The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 21 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 21: Biological Daughter, Adopted Daughter (Part 1)

Chu Jin Miao was halfway through peeling the orange when she discovered that Sun Momo was secretly looking at her. She inwardly cursed her as trash and passed the orange to the maid before straightening herself, “Mother, actually there is a reason behind Su Momo’s actions. Fifth Young Lady has just returned and for the past few days, money has gone missing. Now that she has obtained so much money, how would she be able to manage it? What’s more, Sun Momo is not taking the keys and not returning them. She was only managing it and helping Fifth Young Lady be the gatekeeper. If Fifth Young Lady needs anything, just speak to Sun Momo about it and retrieve it. Could Sun Momo even be ignorant of such matters? One fears that Fifth Young Lady would spend too generously and be cheated by others. So it is alright to let Momo be in charge, no one would stop Fifth Young Lady from normal usage but for abnormal usage, Sun Momo would be able to warn in time. So what would the difference be?”

Chu Jin Yao was sneering when the other was speaking. It was not like she had no life experiences, so how would she believe in such pompous nonsense? Which family would keep their money with an outsider? It is said that they are managing it, but in the end they are holding it hostage. She had seen it too many times in the village. The mother-in-law said that she feared that their daughter-in-law would spend too much and managed her dowry for her only in the end for it to be taken away. With the dowry taken as hostage, the daughter-in-law could only listen to the mother-in-law. Now Chu Jin Miao wanted to use the same trick on her?

Chu Jin Yao directly asked Chu Jin Miao, “Since Fourth Young Lady said it so well, then which Momo is managing your clothes, jewelry and personal wealth?”

Chu Jin Miao choked, “It is my wet nurse.”

Even though Chu Jin Miao also had a Momo managing, both of their situations were entirely different. Chu Jin Miao’s wet nurse had accompanied her since young and was the most trustworthy, thus she allowed her wet nurse to look after her jewelry so that other servants would not steal them. However, Chu Jin Yao was different. Sun Momo was not one of her people, how could one talk about the same thing with money? Chu Jin Miao looked at Chu Jin Yao triumphantly, “I too have a Momo that manages my jewelry and money. Why, do you have nothing to say now?”

However, Chu Jin Yao said, “I just returned and do not know much about these things. Since Fourth Young Lady is like this, then I will be like Fourth Young Lady.” Chu Jin Miao could not even be complacent when she heard Chu Jin Yao speak, “May Mother assign a wet nurse for me.”

Chu Jin Miao’s facial expression froze and even Madam Zhao was slightly awkward. Madam Zhao said, “Miao-er’s Momo breastfed her since young and has accompanied her since then. How would one be able to find a wet nurse for you now?”

“So it turned out to be like this.” Chu Jin Yao said, “The most regrettable thing in my life is that I did not grow up in front of Furen, otherwise I would have also had a wet nurse to worry about me and an unfamiliar old maid would not appear in front of me suddenly and immediately ask me for the keys.”

Madam Zhao became more embarrassed and before she could speak, Chu Jin Miao exploded, “What is your meaning? You were carried away and that should not be blamed on me since I was just born. Am I to blame for harming you?”

“Then should I be blamed?” Chu Jin Yao retorted with equal harshness.

“Enough!” Madam Zhao slammed on the table and shouted sharply, “Stop talking.”

Chu Jin Yao and Chu Jin Miao turned their eyes away, both enduring a stomachful of anger.

Madam Zhao said, “Just a Momo is able to make the two of you quarrel like this. Since Jin Yao is not willing then just switch to another.”

Chu Jin Miao coldly snorted. “How can it be enough with just switching a person? Someone was thinking to not have a discipline Momo and make all decisions themselves.”

Chu Jin Yao started to get angry at those words. She knew that if there was no Chu Jin Miao, she perhaps would be able to speak to Madam Zhao nicely but with her intervening, there was no chance for her to get along with Madam Zhao. Chu Jin Yao coldly swept a look at Chu Jin Miao. “Mother, I would like to speak to you alone.”

Madam Zhao frowned as she looked at Chu Jin Miao. “We are all a family, what do you want to say that one needs to avoid Miao-er?”

Chu Jin Miao lightly snorted, “Perhaps Fifth Young Lady is not willing to let me hear, since I am an outsider.”

“Yes. May Fourth Young Lady withdraw.” Chu Jin Yao agreed and said straightforwardly, “Can’t a mother and daughter have some private conversations? Or is it to say that you want to listen to whatever Mother and I speak about? Are you so afraid of me being alone with Mother?”

“You…” Chu Jin Miao suddenly exploded. In the inner courtyard, everyone would pay attention and be sensitive to other’s emotions and be tactful. There was no one like Chu Jin Yao who would speak straightforwardly. Chu Jin Miao indeed did not want Chu Jin Yao and Madam Zhao to interact alone as she dared not test which was stronger, natural blood relations or relations that were built afterwards and thus spoke as such to Chu Jin Yao. According to Chu Jin Miao’s thoughts, after she had said those words, Chu Jin Yao would definitely let her remain due to face, but who knew she would admit it directly and even specifically mention for her to leave.

Chu Jin Miao was right to think it this way but after being singled out by Chu Jin Yao, she became angry instead. She stood up and said, “Since Fifth Young Lady does not welcome me, then I would not be staying here to annoy others. Mother, I will go out first.”

“Miao-er…” Madam Zhao called out but was unable to keep her. When Chu Jin Miao left, Madam Zhao looked at Chu Jin Yao angrily, “Why do you need to be like this? Both of you are my daughters but you always push her aside, how can this be done?”

“I push her aside?” Chu Jin Yao felt that it was ridiculous. When Chu Jin Miao went out, Chu Jin Yao also sent Sun Momo away. Now, there was only her and her mother, with some close servants. She was finally able to be frank and not mince matters, “Mother, in all fairness, is it me that keeps pushing her aside or is it you who always looks at me with prejudices?”

Madam Zhao was stifled with that question. She became a little annoyed and raised her eyebrows, “How could you talk like this? Do you talk like this to your mother?”

“I also do not want to but if I do not say that, you would still refuse to confront our relationship.” Chu Jin Yao said, “Mother, I have always wanted to ask you, do you want to acknowledge me as your daughter? If you want, then we can have a good talk, but if you do not want to, then I will just take it as I have showered affection on an uninterested party and did not come here today.”

Chu Jin Yao knew that there would always be a knot between Madam Zhao and herself and it was not ideal to keep things at a stalemate. The issues between both of them had to be resolved. The relationship with parents was all fated and Chu Jin Yao felt that she had a weak fate with parents. She was in an awkward position in both families and did not expect Madam Zhao to be very affectionate with her, but she had to fight for the fair treatment that she deserved. Thus, she simply laid everything out and talked with Madam Zhao.

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  1. I love how straightforward our FL is. One strong independent woman right there! Thank you for the updates. I’ts one of the highlights in my week. 🙂


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