiled, “Thank you Mother.”

Madam Zhao said, “I did not expect that you would have so many thoughts. Since you feel that it is unfair then I will also prepare the same for you. However, there must be a discipline Momo as there is no family that does not have a Momo to guide a young lady and decide everything by oneself. Perhaps you are used to the ways of the common folks and want to be the master of your own house but for us, there are no such rules. Parents do not have personal wealth and a new bride would need to wait on their mother-in-law after marriage and let the mother-in-law educate her on the ways of the world. The daughters-in-law of those common folks are so powerful that they can surpass the mother-in-law, also being the master of the house is not plausible.”

Chu Jin Yao was indeed influenced by the situation in her village. The landlord family was not as particular as the noble families and thus if a capable daughter in-law married in, she would be able to manage the entire family. Also, there were situations where she even managed the entire family wealth. Outsiders would not feel that it was rude and instead feel that the family had obtained a good daughter in-law. As for a discipline Momo in the courtyard, Chu Jin Yao felt that it was a fantasy to bypass her to make decisions. However, there was no way out as this was the regulation. Chu Jin Yao was currently a little unmarried lady and was unable to contend with the bigger environment.

Chu Jin Yao lowered her head, “Mother spoke correctly.”

As for what thoughts she had in her heart, it was another story.

When Madam Zhao saw that Chu Jin Yao was obedient, she revealed a satisfied look. She continued, “It is absolutely necessary to have a discipline Momo in your courtyard. If you do not like Sun Momo, then I will look for another one for you…”

“There is no need.” Chu Jin Yao interrupted. “This daughter came over today is to drill Sun Momo so as to keep her from being too arrogant. Just let her continue to manage in the future.”

Chu Jin Yao remembered what Qin Yi had said yesterday. When soldiers arrive, use a general to keep them off, when water rises, use earth to keep it back. It was obvious that Sun Momo was Chu Jin Miao’s, so even if she was able to drive Sun Momo away, Chu Jin Miao would stuff another person in. Instead of that, it would be better to let Sun Momo remain. At least the enemy was in the open and we were in the dark, thus, the decisive opportunity was still within grasp. That was what he had said and yes, this was called beating someone at their own game.

Madam Zhao was somewhat surprised, “You are still willing to retain Sun Momo?”

“Yes, how could I reject Mother’s kind intentions.” Chu Jin Yao brazenly told a bare-faced lie. She wore an aggrieved expression, “It is just that Sun Momo was extraordinarily dominating. When I returned yesterday, I could not even stand properly when I heard Sun Momo saying that she wanted to discipline me and even pointed at me, saying that there are no regulations in my courtyard and instructed me to give her the keys to my clothes and jewelry, saying that no matter what I do in the future, it would require her approval. I was too tired and irritable at that time and thus retorted a few words. But one did not think that after those few words were spoken, Sun Momo would become angry. She even yelled out that she will go to Mother to reason things out. I had thought that she was joking and thus ignored it, who knew that she would really come over.”

Chu Jin Yao looked at Madam Zhao at the end, asking, “Mother, could it be that Sun Momo did not speak of this?”

Chu Jin Yao had secretly thought that this was probably the trick of injuring oneself to gain the other’s trust.

Madam Zhao did not have a good expression. Sun Momo only mentioned that Chu Jin Yao refused to be disciplined and nothing else. Madam Zhao knew that she had almost wronged Chu Jin Yao and thus did not mention the words before and instead said, “I understand. I will drill it into Sun Momo. However, you should not be overly unyielding since there is no young lady that contradicts their discipline Momo. You have to read more of the Admonishment of Woman and Woman Scripture and get rid of all the bad habits that were brought from the common folks. Females must be gentle.”

“Yes.” Chu Jin Yao responded docilely on the surface and even took the initiative to say, “Mother, Sun Momo is overtly arrogant. If I were to rely on her heavily initially, it would be difficult to guarantee that she would not act up. It’s better that I give her the keys to the jewelry, continue to manage the clothes temporarily and give it to her after a few days.”

This was indeed a compromise. Madam Zhao spoke after some thought, “Alright. You have grown up and since it is your own courtyard, you should arrange it yourself.”

Chu Jin Yao was waiting for Madam Zhao to say those words. She had only returned recently and all her jewelry were newly made. Everyone knew that there weren’t many at all. However, it was different for clothes. She had accumulated a lot of fabrics, including half a blot of Yun brocade that she wanted to send to Su Hui. It seemed that Chu Jin Yao was taking a step back but in fact, she had given out the part where one was unable to tamper with. Moreover, she was able to dig a pit and eliminate Sun Momo in one fell swoop in the future.

Chu Jin Yao had achieved the goal for today and withdrew with satisfaction from Madam Zhao. Chu Jin Miao had mentioned things to the elders with bad intentions, but she would not be schemed for nothing. She made use of the scheme to defeat her and one would not know who would be defeated afterwards.

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  1. This mother is such a disappointment. It’s understandable she raised CJM thus having a close relationship with her that she can’t bear her grievances about being the wrong daughter brought home. But the mother is just too much, really. She has no heart for her true family who truly suffered. Their true daughter suffered from evildoers for a long time while the fraud was leeching off benefits of a noble daughter’s life all these years, who is it that truly need her support as a mother?

    There’s no motherly affection since they are practically strangers as of now, it’s understandable. But CJY needs her support inside the household and she won’t give it at the very least? Her true daughter had lived a hard life and can’t she find in her heart some compassion to make up for her suffering. The mother knows how the intricacies inside a noble’s household can be, those favored and unfavored and all. It’s bringing her daughter inside a wolves’ den on a silver platter helpless.

    She’s directing her pity on a wrong daughter. It’s already enough that CJM was not returned, that was already a great grace given to her. She’s not a good mother just because her heart knows deep ties with who she had taken care of, no. She’s plain dumb and stingy. It’s so disgusting and frustrating that my hand is itching to slap someone’s mother. Here I am hoping for character development but there’s no saving her, she’s hopeless.

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    • I need to lash out on behalf of CJY, this mother and daughter talk is just not enough, it’s kinda frustrating the mother doesn’t see where she has some shortcomings that CJY needs to be benevolent with her. This child is just in her teens and she already can swallow grievances just to live a good life. Thanks for the update ❤


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